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What is a robotic lawn mower?

The robotic lawn mower is the type of robot which is used to cut the grass of the lawn. This robotic lawn mower needs a wire that is set up around the lawn to define the boundaries of its conduct. These robotic lawnmowers can adjust the grass up to 30,000 m2.

The robotic lawn mowers are very easy to use and sophisticated. Some robotic lawn mowers also have rain sensors. There are many robotic lawn mowers available in the market, but only a few of them are the best robotic lawn mowers.

We will discuss some of the best robotic lawn mowers in this article later. So, you can choose one of them according to your choice. There are many household appliances that lessen your burden of working and do many household chores. One of these household appliances is a robotic lawn mower.

It works similarly as a robotic vacuum cleaner. A robotic vacuum cleaner cleans the messy floors similarly, the robotic lawn mower cleans your lawn by cutting extra and rough grass without your input.

A Robotic lawn mower is Ideal for which Kind of People?

Robotic lawn mowers are the best for the people who do not want to clean their lawn by themselves as they get tired because they have a very big lawn. They are also best for the people who want their lawn neat, clean, and tidy without much effort and irritation. You should know the proper Working of Self-Propelled Lawn Mower before using it.

If you want a robotic lawnmower, then you should pay a very high amount for this as these robotic lawn mowers are very expensive due to complex systems and pricey materials.


Further, are some deets of the robotic lawnmowers. These details include the following topics:

  • Facts you need to know about Robotic lawn mowers
  • How robotic lawn mowers work?
  • Which brands produce robotic lawn mowers?
  • Which lawn mowers are best for you?
  • How much should you pay for the robotic lawn mowers?
  • How to set up a robotic lawn mower?
  • Which things should be considered when you are buying a robotic lawn mower?

How Robotic lawn mower Works?

When a robotic lawn mower has been set up, it is completely automatic. You do not need to switch it on or push it etc. you just have to set a time for it. It will work in the particular time set by you, cut the grass, and come back to get charge again. Furthermore, you do not have to keep an eye on it. 

The robotic lawnmowers work by making a map of your lawn so, that they do not cross the boundaries. They work in a random pattern and will not stop unless or until the work is done. From these types of robots, you cannot get a striped lawn.

They do have sensors in them, so they automatically stop when they find any barriers in their way. Therefore, it becomes very easy to remove an obstacle such as children’s toys or some other tool along their way. 

Another key fact about the robotic lawn mower is that they do not collect the cuttings of the grass. In fact, they cut them and leave them on the lawn to increase the healthy grass and prevent the lawn from weeds.

What things should be considered when you’re buying a robotic lawn mower?

How big is your garden? 

Every robot lawn mower has its own specifications regarding the size of the lawn. So, first, check the size of your lawn and then purchase a robotic lawn mower according to it.

Does your garden have some slopes?

Some robotic lawn mowers are good in handling slopes in the garden and are excellent in controlling the slopes. So if you have some slopes in your garden, then you should always go for a robotic lawn mower that can handle the slopes very easily and powerfully.

Do you want a robotic lawn mower that functions efficiently in the rain?

Some robotic lawn mowers do not work when the grass is wet or when it starts raining. So, always choose a robotic lawn mower that can work in rainy conditions as well.

Do you need a robotic lawn mower that can work in multiple-zones?

If you have a lawn that is separated by fences or wires, then you always need a robotic lawn mower that can mow in multiple-zones. So, always check the description of the model you choose and prioritize the one which works in multiple-zones.

Do you need a robotic lawn mower with a fixed blade or pivoting blades?

Both of these types can work equally and cut equal grass. But the difference in them is when they come in contact with a harder thing. Pivoting blades do not bother when they come in contact with something harder. They just simply maneuver around it. But, the fixed blades do not do so. It means they get stuck on that particular hard thing, whether it is a toy or something else.

What is the battery life of a robot lawn mower?

Usually, the lawn mowers which are large have a long battery time, and small lawn mowers have a short battery time. Some mowers just need to charge for about 45 minutes, and some need to be charged in 16 hours which is a very long time.

What are the best robotic lawn mowers?

  • Worx Landroid M 20V Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower
  • Husqvarna Auto Mower 315X
  • Robomow RS622
  • Honda Miimo HRM 310
  • Robomow RC 306
  • Stihl iMow RMI 422
  • McCulloch Rob S600
  • Flymo1200 R
  • Gardena Selino City 250
  • John Deere Tango E5 Series 2
  • Denna L600
  • Gardena R80Li

Worx Landroid M 20V Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower

It’s cutting performance is very good. Its working is very quiet. It means that it does not make much noise. It also has Wi-Fi and GPS system. It can also work with a mobile app. it has no remote control. As it has Wi-Fi and it can be controlled by a mobile phone, so you can control it from anywhere.

Husqvarna Auto Mower 315X

It has an astounding performance. It also includes Bluetooth, GPS system, and cellular technology. It also makes no noise. The flaws of this model are that it is expensive and does not consist of a rain sensor. Its installation costs extra payment. 

Robomow RS622

It also has excellent cutting. It is also very quiet. This type of robot is controlled by android and IOS device as well. However, it is very expensive and does not have the usual scheduling method. 

Honda Miimo HRM 310

It cuts the grass evenly and efficiently. It is very lightweight and requires perfect and professional installation. It does not have any set up regarding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also does not have a rain sensor. It doesn’t groom and feed your lawn.

Robomow RC 306

It’s cutting performance is tremendously excellent. It is controlled by mobile and does have a rain sensor. However, it is very noisy and has dated cellular technology. It has a very sleek and unique design.

Stihl iMow RMI 422

This machine is so designed that it can cover up to 800 square meter area. It does its task of constantly cutting so your lawn will stay tip-top always. It has very responsible sensors and can maneuver around the heavy objects such as cages of birds, kids’ toys, and some other things by not disturbing the quality of cutting.

Moreover, it also leaves the cutting on the lawn instead of collecting it to promote healthier growth of grass. Its appearance is very impressive.

McCulloch Rob S600

This type of robot is so designed that it can cover up to 600 square meters. Its instructions are very quick, and it is very easy to install. It’s cutting work is random. Moreover, its navigation system is accurate, and it comes with a very sleek design. In addition, it never forgets its way back to the base station to get charged again.

Flymo1200 R

It does its work with extreme efficiency and makes the grass of the lawn very smooth and incredibly appealing. Its installation is very easy and quick. Its blades are very sharp; therefore, they cut the grass very reliably, neatly, and cleanly. Its navigation system is also very good.

John Deere Tango E5 Series 2

This type of model can work up to 2200 square meters. Therefore, it is ideal for people who have more budget and larger and wider lawns. It can even clean the large cricket pitch very efficiently and cleanly. It even can work on the edges of the machines to keep them as clean and tidy as possible. Moreover, it gives a uniform cut to the lawn, which looks very attractive and appealing.

Gardena R80Li

It comes up with a rain sensor and has an adjustable cutting capacity. However, it does not have any app to accompany it, and it has a relatively short battery time.

It is an ideal choice for medium-sized lawns. It also comes up with wire boundary markers. It can even work at night. It is recharged in about 60 minutes. It is so designed that it can come back to its power station when the battery gets low, recharge, and then get back to work.

The Verdict

A robot lawn mower can maintain your lawn very easily. It is budget-friendly and comes in a wide range of varieties. 

It does not chop the grass at once; rather, it trims small amounts of grass and gives a uniform look to the lawn. Most robot lawn mowers come back to their base station when their battery gets low. In addition, some of them are controlled by different mobile apps.

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