10 Best Air Purifiers of 2021 for Allergies and Smoke

Air purifiers are the devices, which help you, clean your air. Without these devices, you might still be able to survive but will be forced to breathe in the wrong air. This device is very useful for the people who are suffering from asthma or such as it helps them inhale more clean air. This can also be used by people to remove the smoke effects from air and purify it for fresh breath. The best air purifier you can find from this article.

There are different kinds of smoke in our environment, and every single kind of smoke is harmful to the human body. If exposed to it for too long, anyone can start developing the issues with their lungs. Breathing is not an option for us, and without breathing, there is no way anyone of us can survive.

The air purifiers can come as a single unit or as multiple units depending upon where you purchase it form and for what purpose and for how many people you are making this purchase.

The air purifiers are not only used in the residential areas but in factories too before experimenting on anything to remove the toxins or harmful gases from the air like CO2.

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This device gained a lot of popularity in the early days of its production and has been used in a lot of households since then. There might be any home where you cannot find this device.

It helps you breathe better and stay away from all kinds of breathing problems. It does not only purify the smoke but a lot of other things too. There are two basic kinds of purifications that this device performs.

There are also a lot of other kinds of purifications that can be performed by other devices, but the most common 2 are the active purifying and the passive purifying.

Down below are one of the best air purifier reviews.

Best Air Purifiers 2021

1. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover – Best Air Purifier

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover - Best Air Purifier

This air purifier has been specially manufactured to clean the air in large rooms. People who have large families or really big living rooms can place this air purifier in the middle of the room anytime and let the whole family enjoy the crisp and fresh air coming out of it.

It can capture the pollen, smoke and other such small particles with up to 99.7% accuracy. This air purifier promises to capture the airborne particles, which are about .3 microns small.

It can also capture different kinds of odors and other harmful materials that will make your surroundings polluted. It has 3 different air cleaning levels, and it can filter out all kinds of smokes, dust particles, and it can circulate the air up to 5 times in an hour.

While 4 times is the ideal circulation time, this would make it even more desirable with the 5 circulations per hour.

If you or any of the people around you have any kinds of allergies, this product would filter the air and keep the allergies at bay.  It can capture all the hair and smell, which comes from your pet animals so you can live with them without having any troubles.  

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  • It can capture the airborne or pollens with a size of around .3 microns.
  • Suitable for large rooms and big families.
  • 5 air circulations in an hour are making it ideal for use.


  • Easy to use and the manual with it comes with troubleshooting help.
  • It is 21 pounds only making it easy to carry around even without the wheels.
  • It is the best solution for all large rooms, and people will never have a problem breathing again.
  • It can last a long time, and you would not have to make such an investment again.


  • Designed for large rooms and thus takes more electricity.
  • If used for too long, it can start making some noises and has to be turned off in between to stop those sounds.

2. Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier

This air purifier works like a professional and can clean the whole air in a big room without any problem. It has been rated as one of the best air purifiers for smoke and ideal for use in larger spaces as it takes the air from every small spot and cleans it. There is not a single spot that this would miss in your whole 1100 sqft rooms.

It can clean the whole air twice every hour and let you breathe without any problem. As most of the companies have their products available with different features, this product comes with different styles too, which makes it stand out from the rest.

A lot of people do not like buying such products as they do not blend in with the furniture and do not look good in their rooms This purifier, however, comes in many different styles and shapes. So you can choose from a vast variety of colors and styles to match it with its surroundings.

The laser technology that it uses can detect the airborne particles, which are about 0.3 microns small and remove them. Whether it is being used by the people with some who have smoker neighbors or pets living with them, this would make it ideal.

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  • Can clean the air two times in an hour.
  • Can purify the air in the 1100 sqft area
  • 14 different models and designs would let you pick the right one for your room.
  • The guarantee offered by this company is unmatched as when compared to any other company.


  • Can clean up large areas and let the people breathe freely.
  • Has been rated as the best air purifier for mold.
  • Easy to use and looks good in every kind of household


  • Can only clean the air 2 times in an hour.
  • Not suitable for people with allergies or asthmas.
  • Too pricy for the functions that it offers.

3. GermGuardian Home Air Cleaner Hepa Filter Air Purifier for Home

This is one of the best air purifiers 2021 as the people with any needs can use it. Whether you are having trouble living with animals or you want to trap all the smoke and get it out of your house, you can trust this air purifier to do this for you.

