Best Backpack Blowers of 2021 for Home and Commercial use

There are many household tools that are available these days to make household chores easy to do. These chores used to be very extensive in the past. Now, they are convenient and quick. One of these tools is the leaf blower. A leaf blower is used for maintaining the yard and blowing away any debris from the plants. If you have the best backpack blower or you can say the best backpack leaf blower in your yard, maintaining the yard becomes easy.

Nowadays, you do not need to spend much time on pilling and raking of the garden as you can just use a leaf blower. Leaf blowers were introduced in 1970, and their popularity increased over the decades. Now, they are in many different configurations, powered in various ways.

Man Cleaning the leaves in green grass with bagpack blower

Best Backpack Blowers 2021

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Backpack blowers are popular these days as they reduce labor. There are many models available in the market. Here is a list of 10 best backpack blowers for your yard.

1. Makita

Makita EB7650TH Backpack Leaf Blower (Top Rated)

Makita backpack blower is one of the top-rated blowers in the market. It is a gas type blower with a 4 stroke engine. It pumps an air volume of 670 cfm with an airspeed of 200mph. it weighs only 24.1 lbs so you can carry it around easily.

Normally, many backpacks have mixed fuel in them. This is why they might not fire up after a few uses. The engine expires.

This is not the case with Makita Backpack leaf blower as it only uses gas. The 4 stroke engine prevents any kind of engine failure and also produces a powerful blow.

Whether you are going to use the blower for you large acres of lands or yards, you can use this blower. It provides you everything that you need in a daily-use blower. Since the airspeed is quite high, all the debris will be cleared off from the leaves.

This blower is very comfortable to use since there is little vibration during use. There is an anti-vibration mount between the engine and frame to reduce vibration. So, you can use the blower comfortably.

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Moreover, the back pad is ventilated well and comes with shoulder straps. You can easily adjust them on your back and have maximum comfort. As this blower is very powerful, it can be used for household and commercial needs.

However, there is a minor problem with the blower back pad. It only has shoulder straps, and they tend to go apart. If there was a chest strap, this problem would not exist. Other than that, this blower has all the features that you need in a good backpack blower.


  • Comes with an anti-vibration mount
  • 670cfm of air volume
  • Pumps air at 200 mph
  • Is easy to carry around


  • Does not have a chest strap
  • May not be comfortable for some users

2. Echo PB-580T

The Echo backpack blower weighs just 22 lbs and is another top-rated blower. It has a 58.22 cc engine which works well for household use. It is gas-powered so there will be no mix of fuels. This prevents the engine from dying or expiring.

The first thing you need to understand about the Echo backpack leaf blower is that it is a compact model. It is suitable for household use, for backyards and lawns. It is not suitable for cleaning larger gardens.

Echo backpack blower comes with an impeller fan of the latest model. This allows the blower to have quiet operation. So, you can clean your yard of any snow or debris without causing much noise and nuisance.

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Moreover, this backpack blower has a 2 stroke engine. Even though the horsepower is not as strong, the noise is less. This makes it comfortable for domestic use. The backpack is ventilated, which allows air circulation.

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So, even if you are using the blower in summers, you will not feel stuffy. One of the best things about this blower is that it comes with a 2-year warranty. Also, you can easily assemble it and start using it as soon as you get it.

The manufacturers have also installed some security features so that kids do not injure themselves with the blower.  The four-point damping system reduces oscillations or vibrations so that you can use the blower comfortably.  


  • Comes with security features
  • Has noiseless operation
  • Is gas-powered
  • Has a four-point damping system
  • Can be assembled easily


  • Is not fit for commercial usage

3. Husqvarna 350BT

Husqvarna 350BT Most Light-weight Blower

This Husqvarna backpack blower is quite lightweight, so it is suitable for domestic use. You can carry it around easily on your back and clean your garden.

The blower is gas type, like the two mentioned above and it has a 2 stroke engine. Along with that, it has 180 mph airspeed and has an air volume of 692 cfm. It only weighs 22.5 lbs, which is much lower than an average backpack blower in the market.

If there is any waste lying around in your garden or your backyard, you can easily remove it using this blower. It has a 2.1 hp X.Torq engine which operates at 750 rpm. So, the wind speed generated from this blower is quite efficient in cleaning debris from the plants.

No matter how stubborn the waste is, the wind speed of this blower will remove it from your yard. Also, it helps in cleaning dry and wet waste, both.

