C Curl 3D Mink Fur Eyelash – Individual Extensions- Natural Looks – Obeya

C Curl 3D Mink Fur Eyelash – Individual Extensions- Natural Looks - Obeya

I cherish these mink lashes. When I start using it, then I feel it look genuine clearly. I never comprehended the kinds of twists, so I purchased these not knowing for my straight descending lashes I required an “L” twist type, on account of you-tube for that information. The best part, which I like, is the sizes of the eyelash. Yet these still worked in light of the fact that they have short, medium and long. I had the option to utilize the long ones that mixed so well. 

Obeya lashes are the place I would purchase again for more twists in individual lashes! A debt of gratitude is in order for being cost-effective while as yet having that regular look. I recommend you to use this eyelash and feel the difference. Their texture is so different from others, and you can select according to your face. Like if you want small, you can buy it and use it. Otherwise, you can apply long. Most of the people apply long eyelash. It looks so attractive and beautiful. Fabulous lashes, arrived immediately, bundled well. Agreeable and look incredible, I will order these once more.

Great Texture Eyelash

The best thing about this Real Siberian Mink Fur Eyelash expansions C twist, & super 3D visual is it’s very simple to apply. The second best thing is it is available in different sizes and looks so natural & comfortable to wear you can easily apply at home. When you look beautiful, it automatically makes your self-confident. These eyelashes make your self comfortable and confident. 

Mixed Length 

  • Total 12rows. Blended way 8mm*3Rows
  • 10mm*3Rows
  • 12mm*3Rows
  • 14mm*3Rows


When we talk about the features, it differentiates one product to the others. Because of everyone select product, according to their requirement. (Like which features, and specifications they need). 

  • One thing you need to know is it’s tougher and volume than round eyelash expansions. 
  • Simple to expel, simple to pick, stable twist, no buildup, no wrinkle mink lash expansion. 
  • You can pick the best appropriate length for your eyelash expansions and make your work effectively. 
  • Decreased end lashes, impersonate the genuine lash end, and look progressively characteristic.

Do you know how to apply this Eyelash

Tidy up your or your client’s eyelashes with expert eyelashes cleaner. Separate the eyelashes here and there with ensuring under eye cushion. Brush the eyelashes easily with eyelashes brush. Pick the eyelashes that are reasonable to you or your client subsequent to watching yours or client’s eyelashes. When sticking the eyelashes augmentation stick, it just needs sticking to 33% of the eyelash. There ought not to need to air bubble on the paste at the bogus eyelashes. Singular eyelashes can’t be stuck at the foundation of genuine eyelashes and skin.

It should go amiss from the base of the genuine eyelash 0.5-1mm and stick on the genuine eyelash one side. One eyelash augmentation ought to be stuck on the one genuine eyelash. The space of every eyelash being stuck ought to be ineffectively separated. It should take around 40 seconds to dry it, and afterward stick the other eyelash progressively after they are dry totally. In the wake of getting done with sticking eyelashes of one eye, you should hold up around 5-10 minutes to open eyes.


  • Simple to apply
  • Natural looks
  • The Length of this eyelash is available according to your requirements. 


  • Sometimes lashes don’t grab Perfect as per your requirement.
  • The Slides mess up with the lashes curve.
  • Not that much tight. 

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