10 Best Drain Cleaners of 2021 for Hair Clogs and Grease

Water blockage in toilets, showers, PVC pipes, bath-tubs, and kitchens feels extremely awful. Grease, hair, soap and other debris usually tend to attach to the internal pipelines, causing water blockage. In severe cases, the debris can restrict the water flow throughout the household drains. There are multiple ways to clean the drains such as cleaning them with boiling water. It helps to prevent the clogs and keeps the pipes clean. There are multiple tools available which cut down the waste electrically or manually. These tools can be an expensive drain cleaning option. To tackle the severe buildup inside the pipes, there are many liquids, chemical solutions available which help to clean the debris without hassle. These best drain cleaners actually get the job done through their quick action formula and do not break the budget.

Man Cleaning the drain with chemical

The best drain cleaner works quickly and easily, regardless of what you are trying to wipe out. There are lots of drain cleaners available in the market which serve a wide purpose of unclogging.

Best Drain Cleaners 2021

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Our Top Pick of the list!

We highly recommend our readers to purchase Drano Max Gel if you can afford its multiple applications. Its thick gel formula sticks to the sides and washes off the accumulated matter without producing any unpleasant odor.

If you have some serious plumbing and blockage issues, Drano Max Gel Clog Remover is the best for most of the tasks.

To help you find out the best drain opener, our experts have analyzed some of the top-rated drain cleaners available in the market. If you have the type of clog that can be fixed by a cleaner, these products will, surely be able to do the job.
Through our best drain cleaners’ review, we hope to help you find out the best and budget-friendly drain cleaning product.

1. Drano Max Gel Clog Remover – Best Drain cleaners

Drano Max Gel Clog Remover – Best Drain cleaners

Drano is the top-selling drain cleaning product, highly recommended by the online buyers, and is formulated to fight the tough clogs. It claims to start working in 7 minutes and safe for all pipes and septic systems.

Drano is manufactured to unclog the blockage in the sinks, bath-tubs, showers, and pipes through its quick action formula. Its composition contains a special ingredient to protect pipes from any sort of corrosion and rust.

When it comes to the working, it is really great to remove the gunky clogs and allows the free flow of water.

Whether you are fighting with the stubborn hair scum or terribly slow draining bathroom sink or shower, this 80 oz bottle does wonder in just no time. It works effectively on pasty waste.

Its thick formula clings to the stiff clogs and blasts them fast. The professional composition of Drano easily dissolves the hardest clogs, saving you the trouble of spending time in disposal system maintenance.

Its overnight usage does not harm the pipes at all. For its ease of use, Drano is regarded as the best drain cleaner for shower and household drains.


Pour Drano Max Gel cleaner through the standing water. Don’t squeeze the bottle, nor splash the product. Let the matter to work in a few minutes – depending upon the blockage. Flush it out with hot water and if necessary, repeat the process.
Keep the product away from the reach of children and pets.
Don’t use it to clean the toilets. Instead, use Drano Max Build-up Remover to discard the waste.


  • Perfect for residential and commercial use
  • Cleans up spills at once
  • Sold with a money-back guarantee
  • Economical for consumers to purchase
  • Can leave in drains overnight


  • Not recommended for kitchen sinks or toilets’ build-up
  • Requires multiple applications to clean out the buildup
  • ⦁ Sometimes, fails to eliminate hair clogs

2. Green Gobbler DISSOLVE – High Quality Drain Cleaner

If you are looking for a drain cleaner that clears the blockage and debris in toilets, showers, and sinks, this high-quality clog remover is the best option.
The 31 oz bottle is manufactured with the highly effective formula that starts working within a few minutes.

It’s quite safe to use it as a cleaning agent for pipes and shower as well since it liquefies the debris within no time.

Whether you are fighting with stubborn hair clog, soap scum, oil, or any other organic matter, Green Gobbler ensures the smooth flow of water. Its revolutionary formula is intended to use with any household drain.

