10 Best Digital Piano 2021 Reviews Comparison & Buying Guide

Music is an art that encompasses people from all around the world. It is even said to be a language that everyone can understand. And what better way to define music than by the musical instruments. One such instrument is the piano. You can select one for you after reading this best digital piano 2021 reviews.

There are many types of pianos, the three main beings; upright, grand, and electronic. People have different preferences when it comes to these pianos as well. Pianos are a great addition to your home if you have the space for it. They can also be used solely for the purpose of composing music or for the aesthetic as well.

Buying a piano is no small thing and is a decision that must be carefully thought through. We are here to make your job easier by reviewing the 10 best pianos that you can find in the market right now.

For a musician, buying a piano is a truly exciting experience because they are on the search for something that would speak to their soul as well as perform beautifully.

For someone who is just learning how to play the piano as a skill or as a part-time hobby, the simplicity of the piano would be the key requirement. And for someone who wants to place a piano in their house, as an accessory as well would prefer a piano that is the epitome of beauty.

Our review will encompass all of these needs as we have not only looked for beauty but also good value for money and most importantly, great musical output in the pianos before choosing our top ten.

For those who want a quick buying guide as to what factors to judge a piano on and where to buy it, we have a buying guide mentioned. Though we must insist that you look into our top 10 picks for you may find something you like.

Best Digital Piano 2021


Now for the most awaited item on our list, the number one piano. According to tour research and thorough vetting, we have decided that the CASIO PX-770 BK Privia digital home piano is the best piano in the market right now.

It comes in three different colors; black, white, and brown. It is a simple, sleek, and stylish design, which can complement any type of theme that you have.

This piano comes with a set of 10 built-in classical songs so that you can play along with them.

It is very elegant and can fit into any space. Although it features full-size keys and pedals, it still is compact. The piano speaks for itself. One can layer sounds together in “Dual “or split them in “Split” mode. It also comes with the feature to record.

Technical Details

  1. 88 keys
  2. 128 or 256 notes

Package Includes

  • 11.77” x 54.53” x 31.42” sized CASIO PX-770 BK digital home piano
  • 2-way 2 speaker or 4 speaker


  • It is slim and stylish
  • It is compact
  • It can fit into any space
  • It is available in different colors and can be suited to different color schemes
  • The pedals work great


  • It needs more people to assemble
  • The USB port needs a special cable
  • The sound is a little less
  • The second G key is flat

2. Yamaha Arius Series

On number 2, we have the Yamaha YDP143R Arius series console digital piano. Who does not like the classic songs of the grand piano. This piano features 50 of the greatest songs and also has a music book that has the sheet music for those 50 songs.

This keyboard also has a function that can be linked to a controller app on iOS. It also contains recording capacity up to 11000 notes.

It has a 3-pedal system, but what makes it unique is that it is fixed directly into the piano stand, so it does not create many problems when using it unlike in other digital pianos.

It is available in four different color features that can fit into any interior design. The color combinations are; black key tops with dark rosewood finish, black key tops with dark rosewood and black walnut finish, ivory keytops with dark rosewood and black walnut finish, ebony and ivory keytops with dark rosewood finish.

Technical details

  1. 88 keys
  2. 10, 14 or 24 voices
  3. 64, 192 or 256 notes
  4. App control function

Package Includes

  • 56.2” x 22.2” x 17” sized Yamaha YDP143R Arius digital keyboard
  • 1 x bench
  • 1 x sheet music holder
  • 1 x instruction manual


  • Easy assembling instructions have been provided in the manual
  • The headphone jacks are reliable
  • The sound quality is great with the highs clear and the lows deep
  • The pedal responds well and is not lose
  • The pedal is fixed so does not cause problems


  • The keys do not bounce back up quickly
  • In some cases, the screws required for assembling did not arrive
  • In some sets, the keys were jammed
  • In some sets, the keys are misaligned and tend to fall ‘lose.’


We are nearing our top most piano. At the third position is the Yamaha P115 88 Key weighted digital piano bundle. It features intelligent acoustic control that adapts to the volume levels and tone selection of the different users of the piano.

