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Business Anti-Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack Black Friday

Backpack Black Friday

Aiming at providing high quality backpacks at reasonable price, Matein is one of the most sought-after companies for purchasing backpacks black friday. They are known for creating convenient, premium products that are accessible to as many costumers as possible. Their backpacks are specially designed to guarantee their consumer’s interests as well as ensuring earth’s sustainability by making sure every backpack has long working life. Hence, their backpacks are conceived to satisfy the needs of both the customers and the planet earth.

The Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti-Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack is one of their most purchased models. It’s a dapper, lightweight, convenient and portable model that offers great security along with ample space. Either you are travelling with it for hours or using It to store your school supplies, this backpack proves to be very functional, along with practical.

At a Glance:

  • Padded laptop compartment fits up to a 15.6″ laptop
  • There are a lot of pockets so you can easily organize and side pockets to carry a water bottle or other items for easy access.
  • It has a USB port with an inner charging wire.
  • The water-resistant durable fabric keeps your possessions safe
  • Offered in 7 different colors
  • An anti-theft hidden back pocket to store valuable possessions
  • The material against back is padded and ventilated to reduce sweating.

Technical Information:

  • The bag measures 18″ height x 12″ width x 7.8″ depth
  • It weighs 2.05 lbs.
  • It has capacity of 27.5L
  • Material: Durable Waterproof polyester fabric

Features of Backpack Black Friday

No comprise on comfort:

The fitting, lightweight, multi-board airflow structure of the Matein gives very much padded cushioning that makes for additional comfort and support for back. And keeping in mind that the cushioning is moderately thick, it’s delicate and ventilated, which is particularly significant in case you will use this backpack

for long time. Extra comfort comes as the backpack’s specially fit, cushioned shoulder straps which help to calm the strain of conveying weight on your shoulders. Furthermore, the pack is outfitted with a froth cushioned top handle so it doesn’t delve into your hand when you’re conveying it, notwithstanding a gear lash that permits it to flawlessly fit on your baggage, making it convenient to transport.

Matein ensured their backpack was made with a great deal of shoulder padding. This is significant on the grounds that this would make it comfortable on your shoulders when you put it on. Likewise, the shoulder straps are customizable which can genuinely ease your shoulders of stress. The cushioning and padding on both back and straps make conveying this backpack truly comfortable. Everything on this backpack is so astutely structured that I believe it’s the most practical backpack. Foam cushioning was additionally added to the top handle of the pack. This was supposedly done so that if you choose to not wear the knapsack on your back you can hold it with your hand easily and have the option to convey it for a significant stretch without feeling torments on your hand. This is a great feature and would prove to be useful.

Sturdy and Solid Design:

The Mateine is made of lightweight however strong polyester material that can withstand cruel conditions and the crude of regular use. It’s additionally easy to clean, impervious to contracting and extending, and doesn’t get wet or wrinkled easily. The covering of the backpack is made of great polyester, making it a handy answer for your examinations, work excursions, climbing, outdoors, office drives, and everything else.

Something that I like the most about the MATEIN laptop backpack is that it has a variety of colors to browse and choose from. I like being special in my style, and a backpack is unquestionably part of that. With such a variety of selection to look over, it is highly unlikely you’d need to agree to either. Okay, so enough playing and alluding to the assortment. Here are the hues you can pick: Red, Grey, Blue, Brown, Charcoal Black, Camouflage.

Huge Capacity:

 Its spacious multi-compartment is comprised of an individual laptop compartment, a primary compartment and a front compartment. the laptop compartment can house up to a 15.6inches. The primary compartment can be utilized for thin garments, headset, books, magazines, camera, and comparatively estimated things. The front compartment can be utilized for things, for example, telephones, pens, keys, tote, glasses, and correspondingly measured things. The front compartment can likewise contain pockets, pen pockets, and key coxcomb snare. The possibility of these is to make your things composed and simpler to discover. 


