Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans of 2021 Things to consider before buying

Want to buy a bathroom exhaust fan? We will be your hands and mind so that you only choose the best bathroom exhaust fan.

Exhaust fans have become inevitable for us, and you seldom find a bathroom without any exhaust fan. The exhaust fan is a very useful product because it helps us to keep the atmosphere of the bathroom and home fresh, dry, and healthy.

It draws out the stale and humid air and replaces it with fresh air that dries out the moisture of the bathroom and prevents the potential growth of the mold, mildew, and fungus in the bathroom that could spread into the whole house.

The humidity is a major problem in bathroom room because of the moisture and presence of water all the time, and humidity can be removed only by proper ventilation.

The exhaust fans are all about ventilation and heating of the bathroom. there is a range of exhaust fans with multiple features available in the market, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Here we have fanned up, top ten best bathroom exhaust fans available in the market. We will review them in detail so that you could have a clear idea about which exhaust fan is best for your bathroom or any other place of the house.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan 2021

1. Panasonic WhisperWarm

Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation & Heating Fans

Whisper ceiling is one of the most popular ceiling fans for the bathroom that offers a practical and quite solution to bathroom’s humidity problem. Panasonic is the most reliable name when it comes to the production of home appliances.

This whisper fan is the great manifestation of the quality products for which Panasonic is reputed and trusted. It is a perfect accessory to add to your bathroom for the permanent solution to the problem of humidity.

Whisper ceiling fan is a bathroom exhaust fan. It is a ventilation unit with a low-noise mount. This is a perfectly noiseless fan with double hangers that allows you to position it in an ideal spot.

The installation of the bathroom fan generally requires professional help, but this whisper fan of the Panasonic is super easy to install and does not require any professional help for installation.

If you just follow the simple guidelines, you can install it yourself. This is the feature that makes this fan more user-friendly than other fans in the market.

The fan has been built to last, and it performs in all circumstances. The durability of this fan is unparalleled because galvanized steel coating with rust-resistant paint has been used for the housing of this fan. In addition to that, thermal fuse cut-off fuse protects the home appliances from all kinds of damage as it switches off automatically on heating of the fan. The motor is permanently lubricated, which
makes it a low maintenance fan.


  • It provides a quick warm-up time.
  • It keeps the bathroom warm as it does not allow cold air to enter
  • It comes with a night light lamp that allows you to use it in night conveniently.
  • It does not increase the electricity bill as it uses only 120v energy.


  • The exhaust fan is not easy to clean since it’s mounted on the ceiling

2. Air King BFQ 90

Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan, 90-CFM

Bathroom fan keeps the bathroom ventilated, which is vital to keep the moisture low. Moisture in the air leads to condensation and mold growth. This mold if not prevented, can spread to the whole house and cause many health and environment risks.

The Building Regulations are strict about it, and you have to prevent it at any cost. The best way to prevent the moisture and mold growth is an installation of exhaust fan in your bathroom and at other places of the houses.

The exhaust fan draws out humid air and keeps the moisture level low. Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan is a basic, affordable, and powerful unit at a pocket-friendly price.  

Every household needs to have an exhaust fan, and there are many types of exhaust fans available in the market. Air King BFQ bath fan is one of the best exhaust fans available in the market.

The most prominent feature of this bath fan is its design, which is very attractive and adds to the beauty of your bathroom. The catchy visual of this fan complements the appeal of your bathroom.

Ventilation performance

Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan is a ventilation fan that draws out the stale, impure and the very humid air and keeps your bathroom low in humidity and your feel pleasant in fresh rotating air.

This fan ensures the prevention of mold and your bathroom remains fresh and health-friendly all the time. The build quality is not the best, but it provides high-performance ventilation at the cheapest rate possible.

Almost Noiseless fan

Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan comes in 10X10 standard size durable plastic housing, which ensures quiet operation performance. The Air-King is engineered to endow an Airflow of 90 CFM at a noise output of just 2.5 sones.