Keeping up with the latest technology, it also has a controller app that can be used to control the piano via a smartphone.

It offers a multitude of sounds yet a simple design so that it is very user-friendly. Due to its simplicity, it can be used by adults and kids alike. It also has an elegant touch screen system.

Man playing the digital piano

Furthermore, one thing that is rarely found in pianos is an adjustable height feature in the bench, and the Yamaha P115 features 3 different height options so that you can adjust your bench accordingly. This makes it, even more, user-friendly and adds to its functionality.

Technical details

  1. 88 keys
  2. Built-in intelligent acoustic control
  3. Connectivity with the controller app
  4. 3 different height options on the bench
  5. A touch screen
  6. 192 notes

Package Includes

  • 18” x 15” x 13” sized Yamaha P115 digital piano
  • 1 x adjustable stand
  • 1 x adjustable padded bench
  • 1 x sustain paddle
  • 1 x power cable


  • The keyboard is well weighted
  • It is sturdy
  • The bench is adjustable which is something not found in many pianos
  • It is cheaper than a lot of keyboards with similar features
  • It has many accessories provided along with the package


  • There are only a few sounds that have been included
  • The sound quality is not great
  • The pedal is not that high quality

4. Casio Privia PX-160BK


At number 4, we have the Casio Privia Full-size Digital Piano. For some people, size is an important aspect of buying a piano. They want a full-sized one to get the feel of a real grand piano. For those, the Casio Privia is a really good choice.

It also has 88 heavy weighted keys so it is durable and it comes with its power supply, so you do not need to worry about buying new batteries over and over again.

It also has split and layer functions that you can use to customize your music. In addition to all that, there are also Tri-sensor scaled hammer keys present that make the sounds more accurate and the keys sensitive.

There is also a duet mode so that two people can use the piano simultaneously. This is a great feature, especially if you are learning as the teacher and one by the pupil can use one side.

There are also built-in speakers and a recorder that you can use to playback your recordings as well. It comes in 5 different bundle options.

Technical Details

  1. 88 keys Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keys
  2. USB MIDI compatibility
  3. 18 piano tones
  4. Dual headphone outputs
  5. Touch response

Package Includes

  • 11.5” x 52” x 5.5” sized Casio Privia full-size digital keyboard
  • 1 x 3-pedal system
  • 1 x polishing cloth (beginners bundle)
  • 1 x stand
  • 1 x bench
  • 1 x adjustable stand (essentials bundle)
  • 1 x headphone (essentials bundles)
  • 1 x sustain paddle (portable bundle)


  • The sound quality is amazing, and the sounds that have been featured in the keyboard are distinguishable
  • The sound quality is quite clear
  • The five grand piano sounds are distinguishable and hence make good sound
  • The keys work great and do not wear down
  • The keyboard is portable as it is light in weight
  • The design is really simple, so it is great for a novice pianist


  • The keys are not that sensitive
  • While pressing a single key repeatedly, it stops responding after a while
  • The pedal does not work effectively, and a different company’s pedal is better
  • Some people have changed their reviews after 6-12 months as the product has worn down after use

5. Korg Real Weighted Hammer

Korg Real weighted hammer-action keyboard Luxury Digital Piano

We have the Korg LP380 digital piano at number 5. When looking to place a piano in your house, one looks for a set that not only produces good sound but is also aesthetically pleasing. Well, look no further than the Korg LP380 as it is stylish and also features high-output amplifier that makes the volume loud, clear, and enjoyable.

It offers 30 different sounds, including electric pianos, strings, etc. that can be used via different modes. One of the modes that keyboard offers is a layer, which can be used to mix two different tones. The other one is Partner mode so that two people can play at the same time.

What is more is that there are five different color variations that this keyboard is available in black, red, and white finishes along with the Rosewood finish and a combination of black and red finish.