  • Versatile
  • Awesome organization inside pockets
  • Sturdy materials will stand the test of time
  • Perfect as a carry-on bag
  • Over 80% 5-star reviews
  • Super light-weight
  • Ample padding for supreme comfort
  • Tons of pockets
  • Effective water-resistant materials


  • Minimal anti-theft features compared to other bags
  • No slash-proof materials

Pacsafe Citysafe Backpack Black Friday

Backpack Black Friday

The first pioneer of the anti-theft bags, Pacsafe has been enhancing approaches to secure what’s significant for more than 20 years. Regardless of whether it’s an anti-theft backpack for adventure, an anti-theft backpack for city life, Pacsafe got you secured. While there’s nothing of the sort as a ‘theft proof’ rucksack (yet), they proceed to create and deliver the sturdiest anti-theft backpacks available.

One such backpack is the Pacsafe Citysafe CX 17L Anti Theft Backpack, which is one of their bestselling bags. Ultra-chic, flexible and practical, the extensive Citysafe® CX 17L Backpack has space for a 13″ PC, offers savvy association for your things, and ensures your resources with security that mixes into the polished design.

At a Glance:

  • compact yet roomy backpack
  • Cut-resistant anchor strap secures around a fixed object to protect your bag
  • DIMENSIONS, WEIGHT & – 15. 4″H x 10. 6″W x 6. 3″D, 1. 57 lbs.
  • polyester lining
  • Fits a 13-inch laptop in a padded sleeve for extra protection
  • Internal pockets to keep your gear organized

Technical Information:

  • Weight: 1.55 / 0.71 kg
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 10.6 x 6.3 in / 39 x 27 x 16 cm
  • Volume: 17 L / 1037 in3
  • Strap Length: (Max – Min) 82-69 cm / 32.3-27.2 in
  • Materials: 100D Nylon high density twill (main material) 75D Polyester pongee(lining)

Features of Backpack Black Friday

  • Superb Security:

Perhaps the greatest appeal of this Pacsafe Citysafe backpack is that it is an anti-theft knapsack. This implies it comes furnished with a wide range of cool security highlights to ensure you don’t succumb to pickpockets or cheats, particularly during movement or when in huge urban communities. 

This anti-theft knapsack comes outfitted with the absolute best innovation accessible, from the as of now referenced RFID blocking pocket to protect your data to the lockable zipper systems. The front compartment has a tab to use as one layer of insurance, while the primary compartment has a real worked in locking framework. Moreover, the zippers are perfect with outside locking frameworks, for example, blend locks like these that I use. 

Further, the backpack Black Friday is outfitted with a work cut safe gatekeeper that will shield hoodlums from slicing open your sack. The lashes are likewise cut safe, so nobody can cut it away from you and take it from you. Also, you’ll discover a truly cool snare framework that implies you can unfasten one of the knapsack lashes, fold it over a steady thing like a table or rail, and lock it back to the rucksack. This implies when you are sitting in someplace you can have more true serenity that somebody can’t simply wander off with it without you taking note.

Great Compartments:

Both give some decent association choices, so we should investigate what they offer!

Main compartment: The principle compartment is the place the greater part of your things will go, and it’s pleasantly unstructured so you can put your things in any setup you like. This compartment has a cushioned PC sleeve for up to a 13″ PC, two open-top pockets, and a zipped RFID blocking pocket too to guard your identification and cards.

Front Compartment: The front compartment is your fundamental knapsack front pocket, with two open-top pockets for some association. You’ll see that this compartment likewise has a tab for the zipper so nobody can simply zip open the front compartment without you knowing.

Sufficient Size: The Pacsafe Citysafe CX Backpack measures 14.6″ x 10.6″ x 6.3″ (37 x 27 x 16 cm) and has a 17-liter capacity. Even though it only has a 17L capacity, how the pack is organized means you can fit so much stuff inside.

Amazing Quality: The outside of the sack is produced using polyester and it is outfitted with eXomesh slash guard to guard your things. The material feels high caliber as does the development of the pack. I anticipate that this sack should keep going for a considerable length of time and years!

Appealing Aesthetics: Generally majority is not an enthusiast of anti-theft bags, because such a significant number of them are revolting and massive and cumbersome. Be that as it may, this Citysafe knapsack finds a decent trade-off among security and style. It’s a pack you wouldn’t fret having in your photos and will love to convey with you all over. It additionally comes in five hues so you can pick your top pick!