Comparing to other drain openers like sodium hydroxide, Green Gobbler is safer and works faster. It has an odorless, non-flammable and biodegradable enzymatic solution to unclog the partially clogged drains. If you have got a slow tub or sink, don’t fret as this cleaner will work effectively.


The dual-chambered bottle makes the use of the Green Gobbler solution even easier.  You only have to use one chamber at a time, depending upon the type of blockage in sinks and tubs. For toilets, you may use two chambers slowly.  

Follow that up with some hot water and the gunk will be dissolved by the quick formula of Green Gobbler. The formula is heavier on the water to make sure that it clings to the blockage and washes it off rapidly.
Green Gobbler, being biodegradable, is safer for marine life, which makes it an eco-friendly product as well. Its non-corrosive characteristic won’t damage your pipes andseptic systems.


  • Can be used to clean out any household drain
  • Comes with EcoClean solution
  • No measuring & no mess
  • Liquefies all kinds of drain obstructions quickly


  • Slower as compared to other drain cleaning products
  • Ineffective on complete blockage in toilet drains

3. Helix Laboratories DrainScrub – Drain cleaners

 Helix Laboratories DrainScrub – Best Drain cleaners

DrainScrub from Helix Laboratories is an ideal solution for regular drains and disposal maintenance. It has a super-effective enzymatic solution that digests organic matter and washes off the debris quickly. It treats drains, grease traps, sumps, garbage disposals, and septic tanks.
DrainScrub is extremely helpful for plumbers to carry out their routine plumbing work since this solution fights with everyday plumbing problems.

It is manufactured using natural biotechnology and no chemicals, which makes it customer friendly. When applied regularly, the bacteria start digesting toughest clogs and wipe out the stinky odor.

DrainScrub contains tens of billions of bacteria which feed upon macro-nutrients present in human waste, soap scum, food remnants, and organic waste.

The bacteria get multiplied after feeding upon the organic waste, and their metabolism starts operating at a high level. This is how they digest the waste matter and clean out the debris.
 DrainScrub by Helix Laboratories is manufactured with a non-corrosive formula that does not harm your pipes and septic systems.  


Once mixed with hot water, DrainScrub starts working. Its powerful enzymatic solution breaks down the large molecules into smaller ones which can be consumed by bacteria. After digesting the waste matter, the microbes leave behind carbon dioxide and water as byproducts.

This ensures the free flow of water in the drainage system. It is recommended to apply DrainScrub at night and not use the drain after 6-8 hours of application. DrainScrub is the best drain cleaner for toilets and highly recommended by the plumbers.

One bottle of DrainScrub can be used up to 128 treatments. To clean plumbing and remove odor, mix 2 spoons of DrainScrub with 1 quarter of warm water. Repeat this treatment for 5 days. You can use DrainScrub for regular or aerobic septic systems.


  • Eco-friendly, does no harm the marine life
  • Cuts out the pungent odor
  • Sold with manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Starts working within 30 minutes


  • Expensive as compared to other drain cleaners

4. ComStar Pure Lye Bead Drain Opener

Each drain of your home plays an important role in the plumbing system. Various chemicals are available in the market which claims to clean out the drains but produce the pungent smell and cause allergic reactions. Such drain cleaners are also harmful to marine life.

For this reason, natural drain cleaners are manufactured, which are biodegradable and do not produce an unpleasant smell.

ComStar Pure Lye is one such product that contains no toxic or acidic chemicals. It is safe for bath fixtures, plastic, and metal pipes. It cuts down grease better and faster than any other product.

ComStar is manufactured with an odorless non-acidic formula that washes out the blockage safely and quickly. This top-notch drain cleaner is ideal for buyers with low budget.

The bead-sized pure lye boasts powerful industrial-strength while cleaning the drains or sewer lines. ComStar Pure Lye is also suitable to take care of your domestic pool since it does not cause any allergic reaction.