Since there is a 2 stroke engine, the backpack blower is fuel-efficient, and it produces lesser emissions. At an estimate, the emissions produced by this blower are 60% less than an average blower.

The company even says that there are almost no emissions from this blower. The design of this backpack blower is extremely ergonomic, thus providing you the ease of use. A harness comes with the machine so that you can use it for as long as you want without getting tired.

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The back is well-ventilated, so sweat during hot summers will not be a problem anymore. There is an additional hip belt which allows the machine to sit on your back comfortably. The tank for this blower holds 42.22 ounces of fuel so you can use it for a long time without having to refill the fuel.

The problem with most blowers of this sort is that they make a lot of noise. However, this is not the case with this one. It operates noiselessly despite being a gas-powered backpack blower.


  • Has a hip belt
  • Very fast air volume and speed
  • Ergonomic design for easier grip
  • A purge system for removing air
  • Lightweight as compared to others


  • Slightly difficult to assemble tubes for channeling air

4. Dewalt DCBL590X2

Dewalt DCBL590X2 Backpack Leaf Blower Best Gas Engine Blower

The Dewalt backpack blower is the first battery-powered blower on our list. It has a voltage of 40 volts and an air volume of 450cfm. Moreover, the airspeed is 142 mph, and the blower weighs 27 lbs.

Many people like to use battery-powered backpack blower because they do not want to smell like gas after cleaning their lawn.

The company is quite popular for making battery-based blowers, and this model is another masterpiece from them. It has two battery ports, and they both can hold 40 volts battery.

There is a switch on the control handle, and you can press this switch to choose which battery will power the blower. Along with that, there is a speed trigger on the blower. You can change the speed as you are using the blower.

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Use high speed for dried off dirt and low speed for dust and debris.

You can also lock the speed using a speed lock. This allows you to control the speed and handling of the blower easily. Even though the run time is not as long as a fuel-run blower, yet the time of operation of this Backpack is enough and effective, to say the least.


  • Does not make you smell of oil
  • Is powered by batteries
  • Has a speed lock
  • Very quiet as compared to fuel-powered blowers
  • Comfortable padding


  • Batteries need longer charging time
  • No wall mount bracket with the charger
  • Clips for shoulder adjustment are weak

5. Husqvarna 2-Cycle

Husqvarna 2-Cycle  Best Professional Leaf Blower

This is another Husqvarna blower on our list. It is a professional blower that can be used domestically and in larger gardens. It has an X Torq Engine which keeps the emission levels low. This kind of engine produces lesser emissions and increases fuel efficiency.

It has 251 MPH air velocity and 434 cfm airspeed. This helps in speedy and powerful cleaning and handling. The handle of this blower is quite ergonomic, so you will be able to use it easily.

Moreover, there is a speed throttle that lets you change the speed of air coming from the blower. The cruise control allows you to work the blower very easily. There is a comfortable harness on the blower so that the user can easily carry it around.

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The manufacturers offer a two-year warranty on their product, so if you face any problem, you can complain to the company. This blower is ideal for professional usage. It can be used on yards that are over 1 acre.

Furthermore, it has a 2 stroke engine which reduces fuel consumption. You have to start the blower manually, and it is compliant with the California Air Resources Board.   Along with that, it is also on UL Safety Listing. It has a fuel capacity of 0.33 gallons so the energy will last you for a long time.  


  • Has a variable speed throttle
  • Comes with a comfortable harness
  • Has 2 years of warranty
  • Handle is ergonomic


  • More fuel consumption due to a higher power

6. Poulan Pro 967087101

This blower from Poulan is a gas-powered blower that has a 2 stroke engine which is 48 cc. It has an air volume of 475cfm and an airspeed of 200 mph. The weight of this blower is also quite light at just 22 lb.

This is a budget-friendly backpack blower which has sufficient power for cleaning your yard and garden. The blower generates enough pressure to clean dry and wet waste off your land.

It is not very powerful, as compared to other blowers, but is nonetheless very suitable for household usage.

You might not expect a blower of this price to have many features, but it actually does. It has a speed feature which lets you change the speed of air being blown from the machine. When you are cleaning dry leaves, you can keep the speed at low. However, when you are cleaning debris or sticky leaves, you can use high speed blows.

It also comes with cruise control feature. This feature lets you use the blower at any speed without using the throttle. So, you can focus on the direction of the blower at one point and then maintain the speed there.

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To let the machine sit comfortably on your shoulder, there are shoulder pads on the blower. Also, the shoulder straps are adjustable so you can use it no matter what size you are. The straps also give support so you will not tire out if cleaning garden for a longer time.

