Spray painting is a technique to cover large surfaces with even coating liquid. It is preferred to paint walls as it provides an efficient coating to the wall and make it look amazing.

Paint sprayers of different types are used for this purpose. There are several types of paint sprayers, some of these types are as follows:

  • Conventional or conservative sprayers
  • Sprayer having High volume and low-pressure 
  • stuffy sprayers

Conventional Sprayers

As the name infers, this sort of paint sprayers you will find at your father’s workshop. The old common sprayers utilize compacted air to shoot out the paint in a fog of fine paint particles.

These resemble those old paint sprayers due to which you wake on weekends while your neighbor is decorating his porch.

Traditional sprayers are otherwise called the high-weight sprayers. Inside the container, highly compressed air is trapped and then ejected using the hose which makes a thick and broad spray of paint. These

One of the significant ones is the paint control. Extreme pressure implies a great deal of intensity, which implies that the paint will fly all over the place.

According to estimation almost half of the paint is wasted due to blast of paint out of the nozzle.Just a segment of it arrives superficially you are attempting to cover.

This implies you are losing material, control, and the trial is costing you more than it should.

While they are effective and cheap in painting, the splash and noise may force you to think twice before buying it.

High Volume low-pressure Sprayers

Unlike conventional sprayers giving us a wide splash, there areHVLP. The HVLP abbreviation represents High Volume – Low Pressure. This indicates that spray coming out of the nozzle is thinner and easy to control.

This makes this kind of sprayers perfect for small things and complex surfaces. With the assistance of HVLP sprayer, you will get perfection and control for all the work that is needed to be finished. 

Additionally, you get more volume with lower pressure. High volume low-pressure paint sprayers are very famous among those who want to do everything themselves as you can use them easily to all kind of homework.

The accuracy you get with HVLP paint spray enables you to do an expert degree of work at your home.

You can protect and paint the wood pieces, entryways, a table or a bike, just like an expert.

As they are easy to use so you get satisfying results even if you are not an expert painter.

Stuffy Sprayers

Airless sprayers are extraordinary paint sprayers available in the market. Using an airless way to spray the liquid means no air is mixed with it.

Just like other types of paint sprayers these sprayers also can cover large surfaces in no time.

The paint jet originating from the nozzle is movable and you can adjust it according to your needs. Likewise, nearly everything that escapes that hose is going to end up on the wall.

Except if you are covering a table. With a decent airless sprayer, you can paint your lounge like a professional, in around ten minutes and you can do this without a mess.

How Can You Select the Best Paint Sprayer?

When picking up the sprayer, first you need to decide for which purpose you need it. painting a bike and a wall or table all are different tasks.So if you want to paint your whole house you need a different kind of paint sprayer. 

After deciding the kind of work you want, it will be a lot easyto find out the right paint sprayer for you. Here are some suggestions you can consider while buying quality paint sprayer: 


Horsepower determines the strength of the engine. If horsepower has more strength the more paint get out of the nozzle and forms a thick layer on the wall.

Paint sprayers having high pressure are preferred because they allow you to complete your task quickly.

But it is not good for every task, different tasks require different sprayers. You will prefer debilitated sprayer if you want a weak and steady stream of paint.

Cost of the Sprayer

Just like other industries market of paint sprayer is versatile.You have many choices as there are a lot of manufacturers and numerous brands in the market. Picking the perfect one for yourself is, as usual, a matter of discussion. 

While picking the sprayer, you must know that you have you choose a product which has a longer life span.

This implies you ought to pick carefully. It would be better to spend some extra money to buy a better model for yourself.If you want to do an ordinary home task you can also choose the cheaper one but if you are professional it would be better for you to prefer expensive paint sprayer.

Volume of Sprayer

The volume of the sprayer is determined by GPM value. And GPM refers to gallons per minute it tells about the amount of paint that can be transferred from bucket to the surface of the wall.

Normally, higher volume means a quicker job and more coverage. If you want you to want a sprayer delivering thicker paint and in large amount, it would be better to prefer the one with greater GPM value.

Tips for Sprayers

Splashing tips are an important part of the sprayer. They are dependent on both the sort of the sprayer and a specific paint you use.

We call everything “paint,” to make it less difficult, but multiple materials can be referred with different characteristics.

Measurements are mentioned on the tips in inches. If it shows “.10” then it means that tip opening is tenth of one inch.

In case reading is written like 616 then consider the last two digit of it to measure the opening.The first digit shows the spray pattern width.

Best Paint Sprayers 

Different types of paint sprayers are available in the market for different needs. You can choose the best one for you according to your needs and budget. Here are some best paint sprayers suggested you can have for yourself.

Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

It is an amazing tool you can use for every type of coating. It can use every kind of heavy and thick material for spraying. It comes with the manual you can use to study details and then can use it easily.

For maximum control, it also has a pressure-sensitive trigger. It comes with a handle so that you can pick it up with one hand.

For easy and quick cleaning you can connect it with a garden hose. It has amazing design and functionality and also comes at reasonable prices.

HomeRight Finish Max C80076

So if you have a low budget and cannot afford expensive paint sprayer it is best for you. You can have this paint sprayer at affordable prices and this can do your work.

It does not have a motor, compressor or any other thing by side so you can hold it in your hand easily. It is light in weight. The trigger can control the spray as it has a controlling mechanism.

It can use any kind of paint for example cabinet, stain based paint, latex and chalk. Manufacturers also offer spray shelters in the form of tents so you can work on your project easily.

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO  HVLP spray system

Fuji 2202 is for experts, and it accompanies a 1.3 mm cap. This makes steady and strong paint jet that can cover surface efficiently.

It is an important part of every garage. it blocks bigger paint particles as it has two air filters. It comes with two years warranty.

It also comes up with 25 feet hose. Moreover, it is also available at affordable prices. 

How Using Paint Sprayer is Better Than Using Other Methods?

Using traditional ways to paint an object is not good. As the use of conventional brushes and rollers take a lot of time moreover effectiveness is much lower.

While using paint sprays you can complete your task relatively faster with much less effort. A wide range of materials can be used for paint sprayers like latex, oil, etc.

But you cannot use oil with rollers. If you want to paint surfaces with a lot of cervices paint sprayer is the best option you can have.

Final Thoughts

You can complete your painting task either the hard way or the easy way. Using brushes or rollers can make things difficult for you but you can easily do your take using paint sprayers.

There is a whole market out there provides you with all types of paint sprayers of different prices. Some of the best quality paint sprayers are also mentioned above, you can choose one of them for yourself.

But be careful while buying paint sprayers, make sure that the sprayer you are buying suits your budget have good quality and bets for your job.

So give your walls, tables and all other objects a new color and make them look amazing using paint sprayers.

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