It is not any other drain cleaner but the one that works out effectively without harming septic tanks or cesspools.


ComStar Pure Lye has a unique bead shape that sinks to the bottom of standing water and attacks the debris. The beads are small enough to dissolve in water and break even the toughest clogs. If used regularly, it enhances the growth of bacteria which engulf the grease traps in the pipelines.
Keep in mind that you will need to apply all proper precautions to use it since the chemical can be harsh for your skin. It is recommended to apply Lye with gloves and safety goggles on.


  • Won’t break the budget
  • Manufactured with 99% pure biodegradable formula
  • Does not create fumes
  • Starts clearing the build-up in 60 seconds


  • Less effective as compared to other drain cleaning products
  • Can produce dangerous results if not handled properly

5. Xion Lab Drain Cleaner – multipurpose

Xion Lab is known to manufacture industrial-strength products with the safety of customers and the environment in mind.  To provide a magic solution for fighting tough drain blockage, Xion Lab has introduced high quality, odorless drain cleaner.  
The Drain Cleaner is strong yet safe for the drains. The product claims that you won’t be experiencing any stinky odor or skin irritation while applying it. This makes it a safe alternative to acid-based products
Xion Lab Drain Cleaner produces terrific results on clogs in bathroom and kitchen sinks.

As compared to other traditional drain openers, the functioning of Xion Lab is safer. It is a powerful cleaning agent against hair clumps, soap scum, grease and other debris accumulated in the pipes.


Since the formula is denser than the water, this cleaner stays for a while and cuts off even the toughest blockage. Pour the cleaner into the clogged drain and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes.

The denser liquid sinks at the bottom of standing water and clings to the point of obstruction. Once the chemical reaches the clogged area, it discharges electrons.

As a result, heat and gasses are emitted, which engulf the clog. Now flush the drain with hot water.

Xion Lab drain cleaner has a pH of 13, which makes it harsh for the clogs but safer for the septic system. The formula is non-corrosive and does not splash back. Due to high standards of safety, the product is approved by NSF.


  • Sold with money-back guarantee
  • Biodegradable, safe for skin and friendly to the marine life
  • Does not produce highly toxic fumes
  • Works well on pretty much every drain
  • Friendly to the pocket


  • Works slowly on clogs caused by food remnants and plastic
  • May leave marks on the surface

6. Thrift T-600 Alkaline Cleaner, heavy-duty cleaning solution

Thrift T-600 Alkaline Drain Cleaner, heavy-duty cleaning solution

Sluggish and clogged drains may start as a minor issue but quickly grows into a major problem. If not handled on time, it may cost you a lot of repair and plumbing expenses.
There are multiple drain cleaning solutions available, which require 8 to 9 hours to show up the result. Unlike such drain cleaners, Thrift is a fast way to cut down the build-up in the drains, which is caused by multiple reasons.

With its strong & quick action formula, you don’t need to worry about that clumsy grease anymore.

Thrift T-600 Drain Cleaner is manufactured to engulf hair clumps, soap scum and bath oils with its specialized odorless formula.

We have found it to be the best drain cleaner for PVC pipes and sewer lines.

Thrift T-600 liquefies the drain blockage and starts cutting down the grease and fats within 60 seconds. Its Sodium Hydroxide, the non-acidic formula is safer for all types of drains made from fiberglass, brass, acrylic or porcelain.
A 6-pound bottle of Thrift-600 keeps your pipelines cleaner and protected against harmful pollutants. It does not leave any footprint or odor behind, making it friendly to the user. Moreover, the formula is non-acidic and will not harm any of the fixtures.


The dry and odorless crystals in Thrift T-600 get activated upon using hot water. Pour about 2.5 Liters of water slowly into the blocked drain. Add 1 cup of Thrift T-600 into the water and leave the crystals to do the magic.

