10 Best Garage Door Opener of 2021 for Roll up Door

Best Garage Door Opener is something of an unsung hero in the technology-driven life of these days. It gives you the liberty and ease of just pushing a button and drive right inside your garage without having to wait for someone to open it for you. We take this facility of life for granted that we do not even think about it much.

Electronic garage doors have become so trendy nowadays that they have made the manual effort required to open and close your garage doors redundant to the maximum extent.

Architects nowadays design many buildings and houses with the idea that these need garages to park their bikes, trucks, cars and other vehicles. If you wish to keep your vehicles that are not much in your daily use safe. Your garage must contain a door.

Best Garage Door Opener 2021

The overall mechanism of the garage door to work is quite simple. When you push the button to open the door, the motor fixed inside the machine rotates clockwise. And in order to close the door, the limit switches in result to make the motor rotate in the anti-clockwise direction.

Developers program these limit switches such that the door opening and closing is ensured with accurate tuning. The chains then transfer the rotational motion into mechanical energy, resulting in the door to open.

So now that you know how it works, you must have got the idea by now that if any of the components is having malfunctioning, then it will have a problem to operate properly. 

As you see there are a lot of electric components involved in this whole mechanism, so this entire system is probable to have some malfunctioning often. But we have good news for you that you can fix the minor problems all by yourself.

You only realize the importance of the best garage door opener remote only when it stops working and you have to get out of your car and open the door just to park or drive your car.

But nothing to worry about, chamberlain designs the best garage door opener 2019 with such programming that it is easy to maintain and can be fixed without any tedious effort whenever it is required. 

1. Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 -Garage Door Opener

As the name very much suggests, this chamberlain premium garage door opener has got all that you need. This is one of the best smart garage door openers that offers built-in WiFi technology.

It sounds unbelievable to know that one single app on your cell phone enables you to open and close your garage door with the power of simply touching a virtual button on your app. This best garage door opener provides a battery backup as well so that in the event of power outages, it provides durable functionality.

Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup - myQ...
  • Smart garage door opener comes with built-in myQ technology to keep you connected and protected: Open, close, your garage...
  • Battery backup: Ensures safe replacement ins-and-outs even during power failures. Radio Frequencies: 310, 315, 390. Soft...
  • Ultra-quiet and strong belt drive: Steel-reinforced belt drive and constructed with high-grade materials for years of...

Chamberlain B970 Standout

Another standout feature of this model is the MAX lift power system that offers maximum lifting power. This garage door opener is super quiet as it comes with steel reinforced belt drive.

Chamberlain premium garage door opener comes with the horsepower which is equivalent to one and quarter,  which is then considered to be the highest capacity for heavy door lifting you will discover in this model.  

This best garage door opener is just an ideal idea for you if you have extremely heavy or big doors. 

MyQ smartphone control app gives you the complete control of your door. It enables you to generate customize schedules for your lighting and garage door with the help of this app.

This offers another amazing thing which is Chamberlain’s special long-range remotes and safety feature. This model itself is prepared with the highest quality materials.

This enables you the installation of the garage door opener on your own. It comes with pre-programmed remotes, videos, and tech support. For the motor and belt used in this unit, you will get the lifetime warranty.

Other parts come with a 5 years warranty. You will also get a 1-year warranty for the accessories. With all these features, we consider it as the best garage door opener. We’ve listed down a few of the features that this best garage door opener comes with. 

Salient Features

Perfect Fit: this is ideal as this is compatible up to 7 ft high. Doors that are 8 or 10 ft high, need extension kit.

Battery Backup: it is sufficient enough to keep your garage door operative even when the power goes out. 

Smart Garage Control: as the name suggests, you may open or close your garage door using your smartphone with myQ App from anywhere. 

Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive: it is made using steel-reinforced belt drive and high-grade materials; to ensure quiet, reliable and smooth performance for years to come and is just picture-perfect if you have attached garage.

In-Garage Delivery with Key: prime subscribers in specific locations are now able to choose with the B970; to get Amazon parcels delivered securely right inside their garage. For this, all you have to do is to link your myQ account with the Key App.

