10 Best Hybrid Table Saw of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

At the end of the day, it’s safe to conclude that machines are more accurate and precise than humans. If you’re a woodworker, I’m certain you’ll share that sentiment as far as hybrid table saws are concerned. The best hybrid table saw offers users unparalleled accuracy and a major reduction in man-hours spent trying to get the cut just right. Furthermore, they also eliminate the majority of the main threats presented by sharp rotating blades.

If you’re looking for a hybrid table saw for your personal or professional use, then you’re in the right place. Throughout this guide, we’ll go over the top products currently available in the market.

All of these products are backed and claimed by users worldwide. Furthermore, these products are verified and adhere to a strict standard that we’ve set out for them.

A man cutting woody material with hybrid table saw

In this next section, we’ve highlighted the product with their weight classification so that you can get a better idea of where each product lay.

Best Hybrid Table Saw 2021

In this segment, we’ll be going over the top ten products currently available in the market. With each review mentioned, we’ve also highlighted a few pros and cons will help you in making a better and well-rounded decision. Without further ado, here are the best hybrid table saws of 2021.

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1. Woodtek Machinery

Woodtek Machinery Hybrid Table Saw

The Woodtek 159665 is one of the most efficient and user-friendly models out there. Available in two sizes, the Woodtek 159665 has a built-in tripod caster system that helps the user maneuver through an easy and effective cut.

Woodtek 159665’s main feature that makes it such an exciting prospect is that it is awfully easy to work with and assemble.   If you’re a beginner and are looking to find a model for yourself, then the Woodtek 159665 should definitely be a consideration.  

Furthermore, this model also caters well if you’re looking to gift someone a hybrid table saw. This, again, is credited to its ease of usage and the simple assembly. No expert or professional help would be required in the process.

Not being too overpowering or over the top, the Woodtek 159665 also offers good dimensions and power. The model also features a quality control dust control feature which is a great consideration if you’re planning to work indoors.

The Woodtek 159665 is also awfully lightweight. It’s arguably the lightest model in this list, which makes it relatively easier to move around the house or workroom. The only issue with the model is that the miter gauge isn’t that effective, which is why you might have to get a new one on purchase.


  • Lightweight as opposed to other models of the same caliber
  • It can be assembled easily without any hassle
  • The capacity mode can be altered
  • Precise, smooth, and accurate cuts


  • The miter gauge isn’t that good


We recommend this model primarily to beginners and users just starting out. The main reason for that is due to the ease of using this model offers. Furthermore, the lightweight and protective feature also ensures that the user is kept safe at all times.

2. Grizzly G0690

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

If you’re looking for a grizzly hybrid table saw, then look no further than the Grizzly G0690.  The Grizzly G0690 is one of the most effective and elegant models currently available on the market.  

The model has many features which work in conjunction to produce a solid overtone and work mechanism. These include triple belt drive, dust collection port, and heavy cast hand-wheels. All of these are interesting prospects to work with if you’re looking for a reliable model to work with.

The installation of the Grizzly G0690 is relatively easy and doesn’t require any professional intervention. However, its operation is a little complication, which makes it suitable for individuals who already have experience with carpentry.

Furthermore, the Grizzly G0690 also qualifies by and adheres to every security protocol, and standard set out by the regulating bodies, which effectively makes the Grizzly G0690 one of the safest models on the market as well.

There are two major downsides, however, to this seemingly perfect model. To start off with, the cord that is used for power is too small. You’ll definitely need to work with an extension board. The second issue is that the dust collection port is a bit too small, and could have been bigger for periods of longer use.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Gives precise and accurate cuts
  • Very easy to assemble and work with
  • Security certified by all the relevant authorities


  • The cord is too small to be used by itself
  • The dust collection port should have been bigger


If you’re a professional and are looking for a reliable model to work with, then we highly recommend the Grizzly G0690 to you. However, we won’t recommend this model if you’re a beginner or just starting out, due to machine complications and maintenance.

3. Shop Fox W1837

The Shop Fox W1837 is currently the best hybrid table saw under 1500. With its elegant features and smart buildup, this model is unparalleled both in precision and construction.

