Amazing facts about Cordless circular saw

A chargeable machine that can be used for the woodworks and to cut other things by rotary is called Cordless Circular saw, It is very powerful and connected with the abrasive disc that disc can cut woods and other many materials.

If you want to buy the best cordless circular saw, then you must have knowledge about all of its aspects. Such as working of cordless circular saw, Ideal cordless circular saw, time span cordless circular saw, and worth of the cordless circular saw.  

If you are a beginner or want to buy the best cordless circular saw, then read this article to know all about it. Before a cordless circular saw, everyone gets confused that which cordless circular saw to choose and which do not. They may have the following questions in their minds ;

  • How does a cordless circular saw work?
  • Which cordless circular is ideal for the beginners?
  • How long does a cordless circular saw last?
  • Should I buy a corded circular saw or cordless circular saw?
  • Are cordless circular worth to buy or not?
  • Which cordless circular saws are best to choose?

In this article, you will find the most satisfactory answers to your questions. Then you must read it and ready to go to find the best cordless circular saw for your home repairing and building. 

Which Cordless Circular Saw Is Best To Choose?

Here are the details of some top pikes and top-rated cordless circular saw of  2019. These cordless circular saws are different from each other and have specific trades.

Moreover, they designed to accomplish multiple demands from multiple people. You can choose one of them according to your choice, taste, and needs. Let us take a read on them.

  • DEWALT DC390B 18Z volt
  • Makita SH02R1 12 volt
  • Black and Decker BDCCS20C 20 volt
  • Ryobi P 18 volt
  • Hitachi C18DGLP4 18 volt
  • Bosch CCS180B 18volt
  • DEWALT DCS391B 20volt
  • Milwaukee 2630-20
  • PORTER-CABLE TCC660B 20 volt
  • Makita XSS02Z 18v lxt

DEWALT DC390B 18Z volt

It is an18-volt cordless circular saw, and it uses 6-1/2inch tipped blade. It’s cutting capacity is 2x at the degree of 90 and 45, it has an upper guard, which provides maximum durability .moreover it consists of magnesium shoe which gives it high trends.

Makita SH02R1 12 volt

Its weight is only 3.5 lbs. with battery. It has a built-in dust blower, which keeps the line of cut free of the waist, which gives maximum accuracy.

It comes with ergonomic design, and it consists of a reprised grip that offers maximum comfort; it also consists of an integrated battery, which gives the indicator of the charging level. 

Black and Decker BDCCS20C 20 volt

This type of cordless circular saw is designed with high torque motor; it gives the cut of toll-free depth, which gives accurate angled cuts.

It consists of a 5-1/2 inch blade, which helps in smooth and fast cutting and this is very easy to use.

Ryobi P 18 volt

This type of model is ideal for the people who look for the cheaper cordless circular saw. This is a very powerful and compact cordless circular saw, which is very easy to use, and it is capable of cutting all your projects. This type of model has a cutting capacity of 2-7/ is very lightweight as having the weight of 6.6lbs. 

Hitachi C18DGLP4 18 volt 

This type of model does not consider as the most feature that model, but it is included in one of the most famous and best cordless circular saw.

This model is ideal for the people this priority to the quality over money. It is very easy to use due to the presence of a left side blade and built in the led spotlight.

This led spotlight gives a great vision, which ultimately leads to accurate cutting its weight is 6.2 pounds and has a soft gripped handle, which gives supreme comfort.

Bosch CCS180B 18volt

This type of  model is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It has no load with 3900RPM. It is very lightweight; its weight is just 6.6 pounds.

It is very durable and consists of a 6.5-inch blade. In addition, it comes up with a spindle lock and anti-snag lower guard. 


Its weight is 7 lbs and it has a 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade. It comes with magnesium shoe and over-molded rubber grip. It has 460 MWO and 5150 RPM motor. 

It is considered to be the most powerful circular saw so far. Its 5150 RPM will handle all the cuttings that need to be done quickly and fastly. Its molded rubber grip gives maximum comfort to the users.

Milwaukee 2630-20

This type of model is included in the most durable and lightweight circular saw. It has heavy-duty magnesium guards and fuel gauge.

This model is so powerful that it will allow you to cut very heavy and tough substances. It is 6.5 inches and has a soft grip, which gives maximum comfort and balance.

How Does a Circular Saw Works?

The cordless circular saw work with the help of a battery. It means that this type of circular saw does not need to be plugged in. The battery tends the blade to move, and so cuts the wood or any other material such as plastic or metal.

There are different blades for different materials, so you have to be very careful in choosing the right blade; otherwise, if you choose a wood blade on metal, then you will harm your substance. The cordless circular saw has specific tools that hold the blade so that it would not displace.

Which is The Ideal Circular saw for Beginners?

If you want a circular saw which is best for the beginners, then the following characteristics should be the part of it.

  • Safety
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Versatile
  • Dependable

Among these aspects, safety is the most necessary one. As this work is dangerous, so all the tools that are part of it are very sharp and dangerous, so cordless circular saws have the system that the brake will automatically stop when the power is released.

How well do Cordless Circular Saws Work?

The cordless circular saws work very efficiently, especially on the substances which are smaller and thinner such as drywalls. However, the addition of lithium-ion battery transforms these circular saws into more powerful and efficient saws as compared to the previous versions.

How Long Does a Cordless Circular Saw Last?

The cordless circular saws come up with a very long life span, or in other words; they are very durable. The condition is that you use them with care and clean them on daily basis. However, if you use your cordless circular saw daily, and for high electronics or heavy work, then their life span will reduce. In short, there are many aspects and factors that decide the life span of a cordless circular saw.

Should I buy a Corded Circular Saw or Cordless Circular Saw?

Basically, both circular saws are efficient and good in their working on their own. However, if you want to cut some heavy and thick materials, then you must go for a corded circular saw. We cannot say that which one is better because both circular saws have their own type of work. One is better and efficient for small works, and the other is efficient and great for heavy working.

 Moreover, if you want to work for long hours and for heavy machinery, then you must go for a cordless circular saw; it will reduce your stress, and you can work with it very adequately and efficiently. In addition, the cordless circular saw is very easy to use and easy to handle.

Are Cordless Circular Saws Worth It?.

Obviously yes. Cordless circular saws are worth to buy. And if you want to work on daily basis, then it is very worthy to invest in the different versions of circular saws. They are very easy to use for DIY enthusiasts and are very powerful. Moreover, they can be used anywhere and anytime.

The Verdict

The cordless circular saws are worth to keep in the toolbox for daily working. They are perfect for DIY enthusiasts. They have done the work very quickly, efficiently, and easily. They do not need any kind of power plugin because they run with the battery, and this is the most convenient category of them. 

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