Technical Details

  1. 88 keys
  2. 30 high-quality sounds including piano, strings
  3. Two headphone jacks
  4. MIDI capability

Package Includes

  • 13.8” x 30.4” x 53.4” sized Korg LP380 digital piano
  • 1 x 3-pedal system
  • 1 x furniture stand


  • It has two headphone jacks for two people to enjoy at the same time
  • It has MIDI capability
  • There are multiple colors available to fit into the interior of your house
  • It has different modes
  • It also has an amplifier for better sound


  • The refund process is long
  • There are some defective pieces that were probably due to delivery


At number 6, we have the Roland compact digital piano. It features not only 88 keys but also built-in speakers.

A feature that was not found in other pianos is the Bluetooth. As the world is advancing, so should the pianos, this keyboard features Bluetooth so that you can connect your smartphones easily and play your music on them.

Not everyone owns a huge house, and this keyboard is compact and can fit in easily in small apartments as well. There is also an accompaniment feature through that you can have the whole band playing without there being a band present there.

What is more, is that you can control the rhythms and sounds of the different instruments in the band.

Digital piano with headphone to listern

It is extremely sophisticated and can be perfect for any modern, chic household. It also features a multitude of instruments, and the best thing is that you can use it to access the internet and learn how to play the piano as well.

Technical Details

  1. 88 keys
  2. 72 rhythm styles inclusive of 6 piano styles
  3. 305 tones including bass, guitar, electric guitar, strings
  4. Bluetooth connectivity

Package Includes

  • 13.58” x 53.58” x 30.63” sized Roland compact digital keyboard
  • 1 x piano stand
  • 1 x 3-pedal system


  • It is available in two colors black and white so you can take your pick
  • It is easy to set up
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity which makes it more practical
  • It is compact and can be used for small spaces as well
  • The piano options have a very realistic sound
  • The sound is amazing
  • The keys are weighted which add to its durability


  • It is a little hard to layer tracks
  • Some people have had a bad experience with customer care
  • Some sets did not produce good sound



Next up on our list is the Casio PX560BE digital stage piano. It may look small, but it has a lot of technical features that are usually not found in other pianos.

For the pianists who want a more technologically advanced piano, this is the one to go for. It has a touch screen interface in the middle, which you can use to select instruments and functions. This is a great way to explore and make new music.

This piano is a must-have for professional musicians as it is not only easy to understand, but it also has a lot of features that can be explored to make music.

The keys are ebony and ivory textured and at the same time, heavy-weighted to give you perfect control over the keyboard. There are also a lot of layering and split functions that you can use to create new music.

There are many sockets present on the keyboard, and you can easily connect to multiple devices at one time. There are around 550 tones present so that it is not only a piano but also features other instruments.

 It can be used professionally as well as for learning purposes. It comes in three bundle choices.  

Technical Details

  1. 88 heavy weighted keys
  2. 550 tones including guitar, drums, and bass
  3. 220 onboard rhythms

Package Includes

  • 14.4” x 57.5” x 9.1” sized CASIO PX560BE
  • 1 x furniture stand (home bundle)
  • 1 x adjustable stand (portable bundle)
  • 1 x Padded Wooden Double Size Piano Bench (home bundle)
  • 1 x 3-paddle system (home and portable bundle)
  • 1 x information manual (home and portable bundle)


  • It has around 550 tones so you can experiment
  • It is quite portable and can be carried around easily
  • The LCD is very attractive and easy to use
  • There are multiple jacks, so it is great for doing performances
  • The sound is beautiful
  • It has 3 years’ worth of warranty


  • The pedal control system is not that great
  • The main focus has not been the piano but the other tones
  • The customer care system is very unresponsive


While looking for a piano, we usually prefer one that has weighted keys, and this digital piano has just that. At eight number we have, the Korg B1 88 weighted key digital piano.

It has motional feedback (MFB) technology featured, which produces a very realistic sound to it. That is what an amateur, as well as a professional, want out of their instrument. You can use it to not only play music but also record, share, and create music.

Although this is a digital piano, it sounds like a grand piano as well as 7 other instruments. Whether you are playing low frequency or higher frequency sounds, this piano is just for you as it creates close to no distortion either way.