  • It is available in different colors and is feminine
  • It has numerous pockets
  • It can fit a 13” laptop
  • It is lightweight and waterproof
  • Its padded strap is adjustable and detachable
  • It has interlocking Zippers
  • A 5-year warranty


  • No USB port

Final Verdict:

Pacsafe Citysafe CX 17L Anti Theft Backpack Black Friday is a work of art, an everyday range that offers a great backpack for any movement or city propelled event. Adaptable and useful, each Citysafe CS piece offers sublime association and solidness. Discreet, built-in implicit features such as eXomesh Slashguards, Carrysafe ties, an RFIDsafe blocking pocket, Turn and Lock security snares, and Smart zipper security offer genuine feelings of serenity while all over town and lets you center around getting a charge out of the day and main job.

Sosoon Backpack Black Friday

Backpack Black Friday

Many of us do not go forward without traveling plans just due to the fear of losing our possessions. However, you can drop such worries and fears now because Sosoon has introduced an excellent anti-theft backpack. Sosoon’s backpack carries all its responsibility in a great manner. It is an anti-theft backpack that can be used for various purposes. The backpack is made of nylon 1680D which is high-quality material. Moreover, this material used is water repellent, tear-resistant, and anti-scratch. 

The backpack possesses various anti-theft features’ addition, it also features a well-padded laptop sleeve, shoulder straps and back panel. Sosoon Anti-theft laptop backpack is a one-stop selection while seeking the ideal backpack Black Friday.

Physical View 

This backpack is made of 1680D polyester. The volume of the backpack ranges from 20-30 liters. The body part of the backpack is 19.5 * 14 * 5.7 inches and weighs 1.9. The back of the bag has a large area, two front pockets, two pockets, and 1 back pocket. Looking into the main room, it has 1 laptop or iPad sleeve, 4 inside and 4 pen/pencil space. There is a lot of anti-theft features in this backpack. These features will protect your items from getting stolen. Automatic security features are described below:

Safety Features

The back of the bag does not display any zips found. The zipper of the primary compartment makes it impossible for thieves to gain entry. Looking at the backpack, it is difficult to understand how to put things in it. The primary compartment is hidden from plain sight. Concealed pockets are designed to be invisible when looked at. The backpack is very handy and organized. It helps to keep everything up to date and receptive. The front pocket and storage are zipped and intact. It will help you keep money, cards, keys, etc. which are often required when you travel.

Practical Laptop Sleeve

Sosoon backpack Black Friday accompanies an all-around cushioned laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve of the backpack assists with protecting laptops and tablets during excursion or travel. The laptop sleeve can hold a laptop of the screen size up to 17 inches. The backpack is accessible in 4 distinct models and sizes. The laptop sleeve of the backpack ingests the impacts of tumbling down or shaking of the backpack.

Water Repellent Fabric

In the event that you are worried about your assets getting ruined by water spilling, you don’t need to worry. The Sosoon Backpack is made with a water repellent material. Regardless of whether you spill water erroneously, it won’t do any harm. The material utilized for making the backpack doesn’t release the water inside. The water just slides over the material as it is water repellent in nature. What’s more, if there should arise an occurrence of overwhelming precipitation, a downpour spread can be utilized to cover the backpack which would keep it totally protected.

Multiple Compartment

Sosoon anti-theft backpack is a lightweight and convenient knapsack. There are two compartments, one in front and the primary compartment is covered up at the rear. The front compartment is smaller in size and it gives a great choice to store littler things. Things like keys, USB drives, pens, and comparable things can be kept here. The primary compartment has a decent laptop sleeve and a few utilitarian pockets. These utilitarian pockets will permit you to keep your precious sorted out in its place. The backpack can without much of a stretch fit a laptop, pens and note pads, water jugs, garments, and a couple of shoes. It offers more space than one anticipates from the rucksack of comparative size. Consequently, you can generally convey an additional pair of apparel in the event that you have Sosoon against robbery laptop backpack.

The backpack accompanies pockets on both of its sides. The side pockets are stretchable and can oblige a big water container or downpour spread. The side pockets can be utilized to keep things that are not of high quality or scrap things alongside your excursion. The side pockets are additionally appropriate for keeping water jug and downpour spread.