Superior Remote Range: it comes with exclusive tri-band technology; that boosts the remote range up to 1,500 ft for the garage door to open and close even quicker.

Max Lift Power System-1.25 HPS: this best garage door opener 2019 promises the highest lifting force in the market;  for reliable and durable performance and effortless and smooth lifting.  

Box Equipment: This chamberlain premium garage door opener comes with 2 three-button remotes, full-function wall control, wireless keypad and safety sensors.

Trusted Security and Safety: it provides impeccable security with 2.0 100 billion code encryption; that guards your door against being hacked. Posi-lock anti-theft protection helps to stop the forced entry attempts. 

About Chamberlain Premium: this is the most reliable and largest best garage door opener manufacturer in entire North America.

2. Chamberlain Group B730

Chamberlain Group B730 Ultra-Quiet & Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group B730 Ultra-Quiet & Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is a belt drive opener; that comes with the equivalent of 3/4 HP, offering sufficient power to open nearly all garage doors. The belt-driven technology makes it noiseless, unlike chain-driven technology.

This Chamberlain Premium Garage Door offers a great deal of other exciting functions; that assist to make this one of the best garage door opener available in the market. The most impressive feature that this Chamberlain Group B730 offers is the battery backup.

Chamberlain Group B730 Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive Garage Door...
  • Powered by Chamberlain’s PLUS Lift Power System, the B730 delivers, the highest lifting force equivalent capacity compared...
  • Battery backup ensures safe replacement ins and outs even during power failures.Maximum Open Size 7 feet , Actual rail length...
  • Ultra Quiet and Strong Belt Drive Steel reinforced belt drive and constructed with high grade materials for years of...


While this is just an optional accessory for almost many comparably expensive garage door openers; it is provided with the Chamberlain B730, that adds a great value to it.

Additional features that it includes are 2 three-button remotes for remote access, wall panel, advanced security measures; that fight anti-theft and hacking, compatibility and upgrade support to the MyQ Smartphone Control, impressive warranty; that entails lifetime warranty for belt and motor, one year warranty for the accessories, and five years warranty for other parts. All these features make this Chamberlain B730 the best value to it’s worth in the industry.

This is just ideal for attached garages; it’s precision-engineered for years of trouble-free dependability and hassle-free performance you can sleep through. 

Powered by Chamberlain’s excellent lift power system, it provides the highest lifting capacity as compared to the 3/4 power class. That means it has the highest lifting power in its own class.

It’s engineered and programmed for ultimate security and safety. It includes advanced tri-band frequency technology and battery backup for superior performance and range; Posi-lock protection against forced entry, Security +2.0 code encryption, wireless keypad, multi-function wall control, and a lot more.

This model accepts 26 watt CFL or two 100 watt max non-halogen light bulbs (not included)

Salient Features

Superior Range: this Chamberlain group B730 comes two 3-button remote controls; that enables you to have control over up to 3 garage door openers.

The enhanced tai-bank technology; that it comes with boosts remote range up to 1,500 feet for a quicker opening and closing. 

Plus Lift Power System: It enables the opener to have the highest lifting force; equivalent capacity compared to the 3/4 power class for reliable and smooth operation. 

Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive: this unit comes with steel-reinforced belt drive; and is made with high-quality materials that promise smooth, quiet and reliable performance for years to come.

This is not only perfect for attached garages but it is quick in opening and closing the door. Plus with its battery backup, it enables the door to be opened and closed even when the power is out. 

Battery Backup: it offers safe and sound entry and exit in the event of power failures. Where actual rail length is 9.4 feet, it allows you to open the garage door till 7 feet. 

Easy Installation: along with all these amazing features; this chamberlain premium garage door opener comes with easy-to-understand installation videos;  snap-lock rail system, pre-programmed remotes, and tech support that makes sure that your installation goes smoothly.  

3. Decko Horse Power

Decko Horse Power Heavy Duty Reduced Noise Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Decko 24300 Heavy-Duty Chain Drive Garage Door Opener comes with a backbone which is served by a powerful 3/4 HP DC motor.

