Which Riding Lawn Mower Should You Choose

Which Riding Lawn Mower Should You Choose

Gone are the days that pushed mowers were common and took time for grass to get mowed.

A riding lawn mower has made the cutting of grass simpler. The best riding lawn mower turns the chore into a fun ride when compared to the push-over one. If you are having a bigger yard, a gas-propelled becomes a necessity which saves time too.

When searching for the best riding lawn mower, you need to consider a few factors. They include dimensions, cutting, bagging capability, to durability and maneuverability. The most relevant features to look for before buying one are stated below.

Cutting Deck Size

 The basic factor to consider is the cutting deck size. The deck size is equivalent to the blade length, it refers to the amount of grass being cut.

The small riding lawn mower has got a range of 28 to 36 inches wide. The tractor types have bigger cutting decks having range of 36 to 48 inches. While the zero turn mowers possess 40 to 60 inches of the cutting size.

 When the cutting is much wider, the more grass you can cut. Yet, a bigger cutting deck can become an issue when there are tight spaces and close corners.

So, choose wisely. It should be noted that wider cutting deck also means a higher cost of the mower too. A small cutting size will be ideal if you have half an acre or less of an area.


Smaller the size of riding lawn mower, better it will be at maneuverability. It means you can steer away easily even at close corners, plants or even structures. So, the best ones are small in size resulting in less manual work for you.

Mulching and Discharge

Mulching means chopping up of grass into tiny pieces that falls into ground and then decomposes. This helps to create fertilizer. The discharge refers to how the clippings get spread on the ground.

The best riding lawn mowers will clip the grass evenly and finely. They, later discharge the clips in an even manner, out from the sides. On the other hand, a low quality lawn mower will add to your energy by leaving large clumps of grass on the side.

List of Best Riding Lawn Mowers to Choose 

When it comes to the best riding lawn mower, given below you will find the top three. The list will enable you to settle for the best depending on your budget and needs.

Troy- Bilt TB30 R


  1. Can cut grass in reverse too.
  2. It is light in weight, hardly 320 pounds.
  3. Much less expensive than top of the line models


Priced at 1200 US dollars, this riding mowing lawn is worth the money spent. Its popular because its more accessible for an average homeowner. It can conveniently be used on small to medium-sized lawns as well.

The features include a 30-inch blade which is enough for most of the needs. There is a rear-mounted 344 CC engine that can reach speed up to 4.25 miles per hour.

Though it appears slower and doesn’t provide a wide cut, yet its maneuverability is top-notch at this price.

You will find some convenience features too. The chief amongst them is ‘Fast-Attach’ accessory system that enables for attachment of mulch kits and baggers.

Yet these accessories need to be bought specialty. Another amazing aspect is the model’s six-speed, shift on the go transmission that results in shifting of gears quickly. Such transmission does not make the mower stop to adjust the clutch mode.

Lastly, the operator-controlled reverse system allows the person to cut the grass while in reverse. 


Yet the downside with this machine is you don’t have extras like the padding steering wheel or cup holder.

John Deere E180


  1. Blade height can get adjusted between 1 to 4 inches.
  2. Presence of powerful V-Twin engine makes mowing hassle-free.
  3. Presence of wide cutting path allows for fewer passes to mow the lawn.


Valued at a whopping price of 2799 US dollars, this mower has so much to offer. It easily can navigate any terrain where most others will struggle. It makes easy and quick work of cutting any size yard.

The engine produces 26 horsepower that can reach a speed of up to 5.5 miles per hour. The fuel gauge has been mounted in plain view. This will allow you to know the quantity of gas that’s left as you mow the lawn.

 You will find a wide cutting path of 54 inches with John Deere E180. The most selling out feature is the blades that can be positioned at 11 different heights. Their width is anywhere between one to four inches.

The turning radius of the mower is 18 inches. This furthermore allows for customization of mowing options according to your needs at any time. 

 The mower’s hydrostatic transmission is pedal-operated. This means you don’t have to take your hands off while steering the wheel.

There is a cruise control through which you can adjust the speed as you mow. Both of these amazing features makes for focused mowing work by limiting distractions.


The downside with John Deere E180 is that it’s quite expensive and gas cap can become threaded easily.

Cub Cadet RZT-L


  1. Employs zero-turn technology.
  2. Small-form factor makes for easy storage.
  3. Powerful engine that results in amazing good speeds.


The Cub Cadet RZT-L costs nearly 2500 US dollars. It happens that storage becomes a hassle when keeping away with machines or equipment. But not with this riding lawn mower.

The small-form factor does not mean that your utility and sacrificing power will be compromised. Rather, this riding lawn mower delivers top speeds, provides versatility, and works efficiently.

 The machine is built with durable materials. Presence of a 12-gauge steel body allows for protection against likely collisions, with lawn debris, rocks, and even trees.

Due to the presence of a Kevlar belt, the performance efficiency and lifespan of the machines get doubled.

Moreover, there is a float system that does not hinder your mower level when you move across inclines or terrains.

 The zero-turn technology with Cub Cadet RZT-L is worth looking for. Through it you can cut entire grass as you move across shrubs, trees, and other obstacles.

Next, with the machine of this size, the engine is surely impressive. The 725-CC Koehler engine reaches a speed of 7 mph and delivers 23 horsepower.

Moreover, there is a big 2.8 gallon gas tank which is unheard of for other compact mowers in its category.


The downside lying with this mower it does not allow for mowing in reverse. Secondly, it possesses relatively narrow cutting height range.


All the machines listed above are powerful and easy to operate. If you are looking for best value, then John Deere E180 should be your choice.

As it makes quick work and you have few distractions. Whereas your premium choice could be Cub-Cadet RZT-L with features it offers with its size and technology.

However, your best overall value can be found with Troy- Bilt TB30 R that is priced rightly and makes for easier mowing even while in reverse at different speeds.

How to Maintain a Riding Lawn Mower?

  • Support may vary contingent upon your riding lawn mower model. There are some broad strides beneath, yet read your cutter documentation before starting work and adhere to the directions for use, upkeep and security. 
  • In the event that you have to supplant parts, use producer endorsed substitutions. Note your cutter make and model number and take this data with you when looking for new parts. 
  • Play out the support in a well-ventilated territory and on a hard, level surface. Spread a drop material over the work zone. 
  • Park the cutter with the stopping brake on. Prior to playing out any support, cleaning or investigations on your trimmer, turn it off, evacuate the start key and disengage the battery or unplug the flash attachment wires as indicated by the maker’s guidelines. 
  • Ensure all sharp edges and moving parts have halted. Complete any pre-support systems the documentation determines.
  • Lawnmower motors are not waterproof – Don’t leave your machine in a moist or wet spot. Do keep it dry where conceivable 
  • Do allude to your ‘Motor’ manual with respect to customary oil change plans. These guarantee your motor doesn’t endure unsalvageable inner wear and harm. 
  • If your machine is provided with a battery charger, allude to the battery manual for direction on how oftentimes you should charge. 
  • Don’t cut at low stature settings and high speeds. You should constantly cut at a higher stature setting and at the slowest speed setting.

Final Words

Follow these effective simple tips for your riding lawn mower machine. I assure you that it will be at your side for a long-lasting time. 

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