Weight Distribution

The Sosoon anti-theft backpack is structured with an innovative weight balance feature. It causes you to feel 20-25% less weight than the genuine load of the backpack and things inside it. Furthermore, the body side and shoulder ties have pleasant thick, and breathable work cushioning. The thick and wide cushioning offers your back and shoulder a lot of padded solaces.

High-Quality Material

The water used to create this backpack is anti-scratch, water repellent, and tear-resistant 1680D Polyester. It is undoubtedly a high-quality material. It includes reinforced stitching for high durability. The quality of the backpack Black Friday is ideal for outdoor activities. It can also be used for the daily commute.


  • Unisex Design
  • Quick Access Pocket
  • Luggage Strap
  • Versatile
  • High Warranty


  • Missing Slash guards
  • Illuminating Parts
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Not completely waterproof

Tzowla Backpack Black Friday for Women

Backpack Black Friday

Tzowla is known for producing high quality yet delightfully low-priced backpacks. They aim to help every customer to acquire the backpack they desire. Tzowla had created products that inspire people to get out of their shells and embrace passionate adventures by exploring, creating, and living the moments. One of their most sought-after products is Tzowla Backpack for Women which is a very reasonable backpack with no compromise on quality and functions.

Laptop Protection

The security of your laptop is amazing, but enough, as long as you are careful to keep it neat or the cloth with the fabric will be neatly folded back and forth. The sleeves will fit on a laptop up to 15-inches. The safety pad works but is a little flimsy and a little too long for the 11-inch and 13-inch laptops. Given this thin profile of the backpack, it still manages to make his presence smarter without moving sideways. There were no other padding around the sleeves, but the sleeves were lifting, so the laptop stays on the ground. It is important to know the possible accidents. We are also careful when packing the bag, making sure we do not throw it away when the laptop is inside. All in all, this bag offers some basic safety features but it is no longer the ultimate safety option. Provided the sleeve is in the same compartment as the one where you will place your books, files, and folders, the more loaded the backpack is, the more protection it would provide.


The comfort the backpack offers is really good. Firstly, it’s quite lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky while wearing it. The shoulder straps are nicely wide and lightly padded. Also, the strap material doesn’t feel itchy on bare skin but is quite smooth and articulates well. When the backpack is filled, it sits high on the back even on short people. Despite not having a lot of adjustments, the backpack is surprisingly comfortable and is the one you would choose to wear all day. 


The backpack provides just the ideal storage for people who don’t like to carry too much stuff. While it doesn’t have a specific volume, it is approximated to be 16-18 liters. For this load, it’s quite perfect. It has one primary compartment, a second big organizational compartment, and a small compartment on the external side. In the main compartment is the laptop sleeve where you can slide in your laptop. In the compact, zippered compartment and the open pocket, you can store power cords and hard drives. Inside this compartment, is the pocket for the charging point and a compartment to hold your battery back which joins to a USB input.

The second compartment is mainly organizational. It can hold your pens and other small items like small notebooks and narrow folders. The last pocket is on the outside. It can be used to store items you need quick access to like phones. There are two side pockets on the outside. One is used to store water bottles while the other one is nifty and can be used for cellphones to avoid getting pickpocketed. 

Ease of Use

This backpack is very easy to use. Just one zip and you can easily get to the items in your backpack. It also includes a lock on the top. The zipper acts as the lock and you simply have to roll in the 3 numbers as the code to unlock. If someone would pickpocket you from the top, the may seem very useful in preventing that. All the zippers are big and easy to use while finding the stuff in your backpack is also quite simple if you employ the provided organizational system. 


In the field of style, the backpack is quite versatile. It’s very sleek and attractive. It’s suited for both the genders and the appearance is professional but not flashy. The lines are tidy, it looks compact, and the slim construction is cute. 

Multi-Purpose Backpack

This Backpack is made of High-quality Polyester Fabric Material. It doesn’t only possess an attractive, sleek design but is also very practical in use. It has a Built-in Key Ring design. It’s a lightweight backpack that’ll carry your laptop, electronics, and the few notebooks, art supplies, and many other materials. It can be used by both men and women, and also by college students, travelers, and people traveling for business.