It is a 3 in 1 room air purifier, which is 22 inches tall and has three different settings for fans. You can now live with the smokers and your pets spreading the hair around as this purifier will clean your air for you.

One of the main concern of people is the sound that purifiers make and it has been made with special technology to stop all those noises and unnecessary sounds so you can sleep in peace or watch the serial that you have wanted to.

It is tall enough to capture all the dust particles with up to 99.97% accuracy and also capture the dust particles, which are about .3 microns small. The charcoal filter present in it captures all the odor and makes the room smell fresh as new.

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  • It is just 7 pounds in weight, which makes it ideal to have it in any room. You would not even require any handle or wheels as you can carry it yourself.
  • It is 22 inches tall.
  • It has three-speed fans also featuring the low one who gets it extra quite every time.
  • It is small in size and can be perfectly used in the rooms of around 167 sqft.
  • It includes a filter change indicator, so you do not have to keep checking for it every other day.


  • Ideal for use in small rooms and areas.
  • Can clean out any kinds of germs or bacteria leaving you the fresh air behind.
  • Has a charcoal filter, which captures the odors and gives out the good scent


  • Cannot be used in bigger rooms.
  • Too much money for too less space offered.

4. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers Allergies and Pets Hair

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers Allergies and Pets Hair

It is completely eco-friendly, as it does not use UV or any other harmful rays, which can harm the ozone or our society.

While all of the companies are just busy making their products perfect by risking our environment and everything, this brand cares for our environment and make the products that are harmless for the environment.

It has been known to filter out the airborne of up to 0.3 microns small and really big ones too.

You can use it to eliminate the smoke or use it as a cure for your asthma. This was originally designed in California, and it has 3 different fans settings so you can blast in full when you have guests over or just put it on some settings to avoid any disturbance during the whole night. You will be able to sleep peacefully and will be breathing the good and pure air all night long.

It also has night-lights in it, which have 2 different settings. You can put it on bright when you are awake and performing some activity and move it to low settings when you are about to go to sleep.

This would also look perfect in your kid’s rooms as they will be able to breathe fresh without any problem and will also enjoy the night-lights and will not be having anything to worry about the whole night.

Replacing your filters is very important in all kinds of purifiers, and it can cost you a lot of money but not anymore.

It has the cost-effective filter replacement settings as its filters come in pretty cheap rates as compared to other company’s air purifier filters.

It is the best choice of a lot of people, and it is also one of the best air purifiers for pets as rated online on different websites like Amazon.

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  • Does not use UV or other things to detect the harmful substances in the air.
  • Easy to use and maintain and has three different fan settings along with 2 settings for night lights.
  • Can detect and trap the airborne of the size of up to 0.3 microns.
  • It is fit for the normal-sized rooms and offices.


  • Very easy to use and maintain and does not cost a lot on the maintenance.
  • Is environment-friendly and keeps you safe from all kinds of UV rays too, which can be harmful to you.
  • Costs less making it budget friendly.


  • Not fit for bigger rooms and can be hard to carry sometimes.
  • It consumes too much power, which can give you some expensive bills.

5. Winix Air Purifier with True HEPA PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Washable

Do you have trouble while breathing? Have you been to too many doctors but can’t cure your asthma? Having too many problems with the allergies even in your own home?

If you have been going through all these problems, then you need our best seller air purifier, which will make the air sharp and pure as a crust for you.

Clean air is not a myth but the right of every person alive. Not even just humans, but animals deserve to breathe fresh and pure air too. Without having to pay much for it, we can now afford to have that air in our own homes even when the outdoors are so polluted.

There are so many different reasons that the outdoor is so polluted these days. Companies are leaving different pollutants in the air and making it hard to breathe for not just humans, but for animals too.

With so many different pollutants and other harmful substances in the air, you cannot breathe on your own even in indoors, and that is when this air purifier steps in.

The basic functionalities and specs are the same as other purifiers but its effectiveness and reliability are what sets this purifier apart and that is exactly why you need this as your lifesaver.

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  • It has a washable charcoal filter, which makes it ideal for use. You can reduce or remove any household odor by just turning this on once and will achieve maximum results very fast.
  • It can clean and purify a room, which is of about 360 sqft.
  • It can clean and guarantees to clean up to 99.97% air around you.
  • Plasma wave breaks down all kinds of odors and other things, which do not let it emit any harmful rays or other such things. Harmful rays can be bad for the health of any person, and you need to cure it as soon as possible.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The charcoal filter is washable so you can reuse it instead of just removing and replacing it every time.
  • It does not cost much money.