This best garage door opener 2019 offers a great deal of beneficial safety and performance features; entailing a few that assist setting the Deck 24300 stand out from its competitors. First of all, an extension kit comes along with it.

Where all other comparatively high-priced chain driven garage door openers require you to buy an extension kit; to adjust eight feet doors, this model comes automatically in the buying; enabling you to save a great chunk of money especially if your garage door is a bit larger.

Decko 24300 3/4 Horse Power Heavy Duty Reduced Noise Chain Drive...
  • Easy installation featuring non-polarized wiring making installing the wiring error free
  • Handles sectional garage doors up to 7 feet tall and 18 feet wide
  • 8 foot extension is available to accommodate larger doors

Plus, it provides two 3-button remotes, 3-function wall panel; and a wireless keypad for remote function from anywhere in the house. 

Moreover, this best garage door opener features an auto-reversal sensor; which stops the garage door automatically if there is any person or object detected in its way.

This garage door opener is specifically programmed for easy and simple installation; with easy and manageable wires that make it nearly impossible to get it wrong.

This is just the perfect solution for you; if you are searching for the one that fulfills your garage’s requirement of a little bit more power.

What more could you wish for when it comes with an infrared sensor; that will prevent any accident along with an eight feet extension kit? 

Salient Features

Med-Lift Power System-1/2 HP: it provides the most excellent lifting force equivalent capacity; in its power class for reliable performance and seamless lifting. 

Perfect Fit: this one is compatible with the garage doors; having a height up to seven feet whereas extension kit is required for eight to ten feet garage doors. 

Smart Garage Control: Enter and exit from your garage door and operate it from anywhere; with just touch on your smartphone through my App.

In-Garage Delivery with Key: Prime subscribers in specific locations are now capable of choosing with the Deck 24300; to get Amazon parcels delivered securely right inside their garage. For this, all you have to do is to link your my account with the Key App.

Box Equipment: This chamberlain premium garage door opener comes with 2 three-button remotes, full-function wall control, wireless keypad and safety sensors.

Superior Remote Range: it comes with exclusive tri-band technology; that boosts the remote range up to 1,500 ft for the garage door to open and close even quicker.

A man fitting the garage door opener

4. Chamberlain Group B550

 Chamberlain Group B550 Smartphone -Controlled Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

This enables you to have complete control over your garage door opener as it comes with a built-in connectivity technology.

With the help of App, you will not only be able to open or close your garage door; but it also enables you to know the status of your garaged door.

Like other garage door opener reviews 2019, this unit also provides you a battery backup.  It enables you to enter and exit your garage even when the power fails.  

The one half horsepower motor teamed with a reinforced belt; is certain to provide the strongest lifting capacity compared to its class. 

This unit entails a steel-reinforced belt-driven mechanism. This means you are certain to experience noiseless and powerful performance.

Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener- myQ Smartphone Controlled -...
  • Smart garage door opener comes with built-in myQ technology to keep you connected and protected: Open, close, and know the...
  • Ultra-Quiet & Strong Belt Drive: Steel-reinforced belt drive and constructed with high-grade materials for years of...
  • Powered by Chamberlain’s MED Lift Power System, the B550 delivers the highest lifting force equivalent capacity compared to...

The range of this best garage door opener remote is such that; it provides you access to your garage door letting you open and close it within the range of 1,500. You may also have access with its advanced wireless keypad with a simple 4 digit code.

Safety Features

Top-notch security system with a hundred billion tide encryption makes it impossible for any forced entry. This means that no one can hack your system and the Posilock is certain to guard you against forceful entrances.

So in addition to the best garage door opener, it turns out to be an impeccable security system for you too. A different part of this system comes with a warranty.

The motor of this garage door opener comes with ten years warranty; this is why we have named it as best garage door opener 2019.

Other parts of this have one year warranty whereas the belt comes with fifteen years warranty. 