Any pianist will tell you the importance of a pedal in the piano, and this one features a pedal as well. It can be used by kids and adults alike, making it a very multidimensional digital keyboard.

Technical Details

  1. 88 weighted keys
  2. 8 digitally sampled sounds
  3. 120 voices
  4. Effect types; reverb and chorus

Package Includes

  • 58” x 17.6” x 11.8” sized Korg B1 digital keyboard
  • 1 x bench
  • 1 x 3-pedal system
  • 1 x piano learning guide
  • 1 x music sheet stand


  • The piano is stylish
  • The setup is easy if you have set up similar items before
  • The keys are weighted
  • The sound from the keys is not clangy
  • Pedals add to the sound


  • The pedals keep moving around as they are not attached to the bottom
  • There are very few additional sounds other than piano like in other digital keyboards
  • The stand is not sturdy
  • It is hard to assemble the bench if you do not have prior experience
  • Some sets have keys that are jammed

9. Casio Privia PX-160

At number 9, we have the Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano. It is a complete package as it also comes with an instructional book, pedal as well as a bench.

The Casio Privia is great whether you are a beginner or are at an advanced level. This piano can be your companion throughout your journey. There are 88 weighted keys present on the keyboard, and it comes with different learning modes.

It also has duet mode as well as split and layering functionality to make playing the piano a shared event.

It is available on Amazon in three different bundle types; Bundle with furniture stand, Bundle with furniture stand and pedal, and Bundle with adjustable stand.

It comes with a lot of accessories including a polishing cloth as well as online piano lessons so you can learn once you buy it as well. The company has thought of everything.

Technical Details

  1. 88 weighted tri-sensor scaled keys
  2. 18 presets
  3. 128 notes
  4. USB can be connected
  5. Rear ported speakers
  6. Duet mode

Package Includes

  • 23” x 60” x 17” sized Casio Privia PX-160
  • 1 x 3-pedal system
  • 1 x bench
  • 1 x furniture style stand
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • Online lessons for 2 months
  • 1 x polishing cloth
  • 1 x sheet music rest
  • 1 x instructional DVD
  • 1 x AC adapter


  • It comes with online lessons for beginners
  • It also includes a stand and bench
  • Its keys are heavyweight
  • The pedals are sensitive
  • The bundle has everything you could need with a piano
  • It is easy to transport it with you


  • Comes with a lot of packaging waste
  • The stand’s height is not adjustable
  • The music sheet rest is not sturdy
  • The keys start making a horrible clanking sound midway in some pieces
  • The piano starts to lose power after usage of a few months


At number ten, we have the ALESIS MELODY 61 beginner bundle. As the name suggests, it is specially designed for beginners, which shows that it is not only easy to use and learn on but also easy to assemble.

A beginner would not be looking for much hassle, and the Alesis provides a smooth experience for people who are new to the world of pianos.

When searching for a piano, we tend to look for one that has built-in voice cancellation headphones and microphone, and this model has these.

It also comes with a stand so that you can place it anywhere and use it with comfort. There is also a bench included in the set to enhance your experience further. The piano comes with its speakers as well.

There are 61 keys present on the keyboard and a multitude of tones including flute, bass, strings, etc.  There are also different types of modes in the piano. The piano is sized at 4.08 x 12.6 x 33.84 inches. Its weight is 6.87 lbs.  

As this is a beginner bundle, it also has some learning modes that have been broken down into three segments; One-key, Follow and Ensemble respectively.

Technical Details

  1. 61 lightweight keys
  2. 200 tones
  3. 128 rhythms
  4. 10 built-in songs
  5. 4 modes; standard, dual, split and keyboard percussions
  6. USB can be connected

Package Includes

  • 33.84” x 12.60” x 4.08” sized Melody 61 keyboard
  • 1 x pair of headphones
  • 1 x microphone
  • 1 x keyboard stand
  • 1 x bench
  • 1 x user guide
  • 1 x safety and warranty manual


  • It can record songs.
  • It has a learning function for beginners.
  • It has volume controls.
  • It also comes with a stand and a bench.
  • The microphone and headphones are included.
  • The sound quality is great.


