Detailed Benefits of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Detailed Benefits of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

While shopping for the necessary things in your home. One of the last products to be considered is a bathroom exhaust fan. You only realize the missed opportunity the next time you enter the bathroom and inhale the foul odor that has been accumulating for years. It is really an off-putting situation but its solution is really easy and accessible.

The answer has been around for a long time. However, you might not have cared to think about the moisture and humidity in your bathroom.

Nevertheless, it is not the end of the world. You can still get rid of the smell and moisture in your bathroom. However, you need a Bathroom Exhaust Fan to help you. 

What is a Bathroom Exhaust Fan? 

As the name reads, a Bathroom Exhaust Fan is to provide fresh air in your bathroom. Over time, the smell and moisture in your bathroom become dense. Whenever you enter your bathroom, you feel strange because of the humidity.

The hot water vapors or the scent of your soap fuses to make a dense smell, and this can even lead to nausea. However, all of this can be solved by only having the best Bathroom Exhaust Fan in your bathroom. 

Detailed Benefits of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

No one likes to buy products without seeing their efficiency and their benefits. The same goes for a Bathroom Exhaust Fan. You must know the benefits and uses of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan to buy one in the first place. So a few benefits are as follows. 

Eliminate Odors

When you take a bath or wash your face, the smell of the soap or face wash remains in the bathroom. Companies add perfumes to make their products attractive.

However, the odor of any face wash or soap condenses over time. Nevertheless, a Bathroom Exhaust Fan takes the smell out by bringing in the fresh air. 

Reduces the Humidity

The humid environment is not suitable for health and paints. Wall paints start to peel off in a humid environment. The electric appliances present in a bathroom can also get a short circuit if the humidity is left unchecked.

A Bathroom Exhaust Fan takes out all such dangers so that you can focus on other essential tasks.  

Eliminates the air-born Contaminants

To clean the bathroom from bacteria, companies use strong chemicals. The chemicals leave their presence in the air of the bathroom. If the air is not taken out on an urgent basis, the air can turn out to be extremely harmful, especially for children.

However, the purpose of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan is to cleanse the air by removing contaminants. Fresh air in a bathroom also prevents the mold appearance. 

Keeping Your Bathroom Mirror Clean

The vapors of hot water stick to the mirror. Vapors make it difficult for you to see your face. A Bathroom Exhaust Fan keeps the vapor from sticking to the mirror. 

What Are Some Key Features of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan? 

Considering the overall performance, your need and the price, you can choose the perfect Bathroom Exhaust Fan for you. However, you can keep some features as standard in your mind while selecting a Bathroom Exhaust Fan:

  • Some Bathroom Exhaust Fans have a light with them for proper illumination. 
  • Many Bathroom Exhaust Fans incorporate a humidity sensor to shut down on their own in case of no humidity. 
  • Some Bathroom Exhaust Fans also have heat lamps. 

Keeping all of the given features in your mind, you can now choose the best combo for your bathroom — many fans in the market offer all of the essential elements in one package.

If you are not buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan for the first time, and you remember keeping your Bathroom Exhaust Fan running all day, you can add timer switches to your Bathroom Exhaust Fan for saving electricity.

However, you might not need timer switches as some Bathroom Exhaust Fans have humidity sensors. The ones, which have a humidity sensor, also have a manual key to on/off the Bathroom Exhaust fan. 

Consider the Ventilation

You are going to buy a Bathroom Exhaust Fan to have proper ventilation in your bathroom. Your need makes it essential to have an adequate idea of ventilation. To measure the movement of air, there is a standard unit. The unit is CFM: cubic feet per minute.

Considering the size of your bathroom, you can go for a Bathroom Exhaust Fan, which has more CFM value. Most Bathroom Exhaust Fans have a CFM rating between 50 and 110. 

Noise Level of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

We are not living in the future where no appliance makes any sound. Although the attempts are being made to make soundless products, not much has been done in the realm of Bathroom Exhaust Fans.

However, there is no need to worry. Many high-end brands in the market sell such Bathroom Exhaust Fans, which do not make a noise at all.

The soundlessness means that there is a very low sound coming out of those fans. Instead of measuring the sound of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in decibels, the unit “sone” is used. Some excellent quality Bathroom Exhaust Fans only make one sone of sound. 

Installation of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

You might already have a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in your bathroom. However, having one does not mean that it is going to be useful forever. You must know how to install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in the hour of need.

There are undoubtedly many reasons to have a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in your bathroom. However, many people do not have a proper running Bathroom Exhaust Fan. You can read below on how to get the best out of Bathroom Exhaust Fan by adequately installing it.  

  • Determine the size of your Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Measure the size of your Bathroom Exhaust Fan and prepare yourself to install it properly. 
  • Choose the vent point of your Bathroom Exhaust Fan: make sure that you vent air outside of your home. 
  • Know the electrical connections: you must know how to connect the wires with your Bathroom Exhaust Fan. However, consult an electrician if you do not feel comfortable with this step. 

How to Buy an Efficient Bathroom Exhaust Fan

There are many things which you have to consider while purchasing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan. Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan must be durable, efficient, and energy-saving. Energy Star is a logo, which tells us about the energy efficiency of electronic equipment.

If your Bathroom Exhaust Fan has an Energy Star label, it means that your Bathroom Exhaust Fan follows the regulations of the US environmental protection agency. You should pick a fan with an Energy Star label. However, some of the critical features of an efficient Bathroom Exhaust Fan are:

  • The capacity of airflow
  • Having special features 
  • The color and style 
  • The level of noise coming out of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan
  • The price of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Taking Care of Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

In the modern lifestyle, we forget about taking care of our electrical products. However, keeping a check on your Bathroom Exhaust Fan turns out to be very beneficial for you.

Bring a tissue near to a Bathroom Exhaust Fan; if the Bathroom Exhaust Fan is sucking the tissue, you can be sure that your Bathroom Exhaust Fan is still working. In the other case, follow the given steps: 

  1. Cut the electricity supply to your Bathroom Exhaust Fan. 
  2. Pull the fan cover gently.
  3. Wash the fan cover. 
  4. Unplug the fixture. 
  5. Remove the screws of your Bathroom Exhaust Fan for deep cleaning.
  6. Use a vacuum to clean the motor and clean the blades with a damp cloth. 
  7. Thoroughly clean the exhaust vent; make sure to clean the surrounding area.
  8. Reinstall your bathroom exhaust fan. 
  9. Allow electricity to the fan. 
  10. All done now, enjoy. 

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