Top 7 Cordless Leaf Blowers

If you are tired of handling gas extensions or cords, then all you need is best cordless leaf blower that is operated by a battery. Nowadays people looking for leaf blower prefer to buy cordless leaf blower as it is easy to deal with. 

Not only these best cordless leaf blowers are cheap but also are convenient to use. They are all environment-friendly and use gas or electricity supply. They are also available with attached lithium-ion batteries.

If you have had experience of buying a cordless leaf blower, you will be aware of the fact that there are several companies that sell this product and its price and quality vary accordingly. Mostly electric appliances are more powerful, but these gas blowers are extraordinary in function. Some of them are noisy, and some are quite, some have long battery timing, and some have a weak battery, so it becomes complicated to decide what sort of product will be right for you.

There are several brands and models of a cordless leaf blower that are available in the market, and it becomes very tiring for you to pick which one is better. After detailed analysis, this article gives the detail about the top 7 best cordless leaf blower that you can buy that are superb in quality and are cheap.

Any product is considered to be reliable if it has a good warranty, so all the products mentioned here are offered with decent warranty time.

1. DEWALT DCBL720P1 XR Brushless leaf blower

This extraordinary leaf blower as all what you will wish in your cordless leaf blower. It has a lithium-ion battery and an extra-large blower that is brushless. Its brushless blower has a design similar to an axial fan. 

It is compact, light in weight, easy to use, and manufacture 400 CFM of air volume at a speed of 90 MPH.


  • It has 400 CFM and 90 MPH axial fan that is very powerful and sturdy.
  • It is also provided with a speed lock that can give speed in a range that will make it very easy for you to work.
  • It has 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and also has a charger as well.
  • It is also available with a stand and a blow tube.
  • It has a sturdy extension tube that pushes gas with full force that increases its worth
  • One of the best features it shows is that it has a variety of speeds that makes its battery last longer.


  • If used at full speed battery empties too quickly. So if you want to work for a long time, this is not a desirable one. 
  • It is a bit costly, so some times users find it difficult to buy it sometimes.

2. Green works 24322 340 CFM Cordless blower

This sort of cordless leaf blower is lightweight, as it has a weight of 5.6 pounds which is quite reasonable. It has a battery of 40V that offers excellent power and great service. It also has a vacuum with a brushless motor. Its wind speed is 185MPH.

After full charging, you can wor on it for a long time. You can fill 4.5 bags with leaves and garbage by using this cordless leaf blower.


  • It has a brushless motor that offers efficient power
  • It has a range of speeds that can prove to be helpful for several applications.
  • It has a particular sort of handle and is comfortable to use.
  • Usually, the lighter models are expensive and cheap one is heavy to lift.


  • In case you have to collect material like wet leaves, you can’t pick them by using this cordless leaf blower.
  • Its battery life is not as such long.

3. Makita XBU02PTI Cordless Blower

It is one of the best and powerful leaf blower available in the market. It has an excellent reputation and is known for its quality. It also has a brushless motor and is provided with the best lithium-ion battery. 

Its unique feature is that it uses two batteries for proper working. The company provides an additional battery along with the product.

It is considered as best as it has excellent charge time. They provide one year warranty to there customers.


  • It is one of the best cordless leaf blowers you can buy in the market
  • Its battery timing is remarkable
  • They also provide an extra battery
  • It doesn’t produce enough sound and is quiet.


  •  It is a bit expensive as compared to other products
  • It is massive, and it is not easy to lift.

4. Kobalt KHB 400B-06 Leaf blower

It is also a very high-quality leaf blower that is cordless and has extraordinary battery timings. It is a mild product that can be used by homeowners easily. It is not heavy, and the company offers a warranty that is highly recommended.


  • It has an 80V battery that offers excellent power services.
  • They offer a 5-year warranty that is just according to the desire of customers.
  • It has a long run time, and if you work at low speed, it can run for 70 minutes without any problem.


  • If you use it on high-speed battery only works for 15 minutes.
  • Some of the customers said that the unit had not worked when they got the product.

5. Husqvarna 320iB 410 CFM Cordless blower

Most of the time, people prefer this model as it works best on gas.  320iB is a remarkable product that is admired by users worldwide. It also has a brushless motor that shows the power of 40V.

Its battery timing is not as such right, but it has a unique property that makes it better than the rest as its speed lowers after some time to conserve energy. Also, the battery doesn’t charge when it’s hot.


  • It is superb and easy to use
  • It has a strong battery
  • It has a sturdy brushless motor
  • This brand is admired for its quality products
  • It is lightweight


  • I have not so good battery timings
  • Its motor doesn’t work if operated at maximum speed.

6. WORX WG575.1 Cordless Blower and sweeper

It is a lightweight and sturdy product. It weighs 4.1 pounds and is ultra-fast. It is provided with eight attachment points that are for dusting, blowing, cleaning, sweeping, and drying.

It also works on a lithium-ion battery that has the power of 32V. Its airspeed is 120 MPH and 80 CFM airflow.


  • It has an additional feature that it is provided with an inflator nozzle, and it has a deflator cone and a dust brush.
  • It has a good charging time, and a significant amount of work can be done with little charging
  • It is very light in weight.


  • It is not generally suitable for heavy-duty jobs that require long-time service.
  • Users have told at various sites that it is tough to remove or detach the battery from the unit to replace or repair it.

7. BLACK+DECKER LSW221 Battery Operated Blower

For small jobs around the house, this tool is the best. It is easy to use and light in weight. It is not so costly still it offers excellent power and extended runtime. It is provided with B+ D’s 20V Max system, and these powerful batteries are interchangeable. 

It contains many buttons and points that are for some services. User can select any option they want without any problem. It is not difficult to operate, and you need not mix gas to get your work done. You just press the button and are ready to go.

No doubt its power and battery can’t compete with the robust cordless tools but still for daily use at home this can be an excellent option to buy. For easy office or home use, it can be used.

 For other cordless leaf blowers, you have to wear ear covering and have to adapt significant preventive measures before starting your working. But this cordless leaf blower is noise-free. People, most of the time, don’t like noisy tools. That’s why they love to buy this product.


  • I don’t produce enough noise as it is quiet and not at all complicated to use. 
  • It is compact, can be assembled quickly, well balanced.
  • It is cheap to buy and will not be a burden on your pocket.


  • If you have to do a long-time service, then this product is not so desirable.
  • It works effectively on a smooth surface and is not so suitable for hard surfaces.


If you are looking for a decent and inexpensive cordless leaf blower, you must be confused as there are several brands and companies offering their services in this regard. These companies offer products from cheap to high level and from simple to intricate models.

It is on you to decide which sort of cordless leaf blower you want for your working. Above is the list of all best and pocket-friendly cordless leaf blowers that are available in the market. You can choose whatever kind of product you want.

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