Best Cordless Circular Saws of 2021 for Beginners and Home Owners

Gone are those days when you had a compulsion to have a nice long cord to keep your circular saw working.

For heavy-duty work like cutting stones, bigger lumber, metal, or other things with a harder surface; we still do need a good corded circular saw with a blade capable enough to cut through every hard surface it comes across.

But Why do You Need the Best Cordless Circular Saw then?

  • The very first thing is it is quite handy. All you need to do is to charge it and use it as per its capacity to work which can be easily known by its battery timing.
  • You don’t need to find a wall outlet to make your machine work.
  • You can carry it anywhere and work with it without fixing it to any supporting frame for bearing its weight.

Best Cordless Circular Saws 2021

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Now after having a brief look into the reasons leading to have a cordless cutting machine, let us have a look at the best options available in the market for the best circular cordless saw 2021.


DEWALT Best Cordless Circular Saw

This cordless circular saw by DEWALT has the power of 5150 to 5250rpm (revolution per minute) supported by a 20-volt battery. It is a nicer version of DEWALT DCS391B 18-Volt which comes with a battery of 18 volts and power of 5250rpm.

DEWALT DC391B 20-Volt is a lightweight, having a weight of 7 pounds, and the best cordless circular saw among all its almost equally good competitors available in the market.

Position of its blade on the left side makes it easier for the user to keep an eye on the cut.  It is one of the fewest cordless circular saws which come with a blade brake allowing the engine to run and the blade to stop. 

This beast is compatible with a long list of DEWALT batteries which adds one more star to its repute. Moreover, a brilliantly over-molded grip reduces the user’s fatigue to much extent,

 Additional Features
  • 6¼’’ blade
  • 2¼’’ cutting depth
  • Carbide tipped blade
  • ⅝ inches of the arbor
  • Bevel cut capacity from 0 degrees to 50 degrees
  • Competing with the latest cordless circular saws for the past 5 years


  • Old School Design
  • Blade brake
  • Lightweight flat head magnesium shoe
  • Multiple Angle Cutting
  • Unbreakable rubber grip for fast and diligent performance
  • It fulfills the latest industry and OSHA safety standards.


  • 6 tooth carbide having blade offers a limited level of performance
  • Speed is not that great as compared to other competitors.

2. Milwaukee 2730-20 M18

Milwaukee 2730-20 M18 - Circular Saw

Another best option so far available in the market is Milwaukee 2730-22with a powerful battery of 18 volts.

This cordless circular saw gives a whopping power of 5000rpm (Revolution per minute) which makes this marvelous creation to come to the top of every closest competitor of its kind.

 It has electrical brakes which can help the user to continue his work without wasting any time while waiting for the blade to stop. 

The best part of Milwaukee 0730-22 is its grip which keeps your hold over this cordless circular saw as firmer and comfortable as possible. The magnesium shoe and guards keep the machine safe even if it faces any accidental drop.

 Additional Features
  • 6 ½” Blade
  • 24 carbide teeth blade
  • 2’’ cutting depth
  • ⅝ inches of the arbor
  • Bevel cut capacity from 0 degrees to 50 degrees
  • Weight with Battery: 9.34 pounds


  • A bundle of excellent body & grip
  • Magnesium shoe and guards for protection and durability
  • Brushless motor using the magnetic power to produce energy
  • 50 degrees bevel capacity


  • The location of hex key storage is really disappointing
  • No LED spotlight guide

3. Makita SH02R1 Max CXT

Makita SH02R1 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw

This beast is the competitor of the top of the list DEWALT circular saw. With a power of 1500rpm and lightweight of 3.5 pounds only, it definitely gives the top player a tough time.

Its lightweight can help you in managing bigger projects which may take more time in getting finalized if you choose a heavyweight cordless circular saw for it.  The best part is its ergonomic grip made with soft rubber adding more to the user’s grip while using it. 

It comes with an in-built dust blower to help you focus on your project instead of cleaning the surface again and again for further work. Along with this, Makita cordless circular saw comes with an LED battery indicator for letting you stay informed about the battery consumption.

This saw has an additional safety feature for battery protection, a circuit, which keeps the battery safe from excessive loading, charging or heating. Makita SH02R1 12V can only be used with the batteries specially made for its model only.

 Additional Features
  • 3-3/8″blade
  • 1’’ cutting depth
  • Bevel cuts from 0 Degree – 45Degree


  • It has a solid design and very lightweight
  • The cutting depth has the capacity to be adjusted.
  • It comes with a slanting base for bevel cuts on different degrees.
  • It has a motor that has excellent power generation in terms of RPM.
  • It includes dust blower that helps in keeping the line of cut free of debris for better precision.


