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Best Handheld Garment Steamer

There has never been a person on earth ever who didn’t want to skip the daily ironing of dresses at least once in their lifetime. We all know that no matter if you are wearing a 500 dollar dress, but if it is super wrinkled and creased, your outfit would look as if bought from a dollar store.

It is so true, and this is the reason that we would discuss with you steamers, also known as garment steamers and how blessed we have been since they were introduced, so we have to let you know of the Best Handheld Garment Steamer too here in this article.

Let us define garment steamers for you, they lessen the wrinkles and creases using the phenomena of steam. It should be noted that we didn’t use the word “remove” but “lessen”, as it is pretty clear that they can’t replace iron completely.

It would be a lie to make any such strong statement because irons have their precision and the way they bless our clothes with new life, steamers can’t come close to that. Still, for all the couch potatoes out there like us, it is extremely mandatory to know about the Best Handheld Clothes Steamer.

With time, irons have maintained their worth among the customers, but steamers have shown incredible progress. Nothing saves your life at the last moment as a steamer does. As it is light-weight and so easy to use, you can glam up your clothes in no time.

This doesn’t end here. We will let you know of all the basic uses and the features in the sections below, but first, let us get started with the manufacturing tidbits.

How Are They Made?

Let us start with the basic important parts without further ado. The most important parts of a handheld clothes steamer are

  • Water tank
  • A metal rod
  • Rubber hose
  • Heating element
  • A soft brush

Water Tank

The Best Handheld Clothes Steamer has got a simple manufacturing process so it doesn’t involve any sort of rocket science. The first thing is the water tank which consists of the water poured that is to be converted into steam.

Now please do keep in mind that we are sharing with you the information of those parts which are common in all garment steamers irrespective of whether they are handheld or not, even the tiny version can’t work without these parts.

A Metal Rod

Depending on the size, the water tank is adjusted and then comes the function of a metal rod. The handheld steamers usually don’t need a metal rod you can simply hang the clothes on a hanger, but the Best Handheld Clothes Steamer does come with a metal rod so you have two ways to steam the clothes. 

Rubber Hose

A rubber hose is a part that directs the steam towards your clothes. It is responsible for smooth steaming and also for preventing the fabric from excessive steam. This part has the steam regulator to regulate the flow of vaporized water.

Heating Element

The heating element is, of course, to provide heat and generate energy to drive up all the processes.

A Soft Brush

The soft brush has got soft bristles that remove any sort of stray thread or hair strand to give a sleek and uniform look to office wear dresses.

This is the crucial step as only steaming the dresses would result in hair strands sticking to the fabric. This doesn’t and shouldn’t work this way. That is why a soft brush can also be considered as an innovation.

So these were the basic parts. Let us tell you a tip as a side note, you can also make your steamer at home in no time. All you have to do is just to look for it on YouTube, or otherwise, we would write separate content for you in the coming days.

How Are They Used? 

This doesn’t happen very often that we are more interested in telling the usage rather than all the manufacturing details. The best way to use a garment steamer is first to fill the tank with water and turn the power switch on.

Then you would wait for 2-3 minutes. The next step would be to hang the clothes on any rod or the metal rod that came with the Best Handheld Clothes Steamer and just start steaming with the soft bristle brush in the downward direction.

Let us tell you another tip, you can increase the efficiency of your work by first steaming the inside part of your dress and then moving towards the outward side. In this way, you would be able to get rid of more fabric wrinkles.

Always keep it in mind that when you are steaming a delicate fabric, a distance of almost 2-3 inches is mandatory, after all a steamer is all about perfection and precision.

So you can see, there wasn’t any sort of mathematical approach involved and almost everybody can rock it even in the first attempt.

Pros of a Handheld Garment Steamer

  • It saves time and is easier to use.
  • It is very versatile and makes less mess because of the lightweight feature.
  • It can easily lessen the wrinkles from all sorts of sweaters, cardigans, and tops that otherwise would have been burnt by iron’s excessive heat.
  • They are probably the best solution and a lifesaving approach for all the lazy people out there.

Best Handheld Garment Steamers 2020

Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Fabric Steamer

This steamer has a beautiful design that can be easily carried for a long time. With the heating time 2 min, it has got the whole 10 minute steaming time. 

Steamfast Steamer – Model SF-407

With a power of 1500 watts, this one has the steaming time of almost 0.75 hours. It is handheld but also comes with wheels so you can use it either way. For more stuff, check out their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do steamers work on fancy dresses?

Yes, they work more effectively on all those complex patterns.

  1. How long do these last?

They last for almost two years.


Hopefully, you would have learned some new things about garment steamers from this article. 


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