The 4-inch plastic duct and backdraft damper ensure silent operation and draft protection. This noiseless operation ensures that you have your shower in a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere without any humidity.


The installation of Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan is very easy, and it features a unique snap-in installation system for the easiest ceiling installation.


  • It provides optimum performance of ventilation.
  • It is an at a budget-friendly bath fan
  • Easy installation with brackets, Wire, nuts, connectors, 4-inch ducting, and backdraft damper.
  • High Airflow of 90 CFM
  • HVI certified, and UL listed for installation over shower or tub


  • It does not have the best Build quality.
  • A bit noisy (2.5-4 sones)

3. Delta Breeze GBR80H

Delta Breeze GBR80H GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is always vital for ventilation. It is important that your home is well ventilated with moderate humidity.

The bathroom is the place where we need the exhaust fan the most because the water causes humidity and if there is no proper ventilation; stale, impure and humid air stays which is not pleasant to feel and also unhealthy to breathe in.

  The moisture that sticks long can give birth to mold which is bad for health and the environment.   Therefore you need to keep the air ventilated for the fresh and healthy atmosphere in your home and bathroom.

The best way for ventilation is an exhaust fan which keeps the air ventilated in the bathroom and saves you from humidity. The exhaust fan has become the inevitable part of our houses, and we definitely need one for the bathroom, but we must choose the fan which best in ventilation and minimum in sound.

Smooth and Noiseless Operation

Delta Breeze GBR80H GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan is considered a very smart fan because of its ability to adapt and adjust. It is a fan that produces maximum ventilation with minimum noise.

Easy installation and durability are its other prominent features. With 80 CFM power, the Delta Breeze GBR80H GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan is a serious candidate to be one of the best exhaust fans available in the market.

It is fairly quiet at just 0.8 sones It has 10.8 x 10.8 x 6 inches in dimension, and it provides smooth, noiseless perfect ventilation in a bathroom.


Unlike common exhaust fans, the installation of the Delta Breeze GBR80H GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan is very simple and easy. If you follow the guidelines, you can install this fan without any professional help.

Well-built Fan

Delta Breeze GBR80H GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan is a well-built exhaust fan, and it is HVI certified, and quality tested, as well as energy certified. It consumes 90% less energy that saves you money.

The indicator light beneath the grills indicates that the fan is running and you can adjust the level of humidity from humidity settings from 50% to 80% RH.

 The fan will run faster if the humidity level is above than set humidity, and it will run slower if the humidity is lower than the adjusted level.  


  • Quiet operation
  • Good CFM limit
  • Adjustable humidity set points
  • Self-adaptive CFM changes
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to install
  • HVI certified
  • Power Saver


  • Weak air ventilation for an 80 CFM fan
  • Not as quiet as anticipated

4. Broan-NuTone 688

The Broan QTXE080 is an exhaust fan that is designed to run continuously to provide maximum ventilation. It doesn’t stop and keep your bathroom dry without any humidity or moisture.

It is imperative that an exhaust fan should keep operating continuously so that no moisture or humidity could stay to infest the place with any possibility of mold or fungus growth.

This fan of The Broan QTXE080 with its high-quality motor ensures this and keeps the environment fresh and pleasant.

Air-Flow Capacity

The airflow capacity is very important in exhaust fans. The more air-flow capacity you have, the more ventilation you get. It offers 50 CFM air-flow, which is ideal for bathrooms measuring 80 sq. With this airflow, you get perfect ventilation that keeps the bathroom dry and free of any moisture and humidity.

Quiet Operation

The Broan QTXE080 is one of the quietest exhaust fan available in the market. It is a user-friendly fan and does not disturb your peace of mind when you approach the bathroom to have freshness. With 0.4 sones rating, it stands out as far as the quietness of the exhaust fans is concerned.


