How Cat Litters Are Made?

How Cat Litters Are Made

Today, we’ll start this article with a question. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Because if you are a cat person, then this article is exclusively for you. We all know that cats bring with them all sorts of cuteness and pet love but this doesn’t end here.

You have to deal with their waste too and this is the problem that confuses so many minds. You’ll be surprised to know that how many people out there want to keep pets but the scenario of defecation of pets doesn’t let them do so.

The answer to this is only a cat litter so today we will let you know a Cat Litter available in the market.

 A cat litter isn’t something new to us. It has always been with us since ancient times. Let us just take you through its brief history. People have always preferred cats as pets over the other animals, so they have tried to pamper their cats in every way possible.

At first, the sand and Fuller’s earth proved to be a great source to be used as a cat litter but with time, people started realizing their importance and new modifications were made in them.

Today, a Cat Litter that we have doesn’t look like anything as compared to the ancient one. It is all because of the hard work that manufacturers have put in this aspect to make your pets feel more homely than ever. 

There are so many cat litters out there that you just can’t choose one. Now there’s this chance too that a certain cat litter may not suit your cat and it may show consequences.

This is the reason that we strongly advise you to take notes from your cat’s vet before choosing any cat litter all by yourself, this would keep you on a safer side.

Let us just get started with how it is made and then we will let you know how it is used unerringly.

How Are They Made?

Cat litters have been evolving and changing throughout history and it is amazing to look back and realize all the modifications that have been made.

Clay cat litters have always been prevalent so they don’t need any sort of explanation but still, these can be defined as just a normal clay being used as a cat litter.

The story gets interesting if we let you know all the other materials that have been used to make a Cat Litter. These are

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Grass
  • Corncobs
  • Grain
  • Citrus

Staring with the wood, all the waste that is produced by the wood industry doesn’t remain a “waste” anymore. It is used in making the cat litters and especially if it is cedar, then it is the ideal one to be used as the Best Cat Litter.

It is because cedar is scented and isn’t harmful so it is not too often that you get a scented cat litter that has no chemicals and is all-natural.

Grass serves as an ideal cat litter because it is biodegradable. The best one is the red wheat straw grass and this cat litter is manufactured by cutting and grinding of bales of straw and then they are passed through the vacuum to remove all the dust and harmful particles so resultantly, pellets are formed to make a great cat litter.

If you are a layman and you have never heard about a cat litter then we think that corncobs would serve as a Cat Litter for your cat.

It is because they are more light-weight as compared to the conventional clay cat litters and these litters are almost five times more absorbent as compared to all the ones mentioned here.

They cost less and as they are manufactured by using the outer lighter part and the innermost one, they form clumps easily and instead of disposing of them in a bag, you can easily flush them out.

Grain cat litters are very important in case if you want to avoid all that litter order. Such litters are made by the hard grains, and such grains form excellent pellets.

When these are manufactured, a quantity of corncobs is added to enhance the absorption. Naturally, hard grains are better when it comes to the absorption of moisture and the elimination of odor.

We all are aware of the nutritious value of the citrus fruits that can’t be denied but what if we tell you that now you don’t have to throw the peels of citrus fruits because they can make a Cat Litter.

The same thing is done by the manufacturers where they collect all the peel waste, press them and then fuse them to get rid of all the dirt and harmful chemicals, in this way when they are dried, they acquire an ideal shape of pellets and the citric acid removes any sort of odor present.

So here, we have told you about all the materials that have been used for ages in the manufacturing of cat litters. You can make a temporary cat litter by using a newspaper.

This would work too but for better concerns, it is more preferable to go with the ones mentioned above.

How Are They Used?

If it is you are having a cat for the first time, we would recommend you that instead of training your cat all by yourself it would be better to look for certain centers that provide cat training.

In this way, your cat would be able to use a cat litter in the minimum time because cat training is so important for every pet owner out there.

Such centers teach your pets different crucial practices that can make your life and the pets’ routine easier than before.

Next comes the location that you choose for a cat litter. We understand that you want to do away with all the odor, but we won’t recommend you to place the litter box in a store or outside of your home, because this will only worsen the result.

To train your cat, you have to choose a certain location where you would be able to keep an eye on your cat while the litter box is being used. If your cat uses the Cat Litter correctly and gets the maximum out of it then you can reward it with some pet snack so next time they would do it more efficiently.

One thing should never be forgotten, that if your cat screws up all your expectations, you should be patient rather than punishing your pet, after all, you are a pet owner and patience is what should be the best thing for you.

Using a cat litter isn’t a big deal, but cleaning them is the actual task. You can clean your pet’s Cat Litter every day, but if you don’t have time, then doing it once every two weeks would do just enough. Let us just move towards the next section and learn about all the pros.

Pros of a Cat Litter

The pros are

  • A cat litter keeps your home clean and saves you from daily cleaning.
  • It removes all the bad odor.
  • It absorbs all the moisture so you don’t have to worry about the pellets sticking to your pet’s paws.
  • It is cheap but goes for a long way.
  • It is biodegradable so it saves your environment.
  • You don’t have to clean it every day, just once every two weeks would be good.
  • It can be also be made at home easily.
  • It doesn’t harm your cat and doesn’t cause any infection.

Let us just tell you about Cat Litters available in the market

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