This backpack offers unrivaled worth. While this backpack is anything but a high scorer over the measurements, it offers sensible execution at its minimal effort. It’s one we’d prescribe to those that like setting aside cash and won’t be mishandling the backpack every day. Besides a portion of some sturdiness issues, it’s one we’d suggest in case you’re saving every possible dollar or couldn’t care less generally advantageous and greatest laptop backpack out there.


  • Inexpensive
  •  great organization
  •  professional profile and style
  •  easy to use


  • Poor water bottle holder
  •  no battery pack with charging station
  •  questionable quality

Yorepek Backpack Black Friday

Yorepek is known for producing amazing smart backpacks with absolutely no compromise on quality. They give the customer exactly what he requires. Their backpacks not only possess an attractive design but are very practical. One of their most sought-after models is Yorepek Extra-large backpack. It is one of the best smart backpacks out there with a price that is more than fair. It has a pleasant structure and its highlights are quite stunning.  It is an amazing and very functional backpack and justified even despite the cost.

 Large Capacity

While traveling, one often cannot estimate the quantity of the stuff they could need and tend to overload their bags. With Yorepek’s large backpack, however, you ought to not worry about overloading your luggage. With its huge capacity, the backpack is sufficiently spacious to convey all that one utilizes all the. Moreover, people possessing 17-inch laptops will be overjoyed because this backpack can house a 17 inches laptop. It accompanies three huge principle compartments that are outfitted with rough larger than usual metal zippers. You can place anything from laptops to big files to even clothes in these compartments.

Protection of Laptops

The laptop sleeve of this backpack is sufficiently padded so your expensive laptop is kept safe from any kind of damage and scratches that may result from an encounter with other items inside. Yorepek Large Backpack comes with the padded sleeve that can accommodate 13-17inches laptops or MacBooks. Moreover, the compartment consists of an adjustable Velcro strap so you can fit laptops of different sizes and gain access to them easily.

A large Number of Pockets

It is very common for a traveler to require a large number of pockets in a backpack. We want all of our stuff to be secure and organized so that we don’t need to fret when we need a certain thing. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a backpack with more than twenty pockets. However, Yorepek’s backpack Black Friday comes with more than twenty pockets which will allow you to store smaller items like iPad, pens, keys, wallets, books, passports, clothes, cell phones and similarly sized items without needing to cram them all into a fewer number of pockets making your backpack disorganized.

Backpack Accepted by TSA

The trouble in traveling is an experience a great deal of us have combined with going through checkpoints in the air terminal. Offloading backpack and afterward repacking the things is certainly one of the undesirable parts of traveling. Fortunately, most air terminals presently endorse smart backpacks which imply you don’t need to offload or offload your things when passing checkpoints. This is what is alluded to as TSA friendly or TSA approved. Yorepek’s extra-large backpack is a TSA approved Backpack. When utilizing this backpack, you should simply inform them at the checkpoint stand that your backpack is TSA friendly and afterward free it levels up to 180 degrees, lay it flat so it can undoubtedly go through the scanners. You won’t need to expel your advanced items like your laptop, cellphones, tablets, or media players. Truly sweet, isn’t that so?

Charge your phone easily

This has become a typical component in smart backpacks even though, not every smart backpack has this element. Yorepek extra-large backpack Black Friday is one of those smart backpacks that accompany a USB charging port of an inherent charging link so you can charge your cellphone while you are in a hurry. Your cell phone, Kindle, and other electronic gadgets would have the option to get charged while you are in a rush. The drawback to this component is that you would need to utilize your power bank that can be associated inside the backpack. This implies the backpack doesn’t accompany a built-in power bank. You would need to utilize yours.

