10 Best Beginner Drum Sets of2021 for Kids and Adults

As we all are aware of the fact that it is not easy for the parents to choose the best beginner drum set for their kids, it is because they need to make sure that the drum set that they choose will help their kids improve their drumming skills and practice on it for a long time.

If you want your kids to have an experience on a proper drum set rather than playing on the drum set-shaped toys that are available in stores as well, these drum sets are among the ten  best choices that you can make.  

It is not always true that the beginner drum sets are just for kids; the word beginner refers to someone new to some skill or a product or service.

Here the word beginner is referring to any person that might have a passion for drumming but was not able to pursue it for various reasons.

A Young Boy Playing with drums

However, with time, they get a realization that they want to learn to drum. And so there are drum kits that are available for these people too so that they can practice their best on these drums and just when they get their skills perfect, they can switch to the professional drum sets available online as well.

Best Beginner Drum Sets 2021

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There are cases where people are not very fond of having a drum set in their house because of all the noise that it produces. The only advice to these people is that they should prepare a room that is away from all the other bedrooms so that people in the house do not get disturbed by the sound.

Best Drum Sets 2021

It is an article that has ten of the best beginner drum set brands to start practicing their drum skills on, all of these drum sets are readily available on Amazon too, and so one can get the drum set that matches their requirement in this case.

1. Mendini Junior Drum Set

Mendini Junior Drum Set with an Adjustable Throne

The Mendini by Cecilio junior drum set is one that is completely functional and also has an adjustable throne. Any young drummer can use this drum set as his starter drum set.

The Mendini junior drum set is a smaller version of the drum sets that are used by the adults nowadays. Small kids have a great experience with the Mendini by Cecilio drum set as they can grow with it over time.

However, if the taller kids get this drum set, he might find it restricting as they get bigger with time. That is because, this drum set is for small kids, and to play a drum set freely, one needs to have space.

However, after the child outgrows the drum set and gets one that is for adults, he will find most of the things placed in the same order there.  [For kids that are of height from 2.5 to 5 feet tall, this is a good choice for a drum set. /su_highlight]


  • 16”x11” bass drum
  • 10”x5” and 8”x6” rack toms
  • 12”x10” floor tom
  • 10”x6” snare drum
  • 8” cymbal and stand(Hi-Hat)
  • 10” cymbal and stand(Crash)
  • An adjustable drum throne
  • A pair of wooden drum sticks

For the price that it is for, the Mendini junior drum set is of great quality and has a very good sound as well. The snare and toms produce a great sound, the bass drum, however, is not very good but for starters, it is fine.

The Mendini junior drum set is not a toy, and so the drums have a replaceable head. With time, if the head wears out or breaks for that matter, people can easily replace them, and in such cases, they can use better quality heads, this will improve the sound even more.


  • The toms and snare sound great for the price that this drum set comes for
  • It is a full package for a new drummer to get on with his skills
  • Throne is adjustable


  • Cymbals do not sound good, but people can replace them with good quality ones
  • It is not suitable for taller children
  • New heads are recommended to get a great quality of sound

2. Music Alley Kids

Music Alley Kids 3- piece Beginners Drum Kit

The music alley drum set is a drum set that provides really good quality for the price. For kids that are from the ages of 4 to the age of 7, this is a great gift as they are in the age where they like to bang on things, and getting something to do that is a treat for them.

Although this drum set uses most of the affordable parts, it does not compromise on the quality that it offers to its customers by any means. There are three different drums that the children can jam on in this kit.

The largest drum in this beginner’s drum kit is the bass drum; it has hanging tom-toms so that it can get an extra bang when the child plays on it.

The music alley kid’s beginner kit has a crash cymbal that makes a different sound to compliment the music. It has a pair of lightweight drum sticks too so that the children can play the drums with ease for that matter

This drum kit comes with a chair that is soft as it has cushions, prioritizing the comfort of the child while he plays.


