Basics and Safety Features of Table Saw

There are plenty of tools to cut the wood into different types and shapes. Portable Table Saws, one of the best tools, invented recently.

Tools for Wood Cutting 

Woodcutting was one of the big challenges for humans over a period of time. Historically, it was one of the first things humans came across on earth to consume in different uses of daily life. As time progressed, different tools were invented for this purpose.

One of the tools which revolutionized the processing for the woods ever invented was a saw. A saw is basically made by metal with a sharp zigzag side to cut the wood in fine pieces.

Different types of saw came into practice as the professional demands of wood cutting and processing increased. In recent times, portable table saws have emerged, which are very handy in use and practical solution for the problems faced by professionals. Some new models have been designed for the quest to make the best Portable Table Saw.

The Perfect Choice for the Professionals

Professionals used to process the required shapes and type on a different place than the actual work site. Portable Table Saw has changed the way a professional can do the working.

The work can be done at the actual spot with ease and comfort. It can cut and process the wood in any required shape and style at a construction site or any other workplace. 

The Design

Unlike the conventional saw used in practice by the professionals, the Portable Table Saws arevery handy. It can handle all types of work with less effort and saves a lot of time as well.

The design has changed over the years and is getting perfection with the introduction of the new models. There are basically five main parts of the Portable Table Saw. 

  1. Mainframe
  2. Upper supporting table 
  3. Saw and electric motor mechanism
  4. Handle and the wheels

The mainframe is the overall body in which all the parts are joint together as one unit. These are mainly made by hard metal to support the heavy loads of wood and other machinery and blades.

On the upper side, a hardwood table is attached to it which holds the portion of the wood to be cut in different sizes and shapes. In the middle portion, the main saw blade and electric motor are assembled in a way that the blade cuts through the marked pieces.

There are two handles attached to the mainframe to lift it up and down. On the lower side, there are two or four wheels attached in order to make it moveable. 

Upper Supporting Table

The upper portion of the Portable Table Saw is designed with the table on top of it. The main working platform which not only supports the working tools but also helps to cut the wood into different shapes.

This part is made of hard materials mainly of wood or hard-coated plastic bed. Some essential items are attached at the upper sides of the flat surface like measuring tools etc.

This portion is fully attached and is available in flexible or semi folding options as well, which can be transformed according to the needs.

Saw and Electric Motor Mechanism

Most of the models are manufactured with the powerful electric motor and the connecting shaft. The shaft is attached with the main cutting saw blade. Blades come all through up to the upper table and help in the cutting process.

There is a safety feature as well in most of the new models. In case of emergency, the motor stops itself and stops the blade. Professionals can change the type of cutting tools and blades according to the requirements. The mechanical shifter can change the position of operations by shifting blades upwards and downwards. 

Handle and the Wheels

The lower part consists of the supporting handles and the wheels. This gives it the ease in moving. That is why this machine is called Portable Table Saw.

The wheels and handle can help to transport the whole working station as required. Any professional craftsman can lift the whole unit very easily. 


There are two types of table saw available to choose between Portable Table Saw and stationary Table Saw. It all depends upon the working requirements. Furthermore, some more kinds can be classified as under portableTable Saw.

  • Benchtop saws
  • Compact table saws
  • Jobsite saws


Blades are essential in craftsmanship. They can be differentiated by the diameter, arbour size, number of teeth, kerf size, speed, application and also materials used in the manufacturing.

The size can range between as small as 5 inches up to one foot. The number of teeth ranges between 24 and 80. Multiple teeth types are also available for the different materials other than wood, making them versatile.

The left and right tilted saw blades help in cutting of the different shapes and angles. The adjustment is also one of the main features of the blades. Most of the modern table saw are designed to facilitate the working by saw blades horizontally and vertical adjustments. 

Blades Material

Blades’ main function is to cut through the plywood or hardwood. The main material used in the manufacturing of blades is hard-coated metals. The edges of the blades are tipped with even more hard materials as it is the main part of the teeth of the blade.

The durability is largely depending upon the speed of blades in operation. The temperature on the edge of the blades rises very quickly. To curb this issue, some low-temperature metals are also used in the manufacturing of the blades.

Working Speed of Blades

The working speed of the blades is measured in rounds per minute (RPM). RPM is dependent upon the type of motor attached to the blade. Most of the electric motors support the RPM control mechanism. This helps a lot in the working of a professional. 

Electric Motors

All the working largely depends on the electric motors installed in an operational unit. There are number of types available in electric motors. They mainly come in 110 and 220 volts consuming the power from 10 amp to 24 amp.

The power is measured in the shape of horsepower. Most of the table saw comes range from 2 HP to 8 HP. More power means the more heavy materials can be processed and cut through.

Most of the modern electric motors are capable of varying the speed and power controls which helps professionals a lot.

Drive Types

The drive is a device that attaches the blades to the electric motor. It is one of the main components, which is essential in the working of the whole unit.

There are basically two types of drives in almost all the table saws. In direct drive, the blade is directly attached to the electric motor. These drives are quieter than the belt driven saw.

Belt driven drives are more profession friendly. The belt-driven saw is easy to maintain and lasts longer than the other one.

As other appliances are never passed for the production without the features pre-defined. The same is the case with the table saw. All the units available come with on-off switch. The unit can be turned on and off easily after the Woking.

Throat plates are made with wood usually. It acts as a guide for the blades attached. The blades come up through this piece. Tables come with the extensions which can vary in the length of cutting and are also adjustable according to the available space.

Dust collection is also one of the features. Smart table saw are capable of collecting all the debris. After the usage, all the leftovers can be placed inside the unit itself, which counters the mess around.

The blade guards help in maintaining safety standards. There are some sensors onboard which are responsible to safeguard the accidents. 


Overall Portable Table Saw is one of the best options available nowadays for the carpenters and other professionals dealing with the woodworks.

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