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Best Leaf Gutter Guard for Your Home

You work the whole week but, Sunday is a day of enjoyment. You plan to go out with your family. Otherwise, you plan to stay at home doing nothing, just watching television and giving time to your family. Unfortunately, your wife asks you to clean the gutter.

She is allergic to it, and you cannot say ‘no.’ Because if you do not clean the gutter, your sewerage line will be blocked and not to mention the wrath of your wife that needn’t say more.

This turns the whole Sunday into a nightmare. Gutters are dirty places. They are located below the roof. These are the places from where the rainwater is discharged and is further carried via downpipe to the drainage and sewerage line.

The weekly and sometimes daily cleaning is a time-consuming process. Sometimes, it takes more than an hour.

You can imagine how difficult it is to take out time in this highly busy world for cleaning purposes. For this matter, we suggest you use the gutter guards. They are also known as gutter covers, gutter protectors, and in some cases, they are known as leaf guards.

The main purpose behind their creation is to save your precious time in cleaning the gutter, which is both filthy and time-wasting task.

It would be extremely unfair with you if we do not share with you the details of the best gutter protectors. We care about our readers; we want them to be aware of the technicalities about their home.

For a homeowner, taking care of the external and internal matters is very important. It is good to know about its definition, history, types, styles, and features.

What do you Know About Gutter?

The gutter is also known with different names: eavestrough, surface water collection channel, and rain gutter. Gutters disable water from entering into the material of the walls of homes and buildings by directing the water of the rain from the outermost area of the walls and their bases.

The water that flows from beneath the walls leads to increased humidity in the area below the gutter; it also causes decay in the wooden furniture and also creates toxic substances. The gutter can be located at the following places in the homes and buildings:

At the end or below the roof, it is considered as the edge of the roof. From the sides, it is covered with the materials.

Disconnected holder made of metal that can also be made of different material that is attached just close to the verge of the roof edge and under the inclination of the roof.

The central structure of the wall below the verge of the roof, usually made of stonework, designed according to the wall. 

It is extremely important that the roof must be inclined so that the rainwater falls into the gutter. Otherwise, there would be no need for it. It will not fulfill the purpose.

The water flows directly into the gutter, and the gutter flows it down to the sewerage line because it is attached to the downpipe. In case the roof is flat, the gutter needs to be under it anyhow.

The area of an inclined roof is designed in accordance with the construction material of the covering. Water goes further towards a parapet gutter. In many of the cases, it is also called a valley gutter (same as eaves gutter).

A Bit of Its History

British were lucky to have Romans bless them with the concept of gutters. However, the Romans forgot about the idea of it. After some time, Normans launched the concept.

Even before the dawn of Enlightenment, London had gutters built in it. In the 13th century, King Henry, Tower of London, ordered that the Great Tower be colored white both internally and externally. This concept was prevalent in that period.

After a few months, King Henry further ordered that gutters must be protracted further so that the whitening of the wall of the tower may not be hampered due to the raining.

The Germanic people constructed buildings with inclined roofs to direct the water from the walls into the gutter. The Churches had parapet gutters made of lead. Later on, the English military man constructed wooden gutters.

During the construction of The Crystal Palace, especially for the Great exhibition in 1851 the gutters were built by Joseph Paxton.

However, the industrial revolution introduced newer tactics in its construction with the help of cast iron. Joseph Bazalgette, in 1849, revolutionized the system into the Thames.

Later on, cast iron construction became common. During World War 1, asbestos-cement was used in the making of the gutters.

What Are Its Types?

First, we will talk about the different types of material used in its construction.


These are the most common because such gutters are noncorrosive.


They are not as good as aluminum, but the only reason people opt for it is that they do not need to paint it.


Such gutters are covered with galvanized steel. The problem with it is that it can get rusted.

Special Type of Steel

It is a combination of aluminum and zinc — gutters made of it last longer.


It is composed of alloy, copper, titanium, and zinc. They are non-corrosive.


They are the cheapest and easily available.

Now, we will guide you about the different styles with which it is made:

K Style

People get the wrong perception, and they try to relate it with the alphabet K. It is the listing that it has received in SMACNA (Sheet metal and air conditioning contractors national association). Alphabet K is equivalent to number 11. They are always available in beautiful designs.


They are used in houses where the fascia has not been used in the construction. Are majorly used in the West of the USA.

Half-round Gutters

As the name suggests, they are not fully round. Half of it is opened so that water can fall in it.


These types of gutters are made of a combination of different metals.

Leaf guard by Amerimax

It has a measurement of 6 inches Width x 36 inches Length. However, its dimensions are 37 x 9 x 9 inches. It is installed below the shingles. The sleek surface of Amerimax covers the debris. It weighs only 18 pounds.

The benefits of this are that it is available in bulk quantity. 50 pieces are available. Pricing depends upon the seller. To give you an idea, it would cost around $70-$80.

3 Inch Aluminum Protector having filter strainer by Massca

Gutter Guard Aluminum Filter Strainer by Massca

The strainer has the dimensions of 5 x 6 x 5 inches. It has a weight of 5.6 ounces. Only 4 units are available. Plus, it is fitted quite easily without any hassle.

It is required for large-scale construction. Corrosion and weather do not affect it, and it is water-resistant aluminum. You will get 100% money-back in case you are not happy with the product.

Brush by GutterBrush

It is sold in multiple sizes: 6, 15, 30, 60, 120 feet. But, the standard size is 5 inches. It cleans your gutter from the blocking material. Item dimensions are 36 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches, weighing 12 ounces. The brush goes inside the gutter and helps in the speedy flow of water.

Install it with your rain gutter, and then no debris can come in the gutter. The brush is made up of polypropylene and galvanized steel wire.

Which Gutter Protector is Good for You?

Kindly, do not only consider pricing, but you also have to see other things as well. Try to choose a guard, which can last longer for you. Protecting your gutter is a long-term concept. You do not clean your gutter once a month.

If you clean once in a month, the problem is that your gutter will get clogged. Stones and leaves will be stuck in it. Unfortunately, the water will not be drained, and it will overflow.

Over here, we are assuming that you cannot clean it even in a month because you do not like cleaning the dirty gutter, and you do not have time to do it.

But, one thing is for sure that it is not a long-term investment. If you are not going to clean it, then you will look for an alternative that will satisfy you and will keep your gutter clean.

You can choose the guard made of aluminum material because it does not get rust. Then the product manufactured by A-M is reasonable for you.

Or you can choose Aluminum Protector by Massca if you have such a mentality. As the weather does not affect it, and it is water-resistant.

But, you might need a company, which retains the relationship with you for the long term, so you ask the company that provides you a warranty.

In that case, go with LeafTek because it gives its buyers a warranty for 35 years. In case their item has a problem. Just give them a call. What else do you want?

Some people purchase equipment with the tagline of DIY (Do It Yourself). It means they are easy to install. There are those people as well who are extremely busy that their Sunday (off day) is spent resting and sleeping.

For all such people, filter foam is the best because the installation of it does not require a technician. In short, it is hassle-free.

If we talk about the brush produced by Gutter Brush, then you should know that the company does not lag. It is one of the finest creations, as well.

It also does not require a technician; you can watch some videos and learn how to place a brush in the gutter. Furthermore, you can also read a manual for all this information.

However, the leaf guards by Amerimax and LeafTek, and both will fulfill the same purpose, but the latter provides a money-back guarantee.


If you ask our personal opinion, Amerimax provides 50 pieces when you purchase it since the number of items is satisfactory, so we suggest you go for it.

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