  • 14” bass drum
  • 10” cymbal
  • 8” snare drum
  • Lightweight drumsticks to play with
  • An adjustable padded drum chair
  • Pedal for bass drum

This drum is perfect for the children that are excited and motivated to know more about playing drums. Although the description mentions that children from ages of 4 to 7 can play this drum set, in many cases people have said that it is not suitable for children that are above 5years as they can outgrow the drum kit fast and have less space to play the drum set freely in that case.


  • Adjustable drum chair
  • Comfort is the priority here
  • Good quality for the price asked


  • Not suitable for kids that are above six years’ old
  • The drum kit uses affordable materials

3. Gammon 5 piece

Gammon 5-piece Junior Starter Drum Kit with Cymbals Hardware

The Gammon 5-piece drum kit is an amazing choice for the kids that are motivated to start drumming right away. It is a complete set that these kids need to have so that they can start on with their practice on drumming.

  It has good quality materials used in this whole drum kit, and the drum set produces a sound that is of good quality too.   It is a fact that the quality of sound that the Gammon junior set produces is not an amazing one, but for the children that are just starting to learn to drum now, it is appropriate.

This drum set is good to start with for kids. This drum kit gracefully mimics the professional drum sets, and when the time comes for kids to quit this set and move on to the next phase, they wouldn’t feel much difference as this set is basically a toned-down version of a real drum set.


  • 16” bass drum
  • A drum beater
  • A wood snare drum
  • One hang tom
  • Floor toms (2)
  • Two cymbals(Hi-Hat)
  • 10” cymbal(Crash)
  • Drum sticks
  • A drummer’s throne


  • It is a complete kit that a child may need to start drumming
  • Good quality of materials is in the kit
  • The sound it produces is of a good quality


  • It does not have an amazing quality of sound, being a junior’s kit
  • Good quality against the money that is paid for it though

4. Alesis DM6

Alesis DM6 USB kit, 8-piece Electronic Drum Set

The Alesis DM6 USB kit drum set is easy to set up, given that you know drum sets before getting this drum set. If a child is looking for some drum set to buy so that he can learn how to play drums, this is a great choice for him to go for and that is because it is a complete package it has everything a beginner drummer will need to practice.

However, in the cases where the kids are hard hitters, this is not the drum set as it can get damaged with a lot of the child beating the crap out of it. If people handle the Alesis DM6 USB kit with care, it will last for a longer time and kids will learn rock beat, jazz swing and many others in a couple of months, given they are motivated to learn to drum.


  • A full electronic drum set
  • USB MIDI output so that they can send MIDI data to virtual instruments and computer
  • Aux port to practice with an external audio source
  • Three toms
  • Two cymbals
  • Snare
  • Kick pedal
  • Hi-hat pad and controller
  • Dual-zone 8” snare pad


  • The rim of the snare has a good quality sound to it
  • The bass pedal is great in quality
  • There is an aux-in port, and so an auxiliary cable can be used to connect the computer to the drum set


  • The pair of drum sticks are not of great quality; you can replace them with good ones
  • The snare pad does not produce a great sound
  • This drum set does not come with a throne or a speaker or headphones for that matter

5. Pearl Roadshow

Pearl Roadshow - Electronic Drum Set

The pearl roadshow is another option that people can get for their children to practice drumming. It has a drum set along with two cymbal stands; it provides a good quality of sound for the price that it asks for.

The quality of the hardware is super good as well. However, the cymbal sound is good but not that good.
A drum with two sticks

Whereas, when we talk about the beginner’s drum set, it is okay for the children that play the drums as they are practicing on it. When they complete properly practicing drumming, they can always switch to the drum sets for adults in the future.

After doing the proper tweaking and tuning of the pearl roadshow kit, with the help of someone that knows how to handle drums, one can get this kit to produce the sounds that he needs.

As soon as this package comes at the doorstep, it is easy to assemble, and one can start drumming and practicing their favorite sounds right away. That is how easy it is to handle this drum set.


