Ultimate Guide to Recliner Chairs

The Ultimate Guide to Recliner Chairs

The type of chair or sofa that bends down when a person sits on it is called a recliner chair. Basically, this type of chair comes with a flexible back that reclines down when a person sits and also has a footrest that extends upward with the help of a lever or maybe automatically. This type of chair is also known as armchair or lounger.

Contemporary recliner chairs consist of adjustable headrest and footrest that can be adjustable according to the body posture of the particular person.

Some recliner chairs also come with massaging vibrations that give extra relaxation to the users.

Some recliner chairs are so designed that a person even can sleep on them. They are found in trains, homes, and airplanes and even in cinemas. 


The initial components of recliner chairs are pads or foams, fabric, frame, and metallic systems. However, the materials of components of recliner chair vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and style to style.

Basically , the frame of the recliner is made up of wood because it has to receive a lot of weight. Then the frame is tightened by nuts and bolts. Some chairs also come with fiberboard.

The metal mechanism is made up of steel. This metal is also used for springs in the seat. The padding of backs is a type of comfortable yet sturdy foam. 

The wood which is used is expensive, such as the wood of an oak tree. (Stained and varnished)

The fabric of the recliner chair is different in every company. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But, the fabric used in every company is durable and fine and can stay for quite long.

These fibers include cotton, leather, and synthetic fibers. These types of fabrics are very easy to keep clean. 


The design of the pattern of a recliner chair is divided into four phases. These are:

  1. Initial designing
  2. Prototyping
  3. Preproduction
  4. Pilot production

Initial Designing

The designers of the particular company design the style and pattern of a recliner chair. They manufacture 10,000 recliner chairs of one style so that the piece cannot suffer a shortage in the market.

The designers design a prototype and proceed it for further approval. This design is then forwarded to the product production team, and after getting the approval, the product will launch.


The product development team consists of a designer, CAD engineer, sewing technician, wood technician, and layout pattern technician.

This team builds a prototype physically according to the design; then they go for the preproduction phase. (If the design has been approved)


In this phase, the prototype is tested again and again by the staff until they get satisfied that it is created perfectly.

Pilot production

When the prototype has been successfully produced, then this is forwarded to other companies for further testing and the process. When this process is done completely, then the product is launched in the market.

The Manufacturing Process

  • The body of the chair is made up of wood which is assembled, shaped, and accurately measured. All the frames are combined and attached together with the help of nuts and bolts. Then the frame proceeds for further processing. 
  • Electrical machines are used to prepare designs for a metal mechanism for recliner chairs. The finished parts of the metal mechanism are then combined with the body or frame of the recliner chair.
  • The body of the frame, specifically back and the seat is carved with a hard foam using the processes of slicing, shaping, and cutting.
  • The designs and patterns for the fabric are sent by the product production team with the help of a computer-driven machine that cuts 40 layers of fabric at once.
  • After the complete process, the backs and seats are then arranged. Then, the beautiful cover is added to the recliner. 

Types of Recliner Chairs

Manufacturers produce four types of recliner chairs according to the mood and needs of the users. These are:

  • Riser
  • Rocker
  • Push-back
  • Two-position
  • Wall-hugger recliners
  • Lift chairs
  • Massage recliners
  • Classic and modern recliners


These types of recliners are motorized, so the person sitting on them can get up very easily without any effort. This type of recliner chair is specially designed for people having physical disabilities and injuries.

This chair makes the sitting and standing of a person very easy and smooth. This type of chair needs a huge space due to its massive size, and it must be placed away from the wall. 

This type of chair comes with two types. One consists of a single motor, and the other has two motors. Single-motor recliners consist of only one motor that performs both the tasks of reclining and rising.

It has two control buttons to recline or raise the chair. Some chairs come with the process that when the chair reclines simultaneously, the process of rising stars. On the other hand, a dual-motor recliner comes with two motors.

One motor is used for reclining, and the other is used for rising. It consists of four buttons, 2 buttons for each process.


It is the most affordable recliner chair among all the types. It can be placed against the wall. It is the most appropriate recliner chair for the small spaces. It has adjustable footrest but a rigid back. Due to this reason, it can be placed against the wall.


As the name indicates this type of recliner consists of two positions, i.e., upright or completely reclined. This type of recliner chair is the cheapest of all, but it is limited in the functions.

It also needs a huge space because when the footrest rises, it causes reclining of the back. So, it cannot be adjustable in a small area.                  


This type of chair does not have a footrest. As the name indicates, this chair needs a push for working. When you sit, you push back it to recline.

This type of chair only consists of a back, so it is not of massive size; therefore, it can take less space. They are very modern in style and design as compared to the other types of recliner chairs.

Wall-hugger Recliners

These types of recliners take very less space and are ideal for small rooms. They are so designed that you can sit up straight and are adjustable in a way that the people having knee problems can easily get up from the chair. They are also affordable but do not have many movements and functions.

Massage Recliners

As the name indicates, these types of recliners can give you massage on your back and legs. You may find it expensive, but their working is very efficient and effective. After a long tiresome day, they will help you to get relax and satisfied.

Classic and Modern Recliners

If you feel that the recliners are old-fashioned and do not match with your taste, then you may find very modern and contemporary recliners for your home. They are available in a wide range of fibers, colors, designs, and sizes that you can even get confused about what to choose and what to not.

Why Choose a Recliner Chair?

There are a lot many reasons for choosing a reclining chair. Some of them are given below.

  • If you have a problem with sitting or getting up from a chair, then it can make your way of sitting and getting up easy.
  • It helps you in resting your head and legs after a long and tiresome day.
  • It helps in soothing your mood.
  • It elevates your stress by relaxing your mind.
  • Recliner chairs help you in switching your position while watching TV, reading a novel, and eating food. You can easily change your position according to the situation.
  • It helps in reducing pressure points on the joints, especially for old people.
  • It gives maximum support to the back of the neck, and this causes relief in neck pain. So, a person suffering from neck pain can get a lot of advantages from this chair.
  • It can also save your money. Because, after purchasing this chair, you may not need to call a therapist or a massager every year. It can massage your neck, back, arms, and legs as well.

If you invest in the best recliner chair, it is similar to investing in comfort and relaxation. It is an excellent investment because of the benefits it provides to the people.

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