How to Clean Hardside Luggage

clean hardside luggage

Hardside luggage – yes, while it may have made our lives so much easier, it can also be a bit of a nuisance at times. You guessed it, folks, when it comes to cleaning the luggage and to stowing it away, most of us aren’t too thrilled.

Although it may be a slightly unpleasant task, we cannot deny that practicing this cleaning ritual every now and then does wonders for the lifespan of our luggage. Even the best Hardside luggage needs a little TLC every now and then. 

Besides, it really doesn’t have to be all that bad. If you stay on top of some general upkeep and take some time out for this purpose once you return home from your trip, you will soon realize that there isn’t really much to it.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Unpacking the Right Way 

The unpacking process depends on how quickly you get to it, what type of Hardside luggage you are dealing with, and how much time you take to empty out the content of your suitcase.  

It is best to get to this as soon as possible after you are back to avoid inconveniencing yourself later on. Do not let those bags accumulate any more dirt than they absolutely have to.

Cleaning the Luggage 

Once your suitcase is empty, take a vacuum cleaner and gently go over the inside of the bag for a quick once-over. 

Check the wheels for any gravel or mud that might be jammed in there. Take an old toothbrush to scrape all the goop off the wheels to prevent them from locking up.

Now moving on to the surface, if you can get away with wiping it with a soft linen cloth, then you don’t need to do anything else.

However, if you see any stubborn stains, then take a gentle soap or detergent to gently wipe the affected area so that you don’t end up damaging the design or the color of the suitcase. 

The Russian Doll Technique 

As for storage, if there are multiple suitcases, see if you can fit them all in one another, starting from the smallest to the largest.

This way, they will take much less space, so even a snug or compact storage space will do just fine.

Finally, see if you can invest in a luggage cover because that seals the suitcases completely and protects them from any potentially damaging factors on the outside. 


There you have it, folks, there’s isn’t much that goes into cleaning your Hardside luggage and trust us, a little goes a long way with these few tips and tricks. You will thank us later! 

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