MulWark 8 Multi-Purpose Electrical Wire Stripper

As an electrician, crimping and cutting wires are my daily tasks. While looking for the best electrician wire stripper tool, I came across this MulWark 8″ Multi-Purpose Electrical Wire Stripping Tool. I had heard about the features of this product from my friend, so I decided to buy it. I was totally amazed by the results of this product. 

It cuts or crimps a 22 AWG wire very smoothly without much force. I have used many wire crimpers; most of them were useless when used on speaker wires or wires of the higher gauge. I am very much obliged with the efficient working of Electrical Wire Stripping Tool. It also has a comfortable handgrip, which lets your hand relax while performing the task. 

My friend told me about the features of this Wire Stripping Tool, I thought of it as the other wire crimpers, but this best electrician wire stripper has proved its worth. It can even cut through speaker wires conveniently. I also used to strip my telephone wires with it, and it worked effectively. I would say that it is that best product you could get at this price. Moreover, it is really cheap and easy to buy. You can easily find it at the hardware store anywhere near your house, or you can buy it online. 

Online sites like Amazon also have offers and discounts on this product. I will totally recommend this product because it stood right on my expectations. If you are looking for a wire crimper which can cut through thick wires smoothly and can strip off the insulation from 10, 8, 12 AWG wires, then this Wire Stripping Tool would be the best. I was not disappointed at all after buying it; you should try it too.


  • Works effectively and easy to handle.
  • Grips the wire and cut or strip it perfectly.
  • Strip off the insulation from 10, 8, 12 AWG wires
  • Used for Multi-purposes and handy to carry.


  • Apparently none

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