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With each new day, the advancements in the field of technology are making human life easier than before. These advancements are invented for one aim that is to minimize the human effort to the least.

There are certain reasons which gave rise to most of the advancements; these reasons can be weather, pollution and excessive hard work by human beings, etc.

To cope with all these reasons, science has made many breakthroughs in this field, and after being turned into a global village, now this world has become a robotic planet full of machines and latest inventions.

Today we are going to discuss such a gadget that has made human life easier than before. We are going to talk about The Garage Door openers, which have made it easy to fight the harsh weather conditions and several other factors by providing automatic opening and closing of your garage doors with just a single button.

As we know the countries like the UK, USA and Canada experience severe frosty weather, and because of the same reason the garages are connected to houses in these countries and most of the times, garage doors serve as a single and main entrance to the house.

Due to this, it isn’t easy to get off your car every single time to open the garage door in the stormy weather; this was the basic purpose that the Garage Door Openers were introduced.

This motorized gadget opens and closes your garage doors by a single button, i.e., through remote or with manual release feature, so you don’t have to get off your car, instead just press a button even from some good distance, and you’ll find your garage door opened for you.

But with all these years, the Garage Door Openers have become more and more advanced with all the newly introduced features.

Now it’s a Herculean task to find the best Garage Door Opener when almost thousands of companies are making new and exciting features for these gadgets.

This article will help you with understanding the structure and working of the Garage Door Openers and finding out one which suits your requirements to the maximum.

Let us first go through the main parts and structure of a Garage Door opener, in this way we will be able to explore the different features and above all, the working of a Garage Door Opener in a much better yet the easiest approach.

How is a Garage Door Opener made?

A Garage Door Opener isn’t such a complicated machine and is made of limited parts. The first and foremost important part is the drive unit which comprises of the motor that is the heart of a Garage Door Opener.

This motor controls all the sensors and features which distinguish the best Garage Door Opener from all others. The next main part can be the chain which is attached to your garage door and is also connected to a carriage which helps in pulling up and down of a garage door.

Sensors form the most crucial part because suppose once your garage door opener is damaged, and even one out of so many sensors stops working, your garage door won’t open, and there will be a bizarre situation until a professional comes and operates it for you.

So to rectify this problem, the presence of an emergency release rope is really important, which helps you in lifting the door manually and avoid this embarrassing dilemma.

Hence each and every part of the drive unit should work to the perfection, only then the consumer can relish the facility to the maximum.

How does a Garage Door Opener work?

This whole mechanism revolves around a transmitter and a receiver. This works in such a way that the transmitter present in the remote transmits signals on the pressing of the button, which is received by the receiver present on the other side in the drive unit. Then the motor rotates, and the garage door is lifted up through the carriage. 

Back then, when the Garage door openers were introduced for the first time, it became easy for the robbers to rob because of all this radio transmission and receiving.

To cope with this, the binary method is introduced in the latest Garage Door Openers, now what happens is that the transmitter transmits a binary code, some specific number which is recognized by the receiver on being received, and then the door is lifted open, but it is notable that this binary code changes with every single press, and the receiver always recognizes the changed code because of the same chip that is present in both the transmitter and the receiver. This feature has made the best Garage Door Opener distinctive from all other old and faulty ones.  

One more important and basic feature of a Garage Door Opener is the security light. When you drive your car through the garage door, the light present in the machine is turned on to avoid mishaps due to the dark. The sensors are also responsible for this factor and are operated by the motor present in the drive unit. 

The Garage Door Openers are available in many different varieties of doors, different mechanism and last but not least, the budget of the consumer. For this reason, we are going to give you an idea of different types of a Garage Door Opener, which will make it easy for you to choose.

Types of Garage Door Openers

Belt Drive Openers

This type of Garage Door Openers is really distinctive and is one of the most appreciated ones. These Garage Door Openers have a rubber belt instead of a chain, to operate the garage doors, so you can understand how noiseless and easy to manage they can be. Because of this feature, the factor of noise pollution is eliminated, and if you have a garage right underneath your bedroom, then this garage door opener is especially for you. 

Another important factor is that these openers are made up of lesser parts as compared to the other ones so, in this way, they don’t need maintenance on a continuous basis, so you can save more money as compared to the previous ones.