The main feature of the Shop Fox W1837 that makes it such an interesting prospect is that it makes cutting wood such an easy task. The mechanism with which it operates is very smooth and doesn’t have any sort of vibration that can often be detrimental when working.

The mode also has a good feel operation to it and adheres well to the nickel test as well. This makes it a suitable model to consider if you’re looking for something relatively stable.

The working environment of hybrid table saw

The Shop Fox W1837 can be used by all sorts of users. This is because it makes woodcutting a relatively easy job and eliminates any imminent threats that are often present when working with sharp blades.

The only downsides to this model are that it requires too long to assemble and that the miter gauge simply isn’t worth it.

As far as the assembly is concerned, you might require some professional assistance or online guides. The miter gauge should be purchased separately to get the best performance out of this vehicle.


  • The model is extremely powerful
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Gives good accuracy and precision when cutting
  • Excellent quality fence
  • Runs silently during operation
  • Passes the nickel test with flying colors


  • The assembly takes a little too long
  • Pack-included miter gauge isn’t reliable
  • Manual included in the package isn’t that helpful


We recommend this model to all types of individuals out there. This can be discerned easily due to the many merits that the Shop Fox W1837 has to offer its users.

4. Powermatic PM1000

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence

The Powermatic PM1000 1791000K is one of the best models currently available in the market. As far as quality goes, this model thrives on excellence and guarantees its users an unparalleled cutting experience.

To start off with, the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K is quite compact. The model has easy assembly and comes in a relatively small size.

This makes it easy for setup virtually wherever you want. Furthermore, this also eliminates the need for a big operation place when working with w: ood-cutting machines.

The construction and blade components of the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K are also quite durable and sturdy and will definitely work for the long haul. This can be credited to impeccable assembly and raw material employed during manufacturing.

The Powermatic PM1000 1791000K comes pre-installed with a dust collecting hose that you can use to ensure that no residue or pollutant remains behind after operation. This is important to consider due to the strong operation and power this model operates with.

The only major downside to this model is that the blade guards’ bolt will occasionally make contact with the rotating blade. Though this might not happen often, it’s still an important thing to consider if you want to make the most out of your experience. 


  • The setup is easy and straightforward
  • Compact and small design saves on space
  • Accurate and precise cuts
  • Low power consumption
  • Maximum sawdust protection and collection
  • Arbour lock feature


  • The blade guard mounting bolts make contact with the blades


We recommend this model for all types of users who are looking for a compact model that they can set up anywhere with ease. The model doesn’t require that much space, making it optimal for small workplaces and also has a simple setup.

5. Grizzly Industrial G0833P

Grizzly Industrial G0833P - HP 230V Hybrid Table Saw

Grizzly industrial is reputed with producing one of the best models currently on the market. In this regard, Grizzle lives up to its reputation. The second product featured on this list that is manufactured by them is the Grizzly Industrial G0833P.

This is an easy-to-operate model that can be assembled and put together by beginners as well as professionals. You won’t require any sort of professional intervention to get things done. At worst, you can look up online YouTube videos on how to get the job done.

As far as structure and integrity go, the model has an all-steel construction with a white powder coating. This ensures that the model’s exterior doesn’t catch on to any sort of corrosion and/or rust. Furthermore, this will also make sure that Grizzly Industrial G0833P gives good durability and longevity to its user.

The model comes with a handful of security features that warrant its presence on this list. To start off with, the Grizzly Industrial G0833P comes with a dust collection hose that will ensure that no sawdust is left scattered after the operation. The only downside is that it might be too small if you’re working overtime.

Cabinet mounted trunnions also ensure safe and effective operation. Overall, the Grizzly Industrial G0833P is a great model to work with if you’re prioritizing effectiveness and overall user safety.


  • Easy assembly and operation
  • Comes with a dust collection hose
  • Accurate and precise cutting
  • The build is solid and durable
  • Precision ground cast iron table


  • Dust collection feature is too small


We recommend this model to all sorts of individuals out there. Keeping all the safety features in mind, this model is safe for operation by beginners and professionals alike. This is also a good model to consider if you’re planning to gift someone a table saw.