  • It is not fit for large places.
  • Makes a lot of noise while running.

6. Hamilton Beach Purifier, Odor Eliminator, Permanent HEPA Filter

If you want to have some pure and fresh air in some affordable rates, you can count on these air purifiers. They are ideal for use and not only the product, but its filters are pretty cheap too.

Pure air is not very common, and not everyone gets to breathe in it. You may live in a pure neighborhood but if you have pets in your home then your home is susceptible to their pollutants.

It is one of the best air purifiers for pets as it retracts all the smell being emitted by them and lets you breathe in peace.

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  • It uses the best possible filters, which would cost you least in the market.
  • It has 2 replaceable zeolite filters, which will eliminate the pet odors and all other kinds of odors around you.
  • It can give you the best performance limited to 140 sqft rooms only. It is perfect for office use.
  • It has a permanent vacuum cleaner HEPA filter.


  • It is very easy to carry around, and keeping it close to your bed at night will let you have a good night sleep.
  • Its usage is simple and effective.
  • You do not have to get tangles in too many technicalities.
  • You can save money on the filters.


  • It is not suitable for large rooms.
  • Can start making a lot of noise suddenly.

7. Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

There are around 5 different designs available in the market for this product, so you do not have to settle for anything less.

When we talk about the air purifiers, most of the people do not bother looking at the designs and the styles of them as they are buying them in just a hurry to clean their rooms and their air.

When you bring it home and finally start feeling like you have made a good choice buying it, one thing always triggers you that you have not made the right decision buying it as it not stylish enough and does not fit in with all your furniture and other things.

This air purifier is the one, which will never let you regret this.

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  • It has 6 stages of filtration to deliver the best and purest air.
  • It has a deodorization process to make your air smell good.
  • It can stand alone in the corner, or it can be mounted on a wall.


  • It can clean the air in large rooms of about 700 sqft.
  • They can make your room look very good and still give you the best air.


  • Hard to maintain.
  • Expensive changing filters
  • Does not offer enough features but costs a lot.

8. Whirlpool Whispure Purifier

If you own a small house and want to keep your family safe and healthy in it, you can go for this air purifier. It cleans your air and purifies it to the max level.  It is very quiet and easy to control and filters out the small particles, which are about the size of .3 microns.  

Just cleaning the air from the pollutants is not enough and you need to have something, that would make the air worth breathing in by making it odorless. This air purifier is the one you can trust in all such situations without even having any double thoughts.

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  • It has 6 stages of filtration to deliver the best and purest air.
  • It has a deodorization process to make your air smell good.
  • It can clean your room around 4.8 times each hour depending upon the speed, you have set it on. This is the ideal speed for all the people who have asthma or have any allergies.


  • It can clean the air in small rooms of about 490 sqft.
  • They can make your room look very good and still give you the best air.
  • They are very quiet, and you can even use them in your room at night.


  • Expensive changing filters
  • Only works well in the smallest of the rooms.

9. IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Medical-Grade Air

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier - IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Medical-Grade Air

It is the best product for all the people who are suffering from different breathing problems and have been on medication for too long. No matter what kind of allergy it is that is making your breathing hard, by using this air purifier, you will not have to struggle with your breathing.

 You can switch it on, sit in front of it, close to it, and forget about all the allergies and breathing difficulties you have been having since before you bought this purifier.  

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  • Very easy to maintain and are the number one in the market regarding all medical situations.
  • It can clean the air and can find particles, which are 0.003 microns small.
  • It is fit for big rooms, which are about 1225 sqft big.


  • Best for the people suffering from medical issues.
  • Perfect fit for the bigger rooms.
  • Cleans up the air to the smallest possible grain in the air.


  • Can cost a lot of money to the people who do not have any such specific needs and want a normal air purifier to breathe the crust air.

10. Coway Mighty Air Purifier True HEPA and Eco Mode in White

Coway Mighty Air Purifier - True HEPA and Eco Mode in White

It has the 4 stages filtration, which makes the air the best for you. You can choose it over other products at any time if you are a fan of good breath and style. While other kinds of air purifiers can reduce the value of your whole rooms, this would compliment it with its unique style and design.

It has a bright LED, which lets you see the air around it, and you can see the clean air that you are breathing at the moment.

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  • It can clean the air in the 364-sqft area.
  • It can clean the air from pollens of about 0.3 microns.
  • It has 4 stages filtration, which is not offered, in most of the air purifiers.