After 60 to 90 seconds, flush down the clogged drain with the remaining hot water. If needed, repeat the process. The microbes in the cleaning solution engulf all the waste matter in a few minutes.

The active bacterial formula makes Thrift T-6oo the best drain cleaner for PVC pipes.
It is advised to make the drain cleaning application after putting gloves and goggles on.


  • Friendly to all types of pipes
  • Highly effective alkaline crystalline formula
  • Super fast to unclog the toughest debris


  • Not recommended to use in toilet bowls

7. Bio Clean cleaner – multipurpose, bacteria-made product

Bio Clean Drain cleaner - multipurpose, bacteria-made product

The use of biodegradable drain cleaners is getting popular these days because they do not harm marine life. The water drainage system of your home needs to be cleaned out every now and then.

 The use of chemicals is extremely harmful to the pipelines and sewerage system. This is why people are moving towards the use of biodegradable drain cleaning solutions.  
Bio Clean is manufactured with a special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes which engulf the dead organic matter in your drainage system. This environmental-friendly drain opening solution is safe for the environment and cleans the clogged drains quickly.

Whether you are fighting the stubborn blockage or doing the regular cleaning, Bio Clean provides the best solution to break down the organic wastes.

This 2 lbs bottle has an ultra-safe formula that will keep your pipes safe for longer and clean out the debris without creating an unpleasant odor.

It is ideal for eliminating grease, hair, food remnants, cotton, and paper particles from the drains.

From kitchen sinks to garbage disposals to septic tanks to car litter pans to motor homes, you can use Bio-Clean on everything. The monthly treatment of your drainage system with Bio-Clean keeps it safer and makes your drain lines run smoothly.


One bottle of Bio-Clean can be used for up to 100 treatments. Mix 1 spoon of Bio-Clean in 17 ounces of hot water. Pour it to the clogged area and wait for almost 45 minutes.

The bacteria in Bio-Clean start multiplying after every 30 seconds. They work, cutting down the accumulated waste and restore the drain flow.


  • Requires a small amount of cleaner to start the action
  • Extremely powerful enzymatic solution
  • Harmless
  • Does not produce fumes or heat.


  • Slower in action

8. Rid-X Septic tank System & Drain Clog Treatment Powder

Rid-X Septic tank System & Drain Clog Treatment Powder

Here we have something to fight with the septic disaster and proven scientifically; RID-X septic treatment powder.
You would never want your septic system to stop functioning properly. The scum in the tank can be hazardous and lead to complete blockage.
RID-X is a dual-action powder that is safe to use in any pipes and tanks.

The powdery formula is powerful in action and starts working immediately after the application. The bacteria and enzymes in RID-X help the free flow of water in septic systems.

This enzymatic drain cleaner is mainly made up of Amylase, Cellulase, and Lipase which collectively break down fats, oils, starches, and other accumulated organic matter. Moreover, patent bacteria helps to prevent nasty septic backups.
The grease in tanks disturbs the balance of sewerage lines and can lead to expensive plumbing repairs. However, with the use of RID-X, you can ensure the uninterrupted water flow without compromising the health of the system.

It can work for up to 1500 gallon septic tank, which makes the product ideal for commercial applications.RID-X is gentle to your bathrooms and contains no harmful chemicals.


The application of RID-X is easier and creates no mess at all. Pour the powder of RID-X into the toilet bowl. Flush it twice, so the powder drains out along with the clogged debris.
For better results, we recommend using RID-X once per month as monthly septic tank treatment. It expands the life of your septic system.


  • USDA certified
  • Cost-effective solution to clean out the large septic tanks
  • Non-corrosive to the pipes
  • Not harmful for the skin


  • Fails to unclog the fully blocked drain completely
  • May require multiple applications

Why is RID-X considered ideal for septic tank system?

The greasy layer in your tank system, if not checked regularly, can lead to serious disasters. It can cause an ugly and smelly mess inside or outside your home.

