10 Best Anti Theft Backpack of 2021 for Travel with Charger and Lock

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Are you a traveler? Or someone willing to embark on a journey of countless adventures?  Someone who is not afraid of letting it all on the line? We salute your bravery and look forward to more of your adventures, but let us get real. The world is an unfair and cruel place. You would often find most of your stuff stolen if it were in a regular backpack. But thanks to some of the innovative minds of the twenty-first century who have blessed us with the idea of the anti-theft backpacks. It would not be a lie if we call it to be a billion-dollar idea; because it certainly is one. So here we are to brief you on the top and the very anti-theft backpacks 2021.

Finances are one of the only or maybe even the only reason that I am not among the world’s top travelers. I find it really difficult to manage my finances because I am a foodaholic; I spend almost all of my earnings on food, and I guess that is the only reason for me that has kept me away from the limelight of being one of the most, if not the most accomplished traveler of this era.

So scroll down and give it a look, after all, you have a long way to travel!

Best Anti Theft Backpack 2021

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1. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350

Pacsafe is one of the leading brands in the baggage industry. This Metrosafe bag is an anti theft backpack with a storage capacity of 15 liters. The material that this backpack is made up of is Nylon Full Dull Hitra with a mix of polyester. This material mixture not only makes the bag water-resistant but also easy to clean. Despite being waterproof, the material is soft and has a smooth feel. This material mixture also contains a lightweight steel mesh which makes it splash-proof as well.

The overall weight of the bag itself is around 1.5 lbs, which puts it in the lightweight category. But even though the bag is light in weight, it does not compromise on the storage capacity. It has two exterior zippers that are lockable and extremely durable. In one of these zippers is a suspended and foam padded sleeve that can hold your laptop.

The bottom of this sleeve is also padded, which makes sure that your computer is safe from all directions and does not touch the ground either. On the outside, there are two pockets on the sides for holding water bottles with a volume of up to 500 ml.

There are two zippers on the inside as well; one of which is RFID safe. RFID safe zipper protects your credit card information. Furthermore, there is a clip as well for keys and wallets.

The size of the bag is big enough even to hold your camera and padded adequately to keep it safe too. This large size can be a nuisance for the shoulders when it comes to carrying all this stuff around, but there is a catch. The straps of the bag are highly padded and cover your entire back which ensures that all of the weight is distributed evenly upon your shoulders.

Pacsafe is one of the top brands in the market who know their work, and this top model is something we would recommend if you are looking for the best original branded anti theft backpack from the company itself.


  • Lightweight
  • RFID safe zippers
  • Lockable zippers
  • Large storage
  • Padded laptop sleeve


  • Expensive
  • No cords for power bank

2. Travelon Backpack

Travelon Anti Theft Courier Slim Backpack – Runner Up

The anti theft backpacks are often considered literally to be theft-proof or as something that repels or rejects thefts. On the contrary, these bags are equipped with technology that can merely resist and provide user time against the usual methods of stealing.

This bag by Travelon has an elegant, slim, sleek, and modern design. It features a major exterior zipper that can be locked and therefore provides security. In addition to the main zipper, two slash zippers can easily hold pens, business cards or even a calculator.

Inside the main zipper, two interior pockets can hold your tablet, iPad or laptop and another zipper inside which is RFID safe and can, therefore, protect your digital information. These zippers are incredibly durable and secure because of the steel mesh. In addition to being sturdy, these zippers are also lockable, which adds to the security of these bags.

Furthermore, there is another pocket at the side that can be used to store an umbrella, sunglasses, or water bottle, and this one can also be zipped when needed. All of these zippers are fully padded that can easily keep your electronics protected from all the unwanted shocks and droppings.

Slashing the bags or their straps is another known and rather renowned way of stealing used by the thieves and to tackle this tact, these bags are made slash resistant. The polyester mix used in the making of these bags has a steel mesh embedded in it as well.

Even though steel mesh is very light in weight, it enhances the durability and the quality of the bag and makes it resistant to knife or blade slashes. But this is not only the exterior of the bag that is strong, but it is also the straps that are infused with steel mesh and are thus difficult to cut as well.