  • It works quite slowly on creating bigger sizes of cuts.
  • It just has a maximum 1 inches of cutting depth.


BLACK+DECKER 20V - Cordless Circular Saw

Starting with the top point about this incredible machine is that it is a good choice in a lesser price range that the above two competitors.  This cordless circular saw comes without any battery, but you may add the one during your purchase from the market or the online store.

 Another feature that makes this beast the number 4 best is that it possesses a high torque motor.   Such motors are capable of applying steady torque to the load while drawing current in a stalled state.

Every Black & Decker BDCCS20C 20V circular saw comes with 2 years of warranty which can give you a source of relief if anything goes wrong with this machine.

Additional Features
  • 12 Carbide teeth blade
  • 1’’ cutting depth
  • Weight 7.55 pounds
  • Bevel adjustment with detents at 45 and 90 degrees


  • It has a solid body, yet it is a lightweight machine.
  • It comes with 2 years of limited warranty.
  • It is being offered at an affordable price range.
  • As per its price, it gives a nice performance.
  • You do not need tools to adjust the cutting depth.


  • It just has a traditional con which is that it has lesser power than other corded versions on the market
  • The motor cannot cut harder and thicker material.

5. Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT

Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless  Circular Saw

Having the power of 3700rpm, Makita’s another competitive cordless circular saw with 18 volts of battery is a right choice for not only a professional worker but also for those people who love to make stuff of different hard surface from different types of wood.

The Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT is famous for its accuracy and precision in cutting. It may seem a little heavier, having a weight of 7.3 pounds; than DEWALT circular saw but it still is capable enough to keep you away from fatigue of carrying heavy machinery for your projects.

This cordless circular saw, just like its pal in the top 3 positions, has efficient power management through a battery circuit that keeps the battery safe from overheating, overloading and over-discharge.  It comes with rapid power charger that can help you in getting this tool of yours ready to function whenever you need.  

Additional Features
  • 6-1/2″ Blade
  • 2-1/4″ Cutting capacity
  • Maximum bevel cutting capacity up to 50 degrees


  • Its strong motor is capable enough to cut through different materials.
  • It has a nicely designed rubber handle for a strong and comfortable grip.
  • It comes with a guard.
  • It has a better and improved battery circuit.


  • It is heavier than the best competitors available in the market.
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6. PORTER CABLE 20V MAX 6-1/2-Inch

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX 6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

This cordless circular saw is famous for its power of 4000rpm and a mighty battery of 20 Volts.

With a power backed up by a strong battery like PORTER-CABLE PCC660B, this tool is the best for the users who require aggressive cutting from such a heavy-duty tool every now and then.  As a recommendation, it is better to be used for household needs instead of job sites.

With a weight of 6.5 pounds and a compact body, this cordless tool is capable of performing various cutting functions.  The adjustable bevel and carbide tooth blade are two of the most needed and powerful features of this cordless circular saw.  

Along with this all, PORTER-CABLE PCC660B comes with a contoured molded handle for a firmer and comforter grip for working without changing your hands’ position again and again in case of discomfort. 3 years of limited warranty is the best part of this saw for keeping your investment safe and maintained if needed.

Additional Features
  • 6-1/2″ blade
  • 18 Carbide Teeth Blade
  • 2-1/8′ Cutting capacity
  • Maximum bevel cutting capacity 50 degrees


  • The battery life is better than many of its competitors.
  • A variety of batteries can be used made by the same manufacturer.
  • It has a strong motor for this size of the machine. It is capable of cutting 2x4s.
  • It gives better control over its functions to the user through its high-powered saw.


  • It has an average build quality.
  • There are the usual problems like the shoe being quite bendable.
  • The machine gets heated up even after a little use.
  • The battery is not sold with the tool.
  • It does not come with a LED spotlight.

7. Milwaukee M18 2630

Milwaukee 2630-20 comes with a magnesium guard

Milwaukee 2630-20 comes with a magnesium guard on the top of the blade that keeps it safe even if it falls from several feet. With an onboard fuel gauge, it is easy to keep an eye on your battery consumption while you are working.

The powerful battery giving 3500rpm can help a lot in cutting through tough materials. This makes this cordless circular saw the best choice for not just one but many types of work, including carpentry, plumbing, framing, etc. These tasks are made easier with a comfortable handle made of soft but firmer rubber.