  • Easy to use.
  • Good designs and style to catch the eyes of everyone.
  • 4 stages purification makes the air very clean to breathe


  • Expensive as when compared to its functions.

Why Should You Buy an Air Purifier?

There are many reasons behind buying an air purifier. Sometimes, it is even recommended by doctors to patients so they can have ease in breathing and can live off medicines for some time.

Pollution is increasing in our society day by day, and due to that, a lot of environmental and health issues are taking a rise. When you are living a busy life, you often forget how polluted your environment is, and you stop listening to your own body.

A person keeps breathing from the moment he is born to the day he dies, and if the air that he breathes in is not good enough, it would give him a lot of problems and start causing everyday problems.

This is a must-have for all the people who have breathing problems already or do not want to have them.

As the pollution is increasing every day and your body and lungs are at constant risk, to eliminate that risk and live a healthy life with healthy body parts, you need to breathe the pure air. You can get this pure and fresh air now from the different air purifiers.

Best Air Purifiers – Buyer’s Guide

Research study shows that the air inside our houses can be 5 times or more polluted than the air outside. The main reason for this can be the different things that we try in our buildings and their structure.

When a lot of air is not let out, and the pressure is not maintained, the air inside the building starts to pollute and becomes harmful to breathe in.

As we are going to spend a lot of our time indoors, we need to clean that air for ourselves to make it easy to breathe. Without any such purifiers, this is not possible for us to do.

Hence, it makes an air purifier a necessity, especially in the places where you do not have enough clean air to breathe.

If it is polluted outside, the air inside will be even more dangerous and harmful for a person. As the air crossing is already polluted, the inside air due to many other reasons will become toxic too.

Needless to say, everyone needs to own at least one air purifier in their home. If they do not, their immune system and almost all of their body parts will be at constant risk.

The next problem that occurs is, there are so many different options for you to choose from that it starts troubling you that which of these air purifiers are the best ones.

You cannot afford to make the wrong choice so, we have made this list of things that you need to check in an air purifier just right before you buy it.

We have already mentioned some of the best products, which are being sold online, and in the market above. If you think those products are not right for you or if you want to experiment with something else in the market to satisfy yourself, here are a number of things you can consider before making your choice.


When you are buying an air purifier, there must be some basic motive behind it. It clears out the air and lets you breathe properly, but it is most suggested to the people who are suffering from some breathing disorders and want to cure it in a natural way instead of having to stick to a lot of medicines daily.


If you are suffering from some allergies, you can go with the air purifiers, which have been specifically made to cure them. They contain multiple filters, which filter out the air for you to breathe.

You can trust it with every type of air or dust allergies and breathe in the right fresh air. The most common type of filter used in these kinds of air purifiers is the HEPA filter.

It removes all sorts of indoor allergens and cleans the air which is coming from outside, so you do not have any problem.


If you are an asthma patient or have trouble breathing around different smells, you need to pick out the air purifier, which has been designed for your needs.

For people suffering from asthma, a lot of different companies have added filters to clean the air and remove all kinds of smells that can irritate you.

Fresh air is what every person suffering from asthma dreams of and wants to live in. It has the special HEPA filter along with a lot of other filters, which make the filtration possible. Without these filters, it would be just a regular air purifier or in some cases, not even an air purifier anymore.

Without these filters, it would be just a regular air purifier or in some cases, not even an air purifier anymore.


Smoking is a big issue, which a lot of people have. A lot of your neighbors might be addicted to this habit and might be polluting the air right now. There are then fumes coming out of car engines, and the fireplaces are also a big source of the smoke.

This smoke can be very harmful to your health, and even if you cannot detect it with your nose, there are still a lot of smoke particles in the air. If you keep breathing them for a long time, there is a chance that you might start developing major issues with lungs, which can even end up as lung cancer.

A girl wearing the mask on her mouth to avoid dust particles.

Hence, the companies which make the air purifiers have launched a lot of different air purifiers which will remove all the smoke particles from your home or your surrounding and make it easy for you to breathe.


No wonder we all love pets, and they are not some animals anymore, but a part of the family. But we cannot deny that a lot of people are allergic to them, and they have issues being around them as they have a lot of smell and hair in all places.

You cannot get rid of those special family members, but you can get rid of the problems associated with them.

There are a lot of strong filters available, which will eliminate all the odor, hair, and other allergic things so if your need for a purifier is solely to get rid of the pollutants of animals then look for a purifier that is specially designed for this cleaning.