To prevent you from the hassle of cleaning the system, RID-X is manufactured with powerful enzymes which naturally engulf the greasy particles without creating any mess. The monthly treatment will reduce the build-up inside the tank and make the water run smoothly.

9. Black Diamond Stoneworks

Fats, Oil, and Grease are extremely problematic, especially when you have an older sewerage system. By providing proper treatment to kitchen sinks, the level of FOG can be minimized.

There are various professionally used cleaners which keep grease traps and ensure the free water flow.

Black Diamond is a renowned name in manufacturing household cleaning products. Like other products by Black Diamond, the GET SERIOUS drain cleaner offers excellent plumbing maintenance without breaking your budget.

You may call it the best drain cleaner for sinks because it is manufactured to fight the grease accumulation in your kitchen drains.

The GET SERIOUS ensures that your drains work without any obstruction and never block the free flow of water. The cleaner comes with the professional strength to clean even the commercial drains. For slow draining sinks and pipe-lines, this drain cleaner is an excellent declogging solution.
To fight the tough grease matter, GET SERIOUS is manufactured with strong bacterial culture with highly effective biological activities.

The microbes inside the solution multiply and help declutter the matter accumulation. It removes the unpleasant odors, caused by the greasy matter.


When applied to the blocked area, the liquid spreads and eliminate the tough grease. The compelling liquid washes out the grease and contaminants from your drain like no other product can.
One bottle of this professional-strength grease treatment can be used for almost 2 years.
The enzyme producing bacterial culture breaks down the organic matter, producing carbon dioxide and water as byproducts. The liquid is non-pathogenic and causes no harm to the plants and marine life.


  • Excellent liquid solution
  • Odorless and harmless to the skin
  • Works effectively on any type of grease trap
  • Cost-effective


  • Produces a large amount of carbon dioxide after its application

10. GreenPig Solutions 52 Septic & Drain Treatment

GreenPig Solutions 52 Septic & Drain Treatment

Bacteria and sludge in septic tanks can be hazardous and lead to major problems. The gradual accumulation of sludge can damage the drains to a great extent. Maintaining the septic system of your home is not complicated if you inspect it the right way and on the right time.

Many people do not treat the septic system properly. When the system starts rotting, they opt either for plumbing or the drain cleaning through cleaning products.

To save you from any sort of hassle, a lot of drain cleaners are available which are ideal for taking care of your septic tank. Many contain harsh chemicals which degrade the septic sewage and cause harm to skin and marine life.
GreenPig is an effective and eco-friendly solution to dissolve septic waste, grease, sludge, and paper in the septic tank quickly. Active bacteria in the cleaner cut down the solid waste and ensure the free drain flow. Moreover, the pre-measured packet is easy to handle and can be used for 1 year. Due to its size, it can be stored anywhere.


GreenPig Solutions 52 Septic & Drain Treatment is divided into 4 small packets which save you from any sort of measurements. One pack of GreenPig solution comes with 1 year supply.

You don’t have to worry about the moisture since the pack can be resealed. Take one packet and drop it in the clogged area.

The solution bombards the blockage area with trillions of active bacteria. They cut down the debris into a liquid that flows out of the drain easily.
This treatment can be done even for 1500 gallon tank. A small packet does wonder to a blocked drain. Repeat the process once in 3 months. When used with regular intervals, it helps your system to work properly.

Due to its size, it can be stored anywhere.


GreenPig Solutions 52 Septic & Drain Treatment is divided into 4 small packets which save you from any sort of measurements. One pack of GreenPig solution comes with 1 year supply.

You don’t have to worry about the moisture since the pack can be resealed. Take one packet and drop it in the clogged area. The solution bombards the blockage area with trillions of active bacteria.

They cut down the debris into a liquid that flows out of the drain easily.
This treatment can be done even for 1500 gallon tank. A small packet does wonder to a blocked drain. Repeat the process once in 3 months. When used with regular intervals, it helps your system to work properly.


