An Era of Modern Kitchen Essentials

An Era of Modern Kitchen Essentials

Today we will discuss with you such a kitchen essential that has been praised by all the moms and professional chefs out there. Humans have always had a special corner in their hearts when it comes to good and quality food.

You can easily consider it in this way “You are what you eat”. But in this age of hustle, we don’t prefer those food items that need a long time to be cooked properly. Hence, this was the reason that pressure cookers were invented and when technology did its wonder, the electric ones were produced.

Up till now, you may not have any idea of what blessing we are talking about. Let us just explain all the features and pros of the Best Electric Pressure Cooker in the market and make you think that you should certainly have one.

This is such a topic that we just can’t get over it easily. This essential has made cooking faster than ever but has kept the quality of taste intact. This is the basic reason that you can find it in most of the homes easily and out of all the technological wonders, this one certainly is on number one for all the moms across the globe.

This blessing was introduced almost 400 years back but of course, at that time it worked on gas. Then in the 20th century, the concept of electric pressure cooking was introduced. Since then, manufacturers have been trying hard to bring in the market the Best Electric Pressure Cooker ever made.

Cooking is something that has been evolving with every age. It has seen so many changes that have modified it completely.

This modernized version didn’t consist of only modern recipes but modern appliances as well. Not only pressure cookers, but so many other electric kitchen appliances have also been introduced that have made cooking more modern than ever before.

Well where most people would consider electric pressure cookers as a time-saving miracle, we would give you many other reasons as well. The Best Electric Pressure Cooker can be the very reason to enjoy the rich flavor of your favorite food items.

It is only possible when food items are cooked perfectly to the core, and this is done by this kitchen essential. That is why let us accompany you through all the mesmerizing journey of how it is made and how it is used.

How are They Made?

This is one of our favorite sections because here we let you know all the basic parts and the manufacturing process of whatever gadget we discuss with you.

The same goes for electric pressure cookers too, they would be explained in our very conventional way. The Best Electric Pressure Cooker is composed of the basic parts that are:

  • The exterior pot that is also known as Housing
  • The interior pot that is also known as the cooking pot
  • Lid
  • Sealing Ring
  • Pressure Release Valve
  • Anti-block shield

Starting with the first one, this is a vital one as it has all those electronic parts and switches needed for the proper functioning of a pressure cooker. You can consider it the crux of electric pressure cooking.

But most of the time, people get confused and consider it as a cooking pot which always results in serious damage.

Please take a note that you are never supposed to cook in this portion, you need to place an inner pot inside this one and that pot will carry all your ingredients and food items.

The cooking pot is the one in which you’ll add all those raw food items that you want to be cooked. You can add all the spices in it and select whatever setting that you prefer through the buttons on the housing and just close the lid.

These inner cooking pots are always manufactured using metals and that too the non-reactive ones, so that heat is conducted properly and the non-reactivity doesn’t let the heat burn your food.

We know that the importance of the lid is something that doesn’t need to be explained. However, the lid of the Best Electric Pressure Cooker is different than the ordinary ones.

It has got all those valves that ensure smooth working and on the inside, it has silicone gaskets to keep the inside as air-tight as possible. Gaskets do play an important role in the working of an electric pressure cooker.

The Sealing Ring plays such a crucial role that we had to add it to our list. It is the part that ensures maximum pressure is trapped inside. Without it, there won’t be much difference between gas and electric pressure cooker.

It is made by a complex silicone compound so that it does the best in keeping the inside of your Best Electric Pressure Cooker as air-tight as you need.

Now let us discuss the pressure release valve, as the name mentions, this valve is responsible for keeping all the pressure inside.

You can simply switch it on a few minutes before you start using the cooker, and just switch it off when you are done to get rid of all that steam trapped inside. This does the basic function as a power switch, hence the name is self-explanatory.

The last thing on the list is the anti-block shield, and it is present on top of the pressure release valve, because it keeps the valve safe from any sort of water splash and oil clogs, to avoid all the mishaps.

You may or may not be able to remove it depending on which company’s Best Electric Pressure Cooker you use. If you can remove it, just remember to wash it always after every use for effective functioning.

How are They Used?

This is something that you can learn by reading that booklet that came with your Best Electric Pressure Cooker, still, we would give you some tips to use it correctly.

So the first thing that you should do is to remember that you can’t stir the ingredients. There are tons of food items that need different pressure to be cooked properly, so we would say the best thing is to add first those items that need higher pressure and when they are nearly cooked, just add those that were left. In this way, nothing would be burnt or over-cooked.

Now you have to lock the lid. Please keep it in mind to lock it rather than just placing it on the top otherwise you would have to face serious consequences and a nasty messy kitchen.

Then you can adjust the setting through the switches and valves present in the housing. When the lid is properly locked, it is easy to trap as much steam as you need. Just turn on the flame and wait for the pressure to reach your desired one.

Once it is there, remove it from the flame. This step isn’t that easy as it sounds because when you will remove the cooker from the flame, all the process that is going inside it would stop immediately, this is something that you certainly won’t prefer.

So all you have to do is just to tilt the valve slightly so instead of letting all the steam escape at once, you can easily create a safe and easy passage for the gradual escape.

Let us tell you the basic working principle. It is that the cooking time is inversely proportional to the pressure selected. So if you choose high pressure, you would be able to cook in a faster way, but this depends on the food item being cooked.

Pros of Electric Pressure Cookers:

Let us share with you some exciting pros of the Best Electric Pressure Cooker of the age

  • Because of the steam trapped inside, all the nutritious minerals are trapped inside too. So they make your food more nutritious than ever.
  • They save a big deal of your time and money.
  • They are easy to use and don’t cost that much.
  • You don’t have to defrost the frozen meat to cook it if you use these pressure cookers.

Let us just move to the next section.

Best Electric Pressure Cookers of the Year

Farberware Digital Pressure Cooker

This one has made it to the list because it is super cheap but has separate settings for different food items like chicken, vegetables or rice.

In this way, you can cook almost everything you want in it and get the maximum out of it. It looks lustrous and comes with such a handle that ensures a strong grip.

It costs you only 60 dollars and is easily available on Walmart and Amazon.

Breville The Fast Slow Pro

It is specifically for those who are ready to spend a fortune on this kitchen essential. The LCD separates it from the rest of the others and with this one, you can control both pressure and temperature. Different settings based on food items make your cooking experience a lot easier.

It costs you almost 230 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time do they need for proper cooking?

This depends on what is being cooked. On average, 20-25 minutes would do well.

  • Can we wash the lid in the dishwasher?

No, the lid can easily be cleaned through some soap and sponge.

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