  • 20×16 bass drum
  • 14×5.5 snare drum
  • 10×7 tom, 12×8 tom
  • 14×14 floor tom
  • 1×16” crash ride
  • A pair of drum sticks
  • Drum throne
  • 14” hybrid Hi-hat
  • One drum pedal
  • One pearl stick bag
  • Two cymbal stands


  • The drum set can be used right when it arrives at the doorstep of the house
  • The cymbal stands are of a great quality being a beginner’s drum set
  • It has a stool, a pedal and is a complete package
  • People use it for gigs and rehearsals


  • It does not produce a great sound until someone tweaks and tunes it properly
  • People cannot use them as adult drum set because of the quality it offers
  • The drum sticks are not of a good quality

6. Pearl

Pearl 5-piece Export Drum Set

If the drummer has a real passion for drumming and wants to learn it, getting this drum set is the best decision that he can make for himself at this time. The pearl 5-piece export drum set generates low end sounds with an extended sustain.

 It is a fact that this is a drum set that is rather hard to install, but with the manual,  you will be able to get on with it. It is a reliable drum set kit that people can use for a long time as it has high-quality materials that make this whole kit.

People that want to pursue their careers in the field of music are usually not sure if they should invest in getting a professional drum set. And so that is why getting a beginner drum set is a sane decision that is pocket-friendly too.

That is because these people can practice drumming on the student drum set, and once they feel that they are good at it, can switch to a more professional drum set in the future.

It is one of the most durable drum sets that people can find online as well as in physical stores, that is because of the high-quality materials that are in the kit.

It is the reason why people that buy this drum set get a lifetime warranty of the whole kit along with it. When you order this drum set kit, you get it in one box or maybe in more than one because of the number of stuff in the kit; the packages may be delivered to you separately as well.


  • 22×18, 12×8, 13×9,16×16,14×5.5 (Dimensions)
  • P930 demonstrator pedal
  • 830 hardware
  • Snare
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Durable; lifetime warranty
  • High-quality pedal
  • Good quality sound


  • Optional cymbals cost you higher than the actual price
  • Not every drummer is good at jazz and fusion from start

7. Rise by Sawtooth

Rise by Sawtooth, Student Drum Set

Many students that have an interest in playing the drum set do not get to play the drums in school, and so because of the passion that they have, their parents try and get them these drums sets at their home.

Every music class in the schools that includes teaching a drumming session needs a lot of practice so that the student can exactly learn what the teacher is trying to teach him, and so a drum set that is there for him to start practicing at home should be of quality and fully-featured.

Getting a drum set that is durable and reliable, as Rise by Sawtooth, is one of the best ones that the child can practice drumming on. There are a variety of genres that he or she can play on this drum set.

It is a complete drum kit; all you have to do is assemble it as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. All the accessories that you will need are inside the box. It is a miniature of the actual adult drum set that brands make for adults; this one is not a toy,  rather it is a proper drum set for kids so that they can practice on it and learn to drum here.  


  • 22”x16” bass drum
  • 12”x8” and 13”x9” toms
  • 16”x16” floor tom
  • 14”x5” snare drum
  • Hi-Hat stand
  • Cymbal stand (2 tier)
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Two thrones
  • Drum sticks
  • Drum key
  • 18” crash ride


  • Durable and reliable too.
  • It produces a good quality sound
  • Many music genres are compatible with the instruments
  • It is a complete kit


  • The pedal in the kit is not of a sound quality
  • One can outgrow it with time as it is not an adult drum kit

8. Ludwig Junior

Ludwig Junior 5-piece Drum Set
The Ludwig junior is another beginner drum kit that can be used by children at a young age until the age where they learn the basic, intermediate drumming skills.

This is a drum kit that the children can even take at their live performances where they can play them at talent shows and other school events where they perform with the drums.

A man playing the Best Beginner Drum Sets with sticks

There are several colors available in this drum kit, blue, black and wine red are the basic ones. The color that is on the drum kit is reflective so that it gives a professional look to the drum kit and if the children take it on stage, it radiates with a professional look.

Especially, the black and the wine red color in the Ludwig junior 5-piece set, they look too professional when children take them on stage for their performances.