Man Cleaning the grass in garden with bagpack blower

For people who want a household blower at a cheaper price, this one is quite suitable. It is a budget-friendly option and comes packed with many features. You have to manually operate the blower. It is easy to use and starts with just 1 to 2 pulls.


  • Has shoulder straps
  • Straps can be adjusted
  • Speed adjustment feature
  • Suitable for cleaning wet and dry waste
  • Is a budget-friendly option


  • Is not fit for commercial use

7. Redmax EBZ7500RH

Redmax EBZ7500RH Most Durable Blower

When you are buying a backpack blower, you expect it to last you for a long time. You should not have to replace the blower every season. This is why we have added Redmax for its outstanding durability.

This blower is gas-operated, and it has an airspeed of 236 mph. It is a 2 stroke engine that has an air volume of 770cfm. The weight of this backpack blower is quite similar to that of average blowers in the market. It is 23.6 lbs.

If you are looking for a blower that is fit for commercial use, then this is the one. If you have a large property and you want to clear the area, the Redmax blower is ideal for you.

It has an engine with 3.9 horsepower which is capable of generating enough air for cleaning larger areas of land. Its airspeed and air volume make it one of the most powerful backpack blowers in the market.

There are many features that make this blower easy to maneuver. The back pad is designed well so that there is ample airflow and hot weather does not make you stuffy.

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The shoulder straps are quite wide, so the weight is distributed evenly over the shoulder, making it easy for the wearer to carry the blower for a long time.

This commercial backpack blower has a see-through fuel tank. So, you can easily see if the blower is running out of fuel. This allows you to fill it up as needed. The only downside to this blower is the noise. Since it is a high powered and gas-operated blower, it will be very noisy in action.


  • Is very well-made
  • Will last the test of time
  • Has quite a lot of features
  • See-through fuel tank
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Provides a lot of energy
  • Easy and convenient maneuvering


  • Creates a lot of noise
  • Air protection is needed

8. Craftsman Full-Crank

Craftsman Full-Crank Engine Gas Powered Leaf Blower

The Craftsman backpack blower comes with both comfort and power. There is no need to mix oil and gas anymore. This is a powerful device that lets you clean your gardens easily.

It has a very powerful engine that unleashes the airspeed of 460cfm. The engine blows 205 mph of air very smoothly, for cleaning leaves and debris.

Moreover, it has 4 cycle advantage, which means that it does not allow the oil to mix. The engine oil comes with the blower, so you save the extra cost. The design is very comfortable for all users.

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The suspension system of this blower distributes the weight evenly. The blower sits between your back and hips comfortable so that you can carry it around for long hours. The four-stroke engine gives the engine amazing power for quick and efficient cleaning.

Moreover, the start-up process is very easy. There is an electric start system so you can simply pull and start the engine. Furthermore, there is a lever which is tube-mounted, and this leads to a controlled operation. There is speed throttle which lets you manage speed.


  • Has electric start system
  • Weight is evenly distributed
  • High-performance engine


  • With such an abominable power comes the noise.

9. Greenworks Pro

Greenworks Pro Low Maintenance Blower

The Greenworks blower is a battery-powered blower which has a voltage of 80 volts.

It has an air volume of 580 cfm, and the airspeed is up to 145 mph. the blower only weighs 14.64 lbs, which is quite light for easy carrying around.

You can use the blower conveniently in your home. There are many drawbacks of a gas blower that are eliminated when you use a battery-powered leaf blower.

The motor used in this blower is brushless. Also, the battery used in this blower is powerful and effective. So, the run time of this blower is maximized. When you charge the battery to full, it will last for up to half an hour. This is enough time for a homeowner to clean off the lawn or yard.

The speed control can be varied so you can choose the speed according to the weight of the debris you are cleaning.  When you use the cruise control feature, you can set the speed at one limit and then use your blower at a certain area.  

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Moreover, there is a special feature of this blower. It has a Turbo feature. This allows you to use high power speed for cleaning off stubborn debris. You do not have to worry about the smell of gas or having to start the engine manually. The battery operates everything seamlessly.


  • Battery-powered option for homeowners
  • No worry of fumes and emissions
  • Has a turbo feature for maximum blow


  • The run time may not be sufficient for every yard
  • Low runtime

10. Echo PB-755ST

Echo PB-755ST Best Blower for Home Owners

The last backpack blower on our list is this one from Echo. It is a gas-operated blower that has a 2 stroke engine with 63.3 cc horsepower. With an air volume of 651cfm and airspeed of 233mph, you can clean off the yard in no time.