  • RFID safe zipper
  • Storage compartments for laptops and tablets
  • Slash resistant
  • Lockable zippers


  • Not resistant to water
  • Has a relative storage capacity

3. Hanke

Hanke Anti Theft Travel Backpack – Mr. Techy

This backpack by Hanke is one of the masterpieces we have in our list of the top anti theft backpacks and is easy on the pocket as well. This bag is made up of a polyester mix which is resistant to water to level 4. Apart from being resistant to water and spillages, this material is soft and provides a smooth texture which can be cleaned easily as well. This polyester material not only gives the bag a premium look but it also adds to the overall strength and the durability of the backpack and is thus certified to last several years.

Unlike the other backpacks that have open zippers, this one has concealed zippers which gives the thieves quite a hard time. It has a main compartment with a hidden zipper which has two padded sleeves that are meant to keep and protect your laptops and tablets. In addition to these main sleeves, several pockets can hold your cards, pens, and power banks as well.

Apart from these pockets and sleeves in the main compartment, there is also a corded slot which lets you connect one end to your power bank and another one to your phone and charge it with ease.

Along with the major compartment, there are other pockets as well. There are two pockets on the side for keeping water bottles or umbrellas and a hidden pocket on the back that is perfectly suitable for keeping your wallet, passport and keys.

This bag is more like something from Harry Potter because of so many hidden pockets and concealed slots, but things do not end here. It has another hidden pocket on the left side which is best for keeping your phone safe from pickpockets.


  • Stealthy design
  • Multiple compartments for keeping stuff organized
  • Spacious
  • Cord for charging your phone using power bank
  • Affordable


  • Not resisting to slashes
  • Heavier than usual bags
  • No RFID protection

4. Korin Design ClickPack

We all crave for approval, especially from people we adore. Same goes for things; we all prefer things that have been certified and approved from others. This anti theft backpack from Korin Design has an award winner design, and not just one but two awards: Good Design Award 2017 and iF Design Award 2021.

If I were to list all the features of this anti theft bag or make a summary, it would go like this: TSA lock, metal wire lock, double layer, proof zipper, slash-resistant fabric, and five compartments for storage.

Now let us get into the details of these features.

The fabric used to make this exceptional bag is a mixture of polymer polythene, industrial polyester silk, and military-grade glass fiber. Yes, you read that right. IT IS MIXED WITH MILITARY GRADE FIBERGLASS! All of this makes it resistant to cuts on level 4 but still isn’t waterproof. For protection from water, it has a rain cover.

In terms of storage, it lives up to or even goes beyond exceptions as well. It has five major compartments for storage. In addition to these pockets, two dedicated sleeve pockets can carry laptops and tablets with sizes up to 15 inches and 10 inches respectively.

And when it comes to security, there is a triple anti theft protection system including the EXPLOSION PROOF zippers and a rust-proof metal wire lock. This metal wire lock can bear a strength of something around 50 kilograms.

This bag feels more like something designed for in-battle use, but this award-winning design is something you would want to boast off and has comfort as well. It has a unique weight reduction system that can literally embrace your back and distributes the weight uniformly over your back.

If I were to sum things up, this one would easily be the best anti theft backpack of 2020.



  • Award-winning design
  • Slash resistant
  • High quality and durable
  • Comfortable design


  • Super expensive
  • No RFID protection

backpack with hidden back pocket

5. Bruno Cavalli

Bruno Cavalli Anti Theft Backpack – Easy on Pocket

There is a classic image that comes into our mind the very first moment when we hear the term backpack. Bruno Cavalli has kept that ideal image alive and made it theft-proof.

This Bruno Cavalli is made from industrial grade high-quality polyester fabric. This polyester is brilliant when it comes to durability but not only stays to it. It also makes this bag resistant to water to quite a degree.

In terms of comfort, this polyester stands out again as well. Polyester gives the bag a comfortable and soft appearance despite durability. Furthermore, the back of the bag is padded with an airflow designed mesh. This airflow design has several panels with ventilated padding.

If I were to explain in simpler terms, we could simply say that the back of this bag breaths. It is because of the heavily padded back with columns designed for airflow and to keep you cool while you carry this bag. In addition to being cool, the padded straps and back are designed in such a way that it is exceptionally comfortable to carry and enables the weight to be distributed equally all over.

When it comes to storage, this bag is quite spacious and can comfortably accommodate your stuff. There are padded sleeves committed to keeping your laptop and tablet. It also has slash pockets on the front where you can keep smaller stuff as well.