The Chamberlain B550 is a strong, quiet, and durable belt driven reinforced with steel garage door opener; having smart technology that offers you additional control and makes managing your life and home much simpler and easier.

If you have attached garage, then this is the perfect garage door opener for you. You can sleep with it’s precision-engineering for years of dependability and effortless performance.

It is capable of delivering the highest lifting capacity; compared to the 1/2 power class with its Lift Power System powered by Chamberlain.

Having built-in Wi-Fi and my App; you are able to receive real-time alerts, enter and exit your garage door and get to know the status of your garage door simply from anywhere. 

What It Brings

It entails dual-function wall control panel, engineered and designed for security and safety; it also features a wireless keypad and includes advanced Triband technology for superior performance, range, and less interference or disturbance.

The greatest level of monitoring and encryption teamed with your home’s ISP and Wi-Fi router firewall protects against hacking.

[su_note note_color=”#e2ffa7″ text_color=”#333333″]This unit accepts 26-watt max CFL or 2 hundred watt max nonhalogen light bulbs. It is perfectly engineered for 7 feet garage doors whereas the ten feet garage doors need extension kits.  [/su_note]

This unit features built-in myQ technology to keep you connected and protected. It allows you to know the status of your garage door; as well as opening and closing the door from anywhere in your house.

Moreover, you may activate the notification. This means you will get notification each time you open or close your door even if you leave your door open. Plus it comes with customized schedules also.

That means you are now able to generate schedules for your myQ lighting; which is sold separately with this and create schedule for your garage door to close at customized times.

Salient Features

Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive: The belt drive that it comes with is reinforced with steel; and is prepared with enhanced quality materials for years of dependability, seamless and noiseless performance. This is categorically ideal for you if you have attached garage. 

Superior Remote Range: With its exclusive tribune technology; it has just an impeccable boosted range of the best garage door opener remote up to 1,500 feet for effortless opening and closing of the garage door.

Smart Garage Control: Enter and exit your garage door just by simply clicking your smartphone; from anywhere in your house using the amazing myQ App.

Ideal Fit: If the height of your garage door is up to seven feet high; this model is ideal for your garaged door. Because you will need an extension kit for eight and greater feet high garage doors. 

In Garage Delivery with Key: So now there is good news for its prime members. They can now opt for areas also where they can get this B550 to be delivered safely right inside their garage. For this facility, you just need link your myQ account in the Key App.

Authentic Security and Safety: This model has security that has no match. 2.0 100 billion code encryption protects against being hacked. Posi-lock anti-theft security feature prevents the attempts of the forceful entrance.

Med-Lift Power System: This unit comes with the greatest and strongest lifting force equivalent capacity; compared to its power class for durable performance and easy lifting.

Box Includes: It comes with dual-function wall control, wireless keypad, safety sensor, and 2 three button remotes. 

5. Craftsman HP Chain Drive

 Craftsman HP Chain Drive Garage Opener with two Multi-Function Remotes

This best garage door opener 2019 is something quite flexible. Why? Because where many garage door openers only provide the ease of entrance and exit; the Craftsman has the capacity to lift the garage doors up to seven feet high which is quite impeccable power level in its class. Moreover, this is extremely easy to maintain and install.

Along with the security, safety, and peace of mind; this is designed to offer years of durable service as well. it comes with a trig-frequency radio system; that is programmed to virtually eliminate the effects of inference; caused by items in and around the house, assisting to ensure you get the access to your garage each time; and not only that but from a great distance as well.

Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with two Multi-Function...
  • Wireless keyless entry pad allows entry into garage without a key or remote using a secure 4-digit programmable PIN
  • Quick Install Rail System provides fast & easy installation
  • Simple user interface monitors, sets and adjusts the force required to open and close the garage door during temperature...

Moreover, it features anti-burglary coding technology that ensures effortless and secure functioning of your garage door.

Wireless Keyless: Chamberlain premium garage door opener is accessible with simple four-digit programmable PIN only. Yes, you do not need a key or a remote; but instead, it features wireless keyless entry pad for you to make it easy access to your garage door.

