How to Use Garment Steamer

How to Use Garment Steamer

Basically, a garment steamer is a device that is used to remove the wrinkles from clothes with the use of high steam of temperature. In other words, this is the device that is used to iron the clothes of all types of kinds of stuff and fabrics.


There are many sizes of garment steamer, but the three following sizes are the basic ones:

  • Commercial floor models
  • Mid-sized models
  • The handheld mini steamers

Commercial floor models

This type of model is used mainly for dry cleaning purposes and manufacturing plants.

Mid-sized models

This type of model is used for small purposes such as common household clothes ironing and is mainly used by tailors or seamstresses.

The handheld mini steamers

This type of model is an evolutionary model in the industry of steaming. It is used mainly for household purposes or in traveling.

Basically, simple ironing just flattens the fibers of the clothes, but a steamer relaxes the fibers by removing all the wrinkles from the fabrics.

It is very difficult for the iron to remove scorching from some fibers such as silk, but a steamer makes it very easy to do so.

How to Use a Garment Steamer?

First, you have to fill the nozzle of the steamer with water and then heat it. When the water becomes heat, then this steam is applied to the clothes of every fabric.

They are more quick and efficient than simple iron as it removes the wrinkles very easily and without any effort of every kind of fabrics.

Here are some tips so that you can steam your clothes very efficiently and quickly without any effort.

  • You should know which types of clothes can be steamed and which types of clothes cannot be steamed.
  • You should be very careful when you are steaming the sensitive fabrics.
  • You should use a steamer instead of an iron to remove the wrinkles from your clothes so that you can save your time in this way.

Steamers can work very efficiently for most fabrics. The fabrics which are efficiently steamed include silk, wools, kinds of cotton, etc. however, some fabrics are very hard to steam.

These fabrics include suede, waxed jackets, and plastics, etc. if you do not know that the particular fabric can be steamed or not, then you first have to check the hidden corner of the cloth to satisfy yourself.

Some fabrics are very delicate on steaming so you should treat them with a lot of care. These fibers include silk, velvet, chiffon, etc.

If there are patterns and designs on the clothes then steam your cloth from inside to remove wrinkles. In this way, you can iron your cloth without damaging the design or pattern.

Basically, both steamer and iron are intended to remove the wrinkles from the clothes, although they both have their own perks. 

Irons are usually excellent for hard clothes or the type of clothes that are not delicate such as denim or cotton.

On the other hand, steamers are good for delicate kinds of stuff such as silk, chiffon, velvet, etc. steamers work on a large scale, and you can steam the clothes while they are hanging and they can help you to crease your clothes.

Moreover, steamers are very transportable, so they are ideal for people who travel a lot.

How to Steam the Clothes Using Garment Steamer?

  • First of all, you have to prepare the steamer before using it.
  • Fill the water tank of your steamer with water.
  • Keep in mind, every part of the steamer should not be a leak.
  • Plug in the steamer.
  • Wait for two to three minutes until your steamer heats up.
  • Make sure that your steamer is completely heating up so you can get better results.
  •   Hang the garment you want to steam, because steaming while hanging the garment is very easy and quick.
  • If you want to steam a cloth which is extremely wrinkled, then it is recommended that you should use a pad to place under the cloth, so it will become easy for you to steam the cloth.
  • For extremely wrinkled cloth, you should steam the cloth from inside the cloth so it will become quicker to remove the wrinkles
  • After steaming, if you feel the dampness in your cloth or some water spots, then you do not need to worry, it is completely normal. Let your garment sit for five to ten minutes to dry.

How to Choose a Garment Steamer?

First, you have to decide which type of steamer you need according to your choice. Some steamers will stay in the laundry room.

Some steamers are portable so that you can carry them with you. Some steamers are heavy than others, some are lightweight, and some occupies a very large space. Some steamers sand upright, and some are handheld.

Upright Steamers

Upright steamers are also known as floor steamers. This type of steamer consists of a base, a tank for the storage of water, a hose and a nozzle, a pole, and a clothing hanger which is present on the top. These steamers can usually sit on the wheels so that they are very easy to move.

If you want to put your steamer at one place, then upright steamer is an excellent option. However, they are larger as compared to other steamers. They are very convenient to use due to their features or qualities.

If you want to steam the large number and variety of clothes, then this steamer is ideal because their base of water is very large and it would not be needed to refill.

An upright garment steamer also comes up with several attachments. These attachments include different brushes for different types of fabrics. In addition, these types of steamers are expensive as compared to others.

Handheld Steamers

Handheld steamers are portable. In other words, handheld steamers are easy to carry anywhere.

Moreover, this type of steamers is smaller as compared to other steamers. They can be easily kept in a car or packed in luggage. If you need a steamer that you need during traveling, then this is an ideal choice for the traveling purpose

Some handheld steamers come up with several attachments such as lint rollers and nozzles. Some steamers come up with pads that are small in size and square in shape. These pads will prevent your hand from burning while steaming the clothes. 

Iron vs. Steamer

A garment steamer works with the help of hot steam to remove the wrinkles from the clothing. When the cloth is hanged on the wall or something else, then a jet of the stream is sprinkled at the cloth.

Steamers are excellent for the types of fabrics that are delicate or sensitive such as jersey, satin, silk, and polyester. As the garment steamer does not touch the cloth, therefore there is little chance of burning the cloth.

A cloth steamer is very useful for the fabrics which are difficult to iron. These difficult to iron clothes include printed shirts or a suit jacket. 

Garment steamers are very useful in smoothing the sleeves or fabrics of the shirt. The sensitive or delicate fabrics, jackets, sweaters, and clothes with pleats always need a garment steamer to protect the fabric and the shape of the cloth.

Steamers are more convenient, efficient, and quicker than iron. Especially, handheld garment steamers are easy to carry, and they are lightweight.

The main purpose of garment steamer is to remove wrinkles from the clothes. Moreover, it also used to freshen the items and removing the odor from the clothes.

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