The installation of the Broan QTXE080 is easy because it comes with various hangers bars and Torsion springs grille mounting. You can install it in any type of construction, and you don’t need tools for a quick and easy installation.


  • It consumes less power.
  • It is Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t make noise


  • Not very powerful

5. Panasonic WhisperCeiling

Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC Ventilation Fan

DC Ventilation Fan, Speed Selector, SmartFlow Technology, Quiet

If your exhaust fan is not producing the desired results and your bathroom is still not entirely free of humidity, moisture and fungus then you should consider the Panasonic FV-0511VQ1Whisper Ceiling Fan.

This Panasonic whisper fan has been designed with a combination of modern technologies. It is equipped with sensors that sense the static pressure and increases the speed of the fan automatically and ensures optimal CFM output.

It comes with a very user-friendly feature of Built-in Pick-A-Flow speed selector. This is the feature that allows you to select airflow 50-80-110 with the simple flip of a switch.

Best Vent Fan

The Panasonic FV-0511VQ1Whisper Ceiling Fan provides the best environment in the bathroom. It draws out stale, static, and humid air and rotates the fresh air in the bathroom that makes you feel pleasant and relaxed.

It operates quietly and keeps the humidity level at your desired level. There can be no growth of fungus or mold if your bathroom room is free of permanent moisture and humidity and with Panasonic FV-0511VQ1Whisper Ceiling you can be sure of it.

High-Tech construction

The Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 Whisper fan has design and construction, which is durable and user-friendly. It has a built-in damper, which reduces back drafting and helps with blower door testing.

The build is solid and durable in design as it has built-in metal flange that provides blocking for penetrations through drywall as an Air Barrier, and assists with the decrease in leakage in the Building Envelope during blower door testing. It is loaded with many such features which makes this fan stands out.


Installation is always the main issue for the user, and most of the people tend to buy those products which are easy to install.

The Panasonic FV-0511VQ1Whisper fan is not only easy to install, but its elegant grille design complements the aesthetics of any room. Flex-Z Fast™ bracket provides flexible, fast, and easy installation. You can install it even below the ceiling, and the integrated 4,” or 6″ dual duct adapter enhances installation options.

Smart airflow fan

The Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 Whisper fan has been built on high-tech technologies, and it has a range of features which standard exhaust fans do not offer.

This fan has Revolutionary ECM motor with SmartFlowTM technology for optimum CFM output. It is equipped with Precision spot ventilation fans, ideal for use in the bathroom, laundry room, sunroom, basement, or garage.


Warranty: 6 years ECM Motor, 5 years LED, 3 years all other parts.


  • This fan is from Panasonic which is known for quality products
  • The level of ventilation is great
  • It is user-friendly because of the auto speed selector
  • It is a reasonably quiet fan


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Installation can be a bit tough

6. Panasonic FV-30VQ3

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 - Whisper Ceiling 290 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

The Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM bathroom fan stands out among common exhaust fans because of its large size and extra performance.

It is a fan that offers a perfect solution to common problems of all bathrooms, which are humidity, condensation, and steam. Obviously, this is a large fan, so it has more power than others to ventilate stale and humid air.

It keeps the humidity at your desired level and provides you with an atmosphere which is pleasant, freshly, and healthy. Elimination of humidity is vital if you want a bathroom where you can enjoy your showers to be fresh and energetic.

In addition to that, an exhaust fan is the best way to deal with issues like mold, mildews, fungus, etc.  

Quiet Operation

One of the most required features in bathroom exhaust fan is the feature of quiet operation. It is very annoying if the bathroom fan produces an irritating sound.

Although the Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM is a large bathroom fan, it does not make much noise in operation because the motor of the fan is entirely enclosed, which dampens the sound and  it makes the fan significantly quieter than many other models.  