On the sides, you will find mesh pockets where you can keep your water bottle or umbrella. In the department of security, there are secret pockets and safety buckles which provide you with private space for keeping your stuff from people who are adamant in making it their own.

Furthermore, there is a headphone jack and a USB cable at the sides, which allows you to charge your phone and listen to music without worrying about the wires or keeping stuff in pockets.


  • Affordable
  • Charging port and headphone jack
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Dedicated laptop sleeves


  • Prone to slashes
  • Lacks RFID safety

6. Baggallini Theft Hobe Tote

Baggallini Anti Theft Hobe Tote – Unconventionally Trendy

There are times when carrying a backpack seems immature or gives a very childish look, and you want to go for something else. Well, this is an energizing entry we have here because this one is not a backpack.

Against the traditional ‘carry on your back’ backpacks, what we have here is a tote bag. Most of the people call tote bags insecure, but well, this one is an anti theft model and keeps the aesthetics as well.

We are living in the digital age, and therefore, crimes have become digital as well. But for every problem, there has to be a solution or at least a precaution. This tote bag is no less either. It has RFID protection that prevents digital thieves from taking away your personal information and even your financial data.

The dimensions of this bag are quite generous when it comes to storage and thus allows you to keep quite some stuff before it is full. It has a height of 10 inches and a width of 14 inches which means you can still use it for keeping your laptop if you have to.

Polyester is the fabric that has been used to make this bag, and besides the quality durability, it protects from knife slashes. If you are impressed with its slashing proof property, then you should check this next one.

The 29 inched shoulder strap has anti-cutting properties because of the two additional cables; making it even secure. Furthermore, it has an exceptionally reliable zipper that can be locked as well to keep your stuff safer than ever.


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Slash proof
  • RFID safe
  • Anti-cut strap


  • Lesser storage than most
  • Pricier

7. Travelon Theft Classic

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack

Travelon is one of the most renowned and the most premium brands when it comes to bags, especially backpacks. And now they have stepped into the anti theft bags industry. Their fan popularity, brand loyalty, and product quality helped them get the crown of the very best in no time at all.

This bag by Travelon looks nothing different from a regular, traditional classic backpack, and this is the very trick. It is here to keep the traditions and designs alive. The fabric used for its manufacturing is nylon and polyester, which provides it with the unmatchable strength and sturdiness but does not make it rigid either. The texture of the bag is smooth and soft, which certainly adds to its aesthetic beauty. Furthermore, this fabric combination gives it the edge of being resistant to water as well.

When it comes to storage, then I would say it can certainly hold enough stuff to keep you alive if you were to get stuck in a desert or forest. It is 16 inches high and about 13 inches wide, which gives it a shape something closer to a square but is wide enough to hold your laptops, camera, tablet, and even more. It has a dedicated, padded compartment sleeve that can easily hold and protect your tablet or laptop.

For safety, it has a stainless steel mesh infused within the fabric lining, which makes it resistant to knife slashes as well. This meshing is also in the straps and makes them secure too. The primary compartment has pockets and lockable zippers that are RFID safe and can, therefore, keep all of your stuff and information safe. In addition to all of this, there is a side pocket as well where you can store either your umbrella or water bottle as per your choice and needs.

Despite having only one sleeve for holding your laptop or a tablet, this bag can keep your items secure and safe for almost as long as you live; unless you decide to jump off a plane without a parachute. Such intense security can easily help us claim this one to be the best anti theft laptop backpack.


  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Slash proof body
  • Have enough space for daily usage


  • Pricey
  • Only one sleeve for laptop or tablet

8. Inateck 40L

No matter what people try telling you, but SIZE MATTERS! This anti theft has a size of 40 liters which is comparable to a mini suitcase, or even more. It can hold almost everything you will need for a short, or even a medium-sized trip and be easy to carry all the way around with its extra paddings.

It has a ventilated back panel which makes it cooler, easier and more comfortable.

As for the safety and anti-theft features, it has lockable zippers and compression straps. While zippers can be locked, the straps make sure that all of your stuff stays in its place and also reduces the overall size of the bag as well. There are also several hidden pockets as well, which are perfect for keeping stuff like cards and documents etc.

When it comes to storage, this bag gives more of a suitcase vibe, but that is justified with its size and also allows you to keep TWO laptops of 17 inches each in the bag at ONCE! This makes the bag extremely useful for long travels or when you have extra stuff for yourself.