Great Comfort

Yorepek’s extra-large backpack was planned with a mesh black panel which forestalls or radically lessens overheating in this manner considering better wind stream. As indicated by its particulars, its shoulder straps were planned with intensely cushioned honeycomb breathable material which is effectively adjustability were intended to be wide. Additionally, because of the planning of the backpack, it ought to be agreeable to wear since it’s structure guarantees scattering of gravity of the backpack. The addition of a chest strap should help evacuate some heap of the knapsack from the shoulders subsequently making it progressively agreeable. The handle of the rucksack was structured with a rough steel link. This was accomplished for a progressively secure hold when getting or moving the backpack and I think it is a decent idea. The straps of the Yorepek’s extra-large backpack accompany a polished sunglass band that can be utilized to hang your shades, cutwork ID, or comparative things that need speedy, simple, and helpful access. A few backpacks don’t have this fundamental element however it can have any kind of effect when a purchaser is to buy a backpack.

Quality of Material

Sturdiness and durability of materials of a backpack is a factor that ought to never be neglected because it can decide exactly how long your backpack would last. The Yorepek’s extra-large backpack was made with polyester texture with high-thickness nylon lining. This is a truly decent material and ought to have the option to hold up for quite a while. Be that as it may, in light of discoveries on the nature of the material utilized, it got right around a superb star rating.


  • Has a headphone jack for listening music
  • Has a USB charging port
  • Is TSA approved
  • Very spacious


No in-built power banks

No chest strap included

Could include better anti-theft features

Bopai Backpack Black Friday

Backpack Black Friday

If you love to travel and regularly commute, then a sturdy anti-theft backpack is an absolute necessity for you. That way you can carry on with your day without any worry about your belongings which will be secured in your backpack. Sounds convenient right? BOPAI had been known for introducing stylish yet practical anti-theft backpacks. The BOPAI Anti-Theft Business Backpack is an unfathomably gorgeous and a very practical backpack for professional travelers. In addition to the fact that it is well designed, the backpack is very well made and multi-useful. Indeed, it even inhibits a USB charging port into its smooth design. What more can you possibly require?

At a Glance

If you are one of the people who appreciate the solid and solid design, beautiful and smaller than that of this beautiful bag that will impress you very much. Don’t worry, if you think it will make you a thief more than thieves. It is there that you will appreciate the hidden features that are stored to protect your belongings. We recommend this to be a good backpack for anyone who travels frequently and wants to look the part going from A to B. It is stylish, versatile, and has a great capacity for safety. It’s a great way for business travelers and executives who want to dress up to be interested while still storing their personal and business documents and useful electronics. Made with a water-repellent coating, it is an ideal anti-theft for everyday travel and work, official trips, or for a smart student. With its unisex and modern design, it is a great service for both men and women. It can be carried conveniently via a luggage strap and a handbag or with a high-waisted handle. It is spacious and spacious, measuring 11.8 x 5.5 x 17.7 inches.

With this backpack Black Friday, you can travel in style while also keeping your possessions secured. It comes with the ultimate anti-theft features that you will love. Let’s take a look at the standout features of this product that sets it apart from the competition:

Concealed Anti-theft design

This backpack is packed with unique features that provide peace of mind and confidence while traveling. It has a hidden double zipper so you can store your valuables safely unnoticed. There is a separate hidden zipper on the back of the bag, which is ideal for packing your wallet or money and credit card.

Strong and Sturdy Build

This backpack is also made from abrasion-resistant and water-resistant microfiber leather with ballistic nylon to be strong, durable, and easy to clean. With this combination, you can be sure that your backpack will last you for years to come.

Structured Design

Apart from its attractive appearance and strong, beautifully constructed, this backpack is well designed and very useful. It is decorated in the back and when you open it, it is easy for the owner to open and go but very difficult for the thief. It also has a large computer lab and a lot of storage arrangements. With a built-in hidden screen and a large enough space inside to accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop safely, there is plenty of easy and convenient storage. There’s also a clear and accurate display in the bag thanks to the 45-degree start mounting position. This fully-upgraded business comes with all adjustable shoulder straps as well as a top, so you have the versatility to take it all the way.

Interspersed USB charging point

An excellent feature in the backpack designed for business use is an integrated USB charging point. In addition, you can connect to a power bank to ensure that all your devices are always fully operational when you are out and on your daily commute. This feature ensures that you reach your destination or your meeting is ready and ready.

Concealed Card Compartment

Another special feature that we believe that frequent trips and commutes between you will fully appreciate is the invisible card pocket. The BOPAI anti-theft bag is designed to incorporate a convenient card pocket on the shoulder, so you can store a train or a travel card for quick and easy access when needed.


