Pressure Washers: A Miniature of Modern Market

Pressure Washers: A Miniature of Modern Market

In the present era, when technology has completely taken over the industries and the latest gadgets are here to lessen the human efforts to the minimum, Pressure Washing has completely revolutionized the entire cleaning routine.

It has never been easier than this to get rid of all the dirt and shabbiness within such a limited time span and it is for this reason, that the Pressure Washing has become a complete and wide-ranging business within itself and is expanding its graph with every new day.

For all the people new to this marvel, Pressure Washing deals with cleaning your vehicles, inside of your industries, concrete entities and even your buildings with high pressure of the water so that each and every particle of dust and dirt is removed and your possessions are newer than before.

This is the easiest way to explain this concept and summarize its whole terminologies. So it is understandable that to make this job easier and better in terms of quality and outcomes, Industries have come up with some of the best Electric Pressure Washers with several different and variable options so that one can easily choose and clean according to his own choice and the entity that is to be cleaned.

Hence, for the options, you do have a choice to go with. As there exist Gas Pressure Washers, which do give a bit of tough competition to Electric Pressure Washers but still lack at some points.

So to explain this statement, let us all go through some of the pros and cons of both Gas and Electric Pressure Washers.

Difference btw Gas & Electric Pressure Washers

The first time when a Pressure Washer was introduced in the market, it was a Gas Pressure Washer. It is certain that these pressure washers do provide a strong flow of water which is the main key in pressure washing, but they are depreciated because of their weight and the dilemma that one has to face when there is leakage or shortage of gas.

Moreover, the Gas Pressure Washers are heavy and bulky so it is a Herculean Task to carry them with you while cleaning.

To overcome all these cons, Electric Pressure Washers have been introduced in the market, which are easy to handle, come with an understandable manual instruction booklet and have various options to choose from so in this way, the quality of task is increased. 

Now the manufacturers have come up with some of the best Electric Pressure Washers, which provide such a wide variety of options that they outclass the Gas Pressure Washer, and it is the same reason that Gas Pressure Washers have almost become nonexistent and the Electric Pressure Washers and gaining more and more consumer appreciation and fan base with every new day. 

It is all about the electric motor that they carry inside them. This motor is responsible for creating the high pressure of water, and not only this, but the same motor also performs the function of mixing the water with detergent or soap whatever you prefer, and in the end, this mixture is heated by the same electric motor.

So in this way, so many tasks are done by the same lightweight motor, and the weight as compared to a Gas Pressure Washer is halved.

This is the basic cause that most consumers choose this for their home cleaning but with the high pressure that the best of Electric Power Washers produce, they can be used even for industrial purposes, without even a little bit of hesitation.

Until now, we have been discussing all the major factors and aspects of Electric Pressure Washers, but now it is the time that minor advantages too, should be brought in the limelight to justify all this praise. 

The first and foremost one is that the Electric Pressure Washers let you add the detergent of your choice, and they heat this mixture until it reaches your chosen temperature, so it is crystal clear that with detergent mixed hot water, the quality of your job should be increased and in such a way, it can be performed easily with the minimized human effort. 

How an Electric Pressure Washer works?

To understand how manufacturers have come up with such a marvelous invention, let us just have a slight introduction of how some of the best Electric Pressure Washers around the world are made and how do they actually work. 

The most important part in an Electric Pressure Washer is undoubtedly the water pump. This part is responsible for creating high pressure and maintains a check on the flow of water.

Without this, an Electric Pressure Washer would be no different than a dead body. Hence it can be said that it is the core and the central most important part of an Electric Power Washer.

Other most important factor in the structure of an electric pressure washer can be the electric motor itself. This motor performs the most important tasks such as generating the high pressure and it is insulated from all the sides, so such a way no water reaches inside the machine.

This motor is the basic difference between electric and gas pressure washers, so suppose if you purchase a gas pressure washer, you’d see that it carries a heavy and bulky gas engine instead of small light weight electric motor.

Some other parts are really common among all the pressure washers, and these are piston, water pipe etc. One thing that is really important regarding the working of pressure washers is, that they create a high pressure water flow but use the least amount of water.

So in this way maximum of whatever entity you are cleaning, is cleaned with the least wastage of water. Otherwise if you had gone for the same old procedure of the manual method, much greater amount of water would have been used and still the quality of your task would have been mediocre instead of a professional one.


Now being done with all the basics and details related to Electric Pressure Washers, let us explore the facts and figures and how this business is prospering with all its might. 