Chemical sensitivities

As there are a lot of chemicals in the air we breathe, people have developed allergies for these chemicals as well.

There are a lot of people who are super sensitive to the chemicals and cannot stand being around them. They start having breathing problems and other symptoms. These can be triggered even by the smell of nail polish as it is made up of chemicals too.

  The air purifiers, which are made especially for the people who have chemical sensitivities use a special, filter of MCS most of the time. This filter blocks out not just the whole chemicals, but it does not even let the odor of any such things reach your nose or have any effect on you. 

Right size purifiers

If you still do not know what size of air purifier you should get for your room, you can easily find it out by just knowing about the square feet of your room.

You can measure the length and the width of the room where you are going to use this air purifier and multiply these both numbers. The result will be the square feet which will help you choose the correct sized purifier.

You can then check the recommended size on the boxes of the air purifiers or ask the seller to guide you regarding this.

If you are looking for an air purifier for some general and genuine issue, then you need to see the air change per hour rate. This is the air that it purifies in a whole hour, and this knowledge will help you land on your ideal air purifier.

If you have allergies and such issues, you will need to get the air purifier, which can purify your room more times as when compared to other purifiers.

The air purifiers, which can purify the air at least 4 times every hour, are the best pick for the people that are currently suffering from asthma or other such issues.

The people who have a lot of allergies and have trouble breathing most of the time can trust the air purifiers with the 4 ACH to deliver them the best air.

When you are shopping for the air purifier, go with the one matches your square foot size and has 4 ACH. These two combinations will let you have the perfect air purifier for you.

Add on features

After you have made up your mind and know what size of air purifier you want and why you want it, the next thing is the features of the air purifier.  There are a lot of different features that you can choose from that will make your air purifier ideal.  

Caster wheels: When you have already made the purchase, you will not be just placing it at one place and might have to move it a lot of times in its life. These air purifiers can be heavy to lift and can cause you some trouble if you don’t have enough upper body strength.

This is why caster wheels are being launched on your air purifiers so you can go around the whole home and move them with you without any trouble. You can push or pull them with you everywhere you go.

Handles: While trying to transport your air purifiers, you cannot just push or pull it but need to take proper control of your air purifier. You can have this control by just using the ones that have handles on it. The handles make it easy to drag it around or place it at any place.

This is just an optional feature, and if you are planning on keeping your air purifier in just one place, then you can skip this and move on with other features and try to make them work better.

Digital controls: When you are using these air purifiers, there are a lot of more controls that you will have to take care of instead of just turning it off or on.

You will have to look at and adjust the speed of the fan and many other things. You can easily do it all with the digital controls instead of getting into the technicalities.

beautifully decorated home

Remote controls: If you like, more ease in your life and would like to control your whole air purifier with just one touch, then you can go for the air purifiers, that have the remote control with them.

They come with these special remote controls, that let you control them even from a long distance. If you have a big room and want to be able to control it easily, you can choose the air purifier, which has the best remote control, which will let you manage and control your air purifier with just some touches.

  The air purifiers with remote controls are the most preferred as you do not have to move a lot and can enjoy the fresh air that is free of all kinds of pollutants present outside or inside.  

Filter change indicators: Changing the filter of your air purifier is very important. You cannot expect good air in your room or anywhere without actually changing the filters every other day or when needed.

You might not be able to identify when the filters are dirty and need to be replaced if you have bought your air purifier newly. You can then rely on the filter change indicator, as it will tell you when to change its filters to avoid any inconvenience.

It will just give you an extra hand and will save you from the trouble of checking the filters again and again, and you will be able to check the indicator to know whether it is the right time to change the filters or not.

These are some of the most common kinds of things that you need to keep in your mind every time you are out buying any air purifier. This would save you a lot of trouble afterward, and you can invest once and benefit from that investment for years.

Not only you, but everyone around you can breathe easily by this purifier and get relief from so many different problems that they have been having for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

As there are a lot of rooms in your home, this is not possible that you will get a purifier for each room and have clean air in the whole home. You can choose one room in your home and then can easily have some fresh and pure breathe there.

Having a separate air purifier for every room is not encouraged as it can cost you a lot and can give you a lot of trouble as you will then have to spend a lot of time maintaining them all. You will have to clean each of them, change the filters of all of them, and solve other technical problems that might occur while you are using them.

You can get one air purifier in the room where you spend most of your time. The ideal room is always your bedroom, as you are spending most of your time there. Along with spending most of your time there, you are also sleeping in there, and if you are inhaling fresh and clean breath while you are sleeping, then you will never have a tiring or bad day the next day. You will always wake up fresh, and your whole body will be ready to face the world and all the toxic gases and pollution present in the air.

