Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions C curl Mixed Tray 8-14mm – Premium Semi-Permanent Individual

Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions C curl Mixed Tray 8-14mm - Premium Semi-Permanent Individual

First of all, you need to know the basic feature and benefit of the Eyelash extensions is it’s natural looking lashes. I got the most slender set and used them for a characteristic looking half set on my external corners. Nobody can tell so far that they aren’t genuine, yet I had a customer come searching for me by requesting, “the quiet one with those very excellent eyelashes!” So that is presumably about the best compliment I can consider for these lashes! I adore that perfect dolled-up-even-without-cosmetics feeling. Love the shape, size, and common feel of these lashes. I have been doing proficient lashes for quite a long time, and these are my new undisputed top choices.

Confident Personality: When you look great, you feel extraordinary. Nothing completes your look more than huge excellent lashes. Regardless of whether you’re searching for characteristic or emotional, these lashes do everything. When you have coy lashes you feel on point, so quit inclination hesitant and begin blowing some people’s minds today. Put our lashes on, and it’s moment sway. 

Whether you want to resemble the most glitz individual in the room, or if that stunning dolled-up even without cosmetics feeling is your thing, these can do everything. On the off chance that your customers need to be known as “the entirely one with those two wonderful eyelashes” at that point, you need these! They don’t cluster, smear or stick together and they’ll in a flash give you stunning, splendidly isolated, enduring lavish lashes! 

High Quality: The motivation behind why such a large number of you trust and pick Svanslashes is a direct result of the quality. They’ve turned into the go-to augmentations for beauticians. In case you’re searching for lashes that are EXTREMELY delicate, easy to apply and have extraordinary characteristic dark shading, at that point these were made for you. The assortment of lengths makes practically any look reachable! Our lashes are the ideal approach to upgrade your eyes without heaping on a huge amount of cosmetics. 

Natural looks:  Waves of our clients demographic have announced that our lashes are so regular looking, that individuals couldn’t tell they weren’t genuine! These have the ideal thickness, twist, and shading. Clients have revealed that because of the daintiness of these lash expansions they scarcely feel like they’re wearing them. Each lash is luxurious and agreeable in light of the fact that excellence doesn’t need to come at the expense of agony. 

The lashes look and feel delicate and regular 

Would you like to realize what are eyelash augmentations?

Eyelash expansions are utilized to improve the length, waviness, completion, and thickness of normal eyelashes. The augmentations might be produced using a few materials, including mink, engineered, or horsehair. The primary strategy for applying for the augmentations on is by utilizing a sticky paste to separately adhering them to the eyelashes one-by-one. This is to keep the eyelashes from staying together. False eyelashes and eyelash augmentations are not the equivalents. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to put eyelash expansions on you. 

Eyelash augmentation is a system and should just be finished by guaranteed lash professionals. Svanslashes sells lash supplies to excellence salons and lashes specialists. Our eyelash augmentations hardware is top-notch items. Our lashes are made of manufactured silk, and our eye-cushions adhere effectively to the skin. Our most well-known gear is our hand plate device holder.


  • Beautiful shapes
  • All sizes available
  • It Looks Natural


  • Not very smooth
  • Little thin.
  • Some sizes are very longer according to the face

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