This tool comes with one of the much-needed feature which is an electrical brake. So when you are done working, the blade stops as soon as you turn off this cordless circular saw, without wasting your time.

Along with this, the aircraft bevel shoe is so accurate and precise in giving you a perfect result when you are ripping or cutting through the material.

As compared to all the cordless circular saws in this entire list,  the manufacturers of Milwaukee 2630-20 give a 5 year or 2000 charge warranty which is the best one among all.  

Additional Features
  • 6.5’’ blade
  • 1/2″ cutting capacity
  • Maximum bevel cutting capacity up to 45 degrees
  • 8.5 pounds of weight


  • Its ergonomic design tells this is clearly designed to work efficiently without causing any discomfort to its user.
  • Its degree of bevel and cutting depth can be adjusted.
  • It comes with Magnesium guards
  • Among all other features, it has electronic brakes as well.
  • It has a safety circuit that keeps the user safe.
  • It has a leftover battery indicator to stay informed about the left charging.


  • Its cutting may not be as precise as other cordless circular saws available in the market.
  • Being cordless makes it limited in terms of performing different functions.
  • It does not have any LED spotlight.
  • It cannot cut all types of wood.

8. Ridgid OEM R8652 Gen5X

Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 Gen5X Cordless Circular saw

This cordless circular saw comes with an 18 volts support battery giving this machine the power to produce 3800rpm without any problem. Despite having a weight of 10 pounds, Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 comes with a perfect pair of gripping handles that can support your secondary hand while making cuts or doing the ripping.

It is a great tool for woodworkers whether they are working for small level projects or job-based ones. The power of this machine is ready to serve anyone who craves aggressive cuts.

This cordless circular saw has a LED light which helps its user to work in the dark without any problem. Moreover, the dust blower at one of the sides of the machines keeps the debris and dust away from the cutting point where the focus is much needed while cutting.

It is the  only cordless circular saw in our list that gives the maximum level of bevel cut capacity of 56 degrees on a scale, that is even more than the top player of this game.  

Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 has a plastic cover over the carbide teeth for both, the handler in carrying and the machine in case of any accidental drop or hit.

Additional Features
  • 7 ¼” Blade
  • 24 Carbide teeth having blade
  • Bevel cut capacity is up to 56 degrees
  • 10 pounds of weight


  • It has a dust blower for keeping the cutting line free of debris, making it easier to work.
  • It has an LED spotlight.
  • It has a very comfortable handle which keeps its use free of the worry of getting his or her hands tired.
  • It has a long battery life that facilitates its user to makes a lot of cuts before its battery runs out.
  • The manufacturer gives three years of limited warranty in case any fault is faced by the user in term of its usage.


  • Its spindle lock is quite poorly designed which makes its blade changing process difficult for its user.
  • It is the heaviest cordless circular saw among its competitors in this list.

9. Bosch CCS180B

Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 6-1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

There are two major and distinctive reasons for this cordless circular saw to be among the top 10 competitors available in the market.

The first solid reason is that it comes with a nice spindle lock, which makes it easier for its user to change the blade without any problem.

The second best reason for having Bosch CCS180B 18V in your hands is that it is not only good for people really interested in DIY projects of their own but also professionals as well.

Why is it good for both kinds of users? Because it has the bevel shifting capacity up to 50 degrees giving a smooth and precise 2 inches cut.

Moreover, this mighty machine is capable of producing 3900 to 4000rpm along with a nice bevel scale and cutting depth scale for helping its user in measurements while working.

It comes with a tough aluminum guard keeping its blade’s life long and safe. This machine comes with a protection circuit as well,  which keeps your device safe from overheating, overloading and overcharging.  

Additional Features
  • 6 ½’’ blade
  • Depth-of-cut gauge and bevel scale
  • 2 inches cutting capacity
  • 18 Carbide teeth blade
  • ⅝ inches of the arbor
  • 6.6 pounds of weight


  • It is the best one among the ergonomic and compact cordless circular saws in terms of design.
  • It is one of the lightweight circular saws available in the market.
  • It comes with an electronic brake.
  • It has a metal blade guard for the blade and user safety.
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • It does not have a brushless motor.
  • It does not have a good deep cutting capability.
  • It does not have a LED spotlight.
  • It is a low power cordless circular saw.

10. Hitachi C18DGLP4

Hitachi C18DGLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 6-1/2" Circular Saw

The power of 4500rpm and features like the LED spotlight and electronic brake, Hitachi C18DGLP4 is backed up by 18 volts of battery. With a weight of lesser than 7 pounds, this cordless circular saw can produce a power of 4500rpm without any load.