User-Friendly: The interface monitors of this best garage door openers are very simple and user-friendly.  It allows you to adjust and set the force which is required to open and close your garage door in the event of temperature fluctuations.  

Quick Installation: It very easy and quick to install with the quick rail install system which it is designed with.

Efficient Power: In sleep mode, it’s energy-efficient sleep mode consumes less than eve 1 watt of power.

Safety Sensor: If anything interrupts the beams; it’s safety reversing sensor will automatically reverse the garage door while the door is going down. 

6. Genie SilentMax 1200

Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Opener -Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive

If you are looking for a garage door that requires a little bit extra power; then Genie SilentMax 1200 Door Opener is what you need this time. Powered by DC-driven 3/4 HPC motor which is pretty quiet, this unit brings more excellent performance to the table.

Genie SilentMax garage door opener, with its speeds of up to 7.5 inches per second; opens your garage door just in around 11 to 12 seconds.

Genie SilentMax 1200 Model 4042-TKH Garage Door Opener with Motion...
  • ULTRA-QUIET OPERATION: The SilentMax 1200 is an ideal garage door opener for garages attached to living spaces.
  • POWERFUL AND SMOOTH OPERATION: The powerful 140V DC motor features a soft start and stop control for smooth door travel.
  • FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION: With no additional hardware required for assembly, the c-channel rail makes for faster, easier...

This unit brings in both soft start and stops control features; to provide smoother and effortless performance, c-channel railing reinforced railing assists preventing the buildup of debris; that will keep your door opener machine running smooth and effortless for longer period of time. 

That will keep your door opener machine running smooth

What It Carries

This best garage door opener also brings more enhanced safety features; such as an infrared beam which helps to reverse the door automatically; if it detects something or person interfering the transition of the door.

This feature is designed to prevent your car from any accidental damages or any injuries. With all these features, there is an additional feature that is this model comes with optional accessories as well; that entails a 60 Watt LED bulb for illumination in the garage, rail extension to adjust an eight feet garage door; a backup battery to support entrance and exit in times of battery outages, and the option to upgrade to direct-drive or even belt-drive.

With all these features and choices; this best garage door opener is the most innovative choice available in the market nowadays.

The mechanism of this garage door is one of the best rated; and most powerful garage door opener at the 3/4 horsepower. The amazing fact about this is that it is created with a chain drive; yet, it still promises that it’s functioning is quiet and noiseless.

This specific model features Safe T-Beam system that ensures an invisible infrared beam across the opening of your garage door; preventing it from any damages or accidents. It is ensured by automatic reversal of the garage door; if it detects something is crossing the infrared beam while the door is going down. 

Safety & Security

As long as security and safety are concerned; you are going to love its intellicode technology that changes the access code upon activating it each time. This ensures the prevention of unauthorized access by someone.

It enables you to set your garage door opener up yourself with a simple and effortless push of a button. This feature is called SmartSet and is only promised by Genie.

Along with this, you will receive a set of accessories comprising a wireless keypad; a multi-functional wall console and two remotes.

The wireless keypad can be programmed with a pin and be mounted outside or inside the home. The part of this system has five years warranty whereas the motor comes with a lifetime warranty.

If your garage door is attached, then it is just ideal for you. Genie SilentMax 1200 garage door opener brings 140V DC motor; that is lighter in weight and delivers ultra-silent and smooth performance; so that your family will not get disturbed by noisy garage door opener.

Genie SilentMax 1200

The soft open and close feature of the motor provides smooth garage door operation, an enhancement over AC motors.

This is powerful and strong enough for around any residential garage door and provides lift up to seven feet high; it can be extended up to eight feet high with the extension kit which is sold separately with it. 

Intellicode is a rolling code technology which is constantly changing the access code automatically on door activation each time.

This garage door opener is fast and easy to install; with the low profile c-channel reinforced rail, it brings a clean design to assist protect against debris and dirt buildup.

Moreover, there is no need for additional hardware for assembly as the flush-mounting capability provides low headroom applications.