It weighs only 24.7 lbs so you can carry it around easily. This is one of the best options for cleaning off unwanted leaves.

The throttle on this blower is tube-mounted, so you can control it easily. It also has a cruise control feature for keeping the blower on a particular speed.

There is a certain feature that prevents contaminants from entering the fuel tank. The backrest is quite well-padded, and the shoulder straps are wide enough to keep the blower secure on your back.

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The design is made to ensure comfort during the usage of the machine. The fuel tank is see-through, so you can monitor the level of fuel while working.

The total volume of the fuel tank is 62 oz, so you will not need refill so soon. As the energy level is quite high, the noise will also be quite high, so you will need to use ear protection.


  • Is quite powerful
  • Suitable for any homeowner
  • Has cruise control feature
  • Can be carried around easily
  • Has a see-through fuel tank


  • Tends to be very noisy
  • Ear protection is needed

Buyer’s GuideBest Backpack Blower

Every blower has its own pros and cons. You cannot simply choose one based on its features. You also have to take your own preferences into consideration. So, you must look for the features that are suitable for your needs.

Home use: If you want a backpack blower for residential usage, you can go for a smaller one. You will not need a bigger blower because the lawns and yards are often small. Also, you should go for a cheaper blower with all the necessary features for your home use.

Commercial Use: On the other hand, if you are going to buy a backpack blower for commercial use, you will have to get a model with high power. Also, look for the best performance.

You will be dealing with a lot of debris and leaves. Moreover, you will have to clean huge acres of lands and a blower with  longer runtime and larger air volume will be the best for you.  

Benefits of Using a Backpack Blower?

There are many reasons as to why it is good to invest in a backpack blower. Most homeowners do not have this machine, but any home with a yard should have it. Here are some of the reasons why:

Easy Operation: A backpack blower is very easy to operate. When you look at them on screen, you might think they are quite heavy.

However, they are easy to carry around, and it is easy to function them. You can easily assemble the machine and start using it. Just turn on the switch and you are good to go.

Efficient for Cleaning: A backpack blower is also efficient when it comes to cleaning. It is a nuisance to see debris and leaves in your yard or lawn.

If you are someone who pays a lot of attention to the cleanliness of your yard, you will find this mess very annoying.

Moreover, when you work so hard on keeping a lawn beautiful, you would not want the beauty to be ruined by leaves. So, backpack blower comes in handy.

Cost-effective: A backpack blower is a very cost-effective option for lawn cleaning. If you invest in one backpack blower, it will last for a long time.

On the other hand, if you hire people to clean your lawn, you will have to pay every time, and this will increase the cost of maintaining your lawn.

Environment-friendly: A backpack blower is helpful in terms of the environment too. Newer models of blowers are available in the market, and they have very low fuel consumption.

Also, they have low emissions. So, by using them,  you can cut down the emissions by 60% and play your part in protecting the environment.  

What to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Backpack Leaf Blower?

When you are going to buy a backpack blower, you need to keep the safety regulations and standards in mind. There are many government agencies and regulatory authorities that check machines of this sort.

An approved backpack blower will have stickers that show you that the machine is approved. It could be approved by UL, ANSI, NSC, CSA, and other regulatory authorities.

Make sure that you are not buying any backpack blower that is made in china. The regulatory guidelines in China are not as strict as the US.

Also, look for different safety features in the backpack blower. The blower should have a quick shut off button. This button comes in handy when you need to switch off the blower suddenly due to any risk.

Moreover, look for nonslip handles so that the blower does not slip from your hand when you are using it. If you are going to buy an electric or battery-operated blower, make sure that it is doubly insulated. This will ensure that the electric shock will not hurt you, during usage.

If there is an extension cord with the backpack blower, it should also have double insulation. This will keep you safe from electric shock.

Another thing to look out for is the registration card; many companies also offer a warranty so make sure you keep the warranty card safe. This will help in case there is any trouble with your leaf blower.

Man is using the backpack blower to clean the leaves

How to Operate a Leaf Blower?

There are many things to look out for when you are operating a backpack blower. First of all, make sure that you have tied your hair. Do not wear any jewelry or loosely hanging clothes.

If you are using a noisy backpack blower, wear ear protection and goggles. It is better to wear noise-cancellation headphones if you are going to operate the blower for an extended time period.

