For ages, painting has been playing a crucial role in our lives. We’ve been using it to beautify our houses or for artistic purposes. Even in school projects, we have been using the old conservative brush painting.

We all used to think that a better and easier way to paint doesn’t exist as our world revolved around paintbrushes. Undoubtedly, brushes proved to be of great help and had been trusted for a long time.

But today we are going to discuss another revolutionary gadget that made painting an easier task and enhanced the quality to the maximum.

Let us introduce this to you the Spray Painting that has eliminated paintbrushes from the game. It has made painting more fun than ever and has made it approachable for almost everyone out there.

Spray Painting is done through the pressurized air present in Paint Sprayers. When force is applied, the paint is mixed with the pressurized air inside and is released in the form of air spray.

There are many types of paint sprayers so it depends on the task being provided. Let us move towards the making and working section to explore this gadget to the fullest.

How are Paint Sprayers Made?

Paint Sprayers have become an essential part of daily life. These are used in almost every field, let it be professional painting, or domestic projects, school projects or even house painting.

This gadget has proved itself for so many times and is so important that almost everybody should know its basic making and working procedure.

As we have mentioned above, this gadget works on the mechanism of pressurized air, so you need to have a good knowledge regarding mechanical engineering.

We’ll tell you the best way to make a DIY Paint Sprayer at home, so you can give it a shot, but the basic purpose is to let you know the basic equipment required to make a paint sprayer and get an idea of how it is made on a commercial level. 

The basic things that you need are 

  • Empty can
  • Empty coke bottle
  • Tire valve
  • Paint

Using these things, first, you have to make a hole in the neck of an empty bottle. Then you insert the tire valve inside it to get its head outside the bottle through the hole you just made.

Now you have to take that empty spray can and cut it from the neck to separate its spray nozzle from the can. Now take that nozzle and attach it to the bottle cap. Then the paint is poured into the bottle and the cap is closed tightly.

The last step is just to add the air through the tire valve to create pressure inside and voila! Your DIY Paint Sprayer is ready. 

If you’re a grown-up you should give this method a try but it is always better to purchase a Paint Sprayer to be on the safer side.

Paint Sprayers are available at almost every range of price i.e. from cheap to expensive. So it’s not a big deal to have a Paint Sprayer at home, who knows the time you might need it.

How do Paint Sprayers work?

Paint Sprayers work on the basic principle of pressurized air. The paint is mixed with the air inside, and on the application of force, the paint comes on the surface in the form of air spray.

But this doesn’t end here, as everyday manufacturers come up with more modifications and changes. At this time there are three types of Paint Sprayers available in the market. These are explained below:

High Volume, Low-Pressure Paint Sprayers

This type of Paint Sprayer is bulky and is the most reliable one. It shows an efficiency that reaches 90% and it does the task wonderfully with the least wastage of paint.

It consists of a gun, a turbine, and a hose. The turbine is run by a motor and has the most important part, the fan.  

Single-stage sprayer means the single fan is present in the turbine while the double stage means the turbine has dual fans.

It is always better to go with the double stage because it increases the efficiency and provides a neat finishing. 

Compressed Air Sprayer

This type of Paint Sprayer works on the principle of compressed air. Inside the compressed air sprayers, the paint is atomized and is directed on the surface through the air jets.

Fans also play their role in these Paint Sprayers. The whole gun shaped body is easy to hold and operate. These are mostly used in household projects or school projects. 

There are many other types of Paint Sprayers, it all depends on your budget and task that which paint sprayer you want to go with.

Let us just describe to you all the pros so that it becomes easy for you to add buy a Paint Sprayer in your to-do list.

Pros of Paint Sprayers

There are many plus points when it comes to preferring a Paint sprayer rather than using the brushes and all that stuff. 

  • It gives you smooth finishing
  • Application is easier than ever before
  • The least wastage of paint
  • No need to pay for professional help
  • Gives your home projects, a new professional look

There are so many other advantages, for example, you don’t have to deal with any sort of dripping and you can easily avoid all the mess that brush painting makes.

Facts and Figures

The success of Paint Sprays in the market needs no introduction after all the productivity that has been mentioned in the above sections.

Of course you will have to be patient but in the end, it is all worth it because you would be doing something that you enjoy from the core of your heart rather than going for a 9 to 5 job.

Within a few years, you would be able to earn a pretty good income. According to the experts, it is one of those businesses that touched a billion boundary in a very little time.

Best Paint Sprays of the Year:

We have made a list of top three best Paint Sprayers which are affordable and super budget-friendly. Let us have a look at them:

Graco Magnum 257025

It is an Air Paint Sprayer that lets you paint the roofs or even the second story without any difference in the air pressure.

It has a one to five-gallon paint bucket attached to it so you don’t have to worry about refilling the bucket again and again.

This whole bucket procedure is enhanced by the suction tube which is one of the most essential parts of an Air Paint Sprayer.

The most amazing thing about this Paint Sprayer is that you can use it for both home and school projects or even for bigger ones like painting roofs or even your house walls.

In this way, you have escaped all the brushes or roller struggle because your task has been made a lot easier by this Paint Spray.

Another important feature is the 50-foot hose so that you don’t have to carry it with you while painting the project.

Just fill the bucket and put it in the corner, one-gallon paint bucket would go a long way.

Coming to the price, it costs you only 239 dollars and is easily available on Amazon. You can read the customer reviews for your satisfaction or even if you are on a strict budget, you should try going for the used one.

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max Paint Sprayer

This one is a High Volume Low-Pressure Paint Sprayer that lets you make any sort of commercial or school project. The main thing about this paint sprayer is that it is extremely lightweight so it is portable.

Now you can carry it easily wherever you go. Another important feature is that its host is 20 feet long so you can paint any surface easily without worrying about the length of hose.

Now let us move towards the most surprising feature. It provides you three different spray patterns so you have got a wide choice and the versatility of this Paint Sprayer is enhanced this way.

Now coming to the price. It costs you only 110 dollars and the used version costs you 96 dollars. It is easily available on eBay and Amazon, so you should check it out.

SprayIt SP-352 Zravity Feed

This Paint Sprayer is especially for those who follow a strict budget. The main thing is that it works on the gravity principle so you can paint any sort of school project with it or even any sort of complicated woodwork.

The nozzle is really important as it lets you paint with different patterns and also works with different ranges of pressure.

The price is impressive as it costs you only 15 dollars. Now you know why we declared it as super budget-friendly. It is easily available on Jet and Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Q) Do Paint Sprayers work on wooden surfaces?

Yes, Paint Sprayers do work on wooden surfaces. We have shared above the names, you can give them a try.

  1. Q) Can I make Paint Sprayer at home?

Yes, we have shared the full procedure above for the DIY paint sprayer but it requires supervision.

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