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Here at reviewbites.com, our goal is to give you the smartest and savviest ways you can invest in your home. From renovations and DIY, to decorating and decluttering, our team of industry experts can show you how to get it done on a budget.

We believe being a sensible homeowner means that you don’t always have to call in that $100/h expert to do a simple step. Sometimes all it takes is a logical step-by-step guide with insights and tips from someone who has done it before.

If you’re looking for information and honest product reviews that can help you make a happier and more stylish home, you’ve come to the right place! We are here to answer your questions and guide you through your journey.

Our Team

Ethan William

Engineer – Lead Author

Technicalities are my weakness, and having to write about them in a legible manner is total bliss for me. My niche includes all the mechanical stuff and whatnot. Forgive me if any of my review short circuits.

Kaitlin Brown

Home Economist – Author

A rather ambitious couch potato who loves to snuggle down in the bed to write. I may be a sloth, but my reviewed products are thoroughly analyzed, so rest assured of the quality.

John Davis

Engineer – Lead Author

I write for my living and before divulging into my details, I’d like to welcome you all. I’m an adrenaline junkie and I participate in anything and everything that keeps my thrill-seeker spirit in check, be it traveling or sports.

Michael Rodriguez

Civil Engineer – Author

My words can be as rough as an industrious. I did hard work all my life, and now when I’m finally back on the bed, I like to share my experiences and thoughts on the hefty machines.

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Reviewbites is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We show advertising on this website because we need to make a living too. While we are not against earning money, we’re not looking to part you from yours. We only recommend products we personally love or genuinely believe will be an asset to you or your home.

We never take payments from companies or brands to promote their products. If you see us recommend something, you can feel confident there’s a good reason for it. We also clearly label when products we are promoting will result in us earning a commission.

If you are unsure about one of the products we have recommended or are having a difficult time navigating the site because of advertising, please contact us! We value your feedback and are always eager to hear how we can better your experience here.

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