StripMeister Best Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

StripMeister Best Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

I bought this StripMeister Best Automatic Wire Stripping Machine recently, on the recommendation of my business employee. I would like to say that it is a very proficient product and I was totally amazed at the results. It can easily strip wires of all sizes no matter how thick it is. I tested this product by using a 250 MCM wire and was totally shocked. 

It very efficiently stripped the 250 MCM wires without any extra noise or energy consumption. It also works very well on smaller wires like speaker wires, coaxes cables, etc. I thought it was designed to strip the wires of thick diameter but it perfectly striped a 6” AWG wire. I am very happy with this and consider it the best Automatic Wire Stripping Machine because it has saved me much money. Now I don’t have to pay extra for the wire stripping process, and it also saves me time. 

Normally, it would have taken a whole day to strip those very thick wires with the cutter and blades, which takes so much time and labor. But since I bought this Automatic Wire Stripping Machine, my work-load has been decreased drastically, and I have saved money. I would totally recommend this product if you’re having problems with the stripping process of wires with a greater diameter. 

This best automatic wire stripping machine will strip those wire insulations away like cream. It is also energy-efficient and totally reliable. The other conventional models of wire stripping machine can’t even hold a candle against this Wire Stripping Machine. 

It is specially designed with refined blades and high impact technology. I bought this online from Amazon and got an extra blade for free. You can also buy it online with discounted offers. This product does not have any major practical drawbacks, not that I have seen any yet.


  • It can perfectly strip a 6” AWG wire.
  • It is designed with refined blades.
  • Get an extra blade free.
  • Strips 250 MCM wires without any extra noise or energy.


  • The tool uses electricity for its automation.
  • It is quite expensive to buy.

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