The Ultimate Guide Before You Choose Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


Advancement in technology and the newest engineering practices have made modern mower convenient than the old ones. As pushing old lawn mower can tire you, that is why the best self-propelled lawn mower is the best solution to your problem. If you prefer using the latest self-propelled mower, it will consequently make the work convenient for you.

Instead of fighting to push the mower around the lawn, the best self-propelled lawn mower will help you in moving without putting any effort. This article is a reasonable attempt for all those buyers who want to purchase the new lawnmowers. We will explain to you the complete guidance and pros and cons of this tool too.

Pros and Cons of Self-propelled Lawn Mower 

Every device has certain advantages and disadvantages. Lets briefly discuss them first. 

Pros of Self-propelled Lawn Mower

One of the best advantages of the premium quality lawn mower is that it is extremely convenient to mow a large area with it than it is with other types of lawn mowers. Being self-propelled, you merely have to give it direction and the rest of the hard labor, it will do by itself.

You can tackle thick and tall grass with the help of this self-propelled lawn mower. To dismiss a large amount of grass, it’s better to keep a mulching bag, and side discharge along with you.

Cons of Self-propelled Lawn Mower 

One of the critical disadvantages of lawn mower is that wheel drive is difficult to maneuver around the garage, particularly with the off motor. The core reason is that wheels have a secure connection with the transmissions. So, it becomes difficult to move them without engaging the engine.

Additionally, the gas-powered motors are not only noisy but also aren’t environmentally friendly because they emit pollution.

The battery-powered lawn-mower eliminates this issue. However, it reduces the run-time of the lawn mower.

Features to Look for Before you Buy a Self-propelled Lawnmower 

Here are a few features that you need to focus on before you buy the self-propelled lawnmower.

Rear-Wheel drive or Front-wheel drive 

There is a valid reason for which rear-wheel drive is expensive than the front-wheel drive.

While moving the mower forward, the wheel should be planted firmly on the ground. In that case, Front-wheel drive is useless as they can’t lift the front to turn. The wheels don’t bounce up off the turf easily here.

Conversely, the rear wheels are well-grounded and assure the excellent provision of adhesion control and maneuverability. If you require an additional power to climb steep hills, then the selection of rear-wheel motor is always a preferable choice.

Set Vs. Variable speed 

Adjusted speed makes it easier for you to move faster and slower as it all depends on the lawn’s condition. Moreover, your physical condition also plays an imperative role. 

You can get a desired cut with the help of the adjusted setting, and you can race through your lawn mowing chores quickly. It can be adjusted as per the requirements.

The self-propelled mower with a single-speed can have a fast pace to cut all the tall and thick grass or to protect trimming as well. A hydrostatic drive along with cruise control helps in the provision of the best luxurious facility.

So, it’s up to you if you want the set one or the adjusted self-propelled lawn mower. Your ultimate aim should be the adequate performance of the work without any hurdle. You must go for the option that provides maximum facility and takes less time.

Electric Vs. Recoil start

You can start the mower by using two options, including electric start and recoil start.

The traditional mower known as recoil mower is available in the pull-rope style — you have to pull the cord, which results in turning the engine to start the mower.

On the other hand, an electric mower that doesn’t need to be pulled to start. Just push the button or turn the key, and the mower will start.

If cranking up the old mower is a nightmare for you, then don’t go for this option and start using an electric mower. It only requires you to push a button.

You have to hook up the pipe of the port and turn it on. Thus, this way, you can wash the grass cutting from the inside of the surface and blades. It creates an entirely new impact on the edge.

Blade Override 

The latest self-propelled lawn mowers can quickly turn off the engine automatically soon after you let it go off the ball.

If you move the ball, it will result in shutting off the engine. Engine shuts off when you pick the weed. Moreover, if you release the handle for any reason, it will also result in shutting off the engine. This feature not only protects you from any sort of harm but also increases the longevity of the machine.

Swivel Wheels 

It’s a fact that your yard doesn’t look straight like the football field. You have to mow the trees and flower beds. Sometimes you may need to turn the mower, but most of the time these mowers are built in a way to steer straight. For such situations, swivel wheels are planted to give the mower full access to maneuverability.

Additional Features to Look For 

The consistent demand for maneuverability is why most of the manufacturers are installing the swivel wheels now. They are purposively designed for excellent maneuverability. Additionally, they help the wheels to perform their tasks effectively.

You must take care of the engine as it plays a vital role in assuring better performance. The bigger and powerful engine can result in power cutting that you wish you had. Don’t go for the engines that perform short-term duties and are of new use in the long run.

Additionally, if you genuinely wish the mower to be self-propelled, then it can be switched to auto and be driven automatically. If the mower doesn’t have the drive function, then you will have to rely on your strength to push the device.

Maintenance is another critical concern. Get the mower that requires minimum maintenance, not the one that requires maintenance every other day.  

The cleaning function of the lawnmower should be simple so that it can be cleaned easily. This complicated process not only consumes much time but takes much energy too.

You must take care of these features as they are for your wellness. 


The article purposively defined the pros and cons of the self-propelled lawnmower. Moreover, the features have been elaborated in detail so that you may get the complete idea of all the features present. Another thing to keep in mind is that you must take the customers reviews seriously, as it will help you in buying the premium quality mower for you. 

Make the best use of your time and money and the choose the best product that lasts longer and offers premium quality service. Don’t rush for the device that is not expensive; keep in mind that quality and price have a close association. The better quality always comes with a higher price. Just keep this in your account and then make your choice.

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