Let us discuss some of the daily wages of people who are the professionals in this field, and how much they charge for a single cleaning job? First we are going to discuss the residential income instead of commercial one.

Well considering the per hour job, the daily wages are between 100$ and 150$, and it doesn’t include all the extra and mini tasks that one performs during the pressure washing, so in this way it can be considered as a pretty good side job or even a main job if you are a layman in this field, and most important point is that doing this can make you have a closer look and gain experience to decide whether you should put your investment in this business or not. So the risk is minimized to the least. 

Now coming to a broader aspect and commercial income, Pressure Washing can make you good money which can be 220$ for a per hour job, this includes the cleaning of both exterior and interior, and using the most advanced tactics and giving your best.

For this aspect, one has to purchase and invest his money in some of the best Electric Power Washers so that the standard of your job is alleviated and confirmed.

There are so many Electric Pressure Washers out there, which will be put in the list for you in this article.

So once you have invested a generous amount of money in these washers, now you have to hire a group for all the cleaning because commercial pressure washing isn’t a single man job and requires a whole team of people.

You are supposed to deal with the exterior of houses, or buildings and even with the concrete so the only solution is to have a full fledge group of people surrounding you.

Thirdly, you have to arrange some other basic equipment and still you will be a new bee in the town so patience should be observed at any cost.

With patience and determination, you can stand your ground in the coming years, as per estimation the income generated by this business has reached up to 175 billion in the market, so there is hope definitely.


Many companies claim to manufacture the best Electric Pressure Washer, since such pressure washers are sold in the market like hotcakes.

Of course, all of them are different from one another, on the basis of structure and different preferences, so it is wise to do thorough research before investing your money in buying the latest and advanced electric pressure washer.

So to free you from this confusion, we have made a list of some of the best Electric Pressure Washers, let’s have a look:


This electric pressure washer is first on the list because it is super affordable with a pressure of almost 1700 pounds per square inch and a warranty of three years. The most unique thing about this pressure washer is that it has three nozzles and weighs only 32lbs which is a lot lighter than the conventional gas pressure washers.

One of the most exciting features that it has, the 35 ft. cord should be highlighted. With such a long and extensive cord you don’t have to carry it with yourself, and the nozzle can reach a pretty good distance, so it is an important plus point.

The latest feature of onboard detergent tank has made the life easier, as now the detergent can be added easily without much effort.

It is easily available on Amazon at a decent price of 126$, so it is quite affordable and gives so many features at such a low cost.

There are many other Ryobi Electric Pressure Washers, and they all are affordable and reliable, this is the reason that mostly consumers are confident in the company and it is one of the well-known names in the market.


This Electric Pressure Washer gives 1700 pounds per square inch pressure with almost 1.3 gallons per minute water. It also has a 35 ft. cord so it is also admirable in the terms of extension.

The most exciting feature that it carries is the three nozzles set, as this feature is rare among most of the pressure washers. 

The con of this electric pressure washer is that it comes with only one year warranty, so consumers don’t really appreciate it. But as far as the consumer’s review is concerned, it has proved to be reliable because of its long working life.

This brand is considered as one of the ancient names in the history of pressure washers, so consumers often don’t pay much heed to the warranty. 

The feature that distinguishes it from many other electric power washers is that it has an on-board steam cleaner, so for the stains which are really tough to get rid of, just wet them with soap, then give them good steam and in the end, apply high pressure.

This feature is so distinctive that it is the basic reason for all the praise, and Amazon is out of stock as all the pieces have been sold out.

GreenWorks 1,600 PSI 1.2 GPM Light-duty Electric Washer:

This Electric Pressure Washer has a pressure of almost 1600 pounds per square inch with almost 1.2 gallons per minute of water. It has a detachable detergent bottle and the best thing about this is the position. Whether vertically or horizontally, it can be used in both positions. It is available on Amazon at a price of 144$ and is one of the highest-rated electric pressure washers.


What should be the best distance between nozzle and the entity being cleaned?

The best distance depends on the pressure that you choose from all the options, however for an idea, it should be almost 5 inch if you are cleaning a wall, and however you can come closer if it’s a really tough stain but keep in mind that the decreased distance may cause the paint to peel off.

If the hose of my pressure washer is punctured, can I repair this at home?

No it can’t be repaired at home and you shouldn’t even give it a try as it can be really hazardous and you’ll end up hurting yourself or a more damaged hose.

Why are there clogs in the nozzle?

The clogs may be formed by the dust that is stuck in the passageway and can ruin the performance of the pressure washers, it is wise to remove them as quick as possible.

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