Perfect Ventilation

if you have a large bathroom, then common small size ventilation exhaust fans may not be effective enough for perfect ventilation of the bathroom, but with the Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM bathroom fan, you can be sure that this fan can deal with humidity, condensation, steam, and moisture related issues very effectively.

The Panasonic is a great, heavy-duty option. so it is equipped with power that can draw out all the stale and humid air out of the bathroom, replacing it with fresh and healthy air consistently.

There can be no humidity or moisture if The Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM bathroom fan is operating in the bathroom.

A  strong-Build Fan

The Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM bathroom fan is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel that resists rust and corrosion.

It also resists bends and dents which other standard fans generally accumulate. It is built to last and it even exceeds the advertised efficiency and strength


The Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM bathroom fan is very simple and easy to install, but we recommend professional to be accessed for a perfect installation because it is a large-sized fan and you may not be able to handle its installation smoothly.


  • Powerful ventilation and air-flow
  • Efficient humidity removal
  • Moderately quiet
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for small bathrooms
  • Not easy to install
  • Does not have a light

7. Delta Electronics SLM70

Delta Electronics SLM70 Breez Slim Ventilation Fans

Ventilation of the bathroom is imperative for healthy household as the absence of ventilation can infest your house with mold and mildew, which is not acceptable for any person. So investing in buying a ventilation fan can be cheaper than removing mold and mildew.

 A good-quality ventilation exhaust fan brings an atmosphere which is healthy and light without the suffocating humidity, and you need this.   You can’t have a fresh bathroom and home without installation of the ventilation exhaust fan.

There are many exhaust fans available, and you can choose the one that suits you best according to the size and other requirements of your bathroom. The Delta Breez SLM70 Slim 70 CFM Exhaust Fan is one of such fans that provide perfect ventilation to your bathroom.

Perfect ventilation

If you are looking for a fan that can provide perfect ventilation in your bathroom, then The Delta Breez SLM70 Slim 70 CFM Exhaust Fan is the one that you must consider installing in your bathroom.

It is a fan that operates quietly and keeps the humidity level low by ventilating the air effectively. It draws out the stale, unhealthy, and humid air and sucks the fresh air from outside to rotate it inside the bathroom.

With this exhaust fan, your bathroom becomes the place of pleasure and freshness. There could be no threat of mold and mildew in your bathroom, and you can enjoy your showers again and again.

Low in noise and price

The Delta Breez SLM70 Slim 70 CFM Exhaust Fan is one of the most affordable exhaust fan units in the market. It performs great with the power of a DC brushless motor that allows airflow speed of 70 CFM that results in having a dry and odor-free restroom all the time.

The operation is as quiet as possible, and it performs with only 2 sones because of the spring-mounted grille that reduces the noise.

Energy Saving Exhaust Fan

The Delta Breez SLM70 Slim 70 CFM Exhaust Fan is designed to consume less energy and perform more without any noise. This fan definitely saves some money that is paid for the electricity bill if you have any other exhaust fan installed in your bathroom.

This energy-saving feature of the fan has been well-recognized by the ENERGY STAR as an energy-saving bathroom fan.


The Delta Breez SLM70 Slim 70 CFM Exhaust Fan is a compact unit that has been built to last. It has been rewarded with many certifications which prove that this unit is durable and lasts long. The steel cover is well galvanized with corrosion-resist coating.


  • It is affordable
  • Operation is quiet
  • It is lightweight and only weighs 5-lbs
  • Easy and versatile installation


  • It is not perfectly durable

8. Broan

Broan Very Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you are a person who is looking for an exhaust fan which could deliver perfect ventilation without making any noise, then you must consider Broan bathroom exhaust fan.

The best feature of this fan is its quietness. You would not even know whether it is running or not. It operates on 0.3 Sones at 80 CFM in bathrooms up to 75 square feet.

It delivers the best ventilation performance because of its 6’’ ducting system and its motor is engineered for continuous operation. You need not turn it on every day. It comes with hangers bars which make its installation very easy and it just requires 2″x 8″ construction space to install.