This model brings 2 pre-programmed three-button remotes, multi-function wall console with light control and vacation lock button; a wireless keyless keypad along with gearbox warranty and limited lifetime motor.

It’s SmartSet programming creates a setup for the best garage door opener to operate effortlessly; with a simple push of a button.

SilentMax Functionality

The SilentMax 1200 provides the garage door opening speed up to 9 inches per second where it ensures the safety features as well for your peace of mind.

The safety beam system aids to prevent accidents and damages; with an invisible infrared beam across the door, which automatically reverses the door if it detects any object or person crossing the beam of the LED light.

The infrared beams are enhanced with diagnostic technology to alert you if there is any event of malfunctioning. 

Moreover, the lighting system also is engineered for your safety in this garage door opener. The two-bulb bright lightning system has space for 100-watts bulbs and an inventive powerhead design; that puts the lighting towards the back of the garage where it is required the most.

This model also brings a built-in motion detector as discussed before that will turn the overhead lights on automatically for added security and ease.

With its intellicode security technology; this offers additional security by stopping unauthorized access to your garage by someone else. 

7. Genie ChainMax 1000

Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage Opener - Durable Chain Drive

Genie’s ChainMax 1000 brings in the best in its class traditional chain drive performance. Reliable, durables and long-lasting, this unit is the best reasonable choice with superior design and noiseless operation.

It is suitable for residential doors having a height up to seven feet with its powerful 140-volt DC motor. It is certain to offer you smoother and effortless door opening and closing and easier yet quicker installation.

The accessories include a wall console, 3-button best garage door opener remote, 3/4 HP DC motor, a wireless keypad, and advanced safety features.

Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage Door Opener - Durable Chain Drive -...
  • RELIABLE AND QUIET: Traditional, dependable chain drive system offers value and quiet performance with minimal maintenance...
  • SMOOTH OPERATION: 140-volt DC motor operates with soft start and stop control for easier installation and smoother door...
  • SLEEK AND CLEAN: Premium reinforced low-profile c-channel rail protects against dirt and debris buildup with flush-mounting...


This unit incorporates a c-channel reinforced rail design, that offers flush-mounting capability as well as clean looks while safeguarding against dust and debris.

Advanced security features incorporate a self-diagnostic safe-T beam system that is perfectly designed to prevent from any damages or accidents with the help of an LED beam of infrared light across the door opening.

If any object or person crosses the light; while the door is closing, the garage door will automatically reverse back to the opened position.

The Genie’s ChainMax 1000 is also equipped with intellicode rolling code technology. It protects unauthorized persons from accessing your garage door by automatically changing the access code each time you operate it. 

Moreover, it is equipped with two-bulb bright lighting system which created for 100-watt bulbs and an enhanced power head design that places the light towards the back of your garage door where you require it the most.

What It Brings

Genei’s ChainMax 1000 comes with multiple accessories for ease of usage. 2 pre-programmed three-button remotes let you open the garage door from the convenience of your car.

The wireless keyless keypad provides the opportunity to open the garage door with a personalized PIN number, which provides access from either inside your house or mounted on the outside of your garage door.

The multi-function wall console works as a control panel, offering you the light control button as well as a vacation lock.

There is a lot more than hit unit offers – secure and safe, easily programmable, convenient entrance and exit, and above all, peace of mind.

The self diagnostic safe-T beam system of this door opener aids protecting accidents with an invisible infrared beam across the garage door opener that will automatically reverse the door in its the open position if it detects any object or person crossing the way of the infrared beam.

It’s durable and powerful chain drive system incorporates noiseless performance and you need very minimal maintenance for this unit. It’s 140-volt DC motor functions with the soft and smooth start and stop control for effortless installation and smooth door travel.

8. MyQ Smart Garage Opener

MyQ Smart Garage Opener Chamberlain Wireless & Wi-Fi enabled Garage

This is the most advanced technology and the best garage door opener. Chamberlain’s my Smart Garage Hub MyQ Smart Garage Hub lets you open and close your garage door from anywhere.

