Why Is It Mandatory to Install An Exhaust Fan

Why Is It Mandatory to Install An Exhaust Fan

The humidity level in your house ensures the quality of your house. If the humidity level is high, then it implements a bad impression to the visitors.

Moreover, the humidity in the house causes germs and bacteria to spread, which increases the chances of sickness. 

So as the bathroom is the most humid room of a house, it needs to be ventilated and airy. Therefore, manufacturers manufacture bathroom exhaust fan for excellent ventilation in the bathroom.

The bathroom exhaust fans are very excellent products and play a very crucial part of ventilation.

Why Is It Mandatory to Install An Exhaust Fan In The Bathroom?

Peeling wallpaper, sweaty walls, and smell in the room is the reaction of a non-ventilated room. Our home has many machines and sources through which water vapors are produced, and the excess of water vapors causes humidity in the room.

The best method of reducing humidity in the room is to install a bathroom exhaust fan. These types of fans come in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

There are many motives for installing an exhaust fan. It should be installed at the maximum height. It should be placed early in the shower because it is the largest source of water vapors. (If possible) it will prevent your bathroom from humidity and drop ceiling. 

The proper exhaust fan is very necessary for proper ventilation and to reduce suffocation.

If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom and you find that it is not working properly, then it may be due to some reasons.

Maybe you keep it in your bathroom, but no one bothers to use it because it is very noisy. Or maybe it is disconnected from the main system.

You can check it there. If you do not have any know-how about this, then you can contact a professional electrician. He will help you definitely.

If the exhaust fan is working yet not working properly and is not strong enough to solve your problem, then you have to check the power of your fan.

Exhaust fan’s power is measured in CFM, i.e., cubic feet per minute. It means that if an exhaust fan has 50 cfm, then it will move air to 50 cubic feet in one minute.

People usually complain about the noise of the fan as it is too noisy. So you can replace your fan with another fan which is quiet and has less “sones.”

Advantages of Bathroom Exhaust Fan

  • Reduce impurities in the air:
  • Eliminates foggy mirror problems
  • Reduces humidity
  • Removes smell/odor

Reduce Impurities in the Air

Generally, bathrooms are cleaned with very strong chemicals. These chemicals can cause very serious problems for the children and especially for lung problem patients.

Eliminates Foggy Mirror Problems

Bathroom exhaust fans will reduce the moisture in your bathroom and will prevent your windows and mirror from getting foggy.

Reduces Humidity

Excess humidity can make your bathroom look very ugly. It peels off the paint and even wallpaper. It causes the dropping of the ceiling.

It also causes molds to form in the bathroom. When spores start growing, it is very difficult to get rid of them. Therefore, exhaust fans are very necessary as they play a crucial role in reducing humidity.

Removes Smell/odor

The biggest advantage of an exhaust fan is that it will remove the odor or smell from the bathroom very rapidly. It will keep your bathroom well-maintained and ready for the next person.

Features of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

You can select exhaust fans of your own choice and style. Nowadays, the features of bathroom exhaust fans include fans with lights and humidity sensors. Moreover, some exhaust fans also have heat lamps with them.

Moreover, there are also some exhaust fans which have moisture sensors that have switches. The on and off of a button depends on the humidity level of the bathroom.

How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Know the Size of your Fan

If your manufacturer recommends having an exhaust fan with the number of CFM, then you have to use the formula, i.e., Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet. 

Know the Place of Fan

Placement of the exhaust fan is necessary for its proper functioning. Therefore, it must be placed from where it can effectively suck the humid air out.

Know the Possible Electrical Options

If you do not know how to install it or have a problem with the installation, then you can consult an electrician for further help.

Bathroom exhaust fans are an important factor in your house, so make sure that you install an exhaust fan of very high quality.

How to Clean Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

  • Turn off your fan so that you any prevent electric shock.
  • Put off the cover of the fan. 
  • Remove all the screws and pins attached to your exhaust fan.
  • Dip the cover of the fan in water and soap.
  • With a wet cloth, clean the blades of the fan.
  • Dust the surrounding of the fan and the vent area.
  • You can reinstall your exhaust fan now by reversing the above-mentioned steps.
  • Turn the plug on.
  • Your exhaust fan will work with more efficiency now.

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