DEMI QUEEN Real Mink Individual Eyelashes Extensions Natural Volume Eye Lash Salon & Thickness

I’ve been attempting that eyelash augmentation answer for some time. However, the eyelashes become so moderate. With this mink eyelash appended on to the eye, they look regular and light. I especially like the shape and size. Additionally, it’s anything but difficult to put them on. They look such a great amount of superior to the engineered Mink and quite a lot more normal. Astonishing! It is very Lightweight and exceptionally delicate. They will rectify a little after some time. However, I simply utilized an eyelash style on the closures. 

This is incredible; however, not what I needed. They are individual lashes, and I needed the fishtail. Wasn’t an issue to return and correspondence was incredible. 

It is my first request when you are going to buy the eyelash. They are delicate and dim and truly like these lashes. It isn’t difficult to put on, and they are decent to look like genuine lashes. You need them worth the cash.

  • Demi Queen Lash’s hand picks 100% genuine mink hide can be warmed and twisted. 
  • Incredibly regular, full, and fleecy looking. 
  • Keep the last more; mink eyelash is so light just as having the option to apply a few mink augmentations for each normal lash. 

Do people use it on a daily basis??

This eyelash is comfortable in use, but therefore I told you it’s thin as compared to others. When you apply thin eyelashes so, it difficult to use on a daily basis. You can use it for the events and Occasions. For the time being, you can use it and remove after the time. However, it does not effect your eyes because it’s soft and smooth.

Expert Use 

  • Demi Queen Lash’s handpicks 100% genuine mink hide can be warmed and twisted. 
  • Sometimes it makes a difference like you are an expert in applying the Eyelashes or not.   

Estimate: D Curl-Dem Queen 100% Mink Individual Eyelashes Professional Use 

Material: 100% without cruelty mink hide 

Length: 8mm-1Row, 9mm-1Row, 10mm-2Rows, 11mm-2Rows, 12mm-2Rows, 13mm-2Rows, and 14mm-2Rows 

Style: D Curl 

Thickness: About 0.15 are an incredible thickness ideal for 1-1 application. 


  • 100% regular mink eyelash expansions. 
  • D-twist is a standout amongst the most famous, incredible for making sensational arrangements of lashes just as utilizing together with different twists for eye shape remedy/making a lifting impact on the external corners of the eyes. 
  • Demi Queen Lashes experience exacting quality control and are made utilizing high temperatures to make the twist. This makes them warmth and water safe. 
  • Our lash is effectively removable from the exchange strip.
  • Our quality represents itself with no issue, the best you and need the best lashes.


  • After some time they flat-lined. 
  • Not for everyone because it’s thin.
  • Only experts can use it correctly.

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