But, you can choose the air purifier with the wheels so you can take it with you in every room that you go to. There are also a lot of air purifiers being launched in the market that clean all the air around you. They can be installed in your entire home instead of just in one room, and wherever you will go, you will have a refreshing breath.

These air purifiers are not very much encouraged as they require high maintenance and if you are the only person residing at your place, then you can get one of the small ones and carry them around with you then.
Anyhow, the big systems that can purify all the air present in your rooms can also be connected to the heating or cooling system of your home and give you the ultimate results.

Air purifiers are sure high maintenance but not so much. The very first thing they would need the most is the filter change. Different kinds of air purifiers have different needs for their filter changes. They can sometimes last even for years, but at times, they might require to be changed in around 3 months.

The companies always give you a guideline on this, but you can opt for the ones, which give you an indicator whenever the filters need to be changed.
If you go for the ones with indicator, they can give you an approximate time on the manual when to expect an indicator, and upon receiving one, you can change the filter easily.

However, if you are not using any, then you will have to do it manually and forgetting about it will not be an option as it will still keep on consuming the power but will not give you any good response and you will not be able to solve all your such problems easily.

When you are buying the air purifier, you can check the approximate time that they might last and keep checking it regularly to see if it is working. Even if the manual has advised changing the filters after a year or so, you can still try and check up on it every month to be sure that you are still receiving the excellent air, which is free of pollutants and all kinds of harmful substances and gases.

Air purifiers can be noisy as the fans are running in them all the time. When you are planning to buy an air purifier, keep in mind that you might have to deal with loud noises almost all the time in your life after that. If you are not the person who likes a lot of noise around it, you can choose not to buy one or keep it on low settings. If you have kept it on high settings, it will produce loud sounds.

Every kind of air purifier has different levels of sounds that it produces, and before you buy one, you can check the sound level beforehand, so you do not regret it afterward.

You can also keep them in the rooms where you will not be disturbed a lot. As it has always been advised to keep the air purifiers in your room, you can keep them on low settings when you have them there to avoid the loud noise all night long and getting disturbed.

In all other rooms, you can keep them on high settings so you can breathe fresh and pure air but when you are going to sleep, you will also not need so much air to breathe, and the need can be fulfilled with simple low settings, and a lot of problems regarding noise can be solved too.

If you are not comfortable while sleeping with this in your room, you might not bring it in or switch it off before sleeping, but it is always a good habit to sleep in the good environment while breathing good quality air all night to keep your organs working just fine.

A lot of people have risen this question and have complained a lot about it. When you are buying an air purifier, it is never guaranteed that for how long the replacement filters will be available in the market. Companies keep upgrading their air purifiers every other day and keep replacing the old technology with the new one. The new filters are then often not compatible with the old technology, and that creates a big problem for people who have the old model of the air purifiers.

One of the solutions to these problems is to buy the latest version or the latest model of the air purifier, which is available in the market, as the company will not be cutting all the supplies of that product for a long time. You will at least then have 2 to 3 years before something new comes in.

The next best thing you can do is buy some extra filters. When you are making the purchase, you are pretty much certain that you will have to replace the filters every three months or every 6 months. To avoid any inconvenience afterward, you can buy some extra filters to be used later. You may not use those filters while they are still available in the shop and after the company stops manufacturing them, you can pull out the old saved ones that you had and work with them.

You can also search for other shops, which have things related to this as they might also have saved some of such material for later use. You can keep buying from them, and your filter and air purifier will work fine.

Even though these products are very much practical and we can make use of them all the time, they still do not take up on a lot of energy. Many companies produce air purifiers, which consume minimum energy. These products might cost you a little more, but they will then be saving all your money on the electricity bills. If you do not want to go for them, you can still go for the normal ones, which will not cost you a lot while buying and will not cause a lot of problems afterward either.

The air purifiers use such fans which make them very much eco-friendly as they do not throw out harmful gases like air conditioners and other devices and don’t consume a lot of electric charges either.

But as they are going to be running all the time in your home, you might want to keep a check on the energy consumption level and make sure that they are not consuming a lot of power. This is a must check before buying your air purifier, so you do not get any issues regarding this later.

You can check all these products for their energy consumption or energy-saving stars. Most of the time, the products which use up the least energy are the ones being bought the most instead of the ones which have the most added features.

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