Conair Garment Steamer Review

Gone are the days when you had to use an iron for ironing clothes, sheets, and whatnot. Nowadays, you can use hand-held steamers for steaming anything around the house. The advanced models can even steam curtains, rugs, bedsheets, and other heavier fabrics as well.

Conair Garment Steamer Review

Conair Garment Steamer

The Conair garment steamer is a household accessory that can make your life much simpler by providing you the ease of steaming literally anything related to clothes. 


  • Has a 75-second heating time
  • Dual heating system 
  • Nine-foot power cord
  • Dry heat production 
  • 15-minute steam time 
  • 1110 Watts of Power
  • 2 steam settings
  • Steam lock feature 
  • 3 attachments 

Ease of Use


Heat Production




Dual Heat

The most notable feature of the Conair garment steamer is that it has a dual heat feature. This basically means that you are getting two garment steamers at the price of one. One of the heat settings is 395 degrees, which is suitable for heavier fabrics such as wool. The second heat setting, 200 degrees, which is suitable for lighter and more expensive fabrics such as silk and satin. 

It is imperative that the iron you are using on your clothes does not harm them. This garment steamer is superior in its function because the two settings allow you to de-wrinkle different kinds of fabrics without damaging them. 

Heat Production

The garment steamer does not only produce more heat but it also produces heat much more efficiently. It gets 30% hotter than your average garment steamer. Due to this excessive heat, the Conair garment steamer can remove wrinkles from any fabric five times faster than other steamers. 

Steam Features

If a garment steamer is producing sufficient steam, then it is definitely doing a good job. This garment steamer has a quick heating system. It heats up in just 75 seconds and has a steam time of 15 minutes. 

Kills Bed Bugs

The garment steamer does not only release wrinkles from your fabrics but also kills bed bugs. So, you can use it for steaming your bed sheets or quilts. It also kills dust mites so you can two benefits from one machine. 

3 Attachments

This Conair garment steamer has three attachments and you can choose the one according to the fabric and nature of the task. These attachments are soft brush, crease attachment, fabric brush. Therefore, you can use the specific attachment for the task at hand. 

The fabric brush opens up your fabric so that steam can penetrate easily while the soft cushion is suitable for steaming delicate fabrics. The creaser attachment lets you create pleats and folds. 

Easy to Use

The steamer is very easy to use, even if you are using a garment steamer for the first time. A yellow light indicates that the steamer is on. When the green light turns on, this is an indication that the steamer has heated up and is ready for use. You merely have to glide the steamer against the fabric and voila, you are done.  

The water reservoir can house enough water for 15-minutes of usage so you do not have to fill it up again and again. It is very easy to fill the reservoir as it easily locks into place. Since the steamer is light-weight, you can hold it easily. It also has a nine-foot cord to make maneuverability a breeze for the user. 


Nowadays, users search for things to use at home that are good for the environment. This Conair garment steamer is safe for the environment as it does not use any chemicals. All you need to use is water and the steamer will create hot steam for you to work with.

It is energy-efficient, owing to its quick heating feature and 30% better heat production. Unlike some other steamers in the market, this one is very quiet while working. 

Steam Lock Feature

If you want to steam something for a longer time, you can use the Steam-lock feature. This feature allows the steamer to produce continuous steam. 


Lastly, the steamer has a 1-year warranty. In case the steamer does not work properly or the settings are not working the way they should, you can contact the company for repairs or replacement. 

Things We Like 

  • Can be used on lighter, heavier and delicate fabrics
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • The longer power cord allows easy movement 
  • Heats up quickly 
  • Produces dry heat that penetrates easily through fabrics

Things We Dislike 

  • Spare parts are not easily available 
  • Steam settings might be confusing for some users

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