6. RIDGID R4512

RIDGID R4512 - 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw

The RIDGID R4512 is a smart model that combines effectiveness with aesthetics. With a bright orange overtone, this hybrid table saw will liven up the workplace like nothing else!

With an RPM of 3450, the RIDGID R4512 features a 13 Amp motor which will cater to all of your cutting needs when working with this saw. Furthermore, this model also ensures good and precise cuts regardless of the types of angles you’re aiming for.

The major downside that the RIDGID R4512 has is that its assembly is quite difficult. You need good patience and possible intervention by a professional to get this machine up and running. However, the whole process is worth it, and you’ll better be equipped to understand the structural integrity once you’re done.

However, make sure that you pay due attention to all the parts when setting this model up. If you set it up incorrectly or lose, you’re setting yourself up for inconvenience down the road. Furthermore, ensure that you take all personal safety precautions when working with this model.

Overall, we think this model is a good fit if you’re looking for something sturdy and durable. However, do keep the assembly in mind when heading out!


  • Sturdy cast iron table
  • Has a good visual and aesthetic appeal
  • Can be set up almost anywhere


  • The assembly is quite difficult
  • The performance isn’t exceptional


We recommend this model to all types of users, especially those who don’t mind long and sturdy assembly. Other than this, this model has all the features required to make a good hybrid table saw!


If you’re a serious woodworker and want something reliable and sturdy, look no further than the LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion.

The main audience for this model isn’t heavy-duty professionals, but hobbyists and part-time carpenters who want to make their life easier!

The LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion features blade measurements that are on par with standard table saws. Furthermore, the power output produced by the internal motor is more than enough as opposed to those produced by models that are made specifically for hobbyists.

The model is great for consideration if you’re planning to have it installed in a closed setting. This is particularly due to the effective dust collection mechanisms this model features. This will definitely help keep your workplace free from any sort of dust pollution or sawdust.

As mentioned before, the Laguna is a great model to consider if you’re a hobbyist. This decision is backed by several included features such as storage, quick-change riving knife and precision fence, and two built-in wheel system miter slots with sizes of ¾” x 3/8”.

The Trunnion of this model is situated on the side, as opposed to the top. This brings out the similarity to a standard conventional cabinet saw.

The construction is also durable and sturdy. The Laguna tools fusion will give you good coverage in the long run, which is why this is a must-have model if you want to ramp up your woodworking experience.


  • Amazing dust collection system
  • Easy and straightforward assembly
  • 1.74HP motor gives good power coverage
  • Easy to operate and work with


  • Insert that surrounds blade is made from plastic
  • Not built for heavy-duty operation


As mentioned above, the model is geared more towards hobbyists and part-time carpenters as opposed to those who work heavy-duty.

In that regard, we recommend this model to all sorts of hobbyists out there who want a reliable model to work with. With unparalleled features and good operation, the Laguna tools fusion is an amazing model to consider!

8. Rockwell RK7241S

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

If you’re looking for a model to consider that can make your life relatively easier, then the Rockwell RK7241S is the best model to consider.

The Rockwell RK7241S has a handful of features that make it an optimal candidate for consideration. This model is targeted for any particular audience and can be easily used and operated by all sorts of users.

With features such as a laser-cut line with bevel correction, a 4” cut capacity, and 30” rip capacity, the Rockwell RK7241S will definitely make woodworking and woodcutting a joyful and easy experience for you. This also makes it suitable for beginners who want to get a feel of how the operation works.

Hybrid table saw with wood

The model is easy to store and is quite portable. Since the legs are foldable, you can use an extension leg and pull this model wherever you want.

The only downside of the Rockwell RK7241S is the lack of stability, and the adjustment difficulty users might face when adjusting the blade.

Furthermore, the miter gauge is also of poor quality and might need to be replaced. However, just purchase a separate one and replace the pre-installed version and you’re good to go.


  • The model is compact and portable
  • Optimal for heavy-duty operation
  • The assembly is easy
  • Can be stored without any issue
  • Best value for money!


  • Miter gauge is of poor and unreliable quality
  • Adjustable fence is a little flimsy
  • Adjusting the blade tilt is difficult


We recommend this model for all sorts of users. This model doesn’t have any sort of particular audience that it is targeted for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional; this model will work equally well for all sorts of users. Just make sure that you’re okay with the shortcomings mentioned, or else you might be a little disappointed.