  • A bass drum
  • Snare
  • Floor tom
  • High toms (2)
  • A pedal
  • Hi-Hat
  • Cymbal
  • Available in blue, black and wine red color


  • The sound that this drum set produces is of a great quality
  • It is very easy to assemble the whole 5-piece kit
  • Durable and reliable as well


  • It is a little costly for the quality that it offers
  • The children may get bigger for the drum kit with time; it is rather small
  • Bass drum has a dry sound

9. TKO

TKO 3-piece Junior Drum Set

There are a lot of options out there for the children to get different drum sets, but the major disadvantage that many of them have is that the kids outgrow these drum kits quite fast.

And so as a solution to this problem is with the TKO drum set, there is an adjustable stand and an adjustable stool as well, so that they can adjust them according to the height, and so they last longer than the other drum sets that people make for the beginners to learn to drum.

The cymbal stand can be adjusted and tilted as well; this is another option that is not available in many drum kits around the world. And so if you are thinking of getting a beginner drum set for yourself or your kid, the TKO drum kit is the right choice for you to make.

It is the best beginner drum set one can get for an eight-year-old as it is adjustable, and after he has the idea of how to learn to drum, he can shift to an adult drumming kit.


  • Durable
  • 16” bass drum
  • 10” snare
  • One tom
  • One cymbal
  • Good quality sound
  • Real wood shells
  • Chrome-plated hardware(metal)
  • Adjustable stand and stool
  • Top and bottom heads(tunable)


  • A make of real wood
  • Adjustable stand and an adjustable stool s well
  • It has its drum sticks to play the drums
  • Sound quality is great


  • The manual is not very thorough rather very brief
  • No Hi-Hat is there in the kit

10. Ddrum MB D

Ddrum MB D Series Drum Set

People all around the world are trying to get the best quality stuff, but at the same time, they try to get the stuff that is pocket-friendly too.

In the case where they need a drum set that will be a good one to learn how to drum at, they can get this drum set for a low price. Along with that, here, they will not have to compromise on the quality of the sound that it produces as well.

It is not easy to spend a lot of money on something that you are passionate about but are not sure if it is something that you will be able to continue.

And so, one does not believe in buying a professional drumming kit to get a hold of learning drumming skills; it is always better to start from scratch and get a kit that will help you learn first before you switch to the best beginner drum sets in the market.

Ddrum MB D series drum set is a drumming set that people can tune quite easily, and it will remain like that throughout the drumming session.   Basswood is used to make the shells, just like how the guitars are also a making of them.  

The color options that it offers are red and black. It is a great way to learn the drumming skills and improve with time until you become so good at it that you have to shift to the drumming kit that is there for professionals.


  • Complete kit with 5-pieces
  • Cymbals
  • Hardware and stands
  • 20” bass drum
  • 14” snare
  • Three toms
  • High hat
  • Red and black colors are available


  • There is a throne that comes with the whole kit
  • Easy to assemble if you know your way around drums
  • Drum sticks are also a part of the package


  • The Hi-Hat does not have a good quality sound
  • One will have to purchase the cymbals and new heads

Tips for the beginner drummers to follow

Here are some tips for the beginners to follow so that they can learn to drum perfectly and get the skill that they always desired for themselves.


Hold the sticks in a way that you get a good grip of the stick. With the flat part of your thumb making contact with the stick, and the rest of your fingers should wrap themselves around the stick. Repeat the same process on the other hand too. Now make sure that while you play the drums, the end of the stick makes contact with the bottom inside of the hand of yours.


 Make sure that you pinch the sticks between your thumb and the index finger;   many drummers have it with the thumb and the middle finger. They get a good grip that way. It depends on how the drummer gets his grip with the stick; any combination will work here.

Tight or loose

If you hold the stick very tightly, there are fewer chances that it will bounce off freely, only grip the stick enough that it does not slip away from your hand, but not so hard that it starts hurting you. As if it starts hurting you, it will affect the piece of music that you play as well.

Angle while you play

Many drummers get an angle of 60 degrees between both the sticks while they play drums. It makes it easy for them to play drums as they can target the inner concentric circle of the drum for that matter.

 The French grip is where the thumb is on top, and the German grip is where the thumb is on the side.   However, the American grip, where the thumb is in a ¾ angle is what is preferred by many drummers all around the globe.