However, it is not as waterproof as other bags and weighs twice as the other ones too. For protection from water-related issues, it has a waterproof covering.


  • Spacious
  • Waterproof covering
  • Compression straps
  • Extra padding
  • Lockable zips


  • No RFID protection
  • Weighs too much
  • Prone to slashes

9. Pacsafe Venturesafe X18

I am the kind of person who would give everyone changes. It might come out weird, but I knew my ex was cheating and I decided to give her a chance (TWICE!!!) However, my approach is a polar opposite when I come to know that someone does not like adventures. Being real, I would say that I loathe such people.

Pacsafe is known for its quality products, and here they have pinged us with another one. This one is only for the adventurers because of its sheer brilliance in almost every known department.

So let us begin with the material that has been used to make this bag. It is made up of a nylon and polyester mix that gives it the needed sturdiness and also the value-added feature of being resistant to water splashes to high degrees. This material is sturdy enough to resist a certain degree of slashing or stabbing as well.

What this bag provides in terms of security is an absolute luxury and makes it an equivalent of a portable bank that no one knows of. It has a lockable main compartment that can only be unlocked using a three-step unlocking mechanism. The access to this main compartment can be accessed using the top and back panels both. Furthermore, it has a hidden pocket sleeve that can hold an 11 inched laptop or tablet and keep it secure as well.

This era is the digital one, and so are most of its crimes as well. It will not make sense if one is unable to protect himself from these cybercrimes. For your protection from such instances, this bag comes with an RFID safe pocket where you can keep your cards and passport and have mental peace at the same time.

Pacsafe is really not coming slow with all these nominations, because here we have another one for its classic adventure backpack. This one with all its features combined is a complete package and thus the best anti theft back on amazon for one to find.


  • Extremely protected main compartment
  • RFID safe
  • Slash resistant
  • Compact style


  • Expensive
  • Does not offer USB cables

10. Bopai Intelligent Increase

Bopai Intelligent Increase Anti theft Backpack

Artificial intelligence is something that has come out of the science fiction movies and has invaded our lives, but it does not mean that only electronics or computers get to be smart. This bag by Bopai is one excellent example of intelligent devices.

This bag is made up of microfiber leather mixed with nylon which gives it a sleek and fresh look and makes it water-resistant as well. This bag features an independent padded slot for keeping your laptops and tablets with a size up to 15.6 inches.

To keep your stuff safe, this zipper is hidden and locked, which makes this bag a reliable one. As mentioned above, this bag has an intelligent zipper as well, which is drawn out once its zipper is pulled and provides around 50% extra storage.

This bag is also a marvel when it comes to comfort because of its back sleeve design. This design enables one to use it as a backpack and a business bag, as per the user’s needs. Last but not least, there is a USB cable that can be connected to your phone and the power bank for fearless charging on your way.

This unique intelligent feature makes Bopai’s anti theft bag the best backpack with a hidden pocket.


  • Concealed smart pocket
  • Massive storage size
  • Sleeve for laptop
  • USB Cable
  • Can be used as a handbag as well


  • Expensive
  • Not RFID safe
  • Not resistant to knives and blades

Travel backpack all things need to pack for traveling

Best Anti Theft Backpacks – Buyer’s Guide

I am an adrenaline junkie. I just pack my bag with the most essential of the things and leave my apartment for some unknown adventure. But there have been times when I have lost these only and THE ESSENTIAL items and have found myself in a state of crisis and predicament. Even though such events have been very less, but prevention is better than cure because I have found myself in a foreign police station explaining myself to a policeman who could not even understand a single thing.

I have mentioned it before and am duly mentioning it again that these bags are just tools and machines that have been designed in such a way that they can only provide protection against thieves and their fellows by resisting their tactics. They are equipped with mechanisms that are able to resist the known tactics of these pickpockets successfully.

I have this dream of traveling the entire world, but unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I am not that good with my finances or taking care of things. But even if I am unable to pursue my dream at the moment, I can still help everyone who can live it.

Even though my math is pretty messed up, but I am reasonably good at evaluating stuff; after all, this is what I get paid for. So with my observation and evaluation skills that I consider second to none but the mighty Sherlock himself, I have prepared this heftily detailed list of the best anti theft backpacks that you should go for if you want to have fun without losing most of your stuff.

