You Do Not Have To Sweat When You Can Cut Wood With Style

Here is something you may not understand about me; just by looking at it, I can cut wood. It is true; with my own eyes, I saw it. However, seriously, one of those instruments everyone has to have is a circular saw.

While corded circular saws can cut wood, plywood, steel, masonry and even granite when installed with the suitable blade, most cordless saws are better fitted to manage light to medium-duty employment where portability and maneuverability are most essential. That is why having the Best cordless circular saw is necessary for everyone. 

There are two designs for Best cordless circular saw; blade left and blade right. If you are generally looking, kindly go over here to our Circular Saw Review.

We have evaluated a number of these excellent cordless circular sawing instruments that are lower and less noisy than the one that works with a cord and are the perfect cordless circular saw for home repairs, shelf building, or door cutting. 

Guide for the Purchaser

Before committing to a cordless circular saw, be sure to think about the plus and minus that comes with it. Neither is inherently better than the other is, but as always, to help you pick the right one, a little thought ahead of time about what you need from your tool goes a long way.


In the corded/cordless discussion, this is the number one problem.  While some active battery packs are out there, none of them can compete with a plugged-in instrument.

If most of your job is tiny or around the home employment, or you are planning to use your saw mainly for simple assignments such as plywood and 2x4s, you can undoubtedly discover a cordless saw that never makes you miss a cord.  However, if you have a heavy-duty cutting in front of you, the best choice is cording.


Size is another factor to bear in mind, in part, a power function.  With bigger blades, cordless circular saws are on the smaller size, thus restricting their cutting depth.  Without cables, you are unlikely to discover the most significant circular saws.

If you anticipate the need for bigger blades, cording is the way to go, but you can likely make the lower, blades do what you want to do for most normal assignments.


In a job site that has not been wired for power yet, even a top-of-the-line corded saw will not operate. However, if your sight never leaves your cellar, either way, you can go.  Each cordless saw is more portable than its cousin with cords is. 


It may seem obvious, but one of the safety features inherent in a cordless saw is that you cannot just see through the cable, neither can anyone else.

If you have multiple fellas working in a small space, avoiding tripping over the cords of each other, let alone cutting through them will be a challenge.  In crowded workspaces, cordless tools are more comfortable and safer.


Nobody has yet developed a saw with a cord that gives pleasure by using. They get filthy, they get tangled, they get twisted, and you need to collect them all at the end of each day and store them somehow. 

Cords are a hassle, but on the outlet back home, battery packs line up snugly, charging for the next day. Throwing all the battery packs into a bin is much simpler than handling all the wires to end your day. 

Below are some devices you can pick right now because of their features!

DEWALT DCS391B 20V Li-Ion Cordless Circular Saw

The circular saw of the DeWalt DCS391B is very popular and with excellent reason.  Its 5,250-rpm engine allows most household or job site cuts to work quickly.

It provides a fantastic mix of strength and versatility with a six 1⁄4 “blade and 2 1⁄4” cutting depth, plus the 5/8 “arbor implies you have access to a wide range of blades. 

Compatible with the DeWalt battery fleet (sold individually), it can last all day, and since it weighs only 7 lbs, you are not going to wear either.

It handles cuts of bevel up to 50 degrees, comes with a critical carbide-tipped blade, and has a blade brake.

The vast majority of complaints about this instrument can be traced back to human error on the market for more than five years. It is the most costly, but worth every penny, saw on our list.


  • High-performance cutting.
  • The battery is substitutable with other DeWalt gears.
  • Comfy and frothy, so you can saw all day.
  • Blade brake.


  • It takes several recharges to work

Makita XSS02Z 18V Battery Cordless Circular-Saw

The Makita XSS02Z saw is a near second to our top selection.  Users are pleased with the energy produced by the 3,700-rpm engine and the cutting choices supplied with a blade of 6 1⁄2 “and cutting depth of 2 1⁄4.” 

It is lightweight and maneuverable at just over 7 lbs. However, feels secure in your hand and it is comparatively quiet (for an energy saw). It comes with one blade, like the DeWalt, and can cut up to a level of 50 degrees. 

However, a blade brake is missing, and Makita fans are struggling to sort out which batteries of the manufacturer do or do not work with this saw.

However, if you already have the instruments and associated batteries in the Makita family, this is a great option.



  • Cuts over anything.
  • Sustainable batteries.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Noiseless.


  • This model has No blade brake.
  • Battery supplies can be confusing


The Black + Decker BDCCS20C on a cordless circular saw is an amazingly good deal.  This B+D comes with not only a battery but also a charger at about half the cost of our Top Pick, which is a bare tool. 

It is on the narrower hand, including a 5 1⁄2 “blade, but its weight (7.5lbs.) Makes it hefty without sacrificing portability.  Even if it is not appropriate for professional or job site use–it is not the strongest saw you can purchase–it is a welcome addition to any arsenal of household tools. 

You could readily pay that much cash for just another manufacturer’s battery pack, plus you can use this saw nearly straight out of the box.


  • About half the Top Pick price.
  • Comes with a charger and battery that can be used with other B+D instruments.


  • Starter product, not for professional use.

PORTER-CABLE PCC660B 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Circular Saw

On paper, the Porter-Cable PCC660B shares with our more preferred model’s many attributes.  It’s 6 1⁄2 “blade has a cutting depth of 2 1/8” and a bevel cut of up to 50 degrees. It has a powerful engine of 4,000rpm, presumably, but at 6.5 lbs.

Is light enough to be user-friendly all day.  Also, like most manufacturers of cordless power tools, PC offers an interchangeable battery fleet. However, any real cutting strength is lacking in this saw, and it feels flimsy rather than just lightweight. 

It also has some significant design faults.  For users, the trigger’s safety mechanism is exhausting, the blade is difficult to get on and off. 

Anyone who leans to maintain an eye on their cut line is likely to get a face complete of sawdust. If you are already in the tool family of Porter-Cable, this may be the correct decision, but otherwise, you will want to think about this model twice.


  • Low-cost.
  • Substitutable battery arrangement.


  • It feels badly produced.
  • It shoots your face with sawdust.
  • To hold it on is exhausting.

Hilti SCW 22-Volt Circular Saw

The first thing you notice about any Hilti instrument is the sky-high price, and their cordless circular saw 3482502 SCW is no exception.  It seems to give what most of the other saw mentioned here are doing–a 6 1⁄2 “blade with a 2 1⁄4” max cutting depth and a 50-degree max bevel angle. 

This Hilti comes with an electric brake, which is not always the case with a cordless drill, as well as not one but two batteries, a charger, and a bag. 

However, there is no reason to spend this kind of money on the homeowner or hobbyist, and even a general contractor probably does not have to pony up for one either. 


  • Exemplary service to the client.


  • It is costly.


The DCS391B from DeWalt is our cordless circular saw from Top Pick.  It provides energetic cutting efficiency, is simple to handle, and with the correct battery can be seen all day long.  For both the DIY-er and the professional, this is a big decision. 

The Black + Decker BDCCS20C arrives at Best for the Money.  Sold with the saw, a battery and a charger imply one-stop shopping and this model provides sufficient efficiency for any enthusiast of garage woodworking.

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