Amazing Pressure Cookers to Try in 2020

Amazing Pressure Cookers to Try in 2020

As we are living in the modern era, so in this era people have no time for them, so this electric pressure cooker eases their life by preparing delicious and time-taking foods quickly. These types of cookers are very efficient in preparing delicious food very quickly and easily.

The Electric pressure cooker also is known as multi-cooker because it can cook the food slowly, fastly, and even sauté, etc. It is very useful in preparing the dinner table very quickly.

Are you new to use an electric pressure cooker? Has someone told you about it? Do you want to buy it? If yes then you must know about each and everything of the electric pressure cooker

Deets of Electric Pressure Cooker 

Below words are all the deets of an electric pressure cooker .

Important Features of Electric Pressure Cooker 

  • Frequent use of electric pressure cooker 
  • Size of electric pressure cooker 
  • Features of electric pressure cooker 
  • Your budget

Frequent use of Electric Pressure Cooker 

If you want o use it for making the meal of one day for your family, then you should consider electric pressure cooker  instead of a cooking pot so that you do not need to wash dishes after every use.

Size of Electric Pressure Cooker 

Electric pressure cooker comes in various sizes. If you want to cook food for 4 people then a 6-quart size cooker is okay. However, if you want to cook food for larger family then you have to go for an 8-quart size cooker. It will be perfect.

Features of Electric Pressure Cooker 

An excellent feature of electric pressure cooker  is that it can prepare yogurt. But if you want to prepare yogurt then first make sure that it has the yogurt button; otherwise it will not possible for you to prepare yogurt.

Your Budget

They are of different prices. You just check your needs and then go for the best and affordable electric pressure cooker .

Which things should be considered while purchasing an electric pressure cooker ?

There are many key facts that you should consider while purchasing electric pressure cooker . It should be durable, easy to use, safe, versatile, and easy to clean. Here is the description of some more characteristics that a best electric pressure cooker  should have in it.

Versatile: A good electric pressure cooker  has can be a slow cooker, fast cooker, rice cooker or even can cook yogurt.  

Construction and materials: Electric pressure cooker s have removable inserts of cooking. These electric pressure cooker s are made up of steel which is stainless and uncoated because the coatings which are nonstick can wear out after some years. These electric pressure cookers also had detachable lids so that you can wash them later as well.

Easy to use: These electric pressure cooker s are very easy to use and easy to clean. They have exact digital appearance so that you can exactly see what is happening while cooking.

Warranty: An electric pressure cooker  has a good warranty for one year. It may not include seals, valve parts, and gaskets. But you have to replace them after some time, and this depends on the usage of these things.

Parts of Electric Pressure Cooker 

Basically, an electric pressure cooker  consists of five parts. These parts are the essential parts of the electric pressure cooker . These parts are as follows:

  • The lid
  • Inner pot
  • Housing
  • Safety valves
  • Smart control box

The Lid Lock

The lid of the pressure cooker has a sealing ring. When the lid has been locked on the inner pot, they both do not cause air to escape out. Hence, the pressure inside the electric pressure cooker  increases when the heat is applied. 

Sometimes, it is very unsafe because it is very unsafe when the lid is not locked properly, and it can accidentally open while there is pressure inside the inner pot. Some electric pressure cooker s have pin lock so that the lid cannot open accidentally.

The Inner Pot

It is the removable part of the electric pressure cooker . It is made up of stainless steel, and usually it is made up of aluminum. The inner pots which are made up of stainless steel are very sturdy and ideal for uniformed heating. 

The Housing

This unit consists of control box, pressure and temperature sensors. This control box is also known as the heart of electric pressure cooker . This control box is designed to control the temperature and pressure of the inner pot. It also controls the timing and heating of the electric pressure cooker .

It is actually designed for the safety of the person while cooking, because when it sensors any unsafe operation then it cuts off the power supply and gives the sound which we can say as alarm.

Best and Top-rated Electric Pressure Cooker

Here are the deets of some best and top-rated electric pressure cooker s that you can choose.

  • Instant Pot Duo
  • Farberware Digital Pressure Cooker
  • Instant Pot Ultra
  • Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker 
  • Breville The Fast Slow Pro 
  • Crock-Pot Express Crock
  • Aroma Housewares Arc-914sbd
  • Mealthy Multiport 9 In 1
  • Cuisinart Cpc-600 
  • Power Pressure Cooker Xl
  • GoWISE USA Electric pressure cooker 
  • Maximatic Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker 
  • COSORI Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo

This type of pressure cooker is known as a life-changing electric pressure cooker . It made rice very well. Moreover, it can cook stew, soup, meat, rice, yogurt, beans, gravy and much more.

Farberware Digital Pressure Cooker

It is very budget-friendly and has been tested again and again. It can also work as a slow cooker. It stews meat very well, and you will love it.

It comes with lots of adjustable settings for soup, rice, steaks, meat, beans, chicken, lentils, vegetables and steaming the fish. It can also perform slow cooking, searing, and browning.

Instant Pot Ultra

This type of pressure cooker comes up with many whistles and bells. It also comes up with altitude adjustments.

In addition, it consists of a manual steam release button and settings for sterilization. Its advanced features include cooking eggs and baking cakes.

Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker 

It works under slow cooking and is ideal for cooking tender beef and vegetable stew. It is a six-quart electric pressure cooker  and can do the following functions.

  • Brown
  • Steam
  • Simmer
  • Sauté
  • Make rice
  • Prepare yogurt

Breville The Fast Slow Pro 

It comes with very amazing adjustable cooking settings. You can adjust the pressure and temperature according to the food and your choice. It comes with adjustable settings which are applicable for soup, meat, rice, vegetables, chili, stew, dessert, and much more.

Crock-Pot Express Crock

It is a six-quart electric pressure cooker  which makes you capable of sautéing, browning and steaming. It excels in slow cooking and can stew the beef very well. It is very budget-friendly, and you will definitely not regret buying this.

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD

This type of cooker is specifically designed to cook rice and steam some other foods. It is able to hold 2 to 8 cups of rice, no matter whether they are brown rice or white rice. 

This cooker consists of a tray in it so that you can cook two different foods at the same time.

It is very good at storing food during traveling, and it is very budget-friendly. It is very spacious. In addition, it is durable and has  stainless steel. It is very simple to use and has a non-stick inner pot.

The flaws of this electric pressure cooker  are that it is not good for large families and it is very limited in its functions.

Mealthy Multiport 9 In 1

This type of cooker consists of 9 cooking appliances. It makes you capable of pressure cooking, steam cooking, sautéing, making cakes and yogurt as well.

It consists of 14 programs for cooking. It is also capable of preparing 2 dishes at once. It makes you capable of accessing recipes with the help of a smartphone. 

It is very noisy and has not good quality.

Power Pressure Cooker XL

This type of cooker is so designed that its housing remains cool during cooking. It is very easy to operate and has high-quality construction. It consists of one-touch buttons and comes up with a manual for the users.  However, it is not much durable.

GoWISE USA Electric pressure cooker 

This type of cooker is very easy to wash and clean. It is more affordable as compared to others. Moreover, it can use several times in one week. Its accessories and housing are of very good quality.

The flaws of this type of cooker are that this cooker breaks down very soon. Sometimes, its knob fails to release the steam.

The resolution

An electric pressure cooker  is a hundred times better than ordinary pressure cookers. They can save time and energy as well. You can get very delicious and healthy food without much time and effort.

In addition, their cons are vvery minor you can neglect them and do your work very easily.

Moreover, if you are an ardent cook then these issues will not matter you in any case.

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