Things to Consider When Buying an Anti Theft Bag

So lets us not waste time anymore and begin with our detailed overview of these theft-proof backpacks.

These are the things that you should keep in mind and must know when you head out to buy an anti theft bag, whether for yourself or to gift someone.

Security is the most critical feature, and indeed the only reason you have made up your mind to invest in a bag that costs twice than the usual ones.

You might have heard the phrase that time is everything, well we are here to prove it. Time is the most lethal weapon a thief has and therefore, the most important one. If a thief is unable to get access to your bag or get into it in any way, he will simply leave and change his target. Because after all, time is money. These bags are made in a way that they will buy you time and drastically reduce your chances of getting mugged.

However, my mother would like to disagree. I guess she would more than just like to disagree.

According to my mother, I am one careless being who can never take care of his belongings and just leaves everything messed up. I am not in a position to deny any of her allegations because she is the one who found my wallet after I had left it on the table in a restaurant.

Because of my very careless routine, she decided to gift me an anti theft backpack. The backpack itself was a brilliant addition to my lifestyle because of its classiness and elegance, but however, I ended up forgetting my entire bag on a train.

For those of you who are unaware of what an anti theft backpack is and have been brought here just by sheer curiosity, we pay tribute to your quest for acquiring knowledge because we are all here to learn.

So let us just skip the small talk and move to the details. For the basics, an anti-theft backpack is nothing different from a basic, regular backpack that we all have used at some point in our life or are even still using. The things that make these backpacks different from the other ones is that how secure these anti theft ones are. Well, isn’t that what the name suggests either?

If I were to summarize things, then these anti theft bags have concealed pockets with concealed zips that give a hard time to anyone who wants to get their filthy hands on your stuff. And if someone were to try cutting your bag, they are usually made up of material that can even resist some cuts as well.


The most basic method or protocol, followed by mugging professionals, is to take advantage of your open or faulty zippers and grab whatever you have in that compartment. The simple solution would be to keep your zippers closed at all times, but these zippers can still be easily opened without anyone noticing. To tackle this issue, the anti theft bag makers have introduced the lockable zips that can be locked with an inbuilt lock. This lock makes it difficult for anyone else to get into your bag and definitely buys you time. Another innovation that these bag makers have introduced is concealed or hidden zips. These zippers are made in such a way that once closed, they hide in the bag itself and therefore give a hard time to anyone with ulterior motives.

Bag Locking

If your zippers are secure, the burglar might even try to pick your entire bag away while you are busy with something else. I have been a victim of this myself because I did not know that I could actually lock my bag with something. Almost all of the anti theft bag packs come with lockable straps (something which I had no idea of). These straps come with detachable hooks that can be simply unhooked and then wrapped around a pole or a bar and then locked to keep your bag secure. This one is the best when you are in a crowded area and have to keep your bag off of yourself. The lock will prevent your bag from getting lost.

Protection Against Slashing

Even if you have locked your bag with a rod or a bar, it is very likely that the burglar would simply use a blade to cut the strap and take possession of your things. These slashes can also be made at the front or the bottom of your bag which will either make your belongings fall or create some space for the robber to intervene; a loss for you in all cases. To protect the users from such incidents, these bag makers have adopted a very useful and yet an innovative technique. They have enforced the bags’ outer layer with a steel wire inner mesh. This steel infusion protects the bags from getting cut down with blades. This idea might seem like a crude one, but it is extremely effective and also gives you the required strength and durability for years of usage.

Secret Inner Pockets

Humans have evolved so much in all these times, and they certainly are still on the run for it. But evolution does not ensure that everything will be good after all the crimes are evolving as well. So despite all these protective measures, it is still possible for a skilled person to get access to stuff in your bag. But would he do if he cannot find any things in there? There are secret pockets in these modern backpacks that allow you to keep your essential stuff like credit cards and passport for one. These are concealed pockets that are hidden along with the divisions in the compartments and are meant to keep your things off the intruder’s eyes. I often call this value-added security.

RFID Protection

RFID tags are electronic chips embedded on your passports and credit cards. These tags continuously emit all the data, and this can easily be received and decoded by a receiver device. To ensure protection against such crimes of cyber and digital nature, there are RFID safe pockets in these theft-proof bags. These pockets have traces of nickel and copper that can keep these waves trapped inside the pockets and therefore keep all your data and information safe from the hunters out there.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance might not be something that you will need at all the times, but you do not need anti theft technology at all times either. Almost all of the latest bags are either water-resistant or come with a waterproof cover that can keep your bag safe. This protection is necessary to keep all of your stuff safe from natural disasters.