It is by just using a smartphone. It makes you feel more secure and provides you peace of mind when you set times for your garage to close and get alerts – when the garage door opens and closes.

With your smartphone, myQ garage, Wi-Fi and any compatible garage door opener – it provides your secure and safe connection and control over your house. 

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub - Wi-Fi enabled Garage Hub with...
  • New free in-garage delivery with key by amazon available in select areas (check eligibility at amazon.com/keypromo). Prime...
  • Smart garage control open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone through the myQ App
  • Universal – Easy-to-add functionality to upgrade your existing garage door opener. Works with all major brands of garage...

MyQ Compatibility

MyQ is compatible with almost any brands of chamberlain premium that have been out after 1993 like a craftsman, Stanley, Lift Master, Chamberlain and many more. For the premium quality performance, you must have a safety sensor and sectional garage door installed.

MyQ is smoothly and effortlessly installed in 4 simple steps. Moreover, you have may also go for requesting expert garage hub installation for additional support.

It is also collaborated to work with Google Assistant for voice control, Nest, Wink and IFTTT for even more functionality and features.  It also allows you to set the time for your garage door to close on your preferred time and for your lights to turn on; or off according to your ease on a daily basis.  

Not only physical security and safety; myQ ensures to provide the protection of your data as well with its advanced security and safety features. 

It offers you a major upgrade in just a few moments. You may simply link your smartphone remote control to your present garage door from opener. So that it enables you to get access to your garage door from anywhere in your house with myQ App.

Its core feature incorporates the capability to check the status of your garage door. In addition to getting the control of the door as well as getting the activity alert; whenever your garage door opens or closes. There is an additional feature as well.

And that is you may program myQ smart garage hub to the Wi-Fi connection of your house with Chamberlain myQ smart garage control application compatible with both android and apple devices.

9. SOMMER 1052V0

SOMMER 1052V0 Direct Drive hp Quiet Durable and Strong Door Opener

If there is any simplified description for this garage door opener, then it would be strong, durable and silent. Sommer 1052V000 is the best in its class which is certain to bring Europe’s leading innovative technology.

This is not like the conventional garage door openers, that are built with noisy chain, screw or belt. Rather, it comes with simply one moving part; and that is the motor which glides quietly along the chain which is reinforced in a sturdy steel rail. This has no vibration and offers a perfectly noiseless performance. 

SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive 1.0 hp Quiet, Durable and Strong Garage...
  • Premium heavy duty 1 HP motor for maximum performance
  • Incl. rail for 7 ft. - 8 ft. door height/full installation kit included
  • Extremely quiet garage door opener with virtually no vibrations; Perfect for homes with living spaces above the garage

If you have living space above your garage then it is just ideal for your house. It offers extremely smooth performance with soft and effortlessly open and close technology.

The motor maximizes the power as it installs at the door instead of the back of the garage door opener. The developers developed the software and hardware entirely in-house and it is famous for the amazing quality and innovative technology.

10. LiftMaster Contractor Series

LiftMaster Contractor Series 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive

LiftMaster 1355 is the new unit that incorporates Security + 2.0 electronic limit, auto force, and myQ technology. It comes with replacement operator for the old 3255 1/2 HP AC chain drive garage door opener.

This Contractor Series 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive is the perfect choice for the reliability and value to your money.  The reliable 1/2 HP motor teamed with an industrial-strength chain drive offer seamless, sturdy operation year after year.  

LiftMaster 1355 ( Replaced by 8164W ) Contractor Series 1/2 HP AC...
  • Replace with Newer Garage Opener Model Liftmaster 8164W

This allows you to safely monitor and control your garage door opener and lights using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Like the previous one, this also provides you the opportunity to get alerts and notification on your smartphone or tablet. So that you always know the position of your garage door whether it is open or close.

Manufacturers designed it perfectly to fulfill all the requirements that you have regarding the best garage door opener. 

With the plethora of options offered in the market, selecting the garage door opener can be a confusing task.

