Spectra Metal Sales Armour Screen Gutter Guard

Spectra Metal Sales Gutter Guard

The gutters of the house are always invisible and remain insignificant in our property, but these gutters are very important. The cleaning of the gutters, the maintenance of the gutters, and most importantly, the protection of the gutters is very important.

These gutterings act like veins in a house. If these veins get clogged by any type of debris, they will cease the whole guttering system, which will result in overflowing and seepage of water.

The overflowing water can get into anything and destroy it, and seepage weakens the foundations of our home. The walls of the house can also be affected. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the guttering system of the house, clean, maintained, and protected.  

Extreme Weather And  Corrosive Resistant Gutter Guard

Spectra Metal Sales  Armour Screen Gutter Guard is one of few gutters guards which provide perfect protection to the guttering system of the house.

This Armour Screen system Guard is very strong in durability and offers resistance to extreme weather, hard downpour, and snowfall.

The main feature that stands out this gutter guard is, in fact, its strong, resistant quality to extreme weather. It is coated with corrosive resistant material that makes it unbreakable even in harsh winter and heavy downpour.  

Aluminum-made Unbreakable Gutter Guard 

Armour Screen Gutter Guard is made from high-quality aluminum which is coated with corrosive resistant material to make it invincible.

Most of the gutter guards fail because when there is a heavy downpour or extreme weather conditions, they cannot withstand such harsh conditions and either cease to performs or break or wraps, but this Armour Screen Gutter Guard has been designed to counter the harsh weather without failing.

With this strong material, it perfectly keeps the debris, twigs, leaves, and insects out of the gutters and its holes allow the great volume of water to pass through the gutter to drain out. 


The installation of the Armour Screen Gutter Guard is very easy, but it requires professional help to get it done in a perfect way. It has self-locking C-clip, and double reinforced edges fasten the device to the gutter. It fits in a standard 5-inch width k-style gutters.

The installation is simple, and the screws are included. Each unit has a dimension of 5-inch width and 4 feet in length. 


  • Self-lock C-clip
  • Rust resistant
  • Keeps all sizes of debris out of the gutters


  • Number of holes causes an overflow with heavy rain
  • It can be difficult to install.


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