Aesthetic looks are not on the top of the list, but we all know how important these are when we are to buy ANYTHING. Good looks are always a plus point because we have a face to present and despite all these lectures on how much the personality matters, the first thing we ever notice is the looks. So instead of going for the outdated and corny bags, go for the looks that are fresh, appealing, and suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, anti theft backpacks are safer. Especially when you are traveling, they keep your information and your stuff safe from the people preying on it. They minimize the chances of you being helpless in a completely alien location, all by yourself.

How does anti theft bags provide protection against thieves?

The most necessary resource for thieves is the time. They tend to do things quicker than quickest because there always is a risk of getting caught. So if you take their oxygen away, they cannot stay on for longer and eventually have to retreat.

According to stealing 101 classes and the underlying protocol of thieves, they either cut through the straps of your bags and take it away, slashing through the material of the bag and let all of its contents fall, pickpocket a bag that can be easily opened or has been left unzipped, scan through your ID or credit cards or even just grab your bag and run.

It is never a guarantee that anti theft backpacks can really be theft-proof. They are just like all the other bags but can resist thefts and stealing to a certain maximum degree from the most common ways of stealing. They have these additional features which can buy you time and reduce some for the thief if they were to steal your bag. Saying it again, they never guarantee complete protection, but they are good at resisting thefts.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Most of the credit cards nowadays and almost all of the passports have RFID tags on them. These tags contain information stored electronically on them. This information is transmitted to nearby receiving devices in the form of electromagnetic waves. However, these waves are transmitted continuously without one’s consent and can, therefore, be captured by other receiving devices as well. RFID safe means that these waves are kept contained and not allowed to go out and make your transmitter tag vulnerable.

RFID safe fabrics are infused with materials like copper or nickel etc. These metals create a sort of cage for these electromagnetic waves and therefore keep them all trapped in. For nerds, this is a simulation of Faraday’s cage that shields the contents of the RFID safe pockets from the external predators.

Most of the anti theft bags are made of a mixture of nylon and polyester threading, but however, a good number of these bags also have another inner layer. This inner layer is a steel wire mesh which gives these bags the required strength and durability against slashing and stabbing.

Everything has some weight, and therefore it would be a scientific blasphemy if I say that these steel wire meshes does not increase the overall weight of the bag. But in reality, these steel wired meshes are very light in weight. It is as they have no weight at all when combined with the rest of the bag.

These zippers are tested over a thousand times to make sure they do not falter in performing their duties. Furthermore, they are also enforced with the same steel wire that has been used in the protection of the nylon fabric. In addition to all of this, these zippers are all lockable, and this means that the thieves will need some time to make their way into the bag before being able to do anything else.

Going for an anti theft bag is always a choice. I have traveled quite a lot, and the thefts had been far less than I had expected, but however, left me in a state of crisis and panic. Furthermore, these events are continually increasing. The prices of these bags are higher than the regular bags because of the high-end materials that are used for ensuring quality.


Bags are a must-have for almost everyone. Whether you are a student or have a job or even an entrepreneur, a bag is something that will keep you at ease. These bags are not something magical that will just take your burden away but will ironically put it right on your shoulders.

However, these conventional bags are prone to thefts and pickpockets, which has given rise to security issues amongst its owners and users. And as it is said in marketing, you sell your ideas. Someone came up with the concept of anti theft backpacks, and it did not take them long to become one of the favorites in the market.

These bags are not something that will guarantee your protection from thefts or pickpockets but will instead simply reduce the risk with features that can disarm the thieves from time; their most important and crucial weapon. The defense system of these anti theft bags equips them with the methods to buy you as much time from these thugs as possible.

These preventive measures include water-resistance, lockable and unbreakable zippers, steel mesh reinforced covering to prevent slashing, hidden and concealed zippers, slash-proof straps, padded inner pockets, and protection from digital thieves as well via the RFID safe pockets.

All of this sounds complex and a pain? We feel you and have subsequently covered every possible aspect of these theft-proof bags just for you. After all, we care for you! So check it out and make your travels and adventures safer.

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