Hitachi has surely come up with a cutting machine with a not just a nice with soft grip or handle but a bundle of other nice features as well like electronic brake, hex bar wrench and a spotlight for keeping an eye on the cut while using the machine.

50 degrees of bevel adjustment can give this tool the capacity of performing not just a few but a variety of applications. Moreover, this circular saw is compatible with almost all the Hitachi batteries available for cordless saws.

Hitachi C18DGLP4 comes with a lifetime lithium-ion warranty which is one of the best features among its kind of cordless circular saw.

Additional Features
  • 6 ½’’ blade
  • 18 carbide teeth Blade
  • Bevel cut capacity is up to 50 degrees
  • 6.2 pounds of weight


  • It has an in-built LED spotlight for better visibility.
  • It has a soft rubber grip for fatigue-less work.
  • It comes with a lifetime tool warranty.
  • Its lightweight is for ease in moving it anywhere by hand.
  • Lifetime battery warranty.


  • The tool does not come with any battery or charger.

Which is the Best Cordless Circular Saw in different categories of different features?

Now after having a quick look at our top 10 players in the game, let us discuss some very important points before you make a final decision regarding your choice among these all.

You might have observed that there are so many commonalities among almost all the competitors discussed above.

So what makes every model to get to the rank that it stood in our list?

The bundle of features that each cordless circular saw possesses has compelled us to rank each of these cutting machines accordingly.

But before you finally think about your choice, let us have a look at the winners based on different important features.

These features are compulsory and sometimes required by the user who is in the market or online to buy a nice cordless cutting tool according to his or her needs. Let us have a brief look at the winners based on different features.


We have compared the number of carbide teeth on the blade of each cordless circular saw had, and the winner of this category is Milwaukee 2730-22 18V with a 6 ½’’ blade.

The maximum number of teeth on a blade tells us about the performance and ease of a blade while cutting through different materials. The more the teeth are, the better and fast the cutting becomes. Milwaukee 2730-22 18V has 24 carbide teeth which make it the crowned cordless circular saw in the category of the best blades.

The next best is Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 which also has 24 carbide teeth having a blade but with a blade size of 7¼’’.

Blade change

Here we have observed the ease each of our competitors gives to its user when he or she feels the need to change the blade of the circular saw. It greatly depends on the spindle lock each of the saw has. In this category, Bosch CCS180B 18V has won the game.

This cordless circular saw by Bosch might be an old school design, but its spindle lock is still good enough to play a tough match with the newest models entering into the market. The ease to unlock mechanism makes Bosch CCS180B 18V the winner of this category.


Ergonomics generally refers to the efficiency a person or a thing has in a working environment. When we are discussing cordless circular saws, we are actually looking at their ergonomics in the category of

  1. RPM (Revolution per Second) produced, 
  2. Quality of their handle,
  3. Weight of the tool,
  4. Bevel setting, and
  5. The depth of cut each of them can produce.

There can be many other things which may include but let us discuss the major ones which are the focus of almost every user.

1. RPM (Revolution per Second)

The total number of RPM produced by any cordless circular saw tells us about how much energy and power it is capable of producing. Along with the power, the speed of that particular machine is also associated with the total number of RPM produced. The higher the RPM is, the more powerful and faster the circular saw is. In this category, our number 2 DEWALT DCS391B 20V clearly wins.

This cordless circular saw is capable of producing almost 5150rpm which is one of the factors making it the one step ahead of Milwaukee 2730-22 18V cordless circular saw which can produce 5000rpm and Hitachi C18DGLP4 18V circular saw in our list which can produce 4500rpm.

2. Quality of grip/handle

Bosch CCS180B 18V circular sawhas the trendiest and the most comfortable rubberized gripping handle which, as a few of its competitors, keeps the work of its user less tiring and firmer in gripping the tool while using it.

The next best is Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 which comes with a pair of handles for a firmer and stable grip for making cuts.

3. Weight of the tool

Weight might seem like not a major problem while looking for a good cordless circular saw. But it does affect the efficiency of the tool to some extent in the process of working.

A lightweight tool creates less fatigue in cutting while carrying it. The lightest circular saw among our top 10 players is Makita SH02R1 12V. With a weight of just 3.5 pounds, it is just as light as a feather among all cordless circular saws in the top 10 list.

4. Bevel setting

In this category, Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 is a clear winner with 56 degrees of bevel adjustment setting on-scale over the other cordless circular saw.

