What is Digital Piano?

Digital piano is a kind of electronic piano that is preliminary served as an alternative to an acoustic piano. Digital piano can use the recorded samples of the acoustic piano and then its sound can be enhanced via a loudspeaker.

To bring the feel of the acoustic piano, weighted keys can also be found on several digital pianos, though they might be substantially more expensive. But with technology becoming easier to use every day, you can expect this kind of technology in many digital pianos nowadays. 

Advantages of a Digital Piano

There are some of the advantages of the digital piano because of which it is replaced by acoustic piano.


The Digital pianos are available in three different sizes 61, 76 and 88. If you have less space, you can buy a 61 key Digital piano. On 61 key Digital piano, you will not be able to play an advanced variety of music yet you are able to play a large variety of music.

The next size is 76 key Digital pianos. It has 15 more keys than the 16 key Digital pianos. These keys increase the range of variety of music, but it is still less than the 88 keys Digital piano.


The Digital pianos may look like electronic pianos, but they have a full set of keys. There are a wide range of digital pianos, from the ones that are portable and looks like pianos, approximately weighing 20 lbs to the larger digital pianos that resemble traditional acoustic pianos, approximately weighing in at 100 lbs.


A low- to mid-tier best Digital piano could cost $200-$500, while an acoustic piano could be priced at anywhere from $10000-$3000 on wards. That’s why the digital piano is mostly used by beginners that suit their range.

Even if you aren’t a beginner, you can still purchase a digital piano and reap the benefits of being easy to use as well as being cheap and easy to maintain. 


The digital pianos are designed with a volume knob that is used to up and down the volume. A headphone output is also present in the digital pianos that will allow you to practice anywhere without disturbing others.


Digital pianos are easy to maintain, and it can usually take half the time to repair a digital piano then it would take to repair a normal acoustic piano. Digital version of pianos’ parts is also readily available and can be purchased at your local utility store.

The chances are that you might not even need to call in a professional to fix your digital piano. In layman’s terms, digital pianos will save you tons of cash on maintenance.


The main advantage of digital pianos is that this feasible piano can produce the sound of almost every instrument in the world, ranging from a saxophone to a three-man choir! How hilarious is that? Playing a choir on a piano. Even Beethoven will get confused. And he was deaf!

You can play different types of sound, and you can choose the sound that you like and suit your music best. If you’re a beginner, a digital piano will be even better for you because it will help you do a Guitar Hero styled guided track, where you can start a drumbeat track and play the whole piano to the beat.


One of the main advantages of a digital piano is the fact that you can connect this piano to your computer system and then record your sounds.

Majority of the sound-making applications available in the markets like the software from Adobe and Audacity support the use of digital piano, and sometimes even endorse it. 

Many You Tubers Use a Digital Piano

If you’re embarrassed by the fact that a digital piano may seem like a toy as compared to an acoustic piano, don’t be. Electric pianos are used by many You Tubers. Heck, even the world’s most popular YouTube EDM artist “Illenium” uses a 49-Key USB MIDI Piano! 

You can rest easy knowing that not every classical thing is good. Not every expensive item is beneficial. Sometimes you need to think with your brain and not with your overflowing pockets.

Technology is a two-edged sword. Totally, And we can’t really produce perfect things. Digital Pianos are no exception. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t consider choosing a digital piano:

Realistic Sound Effects

Magnets can never produce the same audio quality as a string. Similarly, digital piano will never be able to play the same high-quality sound that acoustic pianos can make.

If you’re looking to make a professional career as an outdoor digital piano artist, you might not get the same kind of attention an acoustic player of the same caliber will get.

Normal ears may not be able to discern the difference between digital audio and mechanical noises, but professionals definitely can.

You Can’t Use Normal Sheets

If you have ever seen a piano sheet, you’ll see weird patterns that only professionals or people who are knowledgeable in classical music language can understand. These note high and lows are the lyrics of a piano. They’re music sheets. 

You can probably use a single music sheet over multiple versions of an acoustic piano, but you can’t use that same sheet with any digital piano.

This is due to digital pianos being made different. Sure, some people may say otherwise, but when one hears the same sheet on an acoustic piano and then on a digital piano, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference.

Value Degradation

Unlike acoustic pianos whose value only seems to increase over time, with the oldest of the pianos selling for millions on auctions, digital pianos only lose value over time.

This is because of the ever-growing world of digital computing. New features are added onto newer versions of digital pianos every year, and these don’t seem to stop.

This makes it a not-so-feasible move to stick with an old digital piano. You will want to buy the latest model to have all the features in your piano.

The value of the digital piano is just abysmal. You’ll end up selling your 1000 dollar piano for 50% less price next year you wish to sell it. That’s a 500 dollar loss. 

Doesn’t Last Very Long

The digital pianos in the market have a warranty of no longer than three years. If you look deeper into that fact, you’ll find out that this means your digital pianos are designed to last three years!

You’ll be lucky if that piano lasts you more than three years, but three years is its average lifetime. But then, if you’re only buying a digital piano to learn, and nothing more, three years should be more than enough. 

Things you should consider while buying a digital piano. If you still haven’t changed your mind, and even now wish to buy a digital piano, here are some of the features you should consider when you’re out in the market, trying to buy a digital piano:

Number of Keys

You should know how many keys you want on your piano. If you’re confused about how many keys should be on an average piano, the amount is 88. If you’re looking to buy a digital piano only for the feeling and that you wish to get into the music industry, go for the 88 keys piano.

You’ll find it easier to switch to an acoustic piano afterwards.But if you’re looking to buy a piano for your little kid, as a sort of toy, you can go for smaller pianos. Or even vouch for that cheap electric piano. 

The Tone

If you’re looking to buy a digital musical instrument, the most important thing you should be looking at is if all the keys work. And then compare the sound of each key with an actual acoustic version of that instrument.

If you wish to get better at using a piano using a digital version, the tone of the digital piano should imitate the tone of an acoustic piano. 

Brands Don’t Matter

The shopkeeper will try suggesting that you buy a more expensive, branded version of a digital piano, but that shouldn’t really be the case.

The piano sounds good, and has the same amount of features as the more expensive branded counterpart, go for it. Sometimes the branded pianos last even less, and you’re not really getting anything out of the brand.

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