  • The keys are really thin.
  • Some sets tend to stop working within a year.
  • Batteries are not provided.
  • The keyboard stand is not that sturdy.
  • Customer service is sometimes unresponsive.

Now that we have mentioned our top 10, you might have a vague idea of what you like and what you do not. We have written this buying guide for you if you are still unsure about what to buy, whether from our list or an external source.

Buyer’s Guide

This is a comprehensive guide about all the questions you need to ask yourself, the research you need to do as well as any factors that you have to consider before investing in a piano.

We know it can be tough on the pocket so we have made a guide that spans all sorts of budges and at the same time deals with the different pianist levels that you have.


Firstly, you must know where you are going to place the piano. You must assess how much space you can give to the keyboard and you must also figure out what the theme of the area you have chosen is. 


Secondly, you must carefully measure out the space that you have. Certain piano sets would be too big for an apartment, whereas some compact models that would fit right in. This will help narrow down your search. For big houses, I would suggest the bigger models, but the compact ones work just as fine.


Next, this is easy to judge. You need to know your expertise level. If you are a novice and are just learning to play the piano, then you should go for the keyboard set that has specifically designed for beginners and includes a learning guide.

Some keyboards even offer learning modes that can help you learn songs step by step. For more expert people, they can use a wide range of piano sets. They can also opt for pianos that give them more room for creativity with different functions.


You must identify your use. If you are in the learning phase, then you should look into a piano that has a duet mode option so that you can practice alongside your teacher.

If you want to create music, or are a professional musician, then go for one that allows you that amount of freedom. Also, your use helps to hone in into what piano would be best for you.


This depends on the above point. If you have to be standing while you use the piano, you do not need to look for a set that has a bench in it. But if that is not the case, then a keyboard set with a bench is the way to go.

Also for some, it would be better to go for an adjustable bench, as they do not necessarily fit the standard that has been set.


This factor also depends on your usage. If your piano does not need to leave its position and stay at a particular place in your house, then you need one that has a furniture stand.

But if you need to carry your piano around, so prefer an adjustable stand. Or if you do not want a stand at all, then you can also buy the keyboard on its own.


This is an important aspect of buying anything at all. You need to know your budget, but you cannot decide upon a budget before you have a look at the market. This is so that you can compare and make an assessment of your needs.


Before buying any device, especially an expensive one such as this computer, it is best to go over the warranty in case you get a faulty product. Try to go for a keyboard that has a longer warranty but also make sure you know what their policy for refunding is. You should also look at the reviews that people have written about the customer care service, and if a lot of people are unsatisfied, it is better not to take that risk.


There are some specific functions that you must look into before buying a keyboard


Some pianos have the recording function that can be used either by a student or even by a professional. Learners can use it to record what they have learned and compared it to see progress. While professional musicians can use it to record new music or any musical ideas that they have.


Not all pianos have a way to connect with other devices. Some of the pianos in our list have USB ports to connect to phones etc. Some feature Bluetooth which is easier while very few offer a connection with a controller app that you can access on your smartphone.


These are necessary for someone who wants to learn, as there is a leaning mode present in some keyboards. In addition, some modes like layering and split can be useful for professional musicians.

 Before buying a piano set, you should look into these features and see if they are available in the piano, you are interested or not.  


Some people prefer to have different notes present while others do not. If you want a keyboard that you can use to learn how to play the piano and nothing else, then you should go for the piano that only has piano-related sounds. But if you want to use the sounds from multiple instruments then go with one that has different notes.


Someone who is buying a keyboard for their child may not want the highest of the volumes available in the keyboard, but someone who is solely dedicated to the music may want good volume levels to hear the sounds they have made.


There are some accessories that come in the bundles. Some may be necessary for you, while others may not. It is our opinion that you find out the bundle that suits your need or buys the single piece of the keyboard.


This is something that will attract the tech-savvy crowd. If you are comfortable with using a touch screen, then you should go for a piano set that has just that. They would give you more freedom with creating music and using different functions of the piano. Elderly people do not prefer to touch screens.


