Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

Massage Chair Buyer's Guide

We completely understand that buying the appropriate massage chair is a big decision of your life and sometimes it can be the scariest experience too. So, to make sure you have chosen the right massage chair for yourself, we are here to provide you a comprehensive buyer’s guide. You need to consider all the core aspects being discussed here before you purchase the massage chair. 

Before purchasing a massage chair, it is imperative to consider the money and amount of time that can be saved by having your massage chair rather than spending it on the masseuse. 

Saving your time and money can be substantial because its an era of chaos, and everyone always looks for better solutions. 

Well, buying a massage chair is most of the time one-time purchase experience, and you can use this chair multiple times as per your choice. If you purchase a good quality massage chair, then it will provide you a long-term gratification that you have not invested your money in the wrong place. 

Additionally, considering your overall well-being is equally important before showing your preference for the desired chair. For instance, if you have neck pain, then you must buy a chair that is designed specifically for the neck massage.

Otherwise, you can also get a massage chair that offers variable functions, including your body massage as well. In case you have backache and neck pain at the same time, then you are recommended to buy one that offers multiple functions. 

What is the purpose of the massage chair and why you should buy it?

There is nothing complicated in understanding the concept and principal purpose of the massage chair. The massage chair has different installed devices in it to simulate that massage’s sensation. The premium quality massage chair can give the best result and effectively stimulate the feeling of massage. 

Contrary to that, some massage machines have installed vibration devices in it. These devices vibrate only in particular locations. Some massage chairs come with sophisticated options such as rollers. These chairs are relatively more expensive but assure the best results as expected by the customers.

It does not end here, and some massage chairs have the option to alter the massage technique as per your choice. These massage chairs have numerous functionalities, and you can adjust them as per your massaging experiences.  

Things to consider in the massage chair

Multiple aspects need to be focused before purchasing a massage chair, but here we have highlighted the core aspects that can not be ignored at any cost. 


Before you purchase the device, it is significantly essential to check the function that a massage chair performs. For instance, it is redundant to buy a massage chair that cures your backache but has nothing up its sleeve to help with your neck pain.

Always check the functionality before you purchase it. Some exceptionally well-designed massagers also offer you rolling massage along with the vibration and sensation. On the other hand, some high-level massage chairs are available with surprising functions and features. These features support the provision of the most relaxing massage. 

The additional features that you can look for before presenting the final verdicts are reflexology and tapping etc. if a massage provides tapping, heat, zero gravity, and kneading, etc. then surely it is expensive one but worth investing the money. 

Massage’s Positions 

Along with the variety of different styles, the latest massage chairs are capable enough to massage different other body parts. These massage chairs massage different areas of the body other than the back.

For instance, considering the higher-end massage is a suitable option if you can want the massage of various body parts, including wrist, arm, feet, and legs. Such massagers are the best stimulating device for the buttocks, neck, and hamstrings. 

Usually, you will get the massage chair along with the other devices, including rollers, massage head, and airbags. You install them with the massage chair to get the desired results. Some expensive massage chairs feature thumb massage heads that can be used if the body doesn’t function properly.

Nowadays, out of all different types of massage chairs, Zero gravity is the popular one. Zero massage chair offers the most comfortable massage and provides a suitable position too. 

Airbags of Massage Chair 

If you wish to enjoy a massage that gives you a relaxed and stress-free feeling, then most of the massage chairs also offer airbags. These airbags aid in removing stiffness and tension and relax your back and neck. These airbags are small pouches, and they are incorporated in the back section along with the buttocks section of your massage chair. 

Massage airbags are best designed for compressing and relaxing the muscles. They help in better flow and circulation of blood and resultantly remove stiffness and rigidity. 

In case you can’t decide which massage chair is best, then go for the latest model that offers roller and airbags as well. Such chairs are a bit expensive, but your health is essential, and it should not be compromised at any cost.

Prioritize your health and select the best chair for yourself. If the massage chair with roller fits you the best then invest money there. Otherwise, buy a massager with airbags if you genuinely desire to enjoy the massage after a hectic and strict routine.

If you wish to enjoy the massage, then a heated massage chair is the smart option to opt for. This heated massage provides the opportunity of infrared heat that gives enough heat to the back. Resultantly, you feel more relaxed and calm. After a hectic routine, it is the recommended massage to choose from. 

One more thing, not all the massage chairs provide the option of heat. If you want this feature and function in your massage chair, then you must check the features before you buy the chair. If the massage chair doesn’t possess the feature, then don’t buy it. It is not for you. 

Strength of the massage chair 

The strength of the massage chair is one of the critical factors that you must consider if you wish to have a fruitful massage session. Moreover, it is the core factor that shouldn’t be ignored before buying a massage chair. The strength of the massage chair mainly depends on the power of the motors that get installed in the chair. 

There are different options to control the strength of the massage chair. For instance, it can be controlled with the help of a remote or buttons. Some advanced chairs have padding options too. It allows them to manage the strength as per your choice. 

Some other features that must be considered before buying  a massage chair are:

  • Programs of the massage chair
  • Brands you are considering
  • warranty being offered by those brands 
  • the country that manufactures the massage chair

The features stated above carries significant importance and must be considered before purchasing a desirable massage chair. If you ignore any of these features, then surely you will not get the desired chair. It resultantly will not only waste the money but also the time you spent in buying a wrong massage chair for you. That’s why you are recommended to make wise decisions and don’t buy anything without proper guidance. 

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