Paint Sprayers are Better Than Brushes

Spray painting or so we call aerosol paint, has become a major trend in our construction world. They play an important role in painting the buildings, houses, offices or any other building sites much more quickly and neatly rather than brushes.

Our society is moving on to many easy, and hand crafts which give them easiness in life and paint sprayers are one of them.

Spray painting is basically a technique which uses a spray machine, loaded with demanded paint into a specific pain cylinder or box attached to it.

It works with air or gas pressure that is generated by electricity. Every spray has its own shape and size, and it is designed according to the necessity of work. 

Paint sprayers are the next generation of brushes but in a complete and extremely different way. Basically, they are the evolution of airbrushes.

Airbrushes usually did the task of handheld work along with some detailed work on photo retouching, painting cells, nail painting or any fine art. Airbrushes had a bigger job. They cover up large areas and with a liquid finish.

Paint sprayers have different functions. They usually automated or handheld along with changing heads that can produce different spray patterns and their quantity.

The paint sprayer has lessened the time duration of overlapping paint brushing for up to 70%.

Different Types of Paint Sprays

Air gun Spraying: This is used to apply paint through air pressure; it has a nozzle, paint basin and air compressor.

The nozzle of this gun has different types of sizes and shapes, so the consistency of paint can be adjusted.The most common ones are a flat stream, full cone and hollow cone.

These sprayers are rather automated or handheld, so in manual mode, the painter usually overlaps the machine over and over for better coverage and the automated machine is set up from start to finishing area for a complete and finished work. 

High volume, low pressure [HVLP]: it works the same as an air gun, but the machine itself needs a lower pressure.

This helps the paint to reach higher but in a low pressure, keeping the paint in range, not thickening the surface too much. This gun gives much easier reach to the task to be done neatly.

Low volume, low pressure

low volume low pressure [LVLP] also operate with lower pressure, but they usually use a low volume of air as compared to HVLP equipment. 

Electrostatic spray painting: Electrostatic spray painting, or also known as powder coating is a unique achievement that reaches the perfection level of painting.

The object on which this machine is used is rather grounded or charged oppositely.  This technique also requires some heating process to fix up the paint permanently.

The car body panels and bike frames are two of the main examples that use electrostatic paintings. 


Who doesn’t love art in today’s time? Spray painting has become a major sign of graffiti artwork of any wall creativity. The youth of today is using this technique as their voice on walls with spray paint.

Many kids have come up with unique talents to use spray paint in many creative ways. 3D digital artwork has taken the lead with real-life drawings on walls with spray paints.

Spraying techniques are widely used, especially in art. Spraying on something rather than pushing and pulling is much easier for us to do.

That’s why companies have come up with much detailed spray machines that are combined with multiple functions for multiple purposes. 

Colouring up objects has never been easier. Paint sprays have made their place known widely and prominently around the painting industry. 

Some Well-known Paint Spray Machines

Paint sprays easily apply paints on different levels of objects, e.g. buildings, offices, walls, houses etc. in smaller versions, paint sprays are used as artwork tools or painting up any vehicles, furniture, or any DIYs that you wish to make.

According to the yearly review committee, here are some major best paint sprays that have taken over the colouring zone by storm. 

  1. Graco Magnum 262800X5
  2. Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP
  3. HomeRighy C800766 Finish Max
  4. Graco Magnum 262805×7
  5. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max#

These paint sprays have made their place in the best top 5 for this year with perfect functions and great reliability.

They consist of great air pressure and paint throwing pressure that gives a marvellous finish to the surface.

Their multifunctional system gives a wide range of functions, so it is adjusted according to the user’s need.

Usage of Paint Sprays: Can Everybody Use them?

 Here is the main question about using paint spray in a proper way. Every product carries their principles of functioning them, and the same is with the paint sprays, they carry the principle of operation.

Before buying any paint spray, you need to know how it works. Operating the paint spray is not an easy job, so keep good know-how of operating one before buying one.

People generally try to do everything on their own and usually turn out to waste their money on wrong products. That’s why it is important to know what you are buying and how you are going to use it.

Pressure knowledge is also an important part of knowing the functions of paint spray. These sprays are based on two types of pressures, High and Low, they have a sequence check with their machines and are used differently with different purposes.

If a low-pressure paint is used on much tougher jobs, it won’t give very good and satisfying results. 

Adjusting the spray is also one of the important tasks to work with the machine. These machines are designed to function according to their structure and work properly, that’s why having an instruction manual or general knowledge about buying a paint spray is really important.

Paint sprays have different paint tank locations; some on top while some on at the bottom. If it is on top, it is used for massive projects, but if it is set on the bottom, it will a normal pressure coverage. It will work more detailed and with full grip.

Horse Power of Paint Spray 

Horsepower of a spray also has the importance of using the spray properly. Its power tells how much gallons of material it can apply in specific time so it will be easy for you to know when your paint will finish in the tank.

Strong and fast horsepower does the work quickly and strongly while low-pressure horsepower does the work in more detail. 

The volume of paint spray matters a lot when you are planning to paint the walls of the whole house or do some retouching.

Low volume pressure feature is mostly for lighter jobs while more capacity volume fillers do a high-density job with a much longer period. 

If you are working home-based and your task is not that hard or time taking, then its better to buy an easy handling spray can have easy to use functions.

The ease of adjustment is important while working with your paint spray. Paint sprays with fewer functions are best for quick and small jobs, while high-performance sprays with multiple functions are best for professionals. 

Power Usage of Paint Spray 

While working with a paint spray, you need to know its gas and electricity usage. These sprays work on these two specifications, and each gives a different level of pressure to the spray.

If your task is home-based, you can easily buy an electric paint spray and attach it with sockets. Make sure if you are outdoors, do not use electric based sprays as they won’t come in handy, but gas-filled sprays will be much better to use.

Portability of paint spray is all time important as we know where and how we are going to work. So keep in mind what kind of and how much heavy a spray you are going to carry.

If your task is not that time consuming, there is no need to carry a heavy load spray that will eventually become a burden later on.

For normal house based or street jobs, a simple paint sprays with paint tank. Usually electric-based will usually be a better choice.

Last and most important part of handling a paint spray is how much cleaning it needs. Simple and easy paint sprays take less work to clean. Professional spray paints take much care and effort in cleaning them up.

Be sure which about which products you are supposed to use while cleaning them. Keep a thorough check of electricity based spray that it is not near any socket.

Instruction manuals within the boxes also carry detailed instructions on how to manage the paint sprays. So it would be the best choice to read it first.

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