The Ridgid Framing saw has detents at 0, 15, 22-1/2, and 45 degrees, for supreme speed and accuracy setting bevel angle.

Finally, with an easy to look at magnesium dial painted with white color, this surely makes Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 cordless circular saw the winner in this category.

5. Cutting depth

DEWALT DCS391B 20V has the maximum cutting depth of 2¼ inches.  This cordless circular saw gives the clearest and open line of sight among all while cutting.  

Battery pack winner

In this category, we have compared all the cordless circular saws in our list by checking how much work (cutting), every one of them can perform with a single charging.

The efficiency of the saws is calculated by measuring the watt hours (WH) per battery pack and comparing this overall number of cuts each of the competitors can make.

This basically gives the user an idea of how competent the tool of his interest is. Milwaukee 2730-22 18V cordless circular saw is capable of producing the  most numbers, 162-watt hours, among all other tools.  

Total WHs produced does not mean that the more watt-hours are the more work any particular cordless circular saw can perform. How many cuts each tool can make with each watt-hour is what actually matters.

In this category, our winner is Milwaukee 2730-22 18V again. The runner up cordless circular tool is DEWALT DCS391B 20V.

Value winner

Among all the circular saws Bosch CCS180B 18V is the one being offered at the lowest price in the market as compared to other competitors in our list.

The Bosch CCS180B 18V cordless circular saw with amazing ergonomics, a nice runtime, and a reasonable price for all components, which can be bought separately, make this our value winner for this category.

No doubt that we know this already that it is an older model. But it still is capable enough of showing good and competitive performance at the lowest price among all.

You can expect to pay somewhere around $350 for the tool, 6.0Ah battery, and a movable charger.

Tips and Techniques for Using a Cordless Circular Saw

Some of you, who are reading this article, might be looking for a set of nice tips and techniques for using your chosen cordless circular saw. 

It not for new users only, sometimes professional circular saw users forget what to look for and know a few of the tricks for making their tool work more efficiently.

There are so many things in a single circular saw that needs attention which we might not be giving at the time of using this particular tool or when we let it have some rest in the free time.

Let us have a look at a few of the important tips for using a cordless circular saw.

1. The right blade depth

If you are setting the blade too deep, it can cause a small number of problems. The first one is that it is more hazardous than a set blade that is correctly set because the body of the blade is more exposed when the user is cutting.

Besides this, the saw has a possibility to connect and unwind if the blade is set too deep than its actual position. If we put the safety issue on one side, blades of every type of circular saws cut more proficiently when they are properly set.

2. Pre-set the blade depth

You need to decide the blade depth before turning on the circular saw, and you need to hold it together with the board with which you are working, with the blade guard drawn back.

You should lose the handle responsible for depth adjustment and rotate the base of the saw in anticipation of the blade expands to about 1/4 to 1/2 inches under the board. Make the handle or knob tighter, and now you are ready to use your circular saw

3. Let the separated piece to fall away freely

Make sure that the cut pieces are falling freely after cutting and there is no hindrance in its fall. Just keep an eye on the cut piece that it does not face any breakage while falling down or aside.

You can stop the board from cracking while you are cutting the board for some important projects by supporting the board endlessly before it hits any harder surface which can damage it. But don’t clamp, hold, or otherwise restrict the cutoff piece.

4. How to cut plywood?

When you are cutting the plywood across its axis without any support for its whole length, it can easily make the saw to bind or the plywood finish to break or chip off when the piece falls.

You can use sawhorses for the support by just extending them with a pair of 2x4s size of boards. It is a very easy way to support that the plywood needs during cutting.

5. Avoid cutting the supported on both ends sides

Just imagine that you are on a branch of a tree and you are cutting the very same branch on which you are standing. What comes to your mind with this imagination?

Isn’t it a horrible scenario?

When you accidentally cut off the supporting boards on both ends while cutting the wood you have your focus on, you face the same scenario when you would cut the branch which you were standing on.

The reason for this is that when the cut is almost completed, the board bends down, which touches the blade while cutting and becomes a reason for the saw or the board to resist. This is not a good thing, and it ruins the board the user is working on.

Tip for a rip cut

For ripping a board, a table saw is the best option as compared to a circular saw. If a table saw is not available at your place, and if it does not matter if the rip cut is not that accurate, then a circular saw works good for you.  All you need is to keep a hold of the board while ripping it. 

If you think that board that you need to rip is quite wide, then the clamps will get in the way while you would be ripping it. So a good option other than to compressing or clamping is to pin the board down to the sawhorses that you are using.

You might be thinking that pins or nails have reached the saw bed. But you can clip out the nails and still easily drag off the board when you have completed the rip cut.

To decrease the damage to the board on which you have done a rip cut it is a good choice to use good quality of nails, and pull them off from the backside when you have completed your work.

Tip for an angled cut

The new circular saws have blade guards which are designed to pull back or what we say retract even when the user wants to give an angled cut on to the board.

With the newer cordless circular saws available in the market, it is very easy to get an angled cut by just retracting the blade guard of the saw which you are using.

When you are done with a few inches of cut, gradually discharge the blade guard so it may rest on the board that you are working on.

In case you tend to start giving your board an angled cut exclusive of making the blade guard retract, the guard may grab the wood which slowly causes the circular saw blade to get stuck or even it may make the cut to diverge quite easily.

Try and try again if you face a mistake.

It is not an easy job to cut along the line that the user of the cordless circular saw has drawn. It takes a lot of practice and patience. When the saw blade is on its function of cutting by the side of the line, the blade takes lesser effort to be on its track to cut.

But just in case you start with a crooked line, it becomes hard to direct the circular saw to be on the line again. It is better not to try to push the blade back onto the line. As an alternative, it is better to take a break and let the blade stop rotating.

Many cordless circular saws come with an electronic brake. It makes the blade to stop instantly when the saw is turned off. Next step should be that the user should remove the saw from the cut, sight along the line and start again.

You do not need to worry if you cannot make a straight cut. Practice can make you a perfectly straight line cutter in no time.

Trick for cutting heavy boards

When you are cutting bigger or other heavier chunks of wood, it is usually quite easy to cut them, especially when they are lying straight instead of pulling them onto the sawhorses. An effortless way to do this is to simply let the board rest on the tip of your foot. Use your shin to support it after you have tilted the board.

The next step is to set the saw in line by outing it on the mark you have drawn. You would observe that it will let the gravity help you in dragging the saw throughout the cut.

You need to be careful in keeping an eye on the cut made by your circular saw more than 10 inches away from the tip of your foot.

A Quick Guide for a Rip cut

Your index finger can help you a lot in making longer rip cuts which are narrow as well. You can use it as a guide while making cuts with your cordless circular saw. You need to make the blade straight on to the line.

The next step is to pin the base of the saw in between your thumb and index finger altogether. You need to let your finger be carried next to the boundary of the board to guide your index finger for making the cut.

It is a safe technique as long as you have a stronger grip on your cordless circular saw before turning on its power. You need to make sure that you do not discharge it till you observe that the blade has stopped.

Every tool is important for different types of tasks. All you need to do with your choice is that you have to make sure it has all the required features which you want.

When it comes to choosing a good cordless circular saw, the first thing that may come to your mind is a great value for a good bunch of features catering all your needs all at once. Thinking about the most important features is the next step you need to take.

All kinds of circular saws, whether they are corded or cordless, have the same usual gears: the blade guard, intended to cover up the blade when the saw is not being used, the bevel adjustment, which is very practical when you are in need of making beveling tasks; the circular saw shoe, which is intended to stable the saw alongside the object on which the user is working; and the blade cutting depth adjustment, for working on stuff with different levels of thickness.

Every product comes with fancy advertisements and promotional offers associated with them. As a rational user, keep an eye on the product that is up to your standard needs and has better reviews online or in the market among professionals or DIY enthusiasts.

The reviews tell us about what the users of each particular cordless circular saw have experienced the functionality of its chosen product.

Before you make any decision by going through our article, there is something we all require to think before taking any step.

No matter how many good features a tool may have, if any of them are not of your need at present or in the future, it is useless to invest your money in it even if it is available at a preferable price range. Your need should be your priority in every situation.

All the cordless circular saws that have been compared above, for your help, comprise of different useful features. All you need to do is look for any of these tools which are entirely or at least nearly fulfilling your requirements.

For making the right choice, all you need to do is to analyze and compare the features of each cordless circular saw you have selected.

You have to look for the cutting power for finding it in volts on cordless saws. If you see a higher level of volts, such indicator shows that the tool has more cutting power.

The next thing is checking for the blade capacity. It actually determines the maximum level of cutting depth of the cordless circular saw. Larger blades give deeper cuts.

The next thing that you should observe is the bevel adjustment capacity. It shows the maximum bevel cutting capacity.

We hope these details will help you in finding the best cordless circular saw with ease. Do let us know about it in the comments section.

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