How to Improve Ventilation in Bathroom

How to Improve Ventilation in Bathroom

Are you in problem due to the moisture issues in your home which is affecting the indoor quality? Do your bathroom’s windows get fogged up now and then? 

Have you ever thought, why does this happen? 

The main reason behind it is, there is no proper airflow in the bathroom. You have to arrange an appropriate ventilation system there to avoid all these issues. 

Let’s talk about some baby steps to start with.

How to Improve the Ventilation System in the bathroom?

1. Hire an Experienced Contractor

A qualified and experienced contractor will do a thorough analysis of your bathroom. Only then he would be able to tell you the ventilation needs and what suits your budget.

A good contractor will probably come up with two to three solutions so; you can make the best choice accordingly.

2.  Having the Right Dimensions in Mind

While doing a renovation or building it for the first time, make sure that there is enough space between the bathroom’s door and floor.

For ventilation purposes, the gap should be of half-inch to 3/4 inch at least. If it’s already been constructed then use jam lifters to lift the door and bring it to an appropriate level.

3. Add-on Features Work Best Sometimes

If your bathroom’s ventilation system is proper, but still the air outside naturally isn’t enough to fulfill the needs, then what to do.

Use a fan to help the air to come inside. The fan should face the door/ window, and its back should face the room. This mechanism will help in pulling the air inside the bathroom.

4. Go for a Passive Vent

Install a grill in the bathroom’s ceiling or at the wall and make sure it has no window. It can work mechanically or electrically.

It will connect itself with the ductwork and will work as a proper vent for your bathroom. Turn the fan on and see how well the air circulation it offers.

As a further step, you may ask about all of this with your friends and family. Discuss with them how they improve the air quality in their homes, and you’ll probably get some of the best ideas. 

Are you Still Forgetting Something?

Yes, I bet you that till now any of your ideas won’t have incorporated bathroom exhaust fans in it. Don’t you know it is one of the essential air components for your bathroom and home?

It helps in avoiding excessive humidity, which damages the environment and causes different health problems.

Why do we Underestimate the Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

The bathroom is one of those areas at home, which is used at a maximum level. Whenever someone is looking to purchase a new home, people don’t forget to check the bathrooms.

As everything has been changed, bathrooms have also evolved. It’s not a place anymore to freshen up only; moreover, it gives a lavish vibe with a feeling of a spa. This additional feature causes increased humidity and moisture inside the house.

To counter this problem, bathroom exhaust fans come in the game, but many people still don’t know about it. Some of the prominent reasons are as follows:

Over the years, manufacturers have worked day in and day out to come up with the best kind of ventilation system. The need is to come up with something quieter, which has a better performance level and is fast.

But still, after such evolution, many bathrooms have no or insufficient ventilation systems.

People are using cheap exhaust fans for their bathrooms, which aren’t equipped to pull an adequate amount of air. It is because they don’t realize the importance of it.

There’s no precaution to do at a prior level if the humidity or moisture level rises in the bathroom. What happens, the walls, ceilings start collecting the water in themselves, which makes it cool instead of being warmer.

Your bathroom window pans and the mirror starts fogging up. Not only this, but it damages the walls’ and ceiling’s paint. Wooden structure in your bathroom will be the last thing that will get affected by it. It will also result in bad smell, and still, you don’t realize the importance of a bathroom exhaust fan.

What you further miss is that the water we use is treated with very harsh chemicals. It vaporizes with the amalgamation of hot water. Bathroom exhaust fans play an active role here by removing all these harsh chemicals from the air. Not only this, but it also eliminates the severe effects of the toxic cleaning sprays and fluids which is used to clean showers, tiles, and toilet area. 

Bathroom fans come in several varieties. Even you get confused sometimes that which one should you pick. The key to making the right decision is to have the correct sized fan according to your bathroom.

Many bathrooms have insufficient ventilation; the main reason is either the fans are too small or the bathroom is too big. For the right choice, calculate the square foot size of your bathroom. For example, you get 81 square feet. Then the same value 81 cubic feet per minute (CFM) is best for a low ceiling bathroom. For a taller ceiling bathroom, multiply length, height, and width altogether.

Are you confused about whether your fan works at its best performance level or not? Don’t worry; we have got you an idea to check it. Turn on the bathroom exhaust fan before going for the shower and leave it as it is.

After some time, see if the bathroom’s mirror is fogged or not. If it is fogged then check whether you need a new fan or not. It seems that this fan is becoming insufficient for your needs.

Maybe it’s too old now or you would have bought the cheaper version earlier.

These were some of the basic queries that people face throughout their discussion, and nobody gets the right answer. Always keep all of the above questions with their asnwers in your mind and then take the appropriate decision.

How to Choose a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Keep in mind the following points.

Assure that your bathroom exhaust fan has enough capacity

Deciding the right dimensions of the bathroom is essential. It is crucial because it helps to incorporate an adequate amount of ventilation in the bathroom.

The bathroom exhaust fan should have one CFM of capacity per square foot of the floor’s space. If you have additional features in the bathroom like a bathtub, then the other 50 CFM is needed too.

For showers and toilet areas, an additional 100 CFM is best to add. You may also add some different sized of bracket fans in the bathroom for proper ventilation.

Installing the ducting mechanism correctly 

Make sure while installing the bathroom exhaust fan. Ducting shouldn’t be placed between the ceiling corners, joints, or in the interior.

Instead, it should be in the outdoor area only. It prevents excessive moisture and humidity which causes decay in building’s structure.

Make sure the fan’s location is accurate 

Place your bathroom exhaust fan at some of the best possible places like above the shower, beside the bathtub, close to the toilet area, etc. Your chosen location should be away from the HVAC vents, etc.

The chosen fan should have some additional features

For proper ventilation, the bathroom exhaust fan should run for at least 15 minutes after you use the bathroom.

Many fans are there in the market, which makes it easier. They have built-in sensors and timers in them. It shutdowns and activates automatically as per the humidity level of the environment.

Don’t forget insulating your bathroom exhaust fan 

Insulation of your tiled floor and the outside wall is essential. It helps in dealing with the leakages and improves the ventilation process. 

Don’t forget to consider the cost of the exhaust fan

You must look at the price of it before finalizing and buying. Does it come within your budget or not? Is the price justified as per the features or not?

Many bathroom exhaust fans come cheap and are not long-lasting while some are extremely expensive having additional features.

So, look for something which comes in between and suits all your needs in the desired budget.

Decide according to the frequency of your use

See how many times you use a bathroom exhaust fan in a day. And do the same analysis for your family. It determines how long would it last, and it’s performance. If your frequency of use is greater then go for something simple.

Don’t go for something fancy as it requires too much repair and maintenance. Don’t see around. Decide as per your needs.

Is your bathroom exhaust fan user-friendly?

It is hugely important so, don’t ignore it. You should know well how to assemble, disassemble, and maintain the fan.

Moreover, its parts should be readily available, otherwise, once it gets damaged then it would be of no use. 

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