9. DELTA 36-715

DELTA 36-715 - Hybrid Table Saw

This model is arguably one of the best delta hybrid tables saw currently available on the market in 2019. With a handful of redeeming features that set it a class apart, this model is targeted for all types of audience!

The model has good construction and is particularly engineered to last the long run. The saw table features a wide extension with glass cast iron. Furthermore, the model also ensures comfort and ease via the solid steel angle iron with the aluminum fence.

To ensure protection from dust and other pollutants, the DELTA 36-715 comes pre-installed with a dust-collection system. This will ensure that no pollutants from your operation leak into the air and create an unpleasant working environment.

To ensure accuracy and precision, the DELTA 36-715 comes with a T-square locking system. This hairline pointer ensures that you get the exact cut you’re aiming for without any sort of halt or compromise in quality.

The T-slot miter gauge and the Poly-V belt also ensure that the user gets enough power capacity to work with ease. Furthermore, it also ensures that the work station is stable and can easily clear the nickel test.


  • Provides good stability during operation
  • The assembly is quite easy and straightforward
  • The blade guard is quite reliable
  • Provides accurate and precise cutting


  • The belt drive might produce some issues
  • Dust collection port isn’t that big


We recommend the DELTA 36-715 for all types of users who are looking for a reliable and sturdy model to work with.

The easy operation, coupled with all the amazing features that the DELTA 36-715 has to offer make it a suitable candidate for consideration by hobbyists and professionals alike!

10. Grizzly G0715P

Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw

Given Grizzly’s quality and reputation, it’s almost natural to assume that they’d be mentioned on this list once more. Last but not least; we’d like to highlight the Grizzly G0715P Hybrid Table Saw for its amazing features and functionality!

With a portable weight of 400 pounds, this model can be easily transferred from place to place without an issue. The construction is also rock-solid and sturdy. This means that you won’t have to worry about light impacts or anything like that; the Grizzly can handle a little beating.

The Camlock T-shaped fence ensures that the cutting operation, regardless of wood type and quality, is impeccable and unparalleled. The smooth glide fence mechanism also ensures that cutting stays smooth with as little stops and turns possible.

The serpentine belt and pulley operation of the Grizzly G0715P Hybrid Table Saw also ensure that the whole operation and work is noise-free and doesn’t produce any sort of noise pollution.

As far as product safety and security are concerned, the Grizzly G0715P Hybrid Table Saw adheres to all the safety regulations that are set out by the relevant authorities.

This makes it a great model to consider if you want a model endorsed by the whole wood-working industry!


  • Allows easy woodcutting
  • Trunnion is made of solid cast iron
  • The model has amazing rip capacity!
  • Assembly is easy and straightforward
  • Endorsed by the industry!


  • The miter gauge can be a little shaky at times
  • Might need to purchase a separate miter gauge


We recommend this model for all types of users. If you’re looking for the best hybrid table saw by Grizzly, then this model is definitely the one. Its amazing features and safety precautions ensure that you’ll have a great experience working!

Buyer’s GuideBest Hybrid Table Saw

If your aim is to get the best hybrid table saw for yourself, then you’re in the right place. In this buyers guide, we’ll go over the top things that you should keep in mind if you want a better product.

These points can work in conjunction or individually; that is entirely up to you. Either way, they’ll help you make a better and well-rounded decision.

Accuracy and smoothness

This point is quite elementary and is obviously a given. However, to ensure that your hybrid table saw lives up to its potential, try to see if you can easily carve rip cuts, beveled cuts, and crosscuts without any degradation in quality. This will highlight the apparatus’s accuracy and precision while cutting.

Rip capacity

The rip capacity of a table saw will give you a clear-cut indication of what sort of wood you can work with. If you’re planning to work with or cut plywood or wide boards, then it’s best to go for a model with rip capacity exceeding 24 inches. However, if you don’t have any particular plans and want to do just normal work, you’ll be fine with virtually any measurement of rip capacity.

