The Use of Garment Steamers and its Pros and Cons

The Use of Garment Steamers

Sometimes you feel challenging to press clothes, and some kinds of fabrics are not much more comfortable to touch like cotton clothes. The garment steamers are the modern invention of to press the clothes.

Garment steamers can effectively iron the clothes. It uses heated steam to remove wrinkles. With the help of this device, you can press the hanging garments too. Garment steamers make your work easy and quick.

It’s a comfortable device. Garment steamers are those that come with plenty of features. Nowadays, garment steamers are quite versatile in their forms, functions, and sizes.

Qualities and Features

There are several qualities of garments steamers that make them more adaptable.

  • The dial is found that label the temperatures suitable for different types of clothes.
  • The steam nozzle is present in garment steamer that is remarkable in its function.
  • The steam is produced by the water tank in the garment steamer.
  • One of its essential features is that it can press the hanged clothes pretty efficiently.
  • The wheels are also found in it called caster wheels.
  •  The last thing found in it is the crease clip.

One thing important to know about its features is that these are the combine features found in all the garment steamers.

If a garment steamer contains these entire features, then it will be the best garment steamer among all. The vertically designed valet fabric steamers have plenty of features.

Sizes of Garment Steamers

The garment steamers are available in a maximum of three different sizes. The large size is used in dry clean processes. The medium size is used in pressing all the types of clothes in industries.

The small steamers are easy to carry outside during traveling or other purposes. The small liners are used for household purposes typically.

Steamer plays a vital role in soothing all types of fabrics, even silk materials. The famous liners can be held in hands and press the hanging materials.

The Procedure of Using Garment Steamers

It’s the best thing if you have a garment steamer to press the clothes. The water in the water tank is heated and converted into steam. The nozzle is found through which this steam moves out to the dresses and flats the clothes.

First, it will unwind the wrinkles in the clothes then it will press the clothes. It will reduce the effort as well as the time gain.

Fabrics Allowed to Steam

All the materials cannot be steamed; some fabrics can be destroyed using fabric steamers. Most of the structures are allowed to iron with liners. Cotton clothes can be heated in a better way, and it’s the best process known.

The garment that should not be steamed includes leather jackets, remaining dresses, or such fabrics that can be melted using steamers. Before cooking the materials, you must check the quality of the structure.

For this purpose, the small hidden part of the structure is tested with the steamer. Some information about the quality of the fabric is also written on its labels, so you have to read it before steaming.

Fragile Fabrics

Some of the delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon can also be steamed by garment steamer, but special care should be taken while doing this.

The silk fabric is sensitive enough, so while using it, a certain distance should be maintained between the structure and the steamer.

Sometimes the printed material is not subjected to steam, or they are steamed from the inner side of fabrics. This is, however, an excellent method of preparing the delicate tissues.

Steps to Using a Garment Steamer

Following are the key steps that how can you properly use a garment steamer

Preparation of Steamers

First, you have to get ready a liner for the use of the fabrics. For this purpose, the first step is to put an amount of cold water into the water tank attached to the steamer.

The water should be poured carefully, and do not let water to move to the other parts of the liner. Check the water tank if it is leaking or not.

  • Now the switch of the steamer is plugged in an electric board. After some time the water in the tank agitated. After that water begins to convert into steam.
  • Handle the steamer carefully. Press the button and steam the garments you want.
  • The fabrics should be hanged first before cooking. No doubt it’s the most comfortable way to press the clothes.
  • The critical thing is the direction of the steamer to the clothes. The garment steamers should be moved in a downward trend while steaming.
  • The pads are also available with the liners to steam the thick fabrics.
  • While cooking highly crumpled materials, steam the garments from the inner side, because of it, the better way to remove the wrinkles.
  • The fragile fabrics should be heated at a distance of two to three inches.
  •  After steaming let your attire to dehydrate appropriately.

Ideas to Select a Good Garment Steamer

A garment steamer is becoming popular nowadays. So if you are chasing the best garment steamer, some points should be followed. One is that you must choose that garment steamer that can be carried easily.

It should not be heavier to manipulate. Always select a high-quality liner, no matter what will be its price. Upright garment steamers are considered the best garment steamers. These are also called the floor steamer because the lower side is flat and can be placed on the floor.

The base contains wheels, so make it easy to move. This steamer is the best because of its unshared qualities. Some garment steamers include accessories like brushes and pads to steam various kinds of fabrics. The upright ships are costly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Garment Steamers

Every device has some pros as well as cons. The advantages and disadvantages of garment steamers are:


  • It is not harmful to fragile fabrics like silk, chiffon, and velvet, etc.
  • It’s comfortable to operate. Hanging clothes can be pressed.
  • Garment steamers are easier to handle, having no weight almost.
  • The delicate fabrics cannot wear out if you are using liners.
  • Soft tissues that have chances of damaging b iron can be steamed safely.


  • The garment steamers are not capable of permitting a distinct look to the fabrics.
  • The liners make the clothes moistened, so clothes are unable to wear quickly after steaming.
  • Garment steamers are not suitable for thick garments.
  • The garment steamers sometimes cause a disturbance in the work when you have to refill the water tank during working.
  • Upright liners are also not recommended for several garments.

Features and qualities of Garment Steamers

1. CTS Garment Steamers

CTS garment steamers are the top most cheap and reliable garment steamer. This type of garment steamer has extraordinary qualities and features that make it remarkable among others.

It is flimsy, easy to manage while steaming. The water tank is enough to carry water for the use of appropriate time. The water in the tank takes less time to be agitated. Its size is small than the others.

It comes with a profound warranty of about one to two years. It is easy to buy because it does not require much money.

2. ESH Fabric Steamer

ESH fabric steamers are best-known steamers. These are much comfortable. Although their size and weight are more significant than the former, it is exceptionally comfortable. It comes with various parts.

It is steam time is approximately ten to twelve-minute, which is not more than the above garment steamer. It is available in the market at a high cost with a size of about seven ounces.

3. PEP Garment Steamer

This type of garment steamer is famous, and most of the people buy it. It has excellent reviews. The highly wrinkled clothes can be de wrinkled in a short time by using it. It is available at a reasonable price.

Its steam time is the same as the former. It heats up early like just in two minutes. The size is four to five-ounce, which is somehow more significant than the others. The guarantee for these garment steamers is about two years.

4. Steam Fast Garment Steamers

The fast steam garment is much convenient. They are cheap in rates but high in qualities and features. The steam time is less than others, heats up quickly.

The size of the tank is forty ounces, which are considered a high weight, but because of its convenience, its size is neglected. The wheels are found at the base.


The garment steamers are a comfortable and convenient device to iron the clothes. It lessens your effort and time. How to buy the best garment steamer and its working procedure is mentioned above in detail.

The liners are comfortable, but they also have some disadvantages. This article is also describing the features and qualities of the best garment steamers.

The pros and cons and their price are also mentioned. This article is providing proper guidelines to buy the best garment steamers.

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