Most of the time, consumers opt for this kind of garage door openers instead of the other types, but every type has its own pros and cons. The con of this type is that they are pretty costly as compared to the chain drive openers, which brings us to our next discussed type.

Chain Drive Openers

The Chain Drive Openers was the first type of garage door openers, which was introduced in the market. So the method with which they operate is rather conventional, as it comprises of a chain which is used to lift and lower the garage door.

It is quite certain that chain would have made a lot more noise as compared to the belts, so yes these were noisy. This was the basic reason that urged the manufacturers to come up with some type more advanced and less noisy, hence the belt drive openers were introduced.

It’s not like that this type doesn’t have any pro. The pro is that these are pretty economical and a great option if you are new to this journey, although these may require a greater level of maintenance as compared to the other ones.

Screw Drive Openers

The screw drive openers are better than both belt and chain drive openers, as they use a steel rod to lift and lower the garage door.

In this way, the noise factor is decreased to the minimum, and moreover, these are made up of lesser parts as compared to the two stated above. So they require lesser maintenance than the other two and are capable of working for a longer time. 

Hence, the manufacturers keep adding on new features, so it is definitely dependent on your requirements and on your budget to choose which one is the best Garage Door Opener for you.

Direct Drive Openers

The Direct Drive Openers are different from rest of the openers, as these don’t require any chain, belt, or rod to work. This is the basic purpose that these don’t depend on whether you have a garage right underneath your bedroom or not, as they are suitable for all the houses, irrespective of their structure. 

The con can be that these are the most expensive ones but surely go a long way once they are bought.


This business is expanding day by day on a larger scale and has proved to be a great source of income. It is quite clear once we dive in the facts and figures, for example, according to one survey, if you want a garage door opener for your garage, the startup cost can be between 350$ to 500$, as most of the times consumers are ready to pay more money to ensure the security of their garage. 

Of course, it all depends on the type of opener you choose, for example, the chain drive openers can cost you about 150$ but remember that these are noisy and difficult to maintain, if you choose screw drive opener it can cost you almost 250$, but it is better than the previous one.

So in this way, the prices keep on increasing as you move more and more toward the higher end. As far as the remotes are concerned, they aren’t that much expensive and can easily be bought for almost 50$ to 70$, depending on your budget and your requirements.

Now done with facts and figures, let’s move towards some of the best Garage Door Openers, and explore their features and the opener which suits your budget the best.


There are many companies which make so many garage door openers that you can never get tired of searching for more and more; there’s no end. So let us just put in the list for you some of the best Garage Door Openers for you.

Chamberlain B970

This is a belt drive opener; it uses a belt instead of a chain, so it is a lot quieter as compared to the chain drive openers. The most exciting feature that it has would be the backup battery.

This trait is so new that it has made this opener the best Garage Door Opener in the list. The backup battery helps you in operating your garage door opener even in the times of power outage. So this can be your favorite garage door opener to go with. 

Moreover, to surprise you, it promises lifetime warranty of the motor and belt and five-year warranty for the other parts. So it is inevitable that it doesn’t need that much maintenance and can easily be taken care of.

And last but not least, it also has a Wi-Fi function, so you can even operate it with the app that the company offers. Now coming to the price, it is available on Amazon for 269$, which is quite reasonable as it offers so many features.

Genie MachForce Connect

This opener is added in the list as it has a high level of customer satisfaction, almost 4.6 stars out of 5, and is available at a very reasonable price of almost 208$ on eBay. It also has the Wi-Fi function and comes with an easy manual instruction booklet. It can easily be operated through the app known as Genie Aladdin and is famous among consumers for its highest horsepower, which is 2HP, greatest than all other garage door openers. 

Price is reasonable, features are exciting, but it lacks some points too, as it can’t operate a door greater than 8 ft. and doesn’t have any motion activated security lights, but at such a price it shows plenty of the features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do garage door openers need maintenance on a monthly or annual basis?

This depends entirely on the consumers, of course, if you call a professional for the maintenance on a monthly basis, you can avoid any embarrassing dilemma and even lubrication, once a year, isn’t a burdensome task but can save your opener from getting rusty.

What to do if the garage door openers don’t respond to the remotes?

There are two basic solutions, either call a professional or anyone from customer care service or use the emergency release rope, which is always present in most of the garage door openers.

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