Table space

When buying a table saw, you have to do your own due research and try to work out what size of wood you’ll be working with. If you’re planning to cut larger pieces of wood, it’s natural to assume that you’ll need a bigger table space. Likewise, you can opt for a smaller table space if you won’t be working with bigger pieces.

Extension table

Some models come equipped with an extension table while some don’t. an extension table will give you the additional benefit of extra space you can use for propping up pieces of wood you’re working on. Furthermore, once used, you can also choose to disconnect extension and use them only when required. Either way, this is a good accessory to have on hand.

Dust collection

This, as the feature mentioned above, is entirely optional. You can pick a model that already has a setting for dust control and collection. There have been a few studies which highlighted a negative correlation between an individual’s health and sawdust. The choice is yours!

Cut depth

Try to discern what your purpose is when buying a hybrid table saw. After that, try to get a rough approximation of what cut depth you’re shooting for. Always remember, a 10” blade can cut through about 3 inches of wood, while a 12-inch blade can cut about 4 inches deep. This is the general rule to adhere to, and you’ll be fine.

Saw stop

When working with any sharp metal object, you should always ensure that your safety is the topmost priority. Recently, manufacturers have started integrating a saw stop feature, which stops the rotating blade within five milliseconds when it comes into contact with skin.

Blade guard

The blade guard is an enclosure placed above the blade which prevents the user from mistakenly placing or hover their hand too close to the blade.

This feature again is optional. However, if your agenda is to be safe at all times, or if you’re planning to teach a beginner, then make sure this is pre-installed.

Safety precautions

When operating with heavy machinery and table saws, it’s always best to carefully go over the safety precautions that you have to adhere to. In this segment, we’ll go over a few things that you should definitely keep in mind and commit to memory next time you approach your hybrid table saw.

Goggles and mouth cover

Sawdust and similar pollutants in the vicinity can be a great source of irritation. Studies have linked lung cancer and similar degenerative diseases with sawdust.  Hence, always make sure that the region you’re working in is well-ventilated.  

Furthermore, it is your duty to make sure that you wear goggles. Irritants can easily get into your eyes when operating with heavy machinery.


The main reason you should wear gloves is so that you don’t get pinched by small pieces of wood. This is quite a common occurrence in such settings, which is why it’s best to be prepared beforehand.  Get gloves that give you a good grip and comfort.

Behave professionally

Last but not least, it is of utmost importance that you behave professionally whenever operating with hybrid table saws.

It’s safe to say that you’ll be operating with machinery that can often be life-threatening. Hence, it’s your duty to ensure that you and others around you are kept safe at all times.

Furthermore, never approach the table saw if someone else is approaching it. Always announce your presence and never sneak up from behind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following questions are those that are most commonly asked by our users. We’ve addressed all of them briefly so that you can get a better understanding of how hybrid table saws operate and work.

What is a hybrid table saw?

A hybrid table saw is basically a contractor that is fully enclosed. Furthermore, the operation motor of this type of saw is placed inside as opposed to being placed at the back.

Generally speaking, cabinet saws employ much heavier trunnions, gearing, and arbor assemblies. Furthermore, their construction is also pretty solid and sturdy as opposed to the traditional table saw.

In table saws, trunnions are mounted to the base, which makes alignment easier so that you can better calibrate and make measurements when cutting wood.

You can’t single out one reason which might be responsible for the wobbling in a table saw. However, the general solution is to check the arbor for run-out with an indicator. You’ll have to remove the blade for that bit.

Use a wrench to tighten the attachment bolt clockwise. Proceed to do so till the point that you physically cannot.

The table saw blade rotates clockwise when spinning.

Generally speaking, this is the distance from the saw blade to the fence at the right side. Higher rip capacity means you can work with different types of wood.

The arbor in a hybrid table saw is the mount with which the saw blade attaches. The saw blade is mounted to the arbor.

In woodworking, rip is a type of cutting mechanism. This cutting operates by dividing the piece of wood parallel to the grain.


Safety always trumps effectiveness. If you’re looking to make the most out of your experience, its best to choose a model that you feel comfortable with.

If you have any feedback about any of the products mentioned above or have any suggestions or recommendations, you can get in touch with us via our email!

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