You can install it over the bathtub with GFCI circuit. Broan Exhaust Fan is a perfect fan to upgrade your bathroom with the best ventilation appliance. 

Ventilation performance

The basic objective of an exhaust fan is to deliver ventilation in the bathroom so that the atmosphere in the bathroom stays fresh and healthy with the rotation of fresh air. Broan exhaust fan has been designed to deliver maximum ventilation with its continuous and quiet operation.

It draws out the stale and humid air and rotates the fresh air in the bathroom that keeps the bathroom dry without and moisture. It prevents the growth of mold mildews and fungus, which are caused by a humid environment in the bathroom.

Quiet Operation

There are numerous benefits of having an exhaust fan installed in the bathroom, but most of the fans cause one common problem which is an irritation for all users.

These exhaust fans create an annoying sound that upset the peace of mind. Broan Exhaust fan deals with the problem efficiently.

This fan is very quiet, and you won’t even know whether it is running or not. You can have absolute peace of mind in the bathroom because this fan will not upset you with any irritating sound. It operates on 0.3 Sones at 80 CFM, which is perfect for any bathroom.

Easy installation

Another user-friendly feature of the Broan Exhaust Fan is its easy installation. It requires only 2″ x 8″ construction space. It comes with hanger bars that make the installation of this fan very easy. You can install it over the bathtubs or showers connected to GFCI protected branch circuit.


  • Very quiet fan
  • It operates continuously and without getting tired
  • Its design compliments the aesthetical beauty of the bathroom.
  • It is ENERGY STAR qualified and HVI Certified


  • It is not much durable.

9. Heater Light and Nightlight Combo

Heater Light and Nightlight Combo, Bathroom Ceiling Heater

NuTone Exhaust Fan is for those who want quality with aesthetic beauty.  This is the exhaust fan that delivers optimum ventilation with style. The design and features of NuTone Exhaust Fan make it one of the most popular exhaust fans in the market.  

The heating of this fan is incredible that comes from the 1500W heating element, and 70CFM ventilation provides optimum performance. With performance in heating and ventilation, it adds décor to the beauty of your home.

The bright 100-Watt incandescent lighting not only adds décor to the surroundings but also provides light to focus on details.

The white enamel grille enhances the beauty of the whole surroundings. The 7-Watt nightlight creates a soft glow to light your bath, and you can enjoy your visits to the bathroom in the night.

Bathroom Combo

NuTone Exhaust Fan is equipped with a bathroom combo. This exhaust fan with heater and light combo can efficiently heat up rooms of 65 sq.ft areas. This whole system is easy to operate with a four-function wall switch.

This is an amazing feature which is cozy as well as soothing. It creates an atmosphere where you can have perfect peace of mind and comfort.

Quick Installation

NuTone Exhaust Fan is very easy to install and/or replace an existing product for DIY’ers with included pieces. You can install it yourself by following the guidelines, but  it is strongly recommended to have professional help for a perfect and sustainable installation for maximum performance.  


  • It adds dimensions to décor of the home
  • It is easy to install
  • Heating and ventilation performance is perfect


  • Installation can be a problem without professional help.

10. BV Ultra-Quiet

BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan

The humidity is the main problem in our bathroom, which we need to get rid of to prevent mold growth and to keep the atmosphere fresh and healthy. The solution to this problem lies in the installation of the good-quality exhaust fan.

There are many exhaust fans available in the market, but all fans don’t offer a perfect solution to the problem of humidity.

So if you are a person who wants the perfect solution to this problem of humidity without spending a fortune, then you should consider the Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan. It is the quality exhaust fan that offers performance without being expensive


The Ultra-Quiet Exhaust Fan from BV is the fan which is affordable and offers the perfect solution to the problem of bathroom exhaustion. It is the exhaust fan which has a mounting opening of 9.25 inches by 9.0 inches with a height of about 7.5 inches and a 4-inch collar.