In conclusion, BOPAI anti-theft analysis, we can confidently say that this product is a great buy. With a beautiful theft plan that has a perfect view, as well as a solid look, it is now safe, it is functional, useful, and the best option for professionals. This bag is heavy to carry, has a lot of internal storage, as well as the cost of the USB port that powers it, will ensure that you are always ready and able to charge and put your device in-home or office.


  • Stylish yet practical construction
  • Spacious storage
  • Water-Resistant
  • Does not tear easily
  • Durable Design
  • Contemporary Appearance


  • Due to minimal padding, it is uncomfortable to wear
  • Straps don’t offer sufficient adjustment

Mancro Backpack Black Friday

The Mancro Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack is meant for travelers and travelers looking for a combination of storage, convenience, and safety. It’s the rare combination of price, comfort and convenience that others in the laptop bag category can’t claim Affordable is just like the cherry on the cake. Its features are as follows:

External USB charger

Basically, this is a connection between the inside and the outside of the package. So, you can connect the USB cable of the packets to a power bank or laptop that you have inside, and then easily charge your phone or other device from the outside. The USB port is on the right side of the package, so you could charge on the go or have the package seated while traveling, at school or at work. This idea is great because you don’t always have to look for a way to charge your equipment. The port is right there, ready to access at any time. There’s even a handy inside / top pocket for a power bank if you want to use that as a power source. So, it easily connects to the charging port cable inside.

Easy to Handle

Mancro’s anti-theft backpack is comfortable even when you measure all your belongings. Padded nylon sternum straps extend for any body size and never feel like the weight of the bag is being pulled on them. There is a lack of foam lining on the back of the bag that is hard to miss, especially when it comes to circulation. We sweat a lot on the go, so it’s inconvenient to have a bag without the ability to circulate air.

Attractive Design

With over ten compartments for a range of items, the Mancro Backpack Black Friday is ready for any occasions. The main compartment’s laptop sleeve is wide enough for other things. The bag is easy to adapt to numerous sets of keys, notebooks, electronic devices, and even a few travel coffees mugs without any question. Thanks to its 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 internal space (HWD) the bag is sleek and has plenty of goods. That said, it doesn’t do well with things that have odd shape and size like rigid books. Similarly, there are two pockets on the outside for water bottles, but their size makes something desirable. The pockets are fine for travel coffee mugs, but larger bottles like Camelback are not idea.

High Durability

The Mancro Laptop Backpack Black Friday says it is water-resistant and it means business. Having had to walk through the rain a few times in the past week, we can safely say that the bag not only can keep your belongings dry, but also air dries quickly. The Handle and sternum straps are also made of nylon, providing a strong material while also not being too harsh or tight.

Main Inside Compartment

There is a lot of space inside the main compartment. In return, this is a 40 L package. You have a padded laptop sleeve designed that can easily fit a 16-inch laptop. And it moves on the back, which is ideal for weight distribution. There are zippered pockets on the front, great for smaller items like your charger, cables or mouse. Here, the USB cable is in the bag for the external charging port, so you can connect it to the laptop or to the voltage number if you use it.

Water Resistant

The backpack is made of 900D Nylon which is a high grade waterproof as well as water resistant material. It not only looks great and attractive but it is durable and can endure a shower of rain if you’re caught in one with it. Although I wouldn’t place it in a puddle of course, but I don’t have to worry if I get rained on while waiting for the bus.

Front Pocket

With almost the entire length of the front, this pocket is perfect for things you want to get too quickly. It has many pockets, so you can put your phone, pens, wallet or even a tablet if you want. And as it also goes straight ahead, there is room for other things down outside the organizer’s pockets.


  • Built-in USB charger port on the outside
  • Durable and water resistant nylon
  • Lots of space on the inside
  • Padded laptop sleeve (for at least 16″ laptop)
  • Front pocket organizer for all the other small stuff
  • 5 stylish color choices


  • Some complaints of zipper quality on Amazon
  • Straps are not well padded (but pack is not intended for large loads)
  • No dedicated back padding/sweat wicking mesh material
  • No hip or chest straps to lighten the load

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