But it is no more a confusing task since we have given a lot of briefs; as to which garage door opener incorporates which technology and what requirements they fulfill.

So now as you have landed just the right place. You are able to pick the best garage door opener for your house as per your needs.

Buyer Guide – Garage Door Opener

You know that your garage door opener is having a problem when you press the button and it doesn’t respond. And then you may also experience that the opener is running but it is not opening the door. And there is also one situation where your door will not be opened or closed completely.

Or there is also a possibility of the door to be functioning without giving any command. Last but not least you need to work too hard to make your garage door opener work.

If your garage door opener is having any of these problems then it is time for you to repair it. The repair work normally entails replacement of batteries, testing the controls or the motor, and lubrication and alignment of the mechanisms.

As nowadays each and every house owner feels the requirement of having the best garage door opener remote for their convenience and ease, we need to consider the fact that there are a lot of varieties are offered in markets to make the garage door operation with convenience.

Nevertheless, all these kids come with their own pros and cons, hence you need to be very careful in regards to what kind of chamberlain premium garage door opener for your garage door.

To help you decide which garage door opener is best for your garage door, we have brought to you a few types of best garage door opener 2019 so that you will be having enough knowledge with a sort of best garage door opener you should look for in the market.

Ease of Life

However, this is very tiring even to think that you have to keep opening and closing these doors using your manual effort each time you wish to park or drive your car. Hence, these technology-driven garage door openers were created for the first time in 1926. C.G.

Johnson was the one who invented the very first electric garage door opener which was termed as an overhead garage door opener. This invention enabled people to eliminate the manual effort required to slide up the heavy garage door and made life easier.

If we look at the precise definition of best garage door opener, it is a motorized engine that enables a garage door to open and close using mechanical technology without any problem or hindrance. 

Such chamberlain premium garage door opener enables you to control the opening and closing of the garage door. It is by simply pushing a button or by merely passing the key in its remote.

As garage door opener entails a lot of transmitters, optic sensors, remote control, wiring, rollers, tracks, chains, motor, door, switches, and other technical stuff. It is very much likely to fail to work for any given reason.

Belt Drive

This garage door opener comes with less noise and it can be installed in houses that have a garage either next to the house or below the house.

This kind of garage door opener is preferred by a great of people because of its strength, durability and being less noisy, even though it is a little expensive.

This garage door opener includes a rubber belt, which is smooth running and different from the steel chain, that is the reason why the noise is minimized in this kind of unit.

However, Chamberlain premium garage door opener is best one amongst belt drive garage openers. As of garage door opener reviews 2019, these openers roughly cost around $270 and they come with either 10 years warranty of lifetime warranty.

Chain Drive

This one is most commonly used because unlike belt drive, this is cheapest of all garage door opener types. This unit is easy to install.

Unlike best drive, it comes with metal chain belt that is connected with the motor of the best garage door opener and can be activated through the best garage door opener remote or a switch.

The unit includes shaft and sprocket chain which plays its a role in lifting up the garage door when you turn on the main switch. Nonetheless, because of its metal chain belt, it is the noisiest kind of all garage door opener and the fun fact is that it was the very first garage door opener generated by C.G. Johnson.

In this garage door opener, chain drive opener switch is generally installed on the garage walls, not outside and inside the garage for better access.

As per garage door opener reviews 2019, Chamberlain premium garage door opener and craftsman are one of the best manufacturers of this kind of garage door opener. 

Screw Drive

This one was founded by a specific maker, Genie. A screw drive is also called direct drive and it is considered as automatic best garage door opener that is operated by a motor.

When you switch the motor on, the threaded steel rod works to lift the door. This garage door opener comes without belts or chains installation that makes it completely noiseless.

This garage door opener has more speed than the ones defined earlier and therefore, it is considered to be more efficient than the former two.

Moreover, there is one more reason for these to be more famous and that is because they do not cost you more than a chain drive and it comes with 15 years warranty. 

With the knowledge of these garage door opener kinds, you now know which one is more affordable and convenient for you.

5/5 (3 Reviews)
5/5 (3 Reviews)

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