Beautiful Designs and Different types of Rockland Luggage

In Baltimore, various Rockland industries were found. It was the textile industry first, but later it began to manufacture luggage like suitcases bags and other traveling products.

Other than Baltimore, this Company is situated in Maryland and Bamberg. Now this Company is exploring worldwide. The UN has many companies of Rockland luggage in their ninety countries.

Rockland luggage includes Rockland Carry on, budget, splurge, Backpack, and duffel. They produce the best suitcases worldwide. They are also famous for providing best quality Tote bags.

Features of Rockland Luggage

The features of Rockland luggage are few, which are described below:

  • Spinner Wheels

The Rockland luggage mostly contains spinner wheels. The wheels are durable and fabulous.

  • Zippers

The Rockland luggage comes with extendable zipper system. A lot of small zippers are found in the suitcases. The zippers are thick and have highly interlocked teeth. The extendable zipper system increases the space of the bag when needed.

  • Packing Features

Rockland luggage has useful packing features. These are quite essential for the user. The bag contains a massive compartment inside for the packing of large items. Moreover, it also includes small pockets for little things like a charger, headphone, and other small items.

  • Design and Pattern

Rockland luggage comes with beautiful designs. The models are unique, and the customer’s reviews about their plans are good.

The Rockland luggage is available in ten to twenty different patterns, and fifty colors can be seen. Sometimes one suitcase shows more than four colors.

Best Brands of Rockland luggage:

Some of the brands that represent the best Rockland luggage are described below:

Rockland Dotted Luggage

The Rockland dotted luggage comes in four different sizes. It’s a package of four bags with different sizes. The suitcases it presents have dimensions of about nineteen inches, twenty-four inches, and the largest one is about twenty-eight inches.

The tote bag is the small bag in this package. The bags are uniquely designed and made up of polyester, which is considered to be suitable materials for the manufacture of luggage. The Rockland dotted luggage contains two spinner wheels.

The handle is found and to move the bags, it should be at a proper angle. The bags have extra pockets at the outer side to make them comfortable.

The lower front has plastic support through which it can stand while resting condition.

Upright Rockland Luggage

The upright Rockland luggage comes with two suitcase pieces. These are beautifully designed. The variety of colors glorifies the luggage. The upright Rockland luggage is made up of polycarbonate.

The material is hard enough, making it durable and long-lasting than others. The bags are also light in weight.

The Bags are available in two designs named, and iconic heart design, and the other one is owl design. The owl design is stunning. They come with long time warranty.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage

The Melbourne luggage includes only small-sized suitcases, but these are durable and beautifully designed. This Rockland luggage is made up of ABS. It is hard material and maintains the shape of the bags.

The bags are light to carry. The bags have additional external pockets. The straps are present to take them on shoulders.

The containers are available in seven different colors. You can choose according to your desire.

Rockland Rolling Backpack Luggage:

The Rockland rolling luggage is made up of polyester. These bags are also small in size and can be carried on shoulders. The rolling bag is durable and comes with unique patterns.

The straps are found that contains a foam sheet inside call a pad, which serves to increase the comfort. The bars are found made up of plastic that produces extra support to the bags.

The bags have an organizer system inside. The side pockets are available in which you can put your water bottles or other things.

Rockland Duffel Bags

Rockland duffel bags are large bags available in a variety of designs. The zipper system is extensive and extendable. The bags can be made larger by opening the zipper.

It contains one large compartment that can accommodate a large number of items. The handles are found at the top that makes it more comfortable. The bags are available in a variety of styles.

Tote Rockland Luggage

The tote bags of the Rockland are beautifully designed. The bags are accessible in different forms, like a gym bag and beach bags. These are durable and long-lasting. Tote bags can be handled easily.

Good Points

Every Company has some good points and bad points. The Rockland luggage also has some advantages that make it adaptable for the people. These are mentioned below:

Affordable Rockland Luggage

The Best thing about Rockland luggage is that most of them are of low cost. The stylish and unique suitcases are available at low prices; therefore, people used to buy this luggage.

The Rockland luggage is quite famous for its durability because the material used in its formation is good enough. The Rockland luggage. Despite the durable material and unique styles, their prices do not increase. The reviews of customers are better for Rockland luggage.

Good Reviews

The Rockland company produce cheap luggage. Among all of the inexpensive luggage, Rockland luggage is the best one. Most of its customers are happy because they can buy beautiful, long-lasting and stylish bags at a low price.

The rating of Rockland luggage is higher than the other. It’s from 3.8 to 4.8, which is thought to be a good ratting.

Unique Colors

The Rockland luggage is available in a variety of colors and designs. The suitcases, it presents are colorful.

They look beautiful. They offer adorable and attractive bags at affordable rates. Everyone can buy this luggage.

The Bad Points

The disadvantages of Rockland luggage are given below:

  • Not long-lasting:

The Rockland luggage is made to last long. The long-time use of this luggage is not possible. The luggage is durable but can be worn out after a few years. You cannot use it frequently. The warranty is about two years, but after for five years, the Rockland luggage cannot stand more.

  • Not warranted:

The Rockland luggage is warranted, but its warranty is not applicable because they become useless after a few years

  • Qualities of Rockland Luggage:

Rockland luggage has unique attributes. The luggage like suitcases is not made up of polycarbonate; instead, it is made up of stiff shell.

The bags are delicate but are of low cost. The fabric used to manufacture it usually polyester. The nylon is not used anywhere.

The luggage contains durable handles and other accessories like wheels and the zipper system.

Some Issues Regarding Rockland and Luggage

Some problems regarding Rockland luggage are given below:

  • The shell situated below the suitcases often fractured after some time.
  • The zippers are so weak that it can be broken easily.
  • Some parts of Rockland suitcases get spoiled.
  • The bag made of fabric tear after a few months of use.
  • The wheels are not long-lasting and can be detached even during the journey.
  • The handle can also crack.


Rockland luggage presents unique quality and features of luggage. They have suitcases, duffel bags, and tote bags. They have bags of small and large sizes. The Rockland luggage is comfortable.

Most of the people used to buy this because of its beautiful design. Despite its unique features, most of them are not long, lasting, and durable.

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