Moreover, it offers you a 90It CFM and keeps the humidity at the desired level in a bathroom that measures about 90 square feet. It is easy to install and adjusts well in your bathroom, and its design adds beauty to your bathroom.

Durable and Quiet Operation

The Ultra-Quiet Exhaust Fan from BV  is not only good in performance, but it is the fan which is extremely durable and built to last long.

This Ultra-Quiet Exhaust Fan from BV has been made from quality aluminum housing and parts that makes it long-lasting and durable.

The most important feature of this fan is its quiet operation, which is always sought by the buyer of the exhaust fan. The fan operates on Silent Clever technology and produces a mere 0.8 sones worth of noise output.

Certified Exhaust Fan

The Ultra-Quiet Exhaust Fan from BV  is a high-quality exhaust fan, and the recognition of the quality by HVI-2100, ETL, and CSA proves that this fan comes tested to standards before reaching you.

Another thing that gives you the absolute peace of mind is its year-long limited product warranty with technical support upon purchase.

All these features of The Ultra-Quiet Exhaust Fan from BV serve the users with quality performance and make it a good purchase.


  • It offers good CFM limit
  • It comes in quality construction
  • Easy to install
  • HVI certified
  • Power saver; 120V
  • Comes with warranty and tech support


  • Gets loud
  • Does not perform like a 90 CFM fan; made for smaller bathrooms


Purchasing the best product from a cluster of products of the same category is something that requires basic knowledge about the product and clarity about your needs for what you are going to buy that product.

There are some products which are technical in their construction and performance like electronic appliances.

If you want to buy any electronic appliance, you should have basic technical knowledge about that product and this knowledge can be gained just by talking to people who are already using that product or you can watch any video on youtube about the technical aspects of that product which are directly connected to its performance and durability.

You can also do some research online and can read some articles or reviews about that product. The best knowledge comes from reviews of those people who actually have used that product and have firsthand experience of the performance and merits & demerits of that product.

Going through different credible sources concerning the knowledge of the Exhaust ventilation and heating fans, we have collected the following basic points that may help you to make the best purchase.

If you are looking for the best exhaust fan, consider these points in details before purchasing the fan. 

MEASURE UP size of your bathroom

Every home has a different size of the bathroom room, and the first thing that you need to do is to measure up the bathroom room. if you have a large-sized bathroom, then you need a large size bathroom fan with a higher CFM rate, but if you have a small bathroom, then a standard bathroom fan with average CFM rate can be good enough for you.

So it is imperative to have the exact size of the bathroom. The standard way of measuring the bathroom is to measure the width, length, and height of the bathroom.

Measuring the height of the bathroom is essential because some bathrooms have higher ceilings than the common standard bathroom, and this type of bathroom require powerful exhaust fans.

Exhaust fans come with individual specifications, and if that specification doesn’t meet your requirements, then the fan will not benefit you. Make sure that the fan you are going to buy should be suitable to the size of your bathroom.


Another aspect to be considered regarding the purchase of the best exhaust fan is the intensity of the sound of the fan.

The noise or sound of the fan is very irritating in the bathroom that upset the peace of mind of the user in the bathroom. There can be no soundless fan, but you can buy the fan that produces minimum sound in its operation.

The sound rating is measured in sones. The lower sones level means less sound produced by the fan, and higher sones level means more sound produced by the fan.

Always read the specification for knowing about the sones rate of the exhaust fan and only choose that fan which features fewer sones rate because fan with fewer sones rate will not produce irritating sound during operation and you will have your bathroom well-ventilated without the annoying sound of the fan. Whisper fans and brushless fan are often quieter than other exhaust fans.


Energy ratings mean the energy consumed by your exhaust fan during its run. Some fans consume more energy than others. There is the wrong assumption that a larger fan consumes more energy than a smaller fan. It is not a fact.