  • Light-weight, small in size pre-measured packets
  • Odorless, non-toxic & non-corrosive
  • Faster application
  • Cost-effective


  • Can coagulate in rare cases

Buyer’s GuideBest Drain cleaners

Whether a drain is partially or completely blocked, the accumulated matter can lead to hazardous results. Sometimes, a blocked drain can be opened through warm water.

Sometimes, vinegar or baking soda helps draining out the partially clogged drains. But for a completely clogged drain, you need to think beyond these simple tips.

Drains in your home need special treatment. The blocked drains are not only messy but produce a pungent smell.

If not handled on time, they can badly affect your indoor and outdoor drains. The drain cleaners are used to save your drainage system from harmful effects and costly repair expenses.

A man cleaning the water drain with sofa

Choosing a drain cleaner is not easy since there is a wide variety available in the market. To help you save from the hassle of picking up the better choice, here we have penned down a few of the features. You might look upon these while making your purchase.

The Smell

Make sure that the cleaner you are choosing is odorless or at least does not produce any stinky odor.  The smell of a drain cleaning product is very unpleasant and can spread to the whole house, and in rare cases can be harmful for your health.  

The formula

There are 2 types of drain cleaning formula i.e.; the powdered one, and the liquid one.Both the formulas work effectively to unclog the drains. The powder formula, most of the times, lasts longer. However, on the other side, the liquid formula is easy to apply. Depending upon your personal choice, you can pick one.
Also, make sure whether the formula is healthy to the environment or not.

Size of the cleaning product

You would never want to spend your money on a smaller size of the product. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose the cleaner. Frequently, the product that comes in 1 lb is more powerful than those come in 2 lbs or above.

The clogged area

Every drain cleaner is specialized in cleaning a particular household drain. Before picking up a cleaner, consider the area which is clogged and then opt for a drain cleaner.  For septic tank treatment, there is a variety available to choose from.  

Benefits of Using Drain Cleaners

A drain cleaner is one of the most important items to keep in your home because:
⦁ It helps to eliminate the clogs in showers, sinks, tubs, and toilets.
⦁ It reduces plumbing expenses.
⦁ The drain cleaning products do not require any professional assistance.
⦁ It helps in maintaining the disposal system.
⦁ The bio-degradable drain cleaners ensure the system longevity without harming the environment.
⦁ Without using any bleach or acid, you can prolong the life of your pipelines with the use of drain cleaning products.

FAQs – Best Drain cleaners

The drain cleaners which contain bacteria and enzymes work efficiently in breaking down the harmful substances. After application of the cleaning product, the active bacteria start multiplying. They spread throughout the drain pipe and eat away the debris present in the clogged drain.

The home DIYs are not completely effective for completely blocked drains. Sometimes, these remedies do not work for the grease, lint, and heavy accumulated organic matter. To fight with these clogs, drain cleaning products are used which remove even the toughest clogs within few minutes.

We have reviewed the finest drain cleaning products which are not only safe for your pipes but also friendly to the environment. These biodegradable products do not harm marine life. Also, these products are non-irritant to the skin.

Well, it depends. Most of the cleaners are suitable for only kitchen sinks and drains of this area. While others function properly for bathroom drains only. There are various drain cleaners available which can be used to unclog both the drains. The description of the product helps you find the purpose.

Our reviews are research-based, and our analysts have personally experienced the use of these drain cleaning products. We have analyzed customers’ reviews as well before picking up our top 10.

ConclusionDrain cleaners

The drain cleaners might not be enough to unclog the huge junk in the drains, but they can save you from expensive plumbing expenses.
We have tried a wide range of drain cleaning products before crafting this review. From powder to gel to liquid formula, this article has every sort of solution for you. We are a team of expert writers and enthusiastic analysts who prefer to perform in-depth research.

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