How to Use Electric Bikini Trimmer

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For most of the people, electric razor looks pretty cool to use, Right? Surely yes, because they look much swankier as compared to the old, conventional, and disposable ones.

But the point that requires consideration is that can you efficiently use the razor to trim the hair from a sensitive area?

It requires complete care and proper practice to trim the hair from the delicate area. Even though you are using the Best Electric Trimmer for your pubic hair, but no method can cause you a severe injury. 

Well, even if you have the least idea about dealing with the electric bikini trimmer, then nothing to be worried about.

Because the present article intends to define the proper ways that need to follow to get a gentle trimming. You are strongly recommended to read the article to grab the most relevant information thoroughly. 

Choose the Right Trimmer 

The first and essential step is the selection of the right trimmer for you. In the market, you will find a hundred different trimmers, but not everyone can be bought because you should focus on quality, not the lower price.

Always value your skin and choose the Best Trimmer for the Pubic hair. This way, you will be able to get the one that can be used wet or dry. 

Dry razors are relatively better to use as you can be used fast and efficiently. Moreover, using the dull razors reduce the probability of itching, agitation particularly if you have sensitive skin. 

For instance, women can use Panasonic Women’s Shaver with Popup trimmer, because the razor is available with the unusual attachment for the bikini area.

For men, there are plenty of good options to choose the right trimmers for them. As they have got thick hair, so these trimmers perform well for pubic hair. 

Prepare the Skin 

The core benefit of the dry trimmer is that they can effectively be used on the dry, un-moisturized, and unclean skin. But for the wet trimmer, you require to shave gel to get a slippery effect. Choose the water-based one and maneuver pure of the shaving oil that can also screw-up the devices. 

The best part of electric razors is that they not much irritating to the skin as compared to the manual blades. Electric razors are the better options to go for, and they make you not to worry about the redness that stabs out of your swimming suits. 

Start Trimming the Hair 

The perky sound can be unapproachable, but it doesn’t involve any rocket science. All you have to do is to pull the skin stretched and started trimming the in the direction of your hair. In the first pass, the direction of trimmer and hair should be the same.

Whereas, in the second pass, the trimmer should go in the opposite direction of your hair. You are strongly recommended to rinse the trimmer’s blade more often if you are shaving your hair that is not tended to for a longer time.

One more thing to notice is that do not press the razor too hard as it can harm your skin. Press light to remove the hair effectively, otherwise pushing hard can flatten the hair and this way it will become difficult to remove the hair. 

Electric razors can give you a smooth shave, and you can not experience similar results if you will be doing the manual shave for removing the thick hair.

That’s why electric razor is preferable as it makes hair-growth slower and gives the smoother skin that cannot be experienced while using a disposable trimmer or manual shaving methods. 


Always prefer buying the razor that is specifically designed to shave the bikini lines. 

Moreover, shaving every other day to avoid skin injuries and rashes from the razor. Over time, your skin will get become less stringent and no more sensitive to the blades. 

One thing to keep in mind that men’s aftershave is not an alternative of bikini shave. So, don’t experiment with them for sensitive areas. 

Final Words

This article was intended to explain the procedures imperative to implement before using the electric trimmer. Though electric trimmers are quite expensive, they ensure the best results and are beneficial for the sensitive skins. That’s why you are strongly recommended to get the electric trimmer that provides excellent performance for an extended period. 

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