Moreover, manage the extension cord well so that you do not trip over it. Keep it out of the way so that it cannot cause any hazard to you. Also, it goes without saying that you should not be drunk while using a backpack blower.

Take a walk around your yard and pick up any bigger things like rocks. If you blow on them with high airspeed, they could be blown away and can cause harm to you or surrounding objects.

If you need to clean your roof using a backpack blower, make sure that the ladder is properly tied to something. Or, you can have someone hold the ladder for you. Only use a backpack blower on your roof, with a secure footing.

When using gas-powered backpack blower, be aware of the spillage. Clean the fuel if there are any spills. Do not overfill the tank and refill it when it is needed.

How to Clean a Leaf Blower?

To clean a backpack blower, unplug it from the power source and turn it off. Then, change the air filter as needed. This will keep the air clean. When you buy a blower, you will get the manual with it.

Using the instructions from that manual, clean your backpack blower, and keep it working well for use. If there is a point that is not covered in the manual, contact the manufacturer for details.

How to Choose the Best Backpack Leaf blower?

There are plenty of options in the market when it comes to backpack blower. They all have their own benefits and interesting features. Also, they are made by different manufacturers and have different cons.

Before you decide which backpack blower to buy, you have to look at the major features. The below-stated features will help you in deciding the suitable blower for you.


Since it is a backpack blower, you will be carrying it on your back. So, weight is an important factor in deciding which blower is the best for your needs. Most of the blowers are easy to carry around and handle since they have an ergonomic design.

However, you must choose the model which has wider straps so that the weight is properly distributed on your body. If you have a bigger lawn, go for a lighter blower so that you can carry it around for an extended period of time.

Also, compare the weight of different backpack blowers when you are making a purchase.  If you have back problems or you are a lighter individual, the weight will matter a lot for you.  


CFM refers to cubic feet per meter. It is actually the air volume your blower will be exhaling onto the yard. It is the total count of air that will come out of the nozzle in one minute.

If the cfm is low, it means less air will come out of the nozzle. So, it will take you longer to clean the yard. You can ask the manufacturer for the cfm, or you can look at the nozzle.

Wider and bigger nozzles mean that the blower has a higher cfm since it blows more air. Smaller or narrower nozzles are for blowers that have low cfm.

A blower with higher cfm will blow off the leaves and debris easily from your garden. However, the price also increases with the cfm, so you have to take that into account too. Also, you have to see whether a certain cfm is suitable for your needs.

For commercial usage, you will need blowers of higher cfm since they will clean off the debris easily. For household usage, a blower will lower cfm will also work since there isn’t much dirt in house lawns.


This is not present in battery-operated backpack blower. This feature is for the gas-operated backpack blowers, and it refers to cubic centimeters. It indicates the volume in the engine block.

In simple terms, this refers to the engine size. If the CC is higher, it means the engine is larger. Similarly, lower CC value means that you have a smaller engine at hand. Larger engines are also more powerful.


Noise is an important feature that you have to look at when you are going to buy a backpack blower. Some of these machines can be deafening. There are models that can be as noisy as chainsaws.

 You must know the noise regulations in your neighborhood before you go buy yourself a backpack blower.   It is possible that the noise from your blower might be breaking regulations in the area. Also, you will be causing a nuisance to your neighbors.

There are actually laws put in place to ban backpack blowers because they are so noisy. However, you can use models that are quieter. Noise rating is determined by decibels. A backpack blower with higher decibel means that it produces more noise.

Moreover, if you buy blower with a lower CC, the engine will produce more noise. On the other hand, an engine with higher CC will produce lesser noise.


If you are using a gas-powered blower, it will have emissions. On the contrary, if you are using battery-powered backpack blower, you will not have to deal with emissions.

Some blowers produce more emissions than others, depending on the engine used and the technology involved. Manufacturers such as Husqvarna use X Torq technology in their blowers so that the emissions are reduced.

So, if you choose a blower with X Torq technology, it will have 60% lesser emissions. This is not only good for the environment but also for your own health.


It is a common term that is used which refers to miles per hour, that is an indication of airspeed. Higher mph means that the air comes out at faster speed.

This allows the blower to clean the lawn more effectively. When you are shopping for a blower, you must look at the cfm and the mph as they both will determine efficiency.

When you have to choose between cfm and mph, it is advised to look for better cfm.


There are so many people who complain about the startup process of a leaf blower. You will never get to the cleaning part if your blower is too stubborn to start.