A padded bench adds to the comfort while you use the piano. Again, if you do not need it, do not waste your money on it unless it is in a bundle as usually, the total cost dwindles a lot.


A digital piano needs some form of energy to run on, be it battery or electricity. If you do not have much space near a socket or are usually on the go with your piano, you should get one that has batteries in it so that you are not bound.

But if you do not need to move it around and are near to an electrical socket, then you can opt for a keyboard with an adapter.


A user manual is needed, especially for items that you would have to assemble yourself. Before buying any piano, you should check whether they provide you with the user manual or not.


This is an important factor the beginners as this could serve as a platform to learn and start working on.


Microphones are usually necessary for those composing their music. They can also be needed if the piano is for a child and they like to sing and play the piano as well. Headphones are needed for those who do not want to disturb others in the same area or need a little privacy to compose their music.


A variety of digital pianos are available in your local store. However, I would recommend that you buy your piano from www.amazon.com. This is because there are a lot of reviews present from people who have bought them before, and it is always a great idea to know other’s experiences first before trying it yourself.

Also, the pianos that we have mentioned in our top 10 list are present there as well as many others. Amazon further lets you compare different items before you make your choice.

Before buying any piano, do make sure that you go thoroughly over its specifications, items included in the package as well as warranty details and reviews.

After reading the review, I am sure there still may be some questions in your mind related to pianos, their usage, the accessories, etc. Therefore, we have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions for you.


There are many differences between the two, starting with the maintenance. Digital pianos are easier to maintain as they have less movable parts than an acoustic one. Secondly, digital pianos are more adapted to the rapidly changing technology all around us. They are way easier for people to understand and learn how to use.

Usually, digital pianos are quite budget-friendly and compact as well. However, some are on the higher end as they have more features, so it costs more to produce them hence higher pricing.

Simply because they are more budget-friendly, require less maintenance and mostly are portable so you do not have to sit in one spot while playing the piano and can move around and carry it with you.

It is better not to because you would be compromising on quality. A mid to higher range piano is better as it will not only have better features but will also have better sound quality.

They are present so that you can learn to play and customize those instruments as well on the digital piano. Also, they can be used to create a background band for you when you play your piano.

Digital pianos do not need to be maintained a lot, but some precautions need to be taken to ensure that the life of your piano is long. This can happen if you keep your hands clean while using it, switch it off when you are not using it, do not spill food or drinks on it. Use a piano cover to protect it and keep it in a place where it is not prone to any damage.

This is nothing to worry about as keyboards come in a range of a number of keys. On average there are around 80-110 keys on a keyboard. 61 Keys is nothing to worry about as that only shows that there are fewer notes present. However, a 61 key piano is perfect for a beginner.

Some digital pianos come with batteries, while others have speakers. Likewise, some digital pianos come with built-in speakers and do not need any extra ones, while others need to be connected to an amplifier and a speaker to make their volume louder.

This is nothing to worry about as keyboards come in a range of a number of keys. On average there are around 80-110 keys on a keyboard. 61 Keys is nothing to worry about as that only shows that there are fewer notes present. However, a 61 key piano is perfect for a beginner.

Some digital pianos come with batteries, while others have speakers. Likewise, some digital pianos come with built-in speakers and do not need any extra ones, while others need to be connected to an amplifier and a speaker to make their volume louder.


To conclude, buying a piano is a huge deal. It is a big investment, probably even one that will last you for a long time, so a wise decision is in order. Take your time in choosing what type of digital piano to buy.

Take a look at our top 10 as we tried our best to cater to the different needs of people like you to bring you some of the best products available in the market nowadays.

The buying guide is up as well in case you want to look for some other pianos rather than our top 10 picks.  It is detailed so that you do not miss out on anything.   You can use it as a checklist as well while looking for a piano.

It covers all the factors that will be needed for you to go over so that your buying experience can be smooth. We wish you the best in finding the piano you are looking for.

5/5 (3 Reviews)
5/5 (3 Reviews)

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