  Therefore always read the specification of the fan where you can read about energy rating of the fan so if you want to save your money,   choose the fan that consumes less energy and does not increase your electricity bill.  


Knowing about the size of the bathroom and an exhaust fan that you want to install is very important. you should be certain that you have enough proper space in your bathroom for the installation of the exhaust fan.

Sometimes you have to cut the tile or remove the whole tile for installation of the fan, and sometimes you are just replacing the old fan with a new one.

Whatever your situation is, keep it in your mind before buying the exhaust fan. Always choose the fan that fits best and performs good enough ventilation.   


There are two types of exhaust fans. The wall mounting fans and ceiling fans. You should choose the one that fits well in your bathroom.

If your ceiling is strong enough for the installation of the fan, then choose the ceiling fan but if you think that wall-mounted fan would be better for you then buy the wall-mounted fan. It depends on the area and strength of your bathroom.

You should only choose that option that provides optimum ventilation to your bathroom because the purpose of both types of fans is the ventilation.


Durability is a feature that you seek in every product as naturally, you want a good return of your bucks. If the product that you purchase don’t last long, it would be useless. You can’t afford to replace such a thing again and again.

It means you should buy only that product which comes with a long warranty so that you can have peace of mind at least for a certain period of time.

The durability of the product is also connected with the performance of the product. Obviously, If the quality of the product is not good, the performance of the product cant be good enough.

The durability of the exhaust fan is very important because there is a complicated process of replacing and installation of exhaust fan which cant be afforded after the short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bathroom exhaust fan is a mechanical ventilation device which draws out stale, impure and humid air and replaces it with fresh air from outside. An exhaust fan delivers the ventilation that dries out the moisture of the bathroom, humidity, odors, and other pollutants.

It depends on the intensity of the humidity level that you have in the bathroom. The basic purpose of the exhaust fan is the removal of humidity and moisture from the bathroom. Generally, 20 minutes are enough for ventilation after you get out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

There are some exhaust fans that have been designed for a continuous run without interruptions. Apart from such engineered exhaust fans, you should run the fan only for 20 minutes for the ventilation of humidity and moisture. If you leave the fan running for all the times, the motor of the fan can get overheated and can cause the short-circuit that can lead to the fire. So it is better not to leave your bathroom fan running all the times. 

Generally, exhaust fans are used only for ventilation and do not consume much energy, but it depends on the airflow, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and the fan’s energy-efficiency. The ventilation fan uses as little as about 6 watts, but many other efficient models units often use 60 watts. So it varies from model to model and unit to unit. Read the features and specifications deeply and choose the one that is user-friendly and the budget-friendly.

Generally, people think that the exhaust or vent fans are used only for removing odors from the bathroom, but its main function is actually to exhaust stale and warm air and replace it with fresh air. The warm and moist air is produced by the use of a bathroom tub and shower which can be removed only through the exhaust fan.

The ideal spot for the exhaust fan, in the bathroom, is an area of the bathroom that is exposed to the most moisture. The area over the bathtub or shower is the area where humidity and moisture are found much. The exhaust fan should be installed in these areas so that exhaust fan can remove the moisture and humidity efficiently.

Generally, electricians charge $65-$85 per hour, and electricians can install the fan within 2 to 4 hours. It means it will cost 130 t0 340$ to install the bathroom ventilation exhaust fan. The replacement of the exhaust fan is much cheaper because the electric wiring is already there and the electrician can replace the exhaust fan without taking much time. In addition to that, the installation of different exhaust fans are different, and you can install some exhaust yourself without taking professional help, and it saves all your money.


These are the basic few points that you must not avoid before purchasing an exhaust fan, but there are many more like, features of the fan, warranty, construction of fan, etc. The more aspects you will consider before buying, the more quality of purchase you will have.

4.4/5 (5 Reviews)
4.4/5 (5 Reviews)

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