Normally, a gas blower should start-up in one to two pulls. If it does not start up, then there is something wrong with it. Contact the manufacturers or read the manual to see if you are doing anything wrong.

If you expend all your energy in starting the blower, you will be debilitated when it comes to the actual cleaning part. This is why most household users like to go for a battery-operated option.


No matter how many features you look at or want in a blower, you have to stick to your budget. Just search on the Internet or ask any experts. They will guide you on how to find the best backpack blower for your budget.

If you do not have enough budget to buy a blower of your choice, you can also go for a second-hand option. Just make sure that the engine is in running condition and there is no issue with it.

Tank Capacity

For a gas-powered backpack blower, you must look at the tank capacity. This will determine the run time of the blower, thus indicating how long you can use it for without refilling.

For commercial usage, it is better to get a leaf blower that has a larger fuel tank. It will not need refilling too quickly. Some models also have see-through fuel tanks so that you can monitor the level of fuel.

Similarly, for battery-powered backpack blowers, you have to look at the voltage.   The battery time must be long enough for you to clean your yard in one go.  


So many people do not focus on the design of a backpack blower when they are buying one. This is a very important aspect. Go for blowers that have a stronger harness.

Also, try to buy the blower that has wider shoulder straps. Thinner and narrower shoulder straps do not distribute the weight evenly, and this can cause discomfort.

Also, there are shoulder supports that have some kind of ventilation. This prevents any moisture or sweat from accumulating in the shoulders.

How to Maintain a Backpack Blower?

Maintaining a backpack blower is not an easy task. If you are using a gas-powered blower, you will have to mix the fuel in equal proportion.

Make sure that you use the directions given by the manufacturers. Otherwise, you will end up contaminating the fuel tank, and this will damage the engine. Also, some manufacturers only offer a warranty if the premixed fuel from their company is used in the machine.

There is also an option to use premixed fuel, which comes from the company. It is expensive as compared to self-mixed fuel, but it will ensure that the machine works without an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

A quick shut off switch is very important for any leaf blower. Sometimes, for security reasons, you have to shut off the blower at once. This could be due to any human interference or another issue.

You must keep the kids away from the leaf blower. It can be dangerous for the kids. If you have toddlers in the house, then go for a leaf blower that comes with a lock button so that your kids cannot operate it and harm themselves.

If you are in an accident during blower usage and you cut yourself, turn off the blower immediately. After that, seek first aid. If the injury is serious, go to the hospital.

At the end of the day, the choice is completely up to you. Both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. You can decide which one you want to buy.

Electric or battery-powered blowers are more cost-effective as you do not have to buy fuel for it. For the gas-powered, you will either have to mix fuel at home or get a pre-mixed fuel from the manufacturers. On the other hand, battery-operated models just have to be charged. So, you do not have to buy fuel from time to time.

It is very important to keep yourself safe when using a leaf blower. First of all, wear ear protection so that the noise does not harm your ears. Secondly, wear a dust mask so that the debris from the garden is not inhaled by you.

Also, you can wear gloves to keep your hands clean. It also improves your grip on the leaf blower handle.

Not all leaf blowers come with vibration control feature. As you will be wearing the machine on your back, the vibration will definitely affect you. If you think this will bother you too much, you can get a model with vibration control. Makita EB7650TH has this feature. There are other models too that have anti-vibration mounts in them.

These blowers are safe as long as they have double insulation. If the insulation is not sufficient, there is a risk that you might be electrocuted. Also, the extension cord must have insulation so that you do not get an electric shock from it, either.

There are many commercial backpack blowers available in the market. If we make a commercial backpack blower comparison, we can say that Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc gives value for the price.

Other than that, Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle is the best commercial backpack blower 2021 from the manufacturer. You can decide which manufacturer is most suitable for you.

With its 48cc engine, Poulan Pro 967087101 is one of the best backpack blowers right now. Some customers also claim that Makita EB7650TH MM4 is the most powerful backpack blower 2021, with its 75.6 cc engine.

Final Verdict

This review must have made you very clear about everything that you must know about a leaf blower. By now, you should know that proper thought has to be put in the purchase of a leaf blower. Also, maintenance and proper usage are essential.

There are plenty of options to choose from. You just have to look at cfm, mph, noise, engine size, engine capacity, vibration, ergonomics, power, emission, and ease of maintenance. The choice of backpack blower differs for a residential user and a commercial user.

If you want to read more reviews of this sort, head over to our website for more articles.

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