McCulloch ROB Robotic Mower

McCulloch ROB Robotic Mower

This is one of the ideal lawn mowers for the people who need it for personal use. There are a lot of different lawn mowers, which would be ideal to be used at home, and this is one of them. You can run it at even night time to get the best results, and it is so quiet it would not even disturb you or the neighbors. 

Commercial lawn mowers are hefty and really raw and they get the job done but they don’t really suit the decency of your homes that is why such mowers are not used at homes but rather compact ones that are sophisticated and complement your home. There are multiple reasons behind you wanting a better working lawn mower at home as there are more concerns there. 

The lawn mower that you are using at home cannot be too technical as you are not a professional. It needs to come with the proper guides and should guide you with all the details about everything. If it is not doing that, it is of almost no use to you. Another thing that needs to be in your robot lawn mower is, it should work very silently. As the houses these days are not very much apart from one another. Loud noise can disturb not only you but your neighbors too. This can also get you in a lot of trouble. The other thing is, it needs to be safe for use around the kids and older people while being totally under control. It should also be light in weight and smart enough to know when to stop. 

All these features can be found in this lawn mower as it has been listed under the list of the best robotic lawn mowers 2019. 

Technical details

  • Cuts up to .25 acres of grass
  • 3 durable metal cutting blades
  • Virtually silent
  • Audible alarm to prevent theft


  • It works on lithium rechargeable battery eliminating the need to use any petrol or any other kind of fuel.
  • Easy to use and very safe in the houses. 
  • Can be controlled by mobile phones easily. 
  • The auto-theft alarm has been installed in it.
  • It is silent and does the work without making much noise. 


  • Cannot cut the grass in larger areas.
  • Can cost a lot of money for a relatively less coverage area.

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