Aero Wiper Blades Review

Windshield wipers are considered to be one of the most overlooked parts of any vehicle. That is quite a shame considering they are vital for your visibility and safety during hostile weather conditions.

Given that windshield wipers play an important role as one of the outer defenses of your car, you really cannot slack in this area. So, with so many different options out in the market, where should you begin looking for the right one for your car specifically? 

Well, we have just the thing. Feast your eyes on these premium Aero Windshield Wipers. For starters, you get genuine OEM quality manufacturing that you can trust to last in the long haul. Along with that, it is a direct fit model so finding the right match will not be a problem. 

Aero Windshield Wipers are recognized as one of the best in the market, by a long shot. The credit goes to the durability of this product. Let’s face it, we’re all looking for products that will justify our money’s worth. 

The good thing about these windshield wipers is that you do not have to second guess yourself. Compared to other conventional wipers, these will do an excellent job of keeping your windshield spotless no matter what storms may riddle your vehicle.  

Let’s talk about manufacturing for a second. Aero wipers have been manufactured from a specialty blended rubber. It works without noise so you don’t have to deal with that horrible chattering noise every time you are using your wipers. 

Besides, it is a common misconception among car owners that overusing the windshield wipers or simply keeping them going for too long will leave marks and scratches on their windshields. While this may be true for conventional wipers, you do not have to worry about this with the Aero Wipers and the Teflon coated wipers. 

These go over your windshield as smooth as butter and keep it clear so your vision is not compromised even for one bit. This is essential because when you’re on the road, especially in a downpour, every second counts and you need to be on your toes in order to maintain control of the vehicle for safety reasons. 

Now you may be wondering if the Teflon coated blended rubber is the only thing going for these Aero windshield wipers. You’d be happy to know that it also will do an excellent job of reducing the air drag acting on your windshield which bodes well for the overall performance of the wipers. 

In addition to the rubber, it contains some specially blended plastic that keeps the wipers flexible in extreme heat as well. This comes in handy because a lot of automotive parts fall prey to ozone deterioration and can get damaged pretty quickly. 

Besides, there is a dual-tensioned spring strip on the inside that keeps the pressure uniform while the wipers are moving over the windshield in order to keep every wipe smooth and even. If you reside in areas that are cold most of the year, these wipers have a bracketless design that will prevent the build-up of ice and snow on your windshield. 

Another concern is that conventional windshield wipers tend to lift up off the surface of the windshield if the car is going too fast or the weather is unfavorable. This is also commonly referred to as wind lift. However, these wipers will stay put no matter the external conditions. 

Moving on to installation – let’s face it, not many of us are handy with automotive parts and tools. However, the good news is that installing these wipers does not require any particular set of skills so you can have them up and going in no time. 

Additionally, should you need to replace – which won’t be any time soon, but just in case – that is quite easy as well so you can get the job done and have your car back on the road in the nick of time. 

Ranging from three to six, it is guaranteed that the Aero wipers will not leave behind any streaks or scratches on your windshield. You may notice a couple of small streaks at the 12-month mark but compared to conventional wipers, that is practically nothing. 

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