Automatic wire stripping tool Review

Best automatic wire stripping tool Review

Normally, wire stripper works only on wires of small diameter. They chew the wires of higher gauges like 20 gauges damaging the conductor. If you are looking for a crimper which can strip off the insulation from a 24 AWG and also can cut a small wire-like 7-29mm, Knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper, and Cutter, Heavy Duty Wire Stripping Tool is the one for you. It has helped me out a lot in cutting those heave cables. Normally it takes 2-5 minutes to cut or strip off the heavy cable wire, but I cut many of those within seconds with this Cutter, Heavy Duty Wire Stripping Tool.

It felt like it is specially designed just to cut these thick, persistent heavy wires. It cut through the thick wires like cream and saves my energy. It is also fairly cheap and is very useable. It also has two types of blades along with clamping jaws which grips the wire. I mostly use the blades on the back which are designed to cut thick wires. 

I also have used many other thick wire crimpers; some of them were quite good. But the major advantage of this crimper over them is that it is lightweight. You won’t even feel you’re holding something. I can lift my hand whenever I like with ease. It saves me from the aftereffects of stress on my hand. I like it because of self-adjusting knob which strips any kind of wire as long as it fits in. 

If you use it properly, it will only take you seconds to be done with the wire stripping or crimping. It is a very good product at a fair price and comes handy in my work. I also used it on telephone wires and got the best results.


  • Two types of blades along with clamping jaws.
  • Easy to use.
  • Handy to carry with you anywhere.
  • Self-adjusting knob which strips any kind of wire.


  • It is a good option for various types of wire,
  • but when it comes to stripping greater diameter, it can fall off the list.

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