One should practice in a way that he develops enough coordination among his limbs. More than one of the limbs shall repeatedly be working so that proper music can be a part of the production in this case.

Write your music

With learning this skill, one thing that one must do is get his music. It is an important thing so that he can learn to write music at the same time; this will be a part of the growth that he has regarding learning to drum.

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Benefits of Learning How to Play Drums Sets

There are many benefits that drumming has, and this is why it is now in trend that people have started getting drum sets for their homes so that they can practice drumming and enjoy the benefits along with that.

Reduces stress

Playing drums reduces stress; if you have any frustration, stress, or any depression, beating the crap out of the bass drum will work as a stress reliever for you.

When you play the music, the brain releases good endorphins in your body that will make you feel happy, and so the stress will reduce by a huge percentage for that matter.

Many people go and attend stand up comedies so that they can feel better and relieve the stress and depression that they are going through, little do they know, they can reduce all of these by playing the drums and have fun along the way.

Boosting Brainpower

One advantage of staring to learn to drum is that by playing drums, the IQ of the person increases. Studies have shown that the brain activity of a human increase by a huge percentage while he plays the drum. Therefore, by playing drums, the brainpower boosts a lot, and so many people are learning this skill all around the world.

Develop Confidence

Drumming is a great way to learn, how to develop confidence; you have to play loud music once and switch to a softer tune the next moment. In these situations, one learns that there are difficulties that he will have to face in the music and life as well, but with time and practice, he will overcome any obstacle that life throws his way too.

Get fit

One of the major benefits of playing the drum is that while you play drums, you get fit. That is because you will sweat a lot while drumming. Just by using the drums and playing the music to the beat that you have, you can burn a lot of calories in a rather less amount of time for that matter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn to drum?

One of the easiest ways to learn to drum is at school; you can consult your music teacher to give you extra time and help you develop the skill. However, if this option is not possible, you can get enrolled in a drumming class where professional drummers teach their students all they need to know about drums.

You must practice your drumming skills on a beginner drum set so that you can get hold of the skills that they are teaching you. It is not a toy, just a small version of the adult drums, that will give you a proper idea of how it will feel like when you play the professional drums. The beginner drum sets are less expensive, and they are a good idea if you are not sure if the passion that you have is temporary or permanent. And so spending a huge amount of money on professional drums is not a good idea.

Yes! It is possible. All you need to do is get proper research done as to who will be willing to teach drumming on your drum kit. The home tuitions will cost a little more than the ones that are held in coaching centers because they require a lot of extra effort by the teacher and individual attention too.

No! One is never too young or too old to learn to drum. You can learn to drum from the age of 5 till the age of 80 as well. Many people get their friends to take these sessions too as they have fun while they learn how to play drums as well.

Many drum teachers all around the world believe that kids around the ages of nine to thirteen years old are in an ideal age where they grasp the concepts faster and learn to drum in the best way. However, everyone is open to learning drums, no matter what their age is, it is an amazing skill.

It is a question that varies from person to person. It all depends upon the dedication, time, and the effort that a student puts in to learn to drum. The more all of these things are, the faster that person will be able to learn to drum. However, generally, playing for a year will make sure that you will be able to play very well in any event that takes place around you.


This article has many benefits that one will enjoy while they start taking drumming lessons, from reducing the stress to developing confidence and getting fit, it is a win-win situation for the students out there.

Along with that, there are around ten best electronic drum sets that are present in this article so that people that want to buy a drum kit can look at the features, the pros and cons of each of the drum kit and take a decision accordingly.

Then there are some tips for the beginners so that they can make the best out of their drumming sessions, and last but not the least, there are some frequently asked questions that are given proper answers to so that people can get a proper idea of what they are getting if they are buying the drum set.

One should do proper research as to what needs they have for which they want a drum kit, either they have a temporary passion, or they want to pursue a career in this skill. They should choose their drum kit accordingly. They should also keep in mind all the colors that are available in that very product for them to choose from and also consider the weight that